135 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for that Green Thumb

The front yard is the gateway to your home and the first impression that people get when they enter your property. That’s why it’s important to have a nice one. Landscaping plays an important role in making your garden look beautiful and to turn it into an inviting space where your friends and family can hang out and play. Do it yourself landscaping or DIY is quite popular with the people these days and there are a variety of televisions shows that cater for the gardening or landscaping enthusiast.

Whether your a do it yourself champion or simply a purveyor of things that look pretty this post is for you.  We take a look at some of the most beautiful gardens across the world to give you some ideas and inspiration for when it comes times to do your garden. We look at the wide world of landscaping and some projects you can do yourself at home.


Hedge Front Yard Landscaping

Hedges are a robust plant that can almost grow anywhere with a minimal amount of upkeep. All you have to do is water them and trim them every now and again and they will thrive. They also off privacy and protection. Instead of building a fence try planting a bunch of hedges. They look great and will do the same job a hedge will. You can also get creative with the trimmers and cut them into various shapes. This can make for a fun afternoon and the more you practice your trimming the more involved you can get with intricate shapes and figures.

Trimming hedges is also a relaxing process and some people have likened it to meditation. Hedges are definitely worth considering for your front yard as they offer great protection and look amazing.

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Rock Garden Front Yard Landscaping

Rock gardens are ideal for arid climates and you can plant natives around the rocks that will perform best in this type of environment. The rock garden beds look great and it’s something a bit different to planting only shrubs. It’s nice to mix it up with both elements to create your very own rock garden. Imagine sitting in the tranquil environment sipping on tea with your very own rock garden. If you are feeling creative you can also add you own water feature with running fountain.

There are many tutorials online you can follow and don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create your very own rock garden wonderland.


Rock Garden With Foot Bridge

As we said earlier about the rock garden with footbridge and here it is. This one is not compete and is the early stages but is starting to take shape and look the part. You can get an idea of how easy it is to do it yourself. This person has just used some hardwood attached together by brackets for the bridge and you can get the rocks naturally or purchase a truck load from a local quarry. The choice is yours.


Creeper Corridor Front Yard Landscaping

This is a classic set up for using creeper vines to create a natural roof or canopy above a walk way. The rows have been setup and wire has been used strung from one pole to the other for the vines to creep over. Then creeping vines are planted along the rows so they grow up onto the wires and create naturals walls and canopy. This is a very clever way of making your own natural structure. After the plants grow somewhat they need much maintenance other than a trim every now and again. The end results is simply superb and will remind you of Italian farm house.



Natural Front Yard Landscaping

Sometimes it’s best to keep your front yard landscaping as natural as possible and that includes using plants native to that area and planted in a rough roundabout manner. As you can see above the plants look great but they are a little unruly. The natural beauty of the plants brings light to the garden and the freshly mowed lawn is a nice touch. Imagine frolicking through this garden smelling all the plants and the soft freshly mowed lawn presses against your feet as you skip through the tulips. This quite a large garden and you might need some help if you have a garden of that size.


Big Trees Front Yard Landscaping

You should always leave some big trees in your garden as they hold the soil together and prevent erosion. They also provide much need shade and it’s a shame to pull out a fifty year  old tree because you want to make for some new saplings.  So leave the big trees in and plan you new garden around them.

This will also cut costs in the long the run because you won’t have to shell out for as many new plants for your garden. As you can see above this person has left the two larger trees in and made the garden around them. They have also installed a super cool water feature and rock path that leads to the back.



Garden Bed Front Yard Landscaping

Garden beds are great way of separating planting areas from the lawn and you should use them scattered around the front yard. When I say scattered I don’t just mean anywhere. Plan where you would like to put garden beds and know what you are going to plant in them before you even start digging or planting. Some plants go with other better and some plants will suffocate each other so it’s important to do your research.

The garden above uses garden beds to border the lawn and provide different focal points around the yard. They have used small flowering bushes to create a colorful border and it looks great. You can use a variety of different plants. It all a matter of choosing something that coincides with your own natural tastes.



Retaining Walls Front Yard Landscaping

Retaining walls are great for keeping your soil from eroding and they also double as garden beds. Check out the nice work this person has done with their retaining walls. They have used old sheets of rusted cast iron and turned them into cactus gardens.  If you’re not fan of a high maintenance garden a cactus garden might be right up your alley considering that you have the right climate. It needs to be dry and arid environment for a cactus to thrive. Cactus don’t like too much moisture and if they get too much water they will die.

They are great hardy plants and natural reside in the desert. This makes them great for plant and forget about plants. If you go away for long periods of time and forget to water them they will still be in great condition by the time you get back. You can use pebbles and other rocks on the surface of the dirt to really complete the look. You may even want to add some trinkets such as bones and tumble weed to complete the look.



Down the Garden Path Front Yard Landscaping

If your front yard has a garden path leading to your front door, this is the perfect spot to have plants running either side so that when visitor walk the path to your front door they will get an eyeful of beauty. The path acts as a guide to plant your plants. The key is to start of small closer to the path then plant bigger plants further away from the path. This will give your garden more depth and dimension and draw the eye of beholder around the garden.

