99 Accent Wall Ideas [Stylish, Budget Friendly and DIY]

An accent wall increases the visual appeal of the décor of your space. You can draw people’s attention on one wall via emphasizing on it in a large room.

It is a great way to make your ordinary wall looks extraordinary. You should opt for a creative approach to make your room appear aesthetically pleasing. The ideas are endless. You can even use from fabric to art pieces to create uniqueness in the room.

Simply finalize which wall in your house you want an accent one and begin working on it.

Decorators and interior designers suggest a wide range of colors including vibrant and muted ones to make the most of an accent wall. Plus, you can choose any wall of your house as an accent wall or at least one wall in each room. This article will highlight everything you need to know about accent walls including ten fantastic ideas as well.


What Is An Accent Wall?

Interior designers also consider an accent wall as a feature wall. This wall differs from other walls. The color, design, or in most cases, the material of an accent wall is always kept distinctive. This difference emphasized the feature wall. It can add grace to a room if décor is done correctly. Decorators even suggest hanging paintings and other art pieces to create a top-notch effect. There are plenty of wallpapers with striking designs are available to transform a dull and straightforward wall into an ornamental one.

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How To Select An Accent Wall?

Various people find it confusing when it comes to deciding which wall should be an accent wall. You should begin considering the purpose and the mood, particularly for the room. Also, you can highlight built-in books shelve, fireplace, a new nook, or anything that seems architecturally distinctive.

There are limitations for choosing an accent wall. Moreover, if you desire to bring a vibrant change to your bedroom – consider going for a wall headboard.

For your living room, you can accent a large wall behind the cozy sofa. Place a one or two bold art pieces in the living space and it will standout without breaking your bank.


Careful Color Selection for an Accent Wall

Additionally, it is advised to observe your current color scheme before finalizing a shade for an accent wall and think whether you want a bold colored wall or a muted shade. There is no denying that rich colors look modern and are trendy. Interiors designers prefer colors such as fire engine red, aqua, or even bright purple for an accent wall.

Not to mention, trends don’t usually stay for a longer time. If you don’t mind repainting your wall in six months, you can go for bold and vibrant colors. You can play safe with muted shades. These soft colors allow you to experiment with all kinds of furniture. With a neutral colored accent wall, you can place cushions and curtains containing vibrant patterns.

Guide to Paint an Accent Wall

An accent wall works best when you don’t feel like to paint the entire room. A feature wall is a great option to spice up things providing a fresh look on a budget. Decorators state an accent wall brings excitement to space. Despite that, it will become a symbol of confusion and look odd if you don’t select the right accent wall. You should choose a feature wall of a room carefully. And take note of the following:

  • Try to select and paint a wall with no doors or windows.
  • In an oblong room, it is recommended to paint the farthest short wall. It will draw attention to it. Painting a short wall will help correct the shape of your room.
  • In case of a focal point, try to highlight it. This option is safe and creative instead of creating a new focal point.
  • If there is no focal point, select the best wall and paint it. This way you can showcase a piece of art or new furniture item.
  • Before you begin painting, make sure rest of the walls are simple. Overdoing walls will destroy the vibe of an accent wall.
  • The accent wall will automatically standout when it is darker than other walls. Be sure to use creative and contrast color scheme.
  • You should choose a paint color that goes well and blend in the existing décor. You can repaint a wall whereas redecorating an entire room does not seem an exciting idea.
  • It is advised to consider the items that you may place on the background before finalizing the shade.

Useful Tips For An Accent Wall

1.     Style Statement

There is no harm in thinking outside of the box when it comes to a new accent wall. It includes more than just painting a wall. You can find various ways to color your all. From stripes to unique paint finish, any idea would enhance the visual appeal of your room. You can consider metallic colors as well if you are daring enough. The metallic colored accent wall is regarded as one of the most dominant style statements.

2.     Use Colors

Do not hesitate from using bold colors. If your room has the right kind of accents around to coordinate with the new color, you should not shy away from painting an accent wall with the intensity that adds life to your space.

3.     Opt for Neutrals

People who love neutrals will be pleasantly surprised to learn that they can still accent a wall with a muted shade. It works similar to the vibrant one. When it comes to neutral color scheme, dark brown color for an accent wall will look dramatic enough like bright blue or fire red.

4.     An Accent Wall Décor

When interior designers suggest thinking outside of the box, they expect you to experiment with your accent wall. You should brainstorm ideas and look for inspiration on the internet. An accent wall décor should be more than a distinctive colored wall.

