114 Most Popular 1950 Hairstyles For Men

The hairstyles of the 50s are a treat to watch and classy to emulate, aren’t they? This is undoubted because of the influence derived from the Golden Age of Television. From Hollywood stars to American pop singers, netizens simply focussed on emulating their favorite icons.

During the era of Rock n Roll, America’s political and social climate had also experienced inevitable hype. Perhaps this middle of the 20th century led birth to the popular pop culture and broke off all records when people showed interest in hair fashion.

It is quite noticeable that most men of the 50s wore a pompadour or comb-overs, which was a clear indication of class and marked style. In today’s date, we often find ourselves styling in slicked-back hairstyles. Aren’t we taking the 1950s origin for granted? Yes, we are, and all the renovation and variation of men’s hair is simply the fashion of the 50s.

While you sit confused to what would possibly be the perfect haircut to glam you up, we bring before you the most loved men’s hairstyle of the 1950s. From emulating Presley to following stars like Grant, you have the choice to suit the best haircut to suit your appearance. You may also wish to decide your wardrobe accordingly to redefine your appearance as any Reto popular figure.

Walk away in flair and confidence with the elegance of the 50s.


Often it is thought that cowlicks are reserved as the fifties men’s hairstyle. Well, you may have to reconsider your decision. It is a common blunder when considered that the curls define men’s hairstyles from the 50s. Cowlicks simply give the 50s guys hairstyle a unique zest and thrill. It is better to leave the topmost long strands of your hair untouched, which facilitates to create a curled up masterpiece. This 1950 male hairstyle is classified as a timeless fashion to date. Apply gel on damp hair and run your fingers through it to give a natural finish. This haircut works on all face and hair types but is advised not to wear on curly or kinky hair.

Lateral Comb over

Lateral Comb over is undoubtedly the most popular 50s men’s haircuts. Why shouldn’t it be, though? This hairstyles for men 1950 seeks its inspiration from somewhere in between the Ivy League and the greaser. Apply gel to keep your unruly hair in position. If you are blessed with a thick volume of hair follicles, it is recommended to use hair wax. The styling takes into consideration a bit of patience, but it is definitely worth your time. Visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks to handle this men’s 50s style haircut. This 50s hairstyle for men suits the best on smooth, straight hair follicles.

Soft Curls

Undoubtedly, this 50s male haircut is a trademark to redefine fashion with a modern twist of today’s era. The slight renovation and modern twist to this 1950 men’s haircut gives a beautifully natural and smooth finish. Works wonderfully on triangular, rectangular, diamond, and heart typefaces. The styling of your hair is easy, as blow-drying is the only secret. This further ensures to provide voluminous and sleek hair. There is hardly any necessity to apply hair-holding products. If your hair has natural curls, then use a straightener with straightening chemicals and twist the iron towards the scalp. This 1950s men’s hairstyle is a smart choice to balding men.

Ducktail hairstyle for men in the 50s

The name of this popular 50s guy hairstyles is merely good enough to instigate the craze for vintage hairdos. Quite popularly known as D.A, an abbreviated version of Ducktail, that sounds short and sweet. The styling procedure is quite simple as the primary focus lies on combing the hair backward near the center, which seems more like a replica of a duck’s tail.  It is recommended to use hair wax instead of gel to hold the thick, voluminous hair in position—an excellent choice of men who have smooth, straight hair follicles. Style your look with a trimmed beard, and you are no less than a retro star.

Ivy League Men’s Hairstyles from the 50s

Ivy League men’s hairstyles from the 50s are undoubtedly more popular and loved hairstyles. Although this 1950s men’s hair bears bleak resemblances to the Ivy League haircuts of today, it still carries with it social status, prestige, and the preppy look. A very welcomed haircut in black-tie events or the ballroom parties and demands a little maintenance. It is r to visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks to maintain the flair of this look. The front portion of your hair is just a few inches bigger than the side tapered edges. A brilliant choice of haircut of men having round, oval or heart-shaped faces.

