125+ Best Trendy and Cool Black Men’s Hairstyle Choices

The fact no longer a hidden secret that most of you are not confident enough to flaunt your afro hair? Is it because of the lack of styling?

Afro hair is regarded as a rebellious hair type-uneven to bear and style and difficult to maintain. But there surely lies plenty of opportunities to dazzle in these looks. Mostly known for the volume, unique quirks, and thick follicles, afro hair is one of the most beautiful hair types to flaunt the looks. Whether it is the late 80s or the present day, afro hair never an opportunity to be the eye-catchy one to groove-in.

Well, the year 2020 has embraced an exciting range of styles just to suit your preference. Being conscious about your hairline, volume, and density is quite apparent, but the days of embracing the best features of your hair are hair is here. From introducing a wide range of fades, line-ups, flat tops, brush cut black males, we have made sure to include every single haircut that you are bound to love. Whether you wish to stick to your daily preference or simply go for a daring makeover, the decision lies only on you.

Short and Crisp

Short and Crisp, a style that is never going to run out of fashion and elegance. This black male short haircuts fashion is ideal for men who wish not to spend much time, indulged in their hair. The maintenance is low, as you can simply apply moisture for smoothness or use a boar bristle brush to comb your hair. An excellent choice of African haircuts for men working on corporal sectors. A good pair-along on all your black-tie events too. Enhance your look with a thin beard or simply maintain a clean-shaven look.

Curly Top Fade

Are you not quite convinced which fade would take your look on afro hair? Then, opt for this modern black hairstyle, which highlights natural texture and bare neckline. The tapering of the hair recedes from below the ear and continues till the nape of the neck. Maintenance is low and demands frequent trimming.



Although this haircut for young black men looks quite simple but is undoubtedly a trendy one to look at, this look is an effortless style put up by school-grade kids to young adults. Cornrows are one of the most preferred modern black hairstyles, which also facilitates the growth of hair for other hairstyles. Easy to make without any visit to the stylist, and most men have the expertise to do so. At least once in a week, open up the cornrows, moisturize and clean them.


Medium curls

Wish to flaunt your precious, voluminous, long, natural curls, then this black man haircut style is just the one for you. Hardly any thoughts of regular trimming are there, but it is advised to chop off the split ends to avoid frizzes. This cool haircut style black is a loved choice by most carefree men. You always have the opportunity to tie up your medium curls in knots or half-knots. If you wish to add more volume on your hair, then add layers to your hair.

Flat Top

Undoubtedly, Flat Top is one of the most loved short, black male haircuts. As you can notice from this black men’s haircut pic, Flat Top resembles a crew cut, but the difference lies in the top hair portion, where the hair strands stand up. Then the hair strands are cut off in a uniform and neat way, resembling a square. Only the application of gel should suffice to maintain this African haircut. Trim frequently to avoid frizz and shabbiness. Style your look with piercings and tattoos.

Mohawk Afro

Men who wish to flaunt their edgy appearance and style can never go wrong in choosing a Mohawk Afro. This black man’s short hairstyle demands almost no extra time, care, or effort. Both the edges of above the ears seem practically bald, and so does the back. This creates a sharp contrast with the curly middle portion of the hair. Simply use pomade and brush your hair, and you are good to go.

Buzz Cut with Line Up

Buzz Cut With line-up is regarded as one of the most popular black men hairstyles 2019 and is much popularized to date due to the loved youth icon, Drake. Bored of your regular African hair cut, then opt for this modern black hairstyle. While a Buzz Cut may often seem like a part of your daily regime, combine it with a line up to add flair, elegance, and style. Much styling products are not necessary, and minimum care is required for maintaining the hair. Simply dab moisturizer on your hair and brush it for the best results.

Head-Turning Twists

If you wish to experiment for an adventurous and carefree loo, then this haircut for young black men can hardly be missed out. Go for this stylish and professional twists on your long-length hair. Minimal expenditure on your carefree hair is required. Trimming at the intervals of eight weeks is often suggested to prevent premature hair-breakage, split ends, and hence maintain the overall healthy look of your hair.

