70 Nicknames for Girls that are Irresistibly Cute

A name which is more adoring than what you are called initially, and affectionate to be heard, nicknames or pet-names are an evident sign of nurture and love. 

Can you deny the fact that you don’t have a nickname for your partner? I guess not, as you would never wish to miss any opportunity to show affection. Girls like fondness to be showered on them. What could be more blissful and adoring than calling her cutely with new pet-names quite frequently?

Baby-talks come with many cute names, and it is undeniable that you can hardly miss calling them out. A cuddly, chubby sweet baby is always cynosure, and a cute nickname seals your beautiful bond with them. Their wobbly little talks would thrust upon your mind to adore and call them cute names. Your names may defy reasons for your given names, but they have one purpose: irresistible cuteness.

Often it is seen that you are likely to provide pet-names for a person with your favorite memory attached to them. Possibly any particular feature, the food they like or only characters that mesmerize them impacts your mind to call them by any cute names. When your choice of calling may often hurt the lovable one, we will make sure that you give the perfect names for your cute and loved ones.

cute nicknames for girls


Isn’t the name cute and cuddly? Surely it’s adorable with a beautiful meaning. This name is often suggested to have a Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Father’s joy.’ If your girl is named Abigail, this cute name is your ideal and lovely choice.


This wobbly, bubbly name is a perfect naming partner for kids. This sweet pet name is often used to calls kids named Adele. The meaning implies ‘someone noble and kind.’


This name is designated for your little, lovable one, meaning ‘the adored one.’ Call your partner Adora and see her face get lightened up in a moment.


A unisexual name instead to be called, a shortened version to Alexandra, Alexandria possibly. The meaning is charming, which suggests that your cute one is called ‘defender, or helper of mankind.’


The name sounds more of someone from a French decent, a shortened version of Amelia, possibly. It means ‘a beloved one.’


You thought that you heard the name somewhere, right? Well, you guessed it right. This pretty name is inspired by the Disney character of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The beautiful one who taught the Beast to love.


This single-syllable short name is a perfect nickname for your newborn, who is merely learning to speak. Meaning someone you love or care about 


This name is short and lovely. It is more of a Latin origin, meaning ‘someone who brings joy.’


Often a suggested one for girls named Elizabeth and Bethany. The cute name finds its source from a gentle, loving character in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.


The name sounds so soft and cuddly; you can hardly deny it. It is also a child term for fluffy, sweet rabbits. Your adored one would often chuckle when called by this name.


This name is often a loved choice to nickname their pretty ones. The name bears Latin origin, meaning ‘white pure and sincere.’ It also refers to something chewable and sweet, something which kids love.

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Often a shortened version of the eternal beauty Cleopatra, this short and cute pet-name has Greek origin, meaning ‘Muse of History.’


A perfect choice for adoring fathers to call their little one. The name has been inspired from the Disney princess character Cinderella.


This name is of Greek origin, meaning ‘a gift.’ The name is mostly inspired by a popular kids cartoon show, Dora the Explorer.


Isn’t this name a perfect call for your lovely, darling baby. Implies meaning to the shortened version of ‘darling.’ 


This favorite nickname is Greek origin, meaning ‘Gift of God.’ The name has been popularized by the Disney animated character Dory, an amnesic blue, tang fish.


This beautiful baby nickname bears an English origin, meaning ‘My God is bountiful.’ Also popular among girls due to the Disney Frozen character, Elsa.


Little girls often admire Folklore. What could be more adorable than their papa calling them by it? Elf represents a small, delicate, elusive figure in human form with pointed ears and magical powers.


 A beautiful pet-name for your brilliant, little baby-girl, meaning ‘an Angel.’


Don’t you love to hear your loved one’s voice repeatedly, call her by this nickname, and she won’t fail to answer your call. The meaning is simple and is almost known to all, ‘a sound that reverberates after the original sound ceases.’ Echo was also an Oread in Greek Mythology.


Describe your cute one in a single, affectionate word like Fluffy, meaning someone covered with fluff. It also refers to a cute, bubbly, friendly, extroverted person.


