155 Hilarious and Thought Provoking Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

Who doesn’t love funny memes, they are one of the most popular types of memes out there. There is such a wide range of memes out there in so many different categories like sarcasm, mockery, and just plain humor. We want you to enjoy memes that make you giggle because it’s part of entertaining you. The combination of humorous texts and an epic picture is what makes a meme so great. Facebook and Instagram wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if it wasn’t for memes. There is no way to avoid them, they are everywhere and they are hilarious. You know the internet would not be as fun if there were no memes in the world. We have a ton of amazing memes to share with you and we hope that you love them as much as we do.

The Stupid Memes

There are all kinds of funny memes out there. There are eye roll memes, sarcastic memes, dad joke memes and so much more. In this case, we have one that will only make us groan because it’s so silly.


The Perverted Squirrel

A great meme that is hilarious in every way. If you like some dark humor or have a dirty mind, then you are sure to love a meme like this.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons have some of the most popular memes out there and they are always fun because the show is funny. We love Marge’s expression at the end of the meme as she tries to deal with her husband not understanding her.

Now That’s Going To Hurt

Not everyone will appreciate this meme because animal testing is a tough subject to touch on but one thing we need to try to remember is that it really is just a joke and nothing that needs to be taken seriously.

At Least The Transformers Are Happy

Well, at least someone is getting a benefit from the storm.

Let’s Try To Be Serious

Not everyone will get political humor but it all depends on how involved in politics you are.

Being Stoned Humor

There are a lot of jokes out there about people being high and they are usually only funny for the people who get high, otherwise, people don’t really get it.

Biden Jokes

Biden jokes are all the rage right now as he tries to be a contender with Donald Trump. Whether you are voting for him or not will probably depend on whether you find the meme funny or not.

Being Proven Right By Google

We’ve all been there where we were arguing with someone and we had to hit up Google just to see if we were right about things. If we can prove someone right it makes the victory all the better.

The Sweetest Feeling

It’s the moment when you actually feel like you are the wealthy one.

The Way Children View Their Parents

This is hilarious because as parents we all start to wonder if we are out of touch with our children but in the end, we realize that we know exactly what we are doing. But it’s funny because it’s so relatable.

Being Short Sucks

We know what this is like because we have lived a very short life and so have so many people. When you are short, it’s hard to reach basically anything especially in the supermarket. It’s funny because we can relate to what the girl is going through.

Weird Disney Cartoons

There are a lot of weird aspects to a Disney cartoon that we have discovered over the years. In this case, one aspect that seems to be forgotten about this particular cartoon is that it’s true that the Prince found a dead girl in the woods and he tried to kiss her. Yes, he knew her but still it’s a little odd when you really think about it.

Can You Make Memes Yourself?

Of course, you can and it’s very easy. Just try it out for yourself. When you see so many wonderful memes out there, you can’t help but want to make your own. If you have a silly sense of humor, then you might want to start making some hilarious memes of your own that you can share with the world. Funny memes are a great way of making a connection with people so why not share your brand of humor.

There is a lot of software out there available that can help you make memes. Memes are easier to design than you think they are. A meme is a joke that you can send out to the world and maybe use your dog for inspiration. Here are some good apps you can use to make memes:



Meme Generator

Meme Better

Image Chef

Make a Meme

It’s really simple to create a meme. You just upload an image to one of these apps and you add some text. How much easier can it be than that? You are one step closer to sharing your humor with the world.

Some will have pictures already available like the Meme Generator. But you also have the option of using your pictures, you just have to upload them too. You just have to choose the right image to go with the message you are trying to send.

Should We Eat Animals?

It’s definitely a debate that has been going on since the dawn of time. We love the humor here because the person that commented on the picture is mocking the person that posted it. One person is interested in not eating meat while the other person clearly is. It’s hilarious because he asks about recipes when it comes to the post.



The Perfect Avacado 

We love this show just as much as we love avocados. We know how this girl feels because when you go to a grocery store, it’s pretty hard to find the perfect avocado in life. It sometimes seems impossible so this meme is relatable because this is probably the look that we all get when we find the blessed fruit.

The Perfect Ravioli 

This is the cutest picture because the stingrays are adorable and not too many people have even seen them like this before. Ravioli are delicious but these stingrays look just like a ravioli so it’s funny because of that. It’s a funny meme because of the fact that they look like something we could eat.

The Devil On Your Shoulder

Memes like these are hilarious because for one they are Kermit the Frog and he has a dark side. It’s hard to imagine Kermit having a dark side. These memes are popular because it feeds into all of our dark sides. We know what it’s like to have one and what it means to give into it. It’s a hilarious version that has been used over and over again.

We All Love Money

Money is what makes the world go round and a lot of people don’t like the fact that people work a lot. These people don’t mind of course because they are making all the money that they want.

Get Off the Phone Mom

When we are trying to get out mother’s attention, we will stalk her until we get it. We love our mothers and that’s what makes this meme so funny.

