66 Cute Names To Call Your Dog

Blessed is a human if he has a faithful and trust-worthy friend like a dog.

Dogs are gifted with a kin sense of smell, agility, and, most importantly, responsibility for their human masters. Being a dog-parent may at times sound a bit of an arduous task, but the fact can also be hardly denied that dogs are fast learners.

Pet names affect their personality and overall grooming process. The canine language is not hard to understand if we put significance on his name when we are talking to our dog. Eventually, a dog learns to measure the frequency of his name’s sound and respond when he is being called.

Choosing a perfect name is recommended, as you may not wish yourself to be repeating something you may not like. Spending a bit of time with your dog is important, lest you should disappoint your four-legged furry best friend.

Are the thoughts of choosing the perfect dog-names haunting your mind? Then, worry not as we set before you a guide map to select an ideal name from a range of Disney characters to fictional ones, flower-inspired names to food-inspired ones, Latin origin names to Arabic ones. Name your doggies without worries of disappointment or regrets.

cute dog names


Ace is a popular male dog name and is in much use these days. The name is of Latin origin, meaning ‘unity.’ Ace also reveals a playing card with a simple, black inscription.


Ah! Such a pretty name for your lovely female canine. Angel refers to the ‘messenger of God.’ Your little fluff-ball is undoubtedly an angelic being.


This mighty male doggy name is of Greek origin, which means ‘to carry.’ The mythical origin of the name suggests that Atlas was a Titan who presumably carried the weight of the entire world on his shoulders.


Aww, such a cute fellow with a cute name is the first reaction that you must be getting if you name your female puppy Annie. The name Annie is of English origin, meaning ‘merciful or gracious.’


Andy is undoubtedly a cute name for your adoring friend. This name is often regarded as a diminutive term for Andrew or Andreas. The name, Andy is of Greek origin, meaning ‘brave’ and is usually designated to male dogs.


This name is often regarded as a non-gendered or unisexual one. The name, Bean, is of Scottish origin, meaning ‘fair-skinned.’ This name is the right choice when it comes to naming your white-furred friend.


This name is an excellent one when it to calling your brown, big-furred dogs. This name is regarded as a unisexual one, reminding us about the big, friendly wild animal, bear.


Don’t foodie names sound the cutest? Sure, it does. And what could be better than calling your dog what he loves the most? Biscuit is often a designated name for male dogs. Biscuit refers to a flour-based baked eatable, which is a preferred choice among all.


The name, Bonnie, is quite an alluring name for your female dog. The name is of Scottish origin, meaning ‘pretty or attractive.’


The favorite dog character name every kid wishes to call his /her dog is Bolt. It can be seen that the dog superhero film, Bolt inspire this name. The name, Bolt, is designated for male dogs and means ‘a bar of metal that you can slide across inside of the door to fasten it.’


The Captain is perhaps one of the most preferred male dog names. Maybe the leadership qualities of your dog have a significant influence on naming him: the name, Captain, means someone who is regarded as the leader of the group.


This is an adorable name for your small, little furry friend. The name has been derived from the word, chip, meaning ‘the place where a small piece of stone, glass, wood, etc. has broken off something.’


Chewy is simply a cute name for your naughty dog. The name has been derived from the English word, ‘chew, ‘meaning to ‘break up food into several pieces before swallowing.


The name is smart and cool and suggests the shortened version of the champion, meaning ‘someone, who has won a competition.’


Harry Potter fans may have noticed this name is used to sketch the character of Potter’s cousin, who is chubby, naughty and cute. Dudley is regarded as one of the cutest male dog names. The name Dudley is of Norman origin and considered a popular habitational name.


The name, Duchess, simply puts on aristocratic airs on your arrogant, female dog. The name Duchess, means ‘a feminine figure, holding the same position as the Duke.’


The name, Darla, has been much-popularized due to the character, Darla in the movie Finding Nemo. Darla seems to have an English origin, meaning ‘a dear or loved one.’ This name is simply an adoring call for your female pup.


The name, Duffy is of Irish origin, emphasizing the ancestral name, ‘O’ Dubhthaigh.’ This is the right name for your big male dogs.


This pretty female dog name is of German origin, meaning ‘whole or universal.’


