125 Canvas Painting Ideas for Your Home

The 21st century is the era of personalization. We want to mark everything that is ours by adding a bit of our self to it. Everything from what we wear to where we choose to get our entertainment from is based solely on our likes and dislikes, and our homes are no exception. By hanging paintings on the walls, you can make your house more beautiful and create a look that suits your taste.

When you think about it, our homes may be the biggest investment that we will ever make in our entire lives. For that reason, when people buy their new homes, they spend so much time in selecting it. Once you have bought your dream home, everything from the curtains to the appliances has to be according to your taste. The giant walls of your house are keenly waiting for you to adorn and personalize them. What better way to use all that wall space other than to hang your favorite paintings on it?

canvas painting ideas

Know Your Options

Canvas paintings are a great way of personalizing your walls. If you cannot buy them, you can make your own by following a few tutorials online. Creating wall art for your home is not as difficult as many people think. You can choose something simple and change the whole ambiance of your house. But if creative endeavors are something that you do not trust yourself with, you can go online and find the right canvas painting within all price ranges.

Deciding the Type of Artwork

There are various forms and art styles of paintings out there. You can choose from paintings depicting history and events to tastefully designed abstract arts. It all depends on the interior of your home and the colors on your walls. For example, a monochromatic painting will look great in a minimalist setting whereas something glittery might go well with the fresh country design.

Take a look at what you already have brought into your house such as the furniture and the curtains. As a painting portraying the war between Greeks and Persians would not go well in mid-century modern setting while a geometrical painting placed in Victorian styled furniture might not be the best idea too.

Creative Painting Ideas for Your Home

The internet is a great place where you do not have to travel halfway around the world to find out what the art and architecture of a faraway land look like. With a simple search on the internet, you can find yourself lost in the web of choices and knowledge. To narrow down your options, we have come up with a list that will help you decorate your walls in the best way possible. Read on to know how you can use canvas paintings to decorate and personalize your home in affordable yet creative ways:



1.     Patterns

By creating patterns on your canvases, you can create easy yet thoughtful paintings for your walls. To create a pattern, select the colors and choose the patterns you want to use first. The internet will lead you to various easy yet pretty patterns. You can choose wavy or looped lines along with dots and crosses. While painting, you need to make sure that your waves or loops of one line are all almost the same size. Too much difference in their size without really planning it first can ruin the painting.

You can also create identical patterns by using a roller. You can find rollers in all sizes so do not be under the impression that paint rollers are just for painting walls. Paint your background first and then choose the right color for painting over it. Remember it won’t be easy to see dark colors on a dark background so choose lighter shades.

2.     Geometrical

If you want to add a bit more personality to your Scandinavian or mid-century modern house, you can paint your canvas with shapes and geometrical forms. All you need for this painting is a canvas, your paints, and a ruler. Now, it is up to you if you want to create a perfectly scaled piece of art or something that is more abstract. To create a painting with uniform shapes, measure the canvas precisely and divide it into boxes of your preferred size. Now it is up to you if you want plain squares, triangles, diamonds or other shapes. Draw the shapes carefully using your ruler and paint between the lines.

A more natural way to make a geometrical painting is by using some tape. It is the best way to make sure that your lines are in order. Stick the tape in a pattern that you like, there are many different ways of doing it. You can do it randomly to create a more abstract painting. After you have placed the tape, you can paint in the spaces between them. It is okay if you miss the lines as the paint will color the tapes. After your painting has dried a little, remove the tape and paint the space beneath it with a color of your choice.

3.     Abstract

If you do not want everything to be too geometrical in your home, you can create something that doesn’t follow a pattern or fall into a particular shape. Choose colors that suit your taste and the interior of your house and go to town on the canvas. Splash dark tones over lighter ones or choose contrasting colors. If you want to be more methodical about it, choose a background color first and then throw another color over it.

A simple white line that disproportionally divides a yellow canvas may not seem like a great feat, but it has a charm of its own. The light colors can bring warmth to the room and add a beautiful ambiance to the setting. Just make sure that you have a clear picture of what you want in your head before you go about executing it. Surf the internet for ideas to find clarity.

4.     Use Crayons

This is a very creative technique that does not sound very appealing when you hear it first, but the final results are dazzling. The technique is quite popular, and you may even have heard of it before. If not, you might be thinking that it is a bad idea but wait and look at the final result to know what we are talking about.