 This cute name bears an American origin and is often regarded as a shortened version of Frances.  


The word fuzzy means ‘something that is not clear enough.’ This cute name sums up the characteristic of your lovable one in a nutshell. Someone who never sits up to boredom in life is often called Fuzzy. Your partner would love this cute pet-name.


The name is an ideal one for your tender, a little child who is fascinated by animals. Fawn means a young deer, which is extremely cute and adoring to look at.


Let your affectionate one know their value to them and assure them as your apple of the eye. Call them your precious Gem, meaning precious stone or someone, who is spectacular and outstanding.


Everyone loves sweet, cute, pleasant things, isn’t it? Call her cutely, referring to Gummy-bear. Initially, gummy bears refer to the confectionary made of gelatin and are shaped like a toy.


Remember, when you met your soul-mate for the first time. Cherish your beautiful memories by calling her Gee. The simple single-syllable word means ‘a mild expression, mainly of surprise, enthusiasm or sympathy.’


This cute name is inspired by a famous Walk Disney character Goofy, a cow from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You call your chubby one as Goofy if she has a playful and silly nature.


This is an affectionate nickname for women or girls of all ages and relation. You can call your daughter, sister, girlfriend, or wife, honey. Essentially honey means a viscous, sweet liquid produced by honey bees.


You can call your cute, little one as House-Mouse, a typical small animal species of a mouse living close to human habitation. If your little girl is a naughty one, call her by this cute, funny name, and it is sure to evoke laughter.


This is the name of mythological origin. Hela is referred to as the goddess of the dead and queen of the underworld. 


This is a perfect, adoring name for your chubby one as the name suggests that it has been derived from the yeast pastry, which uses hone as the key ingredient.


This short, single-syllabled name means ‘faithfulness.’ This name is also derived from a plant with large leaves. You can call your adoring one cutely by this name; she is bound to love it.


This particular name sounds a bit funny and is cute to call and baby-talk. It means ‘very small’ or tiny.


Isn’t it a cute name for a baby talk? Sure it is, it is easy to spell too, which makes its usage even more appealing. The word Jam means ‘a musical get-together,’ and the word is repeated to provide a cuter sense in baby talk.


The name has its popularity from a leading character in Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women. The meaning is’ God is gracious.’ 


The music lovers surely love to call their partner/ loved one by this name, as this name is quite modern, stylish, and cute, meaning a combination of Jocelyn and jazz.


Kitty is regarded as a baby-talk version of a kitten or baby cat. However, this cute nickname is also in usage by most English parents and means’ pure’.


This cute nickname is any kid’s favorite one. The name is mostly derived from a famous chocolate bar brand and is very much in use among girls.


Remember the famous snake character from The Jungle Book, this single-syllabled name is derived from there and is very much in use since then.


This beautiful nickname is of Latin origin, which means ‘Moon.’ Call your lovely one with grace as she shines with this name.


This popular and cute nickname is derived from a flower. It is a symbol of purity, innocence, and beauty.


This pet-name is affectionate, cute, and romantic. Mostly in use among couples and means’ intense affection’ and romantic.


 The adorable name has been popularised due to a cute, female mouse character in the kid’s popular show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It also refers to a ‘childish term of the mother.’


This is one of the cutest names by which you can call a short girl. Primarily the word munchkin refers to ‘a child or short person’. It also refers to a breed of cat with short legs.


Lighten up the mood for the one who also lights up your world by calling her moonlight. The meaning is simple and refers to the ‘light of the moon’.


This single-syllabled name is just an appropriate one for a child who is simply learning to baby talk. Moo refers to the vocal sound of cows.

48. Nessie

The name is of Greek origin and means a lamb. The name sounds very sweet and innocent too.


You may have noticed babies making this sound on having tasty food. You can call your kid by this cute name. Mostly Num-num also refers to ‘a white-flowered spiny South African shrub.’ 


 Again a foody nickname for a cute foodie. Nachos refer to ‘a dish of tortilla chips topped with melted cheese.’ 