Eli is a short and adorable male dog name, having a Hebrew origin. This fantastic name bears the meaning, ‘high ascended, or my God.’


This name highlights the smartness and attitude of your dog. The name is of French origin, meaning ‘the free one.’


The name, Frida is much in use since the popular American biographical drama film in 2002. This pretty name is of German origin, and bears the meaning’ peace.’ Isn’t it a cuddly name for your female canine buddy?


Fancy is an excellent name to call your female canine. The name, Fancy, has been derived from the Middle English fantasie, which means ‘to show or to appear.’


Gabby is a cute and adoring name for your naughty and energetic fellow. This female dog name is of English origin, meaning ‘someone who is excessively annoying.’


This name is often regarded as a funny one by kids. If your dog is a sneaky one, call him Ghost. The meaning is known to all as Ghost is often suggested as ‘the spirit of a dead person that is seen or heard by somebody who is still living.’


This adorable female dog name, Gracie, is of English origin, meaning ‘Grace of God.’


The name is the right one for your hunting dog or any big male dog. The name, Hunter, refers to ‘someone who hunts wild animals for food or deriving benefit.’


This has been a popular English male doggy name, meaning ‘Son of Hudd.’ Hudson is also a famous freshwater river in the United States of America.


The name, Holly, is indeed a pretty name for your female dog. The name has been inspired by the plant, holly, which has ‘dark, shiny leaves with sharp points and red berries in the winter.’


The name, Indy, is regarded as a short and smart one for male doggies. The illustration of ‘being independent has inspired the name.’ This name is the best choice for your free-spirited dog.


Izzy is regarded as a unisexual or non-gendered dog name, meaning ‘God is my Oath.’


The name, Java, has been named after the Island in Indonesia. It is considered as a non-gendered name of Arabic origin. Java is also a popular computer-coding language.


Jewel is a name of English origin and refers to ‘precious stones.’ This name is the perfect one for your small female pups.


Juno is often used as a non-gendered name or uni-sexual. The name is of Latin origin and a mythological meaning attached to it. Juno is the ‘Goddess of marriage and childbirth.’


This name is a perfect one for your aristocratic male dog. The name, King, signifies ‘a Ruler’ and is derived from American origin.


Named after the endemic, large flightless birds of New Zealand, Kiwi has been a much-popularised name among brown-furred female dogs.


Koko is a female dog name of Japanese origin, meaning ‘stork.’


Leo is of Latin origin and is given mostly to male dogs. The name bears the meaning, ‘a lion.’ This is the best name for your golden to brown-furred dogs.


Your pretty dog deserves a cute name, and what could be more beautiful than calling her Lacy? Lacy is a feminine name derived from ‘French place-names’ and was brought to England, thus popularising its usage.


Ah! Marvel fans, this is the name you must have been searching for calling your notorious male dogs. Loki is the ‘trickster God of Norse mythology,’ and the name is made famous by Thor comics and movies.


The name Lulu emerges from English origin, meaning the ‘Famous Warrior.’ Whereas the Arabic origin of the name suggests Lulu as ‘pearl.’ The name is a cute choice for calling your white-furred female dogs.


Who doesn’t know about the famous Disney character, Mickey? Everyone does, and what could be a cuter version of a dog name than calling him, Mickey. Initially, the name, Mickey, is of Hebrew and English origin, meaning ‘who resembles God?’


In Medieval Latin, the knights were referred to as miles. Miles is a popular American male dog name.


Mocha is a cute feminine doggy name, deriving its origin from ‘chocolate-coffee.’ It is also a preferred doggy name among kids.


Doesn’t the name sound quite baffling and eccentric? It does, and the origin of this name is from England, meaning ‘cloud or passionate.’


The choice of this male dog name is entirely found among people of science since the popularity of this name lies from Sir Issac Newton. The name is of English origin, meaning ‘New Town.’


Nola is quite a popular naming choice among female dogs and has an Irish origin, emphasizing ‘Fair shoulder.’ A good selection of names for white-furred pups.


An excellent name for your fluffy dog, meaning ‘Friend of Deer or Spear of God.’ The name bears an English origin.


A short and different name, deriving popularity from the tale, The Wizard of Oz. Oz is also a popular abbreviation and is used frequently.