All you need for this “painting” is a bunch of crayons and your canvas. Position the crayons in a sequence that you like and place the canvas in a vertical orientation. You can place it against a wall if you like or on an easel. The crayons should be on the topside when you stick them in place. Use a blow dryer or a heat gun to warm up the crayons and witness them melt artistically on your canvas. Remember to place some old newspaper underneath the painting so that the crayon residue does not stick to the floor.

5.     Metallic

Metallic shades are in these days. From window shades to coffee tables, this design has attracted many people. If you are one of those people, you can choose golden or silver as the muse for your next painting. You can do something simple such as patterns on a suitable background or a geometric painting if you like. The colors bring in a classy and modern feel to the room that isn’t easily achieved by other colors.

You can even use the thumbtack method to create an elegant piece of artwork. This is a bit easier than the rest of your paintings provided you have a vivid design in your mind. All you need are metal thumbtacks along with your canvas and paint.Select a background color and choose how you want to stick in the thumbtacks. You can create shapes or silhouettes with them if you like. Just have a clear image of the end before you get started.

To prevent thumbtacks from falling, stick some glue on them when you place them on the canvas. And in the end, place the painting with its back facing your way and flatten the pointy ends using a hammer. Make sure you place a soft cloth on the front side and don’t hit the pins so hard that the canvas gets damaged.

6.     Words and Letters

Creating a painting is not always about shapes or images. Sometimes, words can create a profound effect as well. Calligraphy is an old form of art, and you can use it in your modern-day paintings to create your next masterpiece. Choose the background color and the colors for your words wisely. Choose something that feels important to you or just a jumble of letters placed artistically in place.

You can use stencils to make sure that your bad handwriting or amateur painting skills don’t affect the outcome. You can use motivational phrases or just create a random letter rain. Sometimes, one word can mean thousands of things. Choose whatever feels nice to you, and what you can easily paint it on your canvas.

7. Black and White

You can never go wrong with this combination especially in modern day homes. The two extremes can be painted in various ways and always create something classy. You can use black as the background or white if you are all about that negative space and paint in the center as the focal point – A single drop, a circle, the silhouette of a character you like or a cube. Whatever you choose will look great.

You can even choose a meaningful expression or a word that means something to you. Think long and hard about the place you are going to hand it in and what you want it to represent. You don’t have to make it meaningful if you don’t want to. Just choose what looks nice, and you are good to go.

8. Impressions

You might think impressions are for kids, you might be wrong. If you choose the right material to create your impressions, you can create a masterpiece that will be cherished for several years. You can choose a simple combination of black and white or go with contrasting colors.

Look at the objects around you, the pretty flowers or that broken piece of jewelry you were about to throw away. Paint the background and dip your object in a suitable amount of paint. Too much of it will ruin the impression, so you might want to apply paint with a brush on it.

9. Splash Art

If you do not feel like putting hours of hard work into your painting, just grab your brush and take your canvas to a place where you do not mind the walls or the ground to get dirty. You can cover the area with some newspaper to protect it. Keep throwing paint on the canvas with the brush until you feel happy. Choose your colors beforehand while you paint the background.

If you want to do something a bit more fun, add some balloons to your splash art game. After you put some paint into the balloons, blow some air into them using a pump. Attach the balloons to the canvas with thumbtacks or some tape and pop those balloons. Trust us, the result will not disappoint you.

10. Yarn Art

This is another fun way to create a masterpiece. The texture that yarn achieves cannot be copied by a paintbrush that easily. Paint the canvas in whatever color you want and let it dry. Next, pour another paint of any color of your choice into a disposable plate. You can make it easy for yourself and dip the yarn in the paint and place it on the canvas in any way you like, or you could be a little creative with it.

Take a block or any shape or size that you like. Wrap the yarn around it and use a brush to paint the yarn. Stamp the block onto your canvas and create something that will make you happy.



Art does not have to be about perfect skills, and it should not be limited to people with lots of money to spare. It is all about what you like. And you can always achieve that with some effort and creativity. So, if you want to add a little color to your home, don’t wait. Grab the necessary apparatus and incorporate the ideas mentioned above to come up with your masterpieces.