Relaxed Dreads Undercut

If you carefully observe this black man haircut picture, you will be thrilled to notice the coolness of attitude imparted from this short hair cut for a black man. Shorter dreads pair-off excellently with an undercut. Style your fresh look with a well-groomed beard. Visit a stylist who knows how to take good care of the afro hair as often styling your hair in dreads, and the hair becomes prone to damage.

Pitch Perfect Volume with Mini Line Up

Are you a worshipper of perfection, and you wish to reflect that in your personality too? Then, what are you waiting for? Go for this neat and tidy black male short haircut to suit your demands? The hair is trimmed and cropped neatly to suit your choice. The line-up adds a sharp contrast to the smartness imparted from this neat haircut. Pair your look with tartan-tees and gold, and be sure to dazzle the room with your sleekness and hair fashion.

Afro with Undercut

Undercuts compliment excellently on afro hair fashion, which provides opportunities to bring in versatility to carry out different hair fashion statements. The undercut in regarded to act as the base for this medium length hairstyle for black men. This modern black men haircut focuses on the volume of your hair and is quite funky and fresh. Remember to trim quite frequently to avoid split ends.

Almost Mid Fade with High Volume Top

This African haircut is one of the most popular and shortlisted 2018 black men haircuts. Almost Mid Fade with High Volume Top is an excellent and fresh option of hairstyle to flaunt coiled hair. The top end of the hair is maintained neatly, and both the sides and the back of the hair are faded gently. Run gel through your hair and use a boar bristle hair to comb the rest.

Line-Up with Skin Fade

Undoubtedly, line ups have a unique quality to suit almost a wide range of hairstyles on African hair. As distinctly observed in this black men short haircut, the line-up indulges in giving an impression of a slightly messy top. At the same time, the shaved part of the hair adds up elegance, flair, and attitude. This famous ‘2019 fade haircut black man’ is an excellent choice of hair makeover in black-tie events as well as in corporal sectors. Minimal expenditure of time is observed as the only requirement is trimming your hair frequently.

Curly Afro with Subtle Line-up

If you are a lover of longer afro hairstyle and you wish to flaunt your voluminous scalps, then what are you waiting for? Grasp this opportunity to redefine your fashion of ‘hair cut style black man.’ This exploded version of afro quite distinctly focuses on putting the focus on your hair length. The curls on the top of your head pair off excellently with a thick-well defined beard. The subtle line-up creates an alluring contrast to the afro fashion.

Short Curls

Not a fan of modern black hairstyles, fades, or undercuts? Worry not as we help you to redefine your personality in Short curls. This short haircut for black men is an excellent choice to flaunt your natural curls and is quite easy to manage. No extra styling is required, and the hair is allowed to flow freely. Style your look with dark glasses, piercing, and a well-groomed thin beard.

Buzz Cut with Temple Fade

Talking of fades on afro hair and not mentioning Buzz Cut with Temple Fade is a whole unavoidable scenario. While your average Buzz Cut appears quite dull in your daily regime, renovate the regular style with a Temple Fade. The renovation brought due to the Temple Fade creates a sharp contrast. Glam up your appearance with a thick beard, and you are good to show off your smart looks—a hassle-free style to bring in definition to your personality. The maintenance demands only frequent trimming.

Loose Flat Top    

A casual and popular black men short haircut to bring out the fashion that you ever wish for. While a traditional Flat Top seems quite average, opt a Flat Top with loose ends. This popular ‘black men haircut 2019’ focuses on smooth edges, unlike the angular edges observed in an average flat top. Trim your hair frequently to avoid shabbiness and frizz. Use pomade to style the top end of your hair.

