75+ Bedside Table Lamps You Can Get For Your Room

Bedside table lamp incorporates style into your bedroom décor. Interior designers suggest placing table lamps on each side of the bed to increase the visual appeal of your bedroom significantly. Apart from décor, these lamps provide enough light to facilitate before bedtime reading, playing games on your smartphone, or even casual conversation with your roommate.

It would not be wrong to claim that investing in table lamps is a smart idea. This way, you can get extra lighting and enhance the overlook of your bedroom. Moreover, you can find various lamp ideas on the market or internet. Pick a one and let it make the difference.

From rustic to contemporary to industrial, you will get plenty of options to choose a pair for your bedside table. You should opt for simple designs if you like soft ambient lighting specifically in the evening. Additionally, there is a variety of bright adjustable ones as well that illuminates your space in no time.

In Light Of This, Here Are Top 75+ Stunning Bedside Table Lamps Ideas:

1. Marble Bedside Lamp

Using marble to design a lamp seems a unique idea. Usually, bedside table does not offer plenty of space. So to decorate your small table you can opt for marble lamps. These lamps are only nine inches tall and nine inches in diameter. No question the size is compact but incorporating marble into the design looks elegant and makes a significant impression.

2. Concrete Lamp Idea

If you are a minimalist, the concrete lamp may appeal you. The designer has crafted it from glass and concrete material to enhance the visual appeal of minimalist and industrialist interiors alike. Placing an all-white lamp on the bedside table will also save you from decorating your space further. Moreover, the designer has also used the brass knob to finish the look with style. This brass knob works as on/off button and as a dimmer for flexibility and comfortable using.

table lamp

3. Japanese Bamboo Lamp

This ultra-cool lamp idea offers right height to place it on the bedside table without giving it a second thought. It seems like a tripod inspired Japanese Bamboo lamp. You can decorate your bedside table with it or place it on the floor as well. The use of bamboo will inevitably draw plenty of attention as it appears unique. Plus, you can rock your retro-themed bedroom via investing in one or two Japanese Bamboo lamps.

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4. Modern Bedside Table Lamp

There is no denying that low beds look chic and trendy. Despite that, it gets complex to decorate a flat bed to pull off a stylish look. That is why you should invest in modern decorative bedside lamps if you are struggling to decorate your bedroom with a low bed. These versatile lamps are small and sturdy. You can place it on the table and on the floor to give your space a casual yet modern vibe.

5. Conical White Lamptable lamp

You can find various white lamps on the market. It is true that all-white lamps never go out of the trend. White lamps with simple bedroom décor seem tasteful as well. However, a modern minimalist interior is a widely followed trend in current times. You need to incorporate a contemporary lamp idea to make your space stand out. In this case, we suggest opting for white conical one and this eye-catching design would draw the attention of your visitors immediately.

6. Piccola Table Lamptable lamp

Various people prefer to invest in something that is functional but looks aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Piccola table lamp can work well in this context. It is worth noting that the pliable lambskin beanbag allows you to adjust the lamp in various positions. Placing Piccola lamp on the bedside table or study table isn’t only distinctive but a neat idea as well.

7. Oda Small Lamptable lamp

Plenty of lamps ideas can land you in confusion. Almost all these designs and style can enhance the visual appeal of your space without putting in significant efforts. Despite that, to clear out some clutter, you can consider installing oda small lamp. The glass used in its formation will blend well with the furniture of your bedroom. The oda lamp seems an elegant option to brighten up your space as well.

8. Wooden Bedside Lamptable lamp

Wooden furniture cannot incorporate style into your space if it is not decorated in the right way. Interior designers and decorators recommend opting for wooden accessories when it comes to decorating wooden bedrooms. So a modern wooden bedside lamp sounds neat, sculptural, and timeless idea. You should choose for it whether your bedroom has an Asian or Scandinavian inspired décor. Not to mention, you can never go wrong with the simple style wooden lamp, and it will always look trendy.

9. Red Bedside Lamp Ideatable lamp

Colorful bedside lamps like this red one are a fun way to incorporate a pop of color to your bedroom. This option will perfectly blend with neutral furniture. If you are looking for passionate color schemes, red bedside lamps are designed as per your taste. Plus, you can achieve a comfortable bedroom look with this option without breaking your bank.

10. Damo Copper Finish Table Lamp

Finding a copper bedside table lamp can become a pain in the neck. Metallic accessories that go well with overall décor are hard to find. A demo copper finish will be a right choice for you if you prefer metallic beside table lamps to pull off a unique look. The designers have used supper-polished copper finish along with durable steel to craft this chic and sleek style. Therefore, install this ultra cool copper lamp and be ready to receive plenty of compliments.

