110+ Modern and Stylish Curly Hairstyles for Men

Everyone in the world who has curly hair knows that the struggle is real. The struggle to tame the beast that is your hair that is. There is no difference for men either, they have to struggle with their curly hair as well and sometimes it’s even harder for them because they don’t know all about the many products available to them that women know about. They also probably rarely straighten their hair as well when it comes to getting a handle on things.

Curly hair can be hard to tame and also downright unruly and getting control of it is never an easy feat. Some men will simply shave off their curls or keep their hair really short in order to tame them. But you don’t have to hide those curls from the world, you can embrace them and have the style that you really want.

Curls can work with any face shape; you just have to know how to work with it. The best thing that you can do is to work with the texture of your hair instead of against it. We have a ton of great styles for you to choose from. Check out these sexy and modern looks for men with curly hair.

A Sexy Fade With Curls

This is an amazing, modern way of showing off your curls. The fade is magnificent because it showcases the curls in a great way. You want to be able to have your curls and with the fade, it almost emphasizes the height of the top.

A Sleek Look

The curls aren’t very high here but they are unique. You are going to love a style that is as trendy as this one. There is a shaved part involved and the sides are short enough that there is very little maintenance involved.

Sexy Looks

Who wouldn’t want a sleek look like this one? This is a great way to embrace the curls that you were born with.

Afro Looks

An afro could just be as hard to control if not harder. But sometimes it’s best to just let it go wild. This amazing fade really showcases the top of the style here and in this case, you see the afro in all its glory.

Try Something Different

Here is a style that has everything to do with keeping it cool. The sides are longer here which really makes for a good style. There is a bit of a fade with some design work in but it’s not very high up on the head. This style can be used with business and pleasure.


A Crisp Style

How can you not love this style? It’s crisp and clean, yet you still get to embrace the curls that you were born with.

The Stunning Fade

A great fade like this is eye-catching because it blends right into the beard creating a look that is one of a kind. On top of that, you still get the curls that you are looking for. As you can see it’s possible to tame your curls in a way that makes you happy.

Curls For Days

This is a cute look and it’s almost as if he has bangs. We love it!

The Mohawk Style

We love this sexy and rebellious look because it’s something that is so badass. How could you not love this style? These curls are gorgeous and we love how they just tumble wherever they want like they have a mind of their own.

Another great style that has some unique designs on the side, it’s truly remarkable. The curls are more like a wave but they still look incredible. This is a style that’s going to really make you happy.

There are many different kinds of curly hair and if you know what you are dealing with, you will find an easier way to handle it.

Short Curly Hairstyles

The Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle is one that works for any age group. It’s a classic look that is one that works for any type of gentleman. The best part about the style is that it is easy to manage. You just have to brush your hair upwards and away from your face. Of course, anyone that has curly hair knows that it’s not always an easy task to do anything with curly hair. So what you can do is work with your hair instead of against it. Take a look in the mirror and see where your curls naturally fall. If you force your hair roo much then it can end up looking scrunched. You want your look to be enhanced with the style, which is the kind of look that you are going for.

One recommendation is to avoid blow dryers. They are just going to cause frizz and disorder when you are trying to style it. If you absolutely have to dry your hair use a diffuser because it’s built for curls and to prevent them from being frizzy. If you take care of your natural curls they will thank you by always looking amazing.

Get The Afro Look 

It’s known as an untamed look and we can see why but that’s a good thing. Anyone blessed with this type of style naturally is very lucky. The curls of an afro are often very tight which means that styling them could be challenging. Some people decide to embrace the fact that they have these curls and will work the whole afro look, the crazier the better. But some people are looking for a little more control when it comes to their curls, so they will cut them short. Some people choose to cut them because if their career as there are some jobs that wouldn’t be okay with you rocking a full afro especially if you are in the food and beverage industry. Cutting them might be a good idea if it’s something that could affect your job.

