54 Floating Beds for Sleeping on Cloud Nine

Floating beds have the potential to look and feel amazing when done right. They give a bedroom a unique homely feel and make you feel like your  sleeping on a cloud. In this post we have compiled some of the most amazing floating beds on the internet for your consideration. Get ready to be taken to cloud nine as you scroll through this huge list of floating beds and try not to doze off. Of course we will forgive you if you do because these beds are just so damn comfy.



What is a Floating Bed?

Floating beds use an inset frame which gives the appearance of the mattress floating above the ground. This unique design is a very attractive addition to the modern bedroom. The legs are also inset which eliminates the tripping hazard or bumping your foot on them. There is nothing worse than bumping your foot on cold morning. We’ve all woken all early to pee and on the way to the toilet kicked our foot bed. Ouch. Thanks to floating beds this is now a thing of the past.

Platform Floating Beds

Wouldn’t you look at this pretty picture. This beautiful bedroom overlooks the green green grass of home and the sky is as blue as the old blue lagoon. In the bedroom there is a platform floating bed and some beautiful modern art. The flowers are a nice touch. When deciding on decor for your bedroom, think of the job holistically and ensure that everything gels well together.



Boxed Floating Beds

In the above floating bed the mattress is inset the box frame design making the bed appear as an island. This ideal if your going for a different look than the platform. You will require more space  because the box frame can be quite bulky but as you can see it looks amazing.

Minimalist Floating Beds

Minimalist style is basically keeping things as simple as possible and keeping clutter and other decorations to a minimum. This movement is gaining popularity as people are shying away from the constraints of capitalism and realizing that material possessions are bringing them joy and satisfaction in life.

The bedroom featured in the above image is classic example of minimalism. They have kept the styling and colors  very simple all the way down to the bed. The light is nice touch and adds an extra element of depth and dimension to overall setting. The floating bed keeps to the minimalism styling and looks like it’s hovering above the ground.

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Outdoor Floating Beds

Outdoor floating beds or outdoor day beds are great for daytime naps or genera relaxation. They can be supported by frames that keep them from touching the ground and give the appearance of floating. Some offers a swinging action. There is nothing like swinging on a day bed with your favorite book in hand taking in the sunlight. It’s one of those moments that you know life is good.

This floating beds looks like floating through atmosphere like magic carpet ride or something like that. The legs aren’t visible in the slightest. This bed is getting some serious airtime.  The design of the bed goes really well with the rest of the room and the person have kept the colors to only three shades. The wooden flooring matches well with the motif and the designer has thought of the space in a holistic manner. It has come together beautifully.


Kids Floating Beds

This is a unique approach to a child’s bed. They have attached the bed to the wall in a box with a nice little ladder. What kid wouldn’t love their own little cubby house floating bed with their own special entrance latter. It’s nice effect and a unique take on the conventional child’s bed.


Floating Beds with Floating Bedside Table

If you want to add another element to the floating the mix why not make your bedside tables float as well. As you can see in the image above that this person has done it and the results are fantastic. It’s simply a matter of screwing a piece of nice wood to the wall next to your bed.




Suspended Floating Floating Beds

This bed looks like something from Robinson Crusoe. You can imagine a wayward adventurer setting up camp and using this style of bed to sleep in. These suspended beds are great for day time napping and general old relaxing. They are suspended from the roof and allow you to swing softly to sleep or gently in the breeze.



Wooden Floating Beds

This floating bed is made up of timber. The designer really has used the natural timber grain effectively to maximize the beauty and imperfections to the best of his ability. The finish is somewhat a rustic motif or that of a farm house. The floating side tables finish the job off nicely and they are the ice cream on the cake. The bed perfectly matches the windows and floorboards. The overall country style motif works well for this particular room.


Teepee Floating Beds

These teepees make a great frame for an outdoor floating bed. As you can see in the above picture you can take it anywhere. The floating teepee bed is ideal for those lazy days by the lake or simply for chilling out in the backyard at home. It’s ideal to take it camping and if you don’t have a tent don’t worry this setup has your shelter and sleeping arrangements taken care of without a hitch. There is enough room to sleep two or more people and the covering from the teepee will keep the wet weather out.