11. Nordic Table Lamp Idea

Rustic-themed bedrooms are fun and trendy until you need a top-notch bedside table lamp. This struggle is real and consumes a significant amount of your precious time. The Nordic table lamp is an ultimate solution to this problem. This style is modern and seems a perfect accent piece to incorporate a warm aesthetic into ambiance.

12. Swing Arm Nightstand Lamp

Inspired by Scandinavian style, the swing arm is an adjustable option. Various lamps ideas only add style to your space and lack adjustability which is a necessity. With white and wood body, swing arm lamp provides both style and functionality. The extra durable braided cord allows you to move it in any angle you want. Also, you can blend it any décor to make the most of swing arm table lamp.

13. Desk Lamp Idea

This is another Scandinavian style lamp idea that is similar to a standard desk lamp. However, you can never go wrong due to its durability and adjustability. Plus, an exciting factor associated with these lamps is that they offer soft and gentle nighttime illumination along with bright lighting. Additionally, you can opt for the lighting as per your needs.

14. Curl Bedside Lamp

Lighting seems a necessary factor to measure when it comes to investing in a bedside lamp. You need something that offers flexible and quality lighting. Curl bedside lamp can become an ideal option to brighten up your space with grace and style. The curl lamp only requires dimmer adjustment to get the right amount of light from morning to evening. Moreover, curl bedside lamp comes with beautiful color and style that blends well with neutral or even vibrant color scheme of your bedroom.

15. Bird Shape Lamp

This eye-catching idea will undoubtedly increase the visual appeal of any décor. You can place the creative lamps to highlight bed or sofa alike. Each one provides diffused LED lighting which you can use to accent lighting to the interior. Not to mention, this idea utterly unique idea will leave your visitors awestruck.

16. Cube Shaped Concrete Lamp Ideatable lamp

What is a point of installing a bedside lamp with dull and traditional vibe? You should pay attention to its style that whether it is modern or outdated before investing in one. You can still go creative if you prefer elegant and straightforward accessories over bold ones. In this case, the cube-shaped concrete table could become an exciting option. It is combined with vintage Edison bulb and contemporary concrete. Plus, you can showcase your tasteful nature with cube-shaped practical bedside lamp without breaking your bank.

17. On the Edge Bedside Lamp

On edge is one of the helpful lamp ideas that seem splendid on the bedside table and floor alike. You can adjust the position as per your choice as well. However, its versatility does not end here as you can hang ‘on the edge’ lamp above your bedside table or anywhere in your bedroom. Accessories like these are hard to find but once you do, make the most of them.

18. Orb Shaped Lamp

Not to mention, black blends well in any interior style. Cute black orb shaped table offers a standard color scheme with ultimate uniqueness. The style is compact and fits perfectly in a small space. Just install one of these on each wooden bedside table and let the simple décor stand out.

19. Giraffa LED Lamp

This lamp idea will suit if you are buying one for task-oriented purposes such as reading in bed. It offers 360 degrees of rotation. Moreover, you can also give a luxury vibe to your bedroom via choosing the right color of Giraffa LED lamp. You can get the lamp in copper, white, and black color. Pick a one carefully and let it enhance the overall look of your space.

20. AJ Table Lamp

Moreover, named after a well-known designer, the AJ table lamp is available if you in dire need of stylish yet affordable bedside lamp. An AJ table lamp is simple and blends well in contemporary décor. In most cases, the color scheme of furniture does not go well with the shades of accessories. However, the black color of the lamp will solve your problem in no time. Plus, installing black colors AJ lamp against neutral bed seems outstanding.

21. Cocotte Table Lamp

Various people are not a fan of contemporary décor. They still prefer vintage ideas over modern ones. Finding vintage lamp is not a tough nut to crack but, it seems a time-consuming process. To avoid any hassle, you should consider investing in cocotte table lamp. It will provide the vintage charm along with the new manufacturing qualities.

22. Flos IC T1 Table Lamptable lamp

You can find tall and short bedside lamps. Most of the options are small due to the minimum space for a bedside lamp. Despite that, you can see tall ones with fantastic design and durable material. For instance, this Flos IC idea may appeal you as it offers the right amount of height.

23. Floating Orb Table Lamp

Floating orb offers soft diffused light to provide warm and cozy vibe to your bedroom. It goes well with Scandinavian and Asian interiors. Plus, you can opt for it without giving it a second thought for the neutral or bold color scheme in your bedroom as well.

Bottom Line

The ideas for bedside table lamps are endless. The options above can help you find the perfect lamp for your bedroom. Also, you do not need to spend a hefty amount to get the best one. Purchasing a lamp that goes well with the décor only requires comprehension regarding what works well for the size and color scheme of your bedroom. Once you learn it, finding accessories will become a fun activity for you.