You have the right to call your buddy Pal, meaning a friend. Pal is a favorite male dog name that completes your relationship with him.


Named after the beautiful city in France, Paris has been a popular female dog name. The name has a mythological significance. Paris was the prince of Troy, who had abducted Helen and initiated the Trojan war.


If you have seen the famous dog movie’ 101 Dalmatians, you may recognize this name being used as a character for the lead dog actor. The name Pongo is mostly used for British dogs, meaning ‘a soldier.’


A name, putting aristocratic, French airs on your pup, the name Quincy has been derived from the word,’kwen’, meaning ‘estate of the fifth son.’


If you have a watchdog at your house, naming him Ranger is a great choice. Ranger is referred to as someone who is in charge of ‘forest, park or countryside.’


Rusty is an affectionate term for your male, naughty pup. The name, Rusty has been derived from the word rust, meaning a brown substance covering the oxidized layer.


Rosie is a classy choice of name for your female dog. The name is of Latin origin and means ‘a rose.’


Kids of the ’90s are well aware of the animated dog series, featuring a dog of great agility and strength, named as Scooby-doo. The famous male dog name is of American origin.


This dog name is in trend as Simba draws its popularity from the Walt Disney animated movie The Lion King. Simba refers to the Lion in the African origin and culture.


Quite all of us are well aware of the source of this name. Sydney refers to the famous Australian city. However, the name is from France, meaning ‘contraction of St. Denys.’ Sydney is a popular feminine canine name.


Teddy is perhaps the most alluring and affectionate name given to male dogs by kids. The name, Teddy is of English origin, meaning ‘divine gift.’


Foodie name sounds the cutest on healthy dogs, if your dog seems overweight and healthy, call him Taco. The name is derived from a Mexican dish, consisting of ‘folded tortilla, filled with certain mixtures like seasoned mince, cheese, etc.’


You do not need to work hard if you wish your dog to look sophisticated enough, choose names like Vinnie. The name has a Latin origin, meaning ‘Conqueror.’


The name, Winnie has gained much popularity due to the Disney kids show Winnie The Pooh. Winnie is regarded as a non-gendered or uni-sexual name, derived from The Welsh origin and meaning, ‘a fair one.’ A pretty name for a dog without patches and having smooth fur.


A Disney character name that attained much popularity due to the mega-hit Toy Story. The name is of American origin, meaning ‘from the lane in the woods’.


This popular feminine canine name is of Greek origin, meaning ‘hospitable one’. Xena has also been popularized due to the American T.V show, ‘Xena: Warrior Princess.’


Zane, a male canine name is of American origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’.

Tips for naming your furry canines:

Being a pet-parent is not very easy, but naming your loved friend is. Are you thinking of the perfect name to suit your four-legged furry partner, we can provide you a few tips to name your besties

  • Avoid choosing a name with negative annotations.
  • Be careful of not choosing the name, which sounds quite similar to the commands, as dogs may often get confused with words of the same frequency.
  • Name your dog according to his/her personality.
  • For cute doggy nicknames, try calling him/her with food inspired names like Biscuit, Taco, etc.
  • If you are a  Disney fanatic, you have an entire range of naming your dogs, like Belle, Gabby, Woody, etc.

    Queries often Asked:

    1. How do I choose the perfect name for my puppy?

    Choosing a name for your beloved pets is not at all panicking. Always go for short names, having single or double syllables

    Ex – a single-syllabled name like Eli, Pal, Oz, etc.

    double-syllabled names like Juno, Java, Zena, etc.

    2. What are the cutest dog names?

    Assumptions of cuteness in a name depends on your choice. While, few people find Disney characters as the best choice for their dogs, food-inspired names also sound absolutely adorable. Few baby-talk names and names inspired by flowers can hardly be missed out.

    3. Suggest some dog characters in movies.

    Dog movies are often a preferred choice among netizens. Some of the examples are:

    Pongo and Pedita  in 101 Dalmatians

    Bolt in Bolt

    Fly in Babe

    Pit Bull in John Wick

    Snowy in The Adventures of TinTin

    Bruno in Cindrella

    Lady in Lady and the Tramp

    Milo in The Mask

Toto in The Wizard of Oz


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