Focus on stone or tile to make it look like an architectural piece. Plus, you can feature an artwork, a photo gallery, or even patterned wallpaper for unique ideas. Decorating an accent wall is flexible let your creative juices flow and make a difference.


5.     An All-White Room

An accent wall in an all white-room looks jaw-dropping. Despite that, it might get a little tricky to find a medium to light shade. White walls in contrast with a bright accent wall look stunning and modern. You need to create a balance in this context. You can choose gray or beige and bold color to accent your large wall. Also, a navy blue accent wall in an all white-room appears splendid.

6.     Use Ceiling to Accent

Have you ever thought about accenting the ceiling of your room? It is a chic décor trend. You can add a pop of color to your roof and use it as an accent wall. You can use any color ranging from soft to vivid. Moreover, white or neutral crown molding doesn’t just separate walls and the ceiling, but it gives an elegant look to your space.

7.     Invest in Wallpapers

Stylish wallpaper can accent your wall expertly. You can achieve the designer vibe without putting in significant efforts. It is a quick option to wrap your decoration in minimum time. However, you should invest some time and pick one with an attractive design.

8.     Use Windows

You may think a wall of windows will hinder room décor. How about using the wall of the window as an accent wall? You can focus on the specific wall with a chic curtain to emphasize it. Don’t overlook the fact that windows that surround a dark accent create a vibrant light effect and overwhelm your space.

In This Light Of This, Here Are Ten Ways To Accent Your Wall.

1.     Entrance Accent Wall

Accent Wall

An accent wall provides an immediate draw. You can accent a spacious yet across the room wall. It looks chic and inviting. Plus, this idea highlights how well white and blue blend together.

2.     An Accent Wall for Bedroom

Accent Wall

The wall facing a headboard of the bed is considered as an accent wall. You can choose an appealing color to accent this wall. You should never hesitate to play with colors when it comes to bedroom décor. This idea features a variety of bold and muted colors. Not to mention, the color combinations go well together. You can even opt for art pieces to enhance the overall look.

3.     Modern Accent Wall

Any wall of your house can become an accent wall. You only need to find what works best for you. Like a living space or bedroom, you can add style to your baby’s room as well. It does not have to be pink or blue. You should think to incorporate shades of gray with a modern geometrical design. It looks cozy and comfortable at the same time.

4.     World Map as an Accent Wall

Accent Wall

The ideas to accent a wall are endless. No one would think of putting up a giant-sized world map to accent a wall. Despite that, here is the idea and it looks utterly unique. If you ever find a full-wall version of a world map tries accenting your wall with it to create a distinctive vibe.

5.     Dark and Light Combination

Accent Wall

Not everyone is a fan of vivid colors. However, you can blend dark and light shades to come up with something stunning. Having a dark accent wall in a light room not only incorporates maturity but makes it look elegant as well. You should go for a few dark colored furniture pieces to maintain balance.

6.     Use Stone for Accent Wall

Accent Wall

Using the flat cut stone wall as an accent wall appears rich, sophisticated, and stunning. You can never go wrong with muted décor with the dark stone wall. It incorporates grace into an overall look.

7.     Focal Feature as an Accent Wall

Accent Wall

A focal feature can make a beautiful accent wall. Living rooms often offer these features. You should try to make the most of it via utilizing each feature available on the wall including a window. You can opt for a significant transformation with the help of distinctive wall paint, lighting, or wallpaper. This transformation would look comfy and chic.

8.      Use Wood Stripes for an Accent Wall

Enhancing headboard wall can change the style and look of your room in no time. No question using wood and dark color together is a daring step. The stunning outcome is cozy yet adds elegance to space.

9.     Chalkboard Accent Wall

Accent Wall

This chalkboard accent wall is a perfect blend of formality and informality. You might not have seen this level of creativity before. However, opt for the idea will highlight your tasteful nature. A chalkboard also allows you to display your artwork. You can even use it as a daily reminder. Whether in a living room or study space, a chalkboard accent wall is a must-try idea.

10. Use Fabric as an Accent Wall

Decorating an accent wall with fabric will be outside of the box idea for sure. You can use any material available to transform an ordinary wall of your bedroom into an extraordinary one. One cool fact associated with the fabric idea that it reduces the need for headboard making your space appear stylish and trendy.


Bottom Line

There are plenty of ideas available for an accent wall. From shades to the material, you can select and replace features when it comes to accent a wall. Following advice and suggestions of interior decorators and decorators will also help you in this context.

This way, you can identify which wall would work as a feature wall. And what type of accent wall it should be. You can even take guidance on colors and materials. You can also experiment and create jaw-dropping accent wall ideas.

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