Messy 1950s Men’s Hairstyle

Most of the men of the 50s were in awe with James Dean. Why wouldn’t they? This man brought in bad boy aesthetic with his 50s style men’s haircut. Instead of going by the trend of conventional hair series, this late, popular, and the excellent teen sensation brought in a careless, layered and messy style, which became an instant hit. The hairstyle focuses on keeping the haircut as natural as possible. Apply gel on your fingers and run it through your hair to create the messiness and adventurous appeal. Set a new look with a trimmed beard and loose clothes. This 1950 male hairstyle suits wonderfully on straight and wavy hair follicles but not an appealing one for afro strands. Works on almost all face types but is not a preferable one for long, elongated faces.

1950s Men’s Hairstyle for thick Hair-The Pomp

Who can not emulate Johnny Cash? The fact is quite popularly known that the middle of the 50s was taken over by the sensation, Johnny Cash, due to his record-breaking start of the American music career. What is regarded more appealing to date is his great love for pomp hairstyles. He brought in a whole range of pompadours to the 50s men’s haircuts. This hairstyle is the right choice for hair of thick volume. Apply pomade or hair wax to maintain the hair in position. Enable blow-drying to increase volume to your hair. Works almost on all face types except the rectangular, square-shaped ones. Pair your look with a clean-shaven face.

Wavy Vintage Hairstyles

If blessed with natural wavy strands, then wait no more. This is an excellent choice of 1950 men’s hair if you possess a thick volume of wavy or straight hair. You can also create natural waves by applying gel and running your fingers across them. It is noticed that the sides and the back of the hair are tapered to create contrast. Use hair spray to ensure shine. This hairstyle works excellently on all face types but seems more appealing on slender, long, rectangular face type. Style your appearance with a jacket and a clean-shaven face. Do not forget to visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks to maintain the desired look as regular trimming is quite necessary.

Elvis Presley Hairstyle

Elvis Presley, the 1950 sensation who is much popular with his hits to date, took over the fashion world in men’s hair in the 50s. Presley is popularly known as the King of Rock and Roll and still the worshipped stars, Presley had a stronghold to the hair fashion. His keen sense of men’s hairstyle in the 50s introduced a range of sideburns, pompadours, slicked back. Any man having a round, oval, or elongated face type is good enough to dazzle in his look. Pair off your clean-shaven face to suit your look excellently.

Super Gelled and Combed Hairstyles

Men in the 1950s hardly had any worries of using excess or little hair products. Super Gelled and Combed Hairstyle is one of the most stylish and preferred 50s guy hairstyles who wish to bring out elegance and class in their personality. Thinking of choosing a smart and elegant trademark vintage style, have no worries in embracing this classy look. Moreover, you are entitled to the opportunity to use gel and pomade as much as possible. Before applying the hair products, blow dry your hair, this ensures to fake volume your hair. Comb your hair backward to ensure the greased perfection. If you wish to add more shine, opt for using a hair spray. This haircut suits all the face types and is recommended for styling in straight follicles.

Cary Grant Slick Side Part

A gentleman can never go wrong in styling his look in a classic slicked side part. This 50s hairstyles for guys have been influenced by none other than Cary Grant, the famous and much worshipped Hollywood sensation. The edgy side part and the sharp contrasting slicked back is bound to reveal a stylish personality in a man. Your hair does not need to be too voluminous to carry out this 1950s men’s hair fashion. Use a comb along with gel, hair wax, or any healthy hair holding product to slick your hair backward. Allow the slicked to finish with a contrasting side-part. This 50s men’s hairstyle suits on all the straight and smooth follicle hair types.

Textured Quiff with Cowlick and Beard

Textured Quiff with Cowlicks is yet a popular 1950s haircuts one could possibly dream of emulating. As widely known cowlicks are simply about allowing the tuffs to flow freely. Cowlicks in the 1950s mostly tend to be of medium length. Pairing cowlicks with quiff undoubtedly creates a sharp noticeable contrast. The quiff with short back and edges brings out the advent of the 50s Rock and Roll.  While the quiff is often confused with that of a pompadour, the less showy height of the quiff brings in a textured appeal. An excellent choice of 1950s male haircut to suit all face types. A well-kept beard looks quite alluring with this 50s guys hairstyle.