Temple Fade with Line-up

Temple Fade with Line-up is quite a popular choice among short haircut for men. This is one of the most loved 2019 fade haircuts for black men. The hair is of low maintenance and is an excellent choice to suit all your events-college, work, everyday life, or only playgrounds. The top portion of your hair is of uniform length and is the right option if you are not confident enough to dazzle in the hair of a long/medium range. Maintenance is negligible but requires frequent trimming.

Line Up with Short Curls and Fade

Simply put, this hairstyle is a striking one for men who wish to flaunt their short hair with elegance. These black male short hairstyles create a noticeable contrast to the personality of men as the African Haircut is sure to be a loved choice. The fade is often a loved choice for men who wish to put airs to look trendy and fashionable. Glam up your appearance with a well-groomed thick beard. Wear glasses to suit your preference.

Textured Waves

A smart choice of black young man haircut, which deals with texture imparted to the African hair. The natural waves create variation and texture to the hairstyle. The mid fade creates a contrast on the look and joins in the wavy texture. Easy to maintain and quite a loved short black male haircuts. Trim the back portion of your head to carry out this subtle look.

Line Up with Temple Fade

This short haircut for black men is an excellent choice for men who are active sports fields. If you wish your hair not to interfere in your busy-scheduled life, then this haircut is the apt one for you. The Temple Fade looks very alluring and stylish with the line-up.

High Top Fade

Undoubtedly, High Fade is one of the trendiest and most loved modern black hairstyles. This popular medium length hairstyles for black men focuses on keeping the hair near the neckline. The top end of the hair is ensured to maintain the length, while the edges are made to maintain a buzzed look or only baldness. This hairstyle is the right choice for men with natural kinks, curls, or afros. The tapering of the hair ends simply start from the near ends of the hair. Frequent trimming is good enough to maintain this haircut.

Few Tips to Maintain Black Men Hairstyle

Afro hair is a style that leaves the netizens awing. Why won’t they? The main feature of the hair is to flaunt the thick and voluminous scalps. Who doesn’t love the bouncy curl? Undoubtedly, every single soul does. While you are proud enough to flaunt your natural curls, leave the styling tips on us. Here, is a guide map to help you choose the best companion for your natural kinks.

  • Moisturizing your African hair is the key feature of your hair looking great. Many have noticed in most of the black man haircut pictures that the hair looks shiny and bouncy; the reason lies in the nourishment provided by natural moisturizers like cocoa butter, aloe vera, shea butter, etc.
  • Never forget to wrap your afro hair before going to bed, as this protects your hair from frizz, dryness, and tangles.
  • Try to avoid heat or any heat-related tools on your hair as they tend to damage your hair the most. Try to dry your hair naturally.
  • Never forget to trim your hair at regular intervals, as this prevents split ends and shabbiness.
  • Comb your hair correctly. Otherwise, you may face serious hair fall. It is usually advised to use a broad boar bristle brush.
  • Avoid over-washing your hair as you may lose the essential nutrients and oils. Never forget to condition your hair after washing.
  • Use the hair oil to provide natural nourishment.
  • Although bleaching and coloring of your hair are quite attractive, you may not wish to end up damaging them. It is generally advised to avoid highlighting your curly strands as much possible. Even if you do so, always go for a color-protect shampoo.

In addition to all the styling tips, never forget to drink plenty of water to replenish your hair roots. Also, maintain a balanced diet for the best results.

Frequently asked queries regarding black men hairstyle:

A. What are the most popular black men hairstyles in 2017?

Black men’s hairstyles mostly focus on highlighting the volumes of thick, afro hair. The year 2017 brought in many renovations to flaunt natural kinks with flair. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Box Fade
  • Afro Fade
  • Twists with Fade
  • Line up
  • Curls with fade etc.

B. How often is it recommended by experts to visit the stylist to maintain the haircut?

It is quite noticeable that most of the skin fades tend to get disrupted in two weeks only. It is advised to visit your stylist at least every two months to maintain short to medium length hairstyles. Longer haircut though demand for no special attention and can be looked at an interval of 3-4 months. Trimming is very much necessary to avoid split ends and shabbiness.