65 Adorable Names To Call Your Cute Girl Puppy

Who could be a more faithful friend in life, other than a dog?

People hardly miss any chance to adore these four-legged furry animals who put themselves ahead for saving their master. Dogs are blessed with a kin sense of smell, potency, and, most importantly, faithfulness. Not many people are blessed with a lovely family, love, and attention. Still, they can surely eradicate their loneliness by merely bringing home a puppy who would shower on you, love and affection.

It is quite noticeable that people choose cute girl dogs over male ones. The reason is simple as female puppies are more comfortable to train, attain maturity at a faster rate, and get well acquainted with the social affairs in a short time.

Scientists suggest that puppies have excellent recognization skills and can distinguish their names quite aptly. Smart creatures, aren’t they? The dog-language is not very difficult to learn if you spend some quality time with your adopted puppy and realize her temperaments.

While you wrack your brains and surf on the net by searching adorable puppy names for females, we will guide you to choose from the range of names, which includes a wide variety of food names to fictional character names, names of mythological importance to historical names. Live up to the expectations of your baby girl dog, in choosing the most appropriate name for her.

Girl puppy names


Are you unable to decide what to call your Alaskan Husky pup? Then, simply name her Alaska. The name has its origin from the word ‘Alyeska,’ an Aleut word, meaning ‘great land.’


Isn’t Artemis a perfect name to call your newly adopted playful puppy? Yes, it is as the name is of Greek mythological origin, reminding us of the ‘goddess of hunting, wilderness, animals, and a protector of young girls.’


Aurora is regarded as a perfect name to call your bright baby girl dog. The name is of Latin origin, meaning ‘Dawn.’ The name also reminds us of the ancient Roman goddess of dawn.


Astrid, a name of strength and virility to call your cute female puppy. The name is of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘God’s strength.’ This is one of the most commonly used name of girl dogs in English.


A cute baby girl puppy name, Ariel, is often preferred choice. The name is being popularized due to Disney’s favorite Mermaid princess character, Ariel. The name is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Lion of God.’


The name Athena reminds us of the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. This name is a very preferred one for calling your feminine puppy.


Anyone hearing this cute girl puppy name is sure to be awwing. This adorable girl puppy name carries the meaning to ‘shut and open the eyes quickly.’


Blush, an affectionate name for your adorable girl puppy.  The meaning of the word Blush in English is to ‘turning the face pink or pale red out of shyness or shame.’


Sounds funny and playful, isn’t it? Boo is a little girl puppy name that often comes out of the baby talk. Boo is derived from the French word ‘beau,’ meaning ‘beautiful.’


Bunny is just a fluffy and cute name for female puppies. Children, when learning to baby talk, often refer to rabbits as Bunny.


Food names for calling small, cute girl puppies sound the cutest, and Brownie stands out as the most preferred one. Brownie refers to the ‘small square of rich chocolate cake, containing nuts.’ The name, Brownie, is the perfect one while calling brown-furred puppies.


Candy, a soft, cuddly, name for your sweet girl puppy. Candy is the most favorite, sweet, delicious confectionaries among kids.


Coco is a cute and adorable little girl puppy name. The name seems to be a baby-talk version of ‘Chocolate Beans.’ The name is of American origin and is a favorite one among kids.


Call your favorite, small chunk as ‘Cookie,’ one of the most favorite sweet confectionery or biscuits of the people. The name, Cookie, indicates someone ‘who is cute and adoring.’


Aw! What can be more cute and adoring than calling your cute dog girl Cupcake? The name, Cupcake, is of English origