17 Amazing Bryce Harper Hairstyles for Sporty Men

The heart of Philly fans, an exceptional on-field product with gifted leadership skills and the team’s superstar- Bryce Aron Max Harper, popularly known as Bryce Harper, took no time to reign the men’s baseball world.

The ace level player who is often spotted as the front-page headlines and never misses an opportunity to be admired. Why wouldn’t he? The MLB player’s hair and beard are as iconic as his historical catches, and fans never miss an opportunity to emulate him.

While this right fielder for the Washington Nationals was the youngest one to be chosen in the 2010 MLB Draft, he proved himself even more prevalent off the field. The reason is quite simple as he brought in trend several hair fashions, including undercuts, slick backs, mohawks, brushed backs, and messy hairdos.

Whether short or long, thick or thin volume, Harper has brought in trends suitable for all hair patterns. Baseball fans and men fashion enthusiasts, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and choose the best beard and hairstyle for yourself as we guide you for the best ones.

1. Brushed Back

The look is simple, yet carries with it attitude and flair. If you are blessed with smooth, straight follicles, then what are you waiting for? Grasp this opportunity to redefine your style by emulating Bryce. The extended front portion of the hair is brushed back to give a slicked appeal. In comparison, the sides of the hair are parted with shorter strands to add contrast. Use pomade followed by brushing your hair for the perfect look. Pair off your appearance with sunglasses to slam any event, just like Bryce.

2. Bryce’s Long top 

An excellent choice for your hair makeover if you are maintaining mid-length hair. Although the front frot portion of the hair may not possess much volume, Bryce defines this style with a thickness on the top of the hair. The most iconic feature of Bryce’s long top is that he never forgets to add height before combing backward. Blow drying of the hair before applying gel is a smart choice to fake the volume of the hair. Make sure that you possess a thick beard to carry out this style.

3. Spikes with Undercut

The undercut along the sides is an eye-catchy contrast to the spikes. The spikes are what make this look unique and attractive. It’s also quite noticeable that the spikes add up the volume to the hair. Use pomade or gel for the spikes. Don’t forget to use a hair spray for the shine and keeping the hair in position. Make sure to visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks for maintaining the look.

4. Incredibly Smooth Bryce Harper bald fade

Bryce seems to be an avid lover of slicked backs, and he loves to style himself in his renovated looks. He has set a trendy vibe that most men appreciate and love to carry out. Pair your traditional slicked back with a bald fade. The bald fade adds up the contrast and is the most exciting feature of this hairdo. To maintain this look, trim the back and the sides of your head frequently at an interval of 3-4 weeks.

5. Pulled-Back Hairdo Look

One of the best reasons to love Bryce is his hair, and this pulled-back hairdo reveals the reason. The long tuft of the hair is highlighted, which stands as the most eye-catchy part. At the same time, the slicked texture is pulled back in contrast to the faded sides. You have the opportunity to make your look even more appealing by letting go of a strand of hair. This rebellious look is an undeniable trend that you can carry along for parties and on sports fields.

6. Voluminous Hairstyle

You might not have the genes for thick, voluminous scalps, but you are free to create an illusion for adding up the volume. Bryce outshines in this stylish makeover, doesn’t he? You are also free to add up the texture for making your hair voluminous. Use hairspray for the best results.

7. Casual Bryce Harper Hairstyle

A flattering haircut indeed, Bryce tends to flaunt his short, yet stylish hair. Most men suggest that this ‘boy-next-door’ look makes Bryce very appealing, and he is best known for it. The front hair tuft is a bit longer than the back and the tapered sides. This hair is an excellent pair along if you wish to outshine your look informal events or corporal sectors.

8. Sassy Bryce Harper Undercut

It is undoubtedly noticeable how undercuts highlight Bryce’s long tuft of front hair. The hairstyle comes at a low expense of time and energy and is an excellent choice for your black-tie events and sports field. Opt for a side part to make your look even more appealing and exciting.

9. Edgy Faux Hawk

The edgy faux hawk is undoubtedly the most suited hairdo with Bryce’s facial features. He simply loves to pair along his well-groomed facial hair to suit his hairstyle. A slight renovation is added to the conventional faux hawk by adding up a subtle fade, which exposes his sin beautifully. If you possess a rectangular, elongated face, then this hairdo is the ideal one for you.

10. Asymmetric Haircut styles

Although the asymmetric hair is not a familiarized one, but works excellently on all face and hair types. The days of worrying about your thin hair days are over as you embrace this fantastic hair makeover. Bryce never leaves any opportunity to glam up in this cool, messy hair pattern. Not a very difficult hairstyle to be adopted but blow-dry your hair to ensure the fake volume on your messy textured locks.

11. Short Bryce Haircut

Doesn’t Bryce look a teenager in this sweet short hair look? While Bryce tends to reflect his good teenage boy attitude in his short hair, you can too. Go for a slightly longer top in contrast to the tapered sides to mold in this adoring look. A freshly shaved face can make you look even more youthful.

12. Laid Back Bryce Harper Hairdo

What is quite noticeable in Bryce’s laid back hairdo is his face, which appears more mature and serious. This haircut should be your ideal choice if you wish to pair along with your beard in a sophisticated look. Not much maintenance is demanded, but you will be able to outshine even in this simple makeover.

13. Shaggy Bryce Harper Hairdo

The messy haircut is never going out of style, and this has been proved by Bryce several times. He loves to draw attention to his natural chestnut-colored hair by combining his bangs in a shaggy mess. This haircut is very youthful and beams with energy and is an ideal one in the sports field. A freshly shaved face should work wonders with this exciting look.

Secret tips for styling in Bryce’s look

Impressive as are Bryce’s haircut ideas, which even make the non-baseball fans grooving. The best feature that Bryce tends to highlight is that it works excellently on almost all hair types and colors. While you are confused about the maintenance and styling, we will guide you with the expert tips.

  • Avoid washing your hair every day, lest you should lose the moisture of your hair.
  • Use a color-protect shampoo for making your highlights look the best.
  • Use pomade removal shampoo to get rid of gel, pomade, or hair wax. You can also opt for dish-washer to get rid of pomade. Condition your hair for the best results.
  • Moisturize your hair by using natural oils like vegetable or coconut oils.
  • Don’t rinse your hair vigorously with the towel, as hair might often get stuck in the threads, leading to breakage. Instead, pat your head gently to get rid of excess water.
  • Maintain your hairstyle by visiting your stylist every 3-4 months.

Queries often asked:

A. What are the everyday hair products that Bryce uses in his hair?

This Nationals outfielder and ace level player tends to flaunt his smooth, straight locks beautifully. He uses several hair products like hair styling clay, hair wax, dry shampoo, ‘Suavecito pomade’ to maintain his best looks. Opt for a beard balm for the best results.

B. What is Bryce’s hair color?

Bryce seems to carry the genes of natural chestnut color on his hair. But he is bold enough to style himself in platinum blonds, golden and brown highlights. He is also seen to dye his hair in raven black.

C. What kind of haircut does Bryce carry out?

Bryce simply loves experimenting with new looks. He has brought in a number of trends in undercuts, messy styles, fades, and highlights. His hair length ranges from short to medium length, which avails him to carry out several hair fashions.