Lizard Love

This meme is hilarious because these lizards really do look like grandparents and we can’t believe how perfect they sit together.


Memes Are Amazing So Guess Why We Love Them

It’s pretty obvious that memes, in general, are just so hugely popular. Dog memes are on another level because there isn’t anyone that doesn’t like to see a cute dog picture.

There is a reason why we love them so much, there is a science behind it and you might not believe it.

Memes Help Us Bond With People Online

The online world can be a cold place sometimes which isn’t surprising at all. But memes allow us to bond with people online in a way that is easy for everyone. People connect with the memes that resonate the most with them. They connect with something that they find relatable. There is something about a certain meme that will make you share it with others. If you have no connection, then you would have no desire to share it but you do find something so you share it. You do that because you believe that other people will also appreciate the meme in the same way that you do. If that meme that you shared resonates with another person then you almost feel as if you belong, that you fit in.

There are plenty of ways that you can bond with people online especially when it is conversationally. Social relationships online are usually built with trust and how do we build trust? It usually happens when you develop a sense of understanding and belonging with another person, in this case with the people that you are friends with online. When you start making friends online, you start to learn the things that they like. Once that happens, it becomes easier to share memes because you know that there are people out there that will enjoy them. Sharing memes with like-minded people is the same thing as sharing similar challenges and stories with people.

Memes Can Change The Way We Think And What We View

If you don’t think that a meme can change the way you think or that they can impact someone’s life, you would be wrong. When people share a good meme it can strike a chord with someone and that makes them think about what a meme means.

A good meme will last in your mind as nothing else will. But our minds are also looking for more all the time which is why we are always searching for the next big meme.

Memes are momentarily entertainment, it’s not something that will stick ion your brain for long-term. But there is some science behind whether you can change someone’s mind based on a meme. The idea is, if you consistently give out the same meme or the same message, you will start to overpower someone’s way of thinking. That can happen even if they have an opposing viewpoint from you.

Memes Help Us Connect To Being Alive

So how does a meme help us to connect to ourselves? It all happens in the brain which is made up of two different parts. The limbic part of the brain is where our passions and emotions come from. The choices that we make in life come from that area of the brain as well. Our prefrontal cortex is the part where language can develop. This is also where our answers in life come from and when someone asks us a question, that immediate answer to the question comes from that part of the brain.

Memes will communicate with your inner feelings without you ever having to verbalize it. It’s an automatic feeling. Sometimes we can feel things just from seeing a picture and we don’t need to put it all into words.

Sometimes it’s hard to get words out and make people understand with long conversations. Sometimes a meme is all we need to get a point across. We send memes out to make people think about different things in life and to help build a connection with people.

Memes Are Amazing and You Know Why

Memes are a great way to connect with other people and it’s pretty easy to see why.

They Are Easily Sharable

Yes, that is one of the main reasons why we are going to love these memes. We can share them with others. You have to admit that when you find a meme that you love, you just can’t help but share it. It’s so easy to do as well. All you have to do is click on that ‘share’ button, that’s just how easy and straightforward sharing a meme is. You can share it from anywhere as well whether that’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Sending memes to your friends is simple and it can be done in seconds.

Memes are simple to understand which makes them easy to digest. Memes can spread like wildfire as well, once you share it, then others share it, and the next thing that you know you see the meme everywhere. When you share the meme, it will attract attention from other people and that’s how memes become viral.

Sharing memes has become a cultural behavior. For it to be a viral meme, people can’t just love it and share it. When people love your meme it’s like being welcomed into a group and that’s how you make social media magic.

The human experience is all about sharing these memes with others so you can connect uniquely.

Memes Are Funny And You Know It

The one main reason why we connect so hard with memes is that they are hilarious. We all know that. It’s the combination of the image with the text that makes this epic combination that we just die laughing over. When we create a meme, it’s not just to make someone laugh, it’s also to make a connection with someone. There is a lot in the world that can divide the human race and sometimes a meme can bring us all together again because we can talk about difficult situations. Memes have a habit of poking fun at difficult conversations but it makes it possible to broach a topic and discuss it with other people.

The internet is there to be a social part of your life as well as to give you a good laugh but if it’s possible to change someone’s mind with a meme, then why not try.

Memes Are So Relatable

Some of the best memes will convey either an uncomfortable truth or attitude. These are conversations that we don’t always see shared in the public domain and we share them as memes to get people talking. Comedians have always spent their careers poking fun at tough topics and memes are no different. They are used to discussing the tough topics and when you are online you can use memes to start talking about tough things as well.

Memes are amazing for a reason because they do bring people together, there’s no way around that. We love them and we know that you love them too. They are hilarious ways to not only get online and have a laugh but to become more connected to people that you are online with as well.

We hope that you got a good laugh here because these memes are all about making you smile. Feel free to comment on your favorite memes, we would love to hear from you.


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