Sean Connery Short Pompadour

The energetic pompadour remains one of the most loved hairstyles from the 50s. Undoubtedly the man behind the strong influence is none other than Sean Connery. This 50s guy hairstyle is rather simple and looks quite elegant to suit your requirement. The short pompadour-a hairstyle that is easy to make and smarter to redefine the classy personality. Blow-dry your short hair to add fake volume followed by applying pomade or hair wax. Pomade products like Suavecito Original Hold and Layrite Original should ensure the best results. Short pomade is a perfect choice of 1950s men’s hairstyle for your everyday busy scheduled lives.

Curly Afro with Subtle Line-up

If you always loved the long afro hairstyle and want to show off your scalps, seize this opportunity to rethink your fashion of hair cut style.  That version sharply focuses on hair length. Your curls pair excellently with a thick, clearly outlined beard, which creates an enticing contrast to the afro style. This popular 1950s male haircut pairs off excellently on all face types.

Few Secret Tips for Maintaining 1950s haircuts:

As widely known, the 1950s is one of the loved eras which brought in a number of renovation to the men’s hair fashion world. While many suggest that the hair inspirations are derived from popular fictional characters or figures, but the 50s guy hairstyles seem to draw inspiration from American pop, jazz music, or the world of Rock n Roll. The Golden Age of Television introduced a number of stars to be emulated by people like Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, etc. While you indulge yourself in styling your looks according to the era where 1950 male hairstyle took over the fashion world, we will help you out in providing a few expert tips:

  • Most of the 50s men’s hairstyle uses an excess of hair products which may cause serious hair damage. It is quite mandatory to ensure removing them. Use a pomade removal shampoo or dis-washer to get rid of the gel, hair wax, and pomade.
  • Avoid over washing your hair as you may not wish to drive the nourishment away from your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair followed by deep conditioning.
  • Visit your stylist at regular intervals of 3-4 weeks to ensure the maintenance of your 50s hairstyle.
  • Go for the usage of matte products if your hair is experiencing breakage and balding.
  • Go for an egg wash as your hair secretly craves protein.
  • Opt for an appropriate haircut according to your face type.
  • Pat your hair gently, rather than vigorous rubbing. Due to rubbing the hair gets stuck in the threads of the towel which may often break off. Moreover, hair s weaker when it is wet.
  • Blow-drying your hair is simply a smart procedure to ensure fake volume.
  • You may possess greasy hair on the head. In that scenario, it is strictly forbidden to use hot water.
  • It is advised to protect your hair when you are swimming at a pool. This is because pools contain lots of salts that may get deposited at the hair roots. Always shampoo your hair after swimming at a pool to get rid of the salts.
  • Although comb-overs are tempting, try to avoid them as it highlights your thinning or balding hair follicles.

Besides all the secret tips, it is advised to follow a balanced diet and drink water. Water keeps your hair hydrated from the roots.

Frequently asked questions concerning 1950s men’s hairstyle:

A. Which were the common hair products that men of the fifties used in their hair?

In the days of the 50s style of men’s hairstyle, men hardly took any notice of the number and quantity of hair products. Although they were not entitled to have the range of modern products you are subjected to, they went for using ‘square’, which is analogous to the present day pomade. Besides that damp hair was the only way to impart side parts and comb-overs.

B. What are the most common hairstyles for men in the 50s?

Men simply loved gelled hair and most of the hairstyles had one thing in common-gel. Short pompadours, quiffs, side-swept were quite preferred. Men of the 50s and teens were focussed on emulating their favorite American pop stars or Hollywood sensations like Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, etc. So, whatever hairstyles they did, it was an instant trendsetter for the people.