Inspired by a Walt Disney fish character and favorite to kids, call your baby girl by this name.


Kids always have a craving for the sweet tooth, and they love Oreo. Oreo refers to a chocolate biscuit crust with white cream filling. Call your cutie pie by this name and see the smile on her face.


Compare her brilliance with the vastness of the ocean and call her Ocean. Ocean refers to the vast expanse of the sea.


It is a very delicate and cute name for a girl. The name has a Greek origin, and the Greek meaning refers to it as a ‘leaf.’


Every daughter is a papa’s princess and is often called so. This is one of the most favorite nicknames among girls. Princess refers to the daughter of a king.


 The most adoring and cute nickname for a chubby, charming girl is Panda. Panda is referred to as one of the calmest and cutest animals. It is a mammal with white and black markings and regarded as one of the rarest species.


Husbands and boyfriends often call their partners by this affectionate name. Queen refers to the ‘female ruler of an independent state’ and women do rule your hearts, isn’t it?


A great, playful baby name. Babies love the sound and love to be called by that sound. Originally quack refers to the noise made by ducks.


Rum-rum is originally a Malay word, meaning ‘the mummified slashing and persuading, pleasing the heart’. The sound produces a humming effect and is loved by kids in general.


Generally referred to fluffy kids for their irresistible cuteness. Rabbit is a small, furry, and cute animal.


Call the brightness of your life by this beautiful, bright name, which symbolizes loyalty or longevity. Sunflower refers to the flower showing phototropism and has bright yellow petals.


A cute term to call a sweet person. This lovely name can be used for women with all relations- daughter, sister, spouse, etc.


A popular and cute nickname for any girl, who you wish to make special. Twinkle means to shine or beam like a star. It has been popularised due to the nursery poem mainly.


A popular fairy tale character who was the shape of the thumb, hence named Thumbelina. This name is used to call short girls cutely.


This cute single-syllabled name means a ‘Universal Ruler’. Extremely cute to call and can easily be pronounced.


Any musicians here! Call your daughter by this adoring name. Viola refers to an instrument of the violin family.


Popularised due to the Disney Bear character and is used to called chubby, cute girls. Winnie originally refers to the white and smooth one.


This strong nickname is good enough for any fighter woman. Xera originally refers to the multiplayer gaming system.


The word Yoda means a ‘warrior.’ The name has been mostly popularised by a Star Wars character widely known for cute and small looks.


It is one of the most famous nicknames, meaning ‘a female first name for Greek God.’ This is short and sounds adoring on girls of any age.

Few tips for making your given names sound even cuter:

While you are pretty confused about how to name your favorite person by their loved nicknames, we make it easier by categorizing cute naming conventions.

  • Shorten their generic name. For example, you can call a girl Flo if she is named Florence.
  • Call name by some cute names inspired by food like Muffin, Munchkin, etc.
  • Name them accordingly to their favorite characters like Elsa, Dory, etc.
  • Call them by complimenting their cute looks like Pooh, Teddy, etc.
  • Cute baby animal names are also loved, like Panda, Fawn, etc.
  • You can call your darlings by flower names too, like Daisy, Sunflower, Rose, etc.

Queries often asked:

1. How do I call my little girl who is learning to talk?

Indeed, your baby can hardly realize by what name you are calling her, but you can opt for easy, small, adoring, single-syllable names that she can also spell-like, Boo, meaning someone you love or Bee, a busy insect or Moo, etc.

2. I am not aware of Disney characters, but my little daughter loves them, what should I nickname her?

Disney characters and princesses are a matter of awe to children. Call her Elsa, Ana, or Belle if she is in love with Disney Princesses. You can also name her Minnie, Pooh, or Dory if she loves the animal characters.

3. What should I nickname my spouse/wife/girlfriend to make her feel unique and cute?

Nicknaming your partner is often to make her feel special about herself, call her by the names of what she means to you like Honey, Energizer, Dawn, or something else with which you have any sweet memory associated with her. If she feels adoring and baby-like, call her by cute baby names too.