Floating Beds for Apartments

Floating beds are ideal for studio apartments because they give the illusion more space. This due to the inset frame and wheels. You can also see the space underneath which also gives the optical illusion of having more space. If you have a studio apartment a floating bed is the ideal bed for you.  The floating bed featured in the above image lends itself well to the overall motif of the apartments and it gives the apartment a minimalist style.

Have a look at the view in the background. I could definitely live there. Does anyone know what city the apartment is in? Hit us up in the comment box below.



Indoor Suspended Floating Beds

Have you ever wanted a space where you can shut yourself away from the world and read a book or simply have some time to yourself. Well with one these bad boys you can. String it up to safe location in your house and next time someone is annoying you can retire into your little cocoon where no one can bother you at all. I would live in one these if I had one and as you can see from the image is that you put it almost anywhere in the house. All you need is somewhere to attach it to.

They come in all shapes and sizes so there is will be definitely that will suit your taste and give you a time out when you need it.



Futuristic Floating Beds

It’s hard to tell if this floating bed is retro style trying to be futuristic or is it future style trying to be retro. Who cares, it looks pretty cool regardless.  The head board uses geometric patterns to give depth and dimension then it appears to have been covered in a shiny vinyl material to really make it pop. The side boards are floating as well which makes it look more futuristic than it already is. This one for the show pony as it is not minimalist nor is it subtle in anyway at all.


Bunk Floating Beds

Here is a unique take on the bunk beds. Instead of the traditional beds with frames they have gone for the floating beds stacked above one another. I wonder how they anchored them into the wall. I dare say there is a heavy support that we can’t see in the image and it’s well hidden creating the illusion of suspended animation. This is great if you are short and space and will free up some much needed room. If you look to the left you will see floating inbuilt shelves as well which is a nice tough and really completes the look. Even the fans get the treatment and instead of hanging from the roof they are attached to the window.



Black and White Floating Bed

Here is a black and white floating bed and it looks great. You may have noticed that floating beds are used with the minimal style approach and that’s because it works so well. The polished floor accentuates the black areas and really ties in nicely with the overall theme. The white has been used in the highlights to create depth and dimension throughout and give the setting a more three dimensional feel. The use of color really makes the room pop and is proof that sometimes keeping it simple is better than going overboard with too many colors. A good stylist will make it work regardless of how many colors they have at their disposal.

I Dream of Genie

The next few floating beds look like they are literally floating on an invisible air pocket. It’s hard to believe that they are real at all. They sure are suspended. This is an optical illusion and the support comes from a very sturdy support beam underneath the bed. It’s hard to see it because the support is inset into the bed. It’s a clever piece of trickery that works well in creating a finite spacial look that goes well with the overall appeal of the bedroom.


Space Saving Floating Beds

Floating beds are great for space saving and you can incorporate shelving and pull out draws so you can save time and space. A lot of beds come pre built with these or you can have them installed by a carpenter later if you desire them further down the track. They can be used to store extra bedding or even towels. As you can you see in the above image that this bed has them at the foot of the bed and at the head of the bed. There are two small cabinets at the top that act as bedside tables as well.

Then you have the pull out draws and the shelves at the base which they are using to store bedding and towels. The best thing to do is talk to your cabinet maker about the storage options that you require for you bed and get them to make a custom made to match your needs. It’s relatively inexpensive and this will ensure you get the right bed for you.


Black Floating Beds

It’s not often you see a black bed. People tend to avoid using black as a predominant color because it gives the appearance of taking up too much space. This is not the case in the image above the designer has done a great job incorporating this floating into the room. The light underneath really makes it pop and stand out. As you can see the head board is made from black and silver which is a quite distinguished combination and lends itself well to the overall appeal of the room.



Queen Floating Beds

Look at this rustic queen bed floating above the rustic red flooring. If you like the rustic approach try make your furniture out of reclaimed timber and use can always sand it back to make it look even more rustic. This bed has been made out of distressed timber and it looks simply fantastic. The headboards is made out of old floorboards as well.




Floating beds look great in any bedroom. Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas and inspiration for your floating bed. They are easy to make or you could get one made by a professional. The results are amazing and will you sleeping on cloud nine in no time at all.  There were some great beds on the list. Which one was your favorite? Drop us a line and lets us know. We love hearing from you.