Men With Tight Curls

When it comes to tight curls, they are often the trickiest style of all. To sport small and tight curls are certainly a popular style. It’s okay to embrace the beautiful curls that you have, it’s just a matter of styling them properly. All you have to do is add some pomade or some styling mousse or another product that you are comfortable with. It doesn’t take a lot of product to achieve a great look. Just add the product to your hair with your fingertips and run your hands through your hair until you get the look that you desire.

Embrace Beach Curls

Everyone men and women love beach curls because you can basically wear them anywhere. They look wild and work as a great casual look that you can use anywhere. That’s how amazing they are. One of the reasons why they are a popular look is because they don’t take a lot of work. If you already have curly hair, it’s just a matter of adding products. You aren’t looking for a glossy look, you want something that looks natural. If you are an easy-going kind of man and you like long hair, then the beach curl is the look for you. The whole point of the style is that it’s meant to look messy so it doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time on it. You don’t want to use a pomade or anything, otherwise, it’s going to look like you primped it. There are sea salt hairsprays that will give you that textured, casual look that you want.

A great style like this is certainly one way of handling a curly style. Not everyone wants to embrace their curls. Add a bit of color and it really makes the whole look pop. If you are looking for a look with amazing vibes, this is it.

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How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

Some of us straight-haired people are dangerously jealous of the people who have curly hair. If you are one of the lucky ones that have voluptuous, delicious curls then you are also the one in charge of taming those wild locks. We can all acknowledge that it’s no easy task. There are a lot of men out there that like their curls but the tradeoff is not always fun.

Not everyone has great hair days and sometimes even the weather plays a part in whether you have a good day or a bad one. The weather alone can make your curls appear droopy, greasy frizzy, and even at times bloated and that’s no fun at all. When it comes to curls, you have to have some added knowledge to make sure that they are cared for properly. There are some products out there that can help you get through this a lot easier.

One thing that is talked about a lot is the fact that people with curly hair, don’t always use the best products. Hairstylist Carlos Arriolastates that he sees it all the time. He would know since he also has curly, long hair and probably knows what it’s like to try to control it. He believes that a lot of the problems with curly hair could be avoided if people used the right products. There are a ton of tips out there to get the best out of your curls.

Haircare and products for long, curly hair:

Haircare for curly hair means that you might need some products to make good curls happen. You don’t want to just manage or control your curls, you want them to be hydrated, clean, and nourished.

When it comes to curly hair, he advises that clients wash and condition their hair every three days. You don’t want to have to suffer through poofy hair for too many days and this system minimizes that. The shampoo also lifts the natural oils from your scalp so washing it too often is not a good thing.

He says that he prefers when hair is a little oily, 3 days without washing your hair. He still recommends using dry shampoo during the week so that the hair is still relatively clean. Dry shampoo is also there to preserve moisture in between washes so that you aren’t losing anything by not showering. There are certainly people who love to wash their hair every single day, but this expert says that it’s a bad idea.

Not all curls are created equal so you need to use products for your exact hair type. You buy products for your particular curls and you will be okay. If you have colored hair on top of it, you might need more moisture when it comes to choosing products. When it is time to wash your hair, make sure you use shampoo and conditioner separately.  Also leaving in a conditioner will do wonders for your hair.

The mohawk style is a badass, rebellious look that you are sure to love. We love how wild these curls look when paired with this style. The sides are shaved which only adds emphasis to the top which is glorious in its own right.

The silver fox look is always a popular one for men so all the better that there are curls involved. This is a classic and sophisticated look that works well with a beard.

Tight curls can sometimes be even harder to control and in this case, they are wild. The product can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your curls looking good.

what a beautiful one and it’s a style that is sure to attract the ladies. We couldn’t really blame them. Long hair is so popular right because of Jason Mamoa’s style. He brought back the heat when it came to guys with long hair and we don’t see that style going away anytime soon.

A curly style is one of a kind look and one that should be embraced not hidden. Whether you have short hair or long hair, having curly locks is really special. why wouldn’t you want an amazing look if you can?

We hope that you found everything you need to make your curls look the absolute best. If you found a style that you want to try, make sure to take a picture with you to the salon so that they know what you really want.

Please comment on the looks that you love the most, we would love to hear from you.