You should ask your local plants person about which plants grow best in your area or you could always do some research for yourself. The internet is wealth of information and you should be able to find exactly what you need. That’s the beauty about people in gardening game, they are more than happy to share their tricks and tips.


Overgrown Can be Cool

This path may look overgrown but in fact it has been done on purpose to give it that Alice in Wonderland feel. I love the array of different colors and the unkempt nature of the place. It reminds me of Alice when she first arrives in wonderland to have to tea with the mad hatter in the middle of the jungle. If you have the space it might be some areas grow wild with flowers. You should always keep the weeds and grasses at bay by doing regular weeding. Try not to use chemicals as they are bad for the environment and they can be bad for human health as well. Natural is always best says Dr. Green Thumb



Edible Front Yard Landscaping

Planting edible plants makes sense. Especially in this day and age when everything store bought seems to genetically modified and covered in pesticides and herbicides. Planting your own plants ensures that you know exactly what is going into your food and you can tend to them with love and natural goodies so they grow up big and strong and give you all the nutrients that you will need. Planting your own veggie garden is a rewarding endeavor that’s fun for the whole family. When planting veggies some plants grow better with each other than others so it pays to do some research.



Healing Plants

Have you ever wondered why day care centers and schools have an abundance of lavender growing around the grounds. Well, not only does lavender smell delicious it also soothes and calms people. They plant it in schools so that people remain calm and can learn in a chilled out setting. Other plants have certain qualities in them are beneficial. The deeper you get into your gardening the more plant knowledge you will gain and the more understanding of what plants you should plant around the house for maximum benefits. It’s fun going to garden and picking plants to fix certain ailments.

The list is too long for me to get into and the best place to start researching is the internet. So jump online and check out what some of natures little miracles can do for you. Yoiu’d be surprised.



Creeper Wall

This would have to be one of my absolute favorite looks. A nice vine growing over a stone cottage wall. It reminds of Europe. You too can pull this off if you have a stone or brick house. It’s not recommended if you have a wooden as the plants will actually grow into the wood and cause damage. Find a nice creeper and plant it next to the house. You can tie wire to the house so the plant has something to grab onto and you can help steer it along the way. There are many different types of creeper. Did you know a passion fruit tree is a creeper and will cover you house in beautiful green foliage. The best part is that you get to eat delicious passion fruits all year round.



Outdoor Entertainment Area

We all know, alfresco dining is the way to go. Our climate provides the perfect excuse to get outdoors and fire up the barbecue.  If you love BBQ’s or outdoor entertaining, it might be time to take it to the next level with an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen will make alfresco dining and cooking effortless. You won’t have to run back and forth between the kitchen to the outdoor area for food preparation.

An outdoor kitchen is a sure fire way to open up your home to the world of outdoor entertaining. It makes alfresco entertaining a breeze. So what are you waiting for? Take your alfresco dining game to the next level with an outdoor kitchen.


Investing in an open-air kitchen will increase the value of your home. The low-cost outlay of an alfresco kitchen will reap a nice return.

Your outdoor kitchen should have everything your indoor kitchen has and extra. First, you will need a BBQ, if possible a model with a grill, side burner, and rotisserie. You will need a generous bench that will can be used for prep space. A large stainless steel bench and a small kitchen island will be sufficient. These double as storage units and have ample room underneath for the tools of your trade.

A refrigerator is a must-have. It eliminates the need to set foot inside the house, to fetch items that need to be chilled.

A sink with running water is convenient and will enable you to do the washing up outside and also clean the food before cooking.


Outdoor kitchens create the perfect space for entertaining. As you work your wizardry on the grill, you can still take part in the party. Guest’s will gather around the BBQ and socialize while you’re cooking up a storm. Gone are days of having to hide in the kitchen, preparing food, while your guests have all the fun. You won’t miss a thing. Install lights, furniture, and outdoor heaters. Adding these elements will make your outdoor area more accommodating to your guests and ensure that your dinner party is a smash hit.

An outdoor kitchen will increase the usable space in your home. If you want to make more room without having to pay for costly renovations, an outdoor kitchen may be the solution.  Your open-air area will become an extension of your house where friends and family can congregate at a dinner party. It will take precedence over your indoor kitchen. Any excuse is a good excuse to fire up the barbecue and get alfresco with the gang.


Make sure your veggies are spaced well enough so they can flourish and grow to their maximum potential. Over crowding can result in plants fighting to survive and you will cut down on the yield. Another thing to be aware of the soil. Before you plant you must properly prepare the soil to get it ready for planting and maximize the conditions for your plants to thrive. Do some research and have some fun. There is nothing better than picking vegetables from your very own garden to eat for dinner that night.


Choosing the Right Grass

Grass isn’t just grass. There are many different types of grass that have different characteristics and choosing one that will match your motif can make an average lawn look amazing. It’s best to do your research when it comes time to choose. Do you want a thick grass that is very soft? Do you want something firmer that can stand up to some play in the yard? These are questions you need to ask yourself.


Front Yard Landscaping is a great past times and will make your home look like a million dollars. It’s fun to get your green thumb on and get out into the yard make your garden look beautiful. Your front yard is the doorstep to your home. Make sure you do proper planning when it comes time to fix up your garden.