115 of the Coolest Flat Top Styles On The Internet

The flat top style used to just be a military look and a lot of people think of that when they hear the term flat top but there is actually a lot of history to the style that has nothing to do with the military. When someone gets a flat top style, it’s because they are so “over” getting a boring haircut, they want something different. No one wants a flat, undesirable hairstyle. This style has been a classic for so long that we know it will be around forever. It’s a style that is anything but dull and regardless of the height that you choose, you are sure to turn heads wherever you go. The look was huge in the military and it was born out of the 1950’s and became even more popular after that. If you remember the way that Tom Hanks looked in the movie Forrest Gump when he joined the military, that’s basically how it all started. The style is known as an angular one and it typically is short on the sides with the top being tall and longer. The hair is to be sculpted upwards with the very top being completely flat. Over the years of course, we have seen the look evolve from just a military look. Rockers started taking over the look and making it a little more rebellious and bolder. Hip-hop fans in the 80’s and 90’s also grabbed hold of the look. You can probably remember Will Smith rocking the style for a time during The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Hip-Hop artists embraced the look and made the flat top go even taller, more than it ever did. If you are looking for a cool and crisp look, then you can’t go wrong with this style. We are going to help you along the path to choosing the right look for you. We have tips and pictures to allow you to find the right look for you.

Check out these cool and crisp flat top styles:

This is very reminiscent of the military looks. If you want something short and simple, something that is crisp and clean, then this is the look for you.

A clean look is very important for some people and in this case, it’s going to give you everything that you are looking for.

This is a very high top look and when it comes to rebellious looks, this one is at the top. The hip-hop movement created this look and ran with it and it was hugely popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

There are many different lengths to the flat top style, so you have the option of getting exactly what you are looking for.

If you love the fade and tapered looks, then you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to the flat top style. It’s a clean look that is going to open your eyes to just how easy these looks can be achieved.

A great look that has some amazing designs on the side. If you are looking for a rocking style, then this is for you.

A look like this is clean and gorgeous, one that is sure to get attention from the ladies.

This is a short style that is shorter than most flat tops so it all depends on the look that you are going for.

As you can see, you can even pull off a curly flat top if you want it bad enough. It’s a style that’s truly one of a kind and we love how amazing it looks with a clean cut style.

Curly Flat Top

Flat tops aren’t just for men that have straight hair, curly hair is welcome in the style as well. You can just as easily have a flat top with curly hair just like the straight-haired men. All you have to do is sculpt the curls into the cube that makes up the flat top. Curls are always mysterious with men and it’s a great look that you are sure to love. Spend the summer sporting an amazing new look like this one. You can structure them in just the right way to really have an amazing look. It’s a modern take on the flat top and one that can work all year round.

Flat Top Dreads

This is a very unique look but a popular one. You might think that it’s impossible to have dreads and a flat top but it’s not at all. The top of the look is still flat but it’s certainly more of an edgier look. This is a case where you can throw away the rule book when it comes to a flat top. Do what you want. It’s not only a cool look but it’s striking as well. Maybe you don’t want the standard military look, you want something that can really show off your personality. It’s a great way to get street cred and probably unlimited compliments. You might wonder how a look like this can be achieved. It’s not that hard to use dreads as a flat top. You just need to cut them and sculpt them upwards. The style is most always cube-like and that’s how you want to style it. Of course, with dreads you will never have that pristine, flat shape that most flat tops have but you can still have the look you want. The shape itself is all you need to achieve the look.

The sideburns are disappearing in the fade and that’s a very distinct look. Decide what kind of look you are going for and base your style on that.

This style has a very distinct look with the shaved in part. It’s a cool look that is very trendy. It’s the kind of style that people talk about.

A look like this is high and cool. when you look at flat tops that go this high, it’s all about fashion and being trendy. It’s a look that is bolder than most but you will love it either way.

Will Smith made this style popular in the 90’s and the trend is still going strong today.

The flat top is high on top but it goes pretty narrow as well. The fade goes up so high that the flat top actually looks like a mohawk.

 Military Flat Top

This is one of the first styles that we saw of the flat top. The style is angular here and you can see that it’s really a rather strict look. It’s very masculine and men get the cut because it’s clean cut and easy to maintain. The look is not only sharp but very commanding as well. How could you not love this style? This flat top style really showcases chiseled cheekbones and a strong jawline.

Grab A Flat Top with Designs

Flat tops can be made even more amazing by adding some designs to it. Why not try something different and edgy. If you want something that’s a little more outside the box, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s a great way to have a flat top while incorporating some funky designs into your whole look. This is a great way to have a flat top that is a little more unique. You can have any variety of line designs incorporated into this look. You can choose something that fits your personality. It’s just a way that you can show off your own personal style. In order to get a style like this one, you will have to find a barber that knows how to do line designs because they don’t all know how to. Try a style that is one of a kind and run with it. If you have a barber that has this particular talent then you are the lucky one. You could probably get a different design every single time. The next time that you go to the barber you can ask for a unique design that will fit the look that you are going for. Shave into the fade w3ith whatever design you want. It’s all about showing off your individuality.

Flat Top Fade

There are tons of great styles with a fade and this style is unique because you get a flat top and a fade all at once. It’s a great look that any man would like. You can really emphasize the flat top by adding a fade to it. It’s like it points out the height and shape of your look even more which is a good thing. By having the sides very short, it accentuates how high the style is which is just what you want. By having your fade so high, you tend to have your eye go higher as well. A high skin fade would be the best look for you.

Flat Top Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is another great way to accentuate the style that you are looking for. The buzz cut is stylish and sharp and that’s exactly the look that you want especially if you are in a professional atmosphere. It’s very much like the military flat top because it’s sleek on the side. That clean-cut look has always been popular. The buzzed cut crops the style close to the scalp which once again puts you in a position to show off your new look. This look gives you that signature style that made the flat top popular from the beginning. If you have a shaved head, to begin with, this is generally a great way to achieve a much better look. If you happen to have long hair, this would be a great way to test drive a much shorter look.

Flat Top with Burst Fade

The Burst Fade is a look that is not only classic but unique as well. You want to make sure that you have the style to match a great look like this one. When you decide on a flat top, you are already getting a great hairstyle and one that is universally amazing but one top of that the burst fade just makes the whole look pop. The reason why this style stands out is that it curves down around the ears towards the back of your head. This allows the hair to grow long because of it. By having this style, you can also create a sharp flat top that allows your hair to head on down the nape of the neck offering you a polished style. The only downside to the style is that it requires regular grooming so that it always looks sharp.

This style is one of a kind because it’s able to add the beard to the style as well. Some people want to have the beard with their style as well and in this case, you get the best of both worlds.

A design like this has a lot of lines going through it and in this case, it’s a pretty cool style that really shows off your personality. If you want a unique style that will show people off your personal look, then getting a line design is what you should be going for.

The great thing about styles like this is that you can virtually put anything you want into the style because shaving designs are easy to do for a barber with some talent.


Flat top looks like this one is truly one of a kind. If you are looking for something that is classic or something that is trendy, then you can’t go wrong with any of these looks. It’s a great look that is one of a kind because you can really make it your own.

You have the choice between a clean-cut military type style or a hip-hop trendy style with a high top. Either way, you will be making a style choice that will have people talking wherever you go.
We hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to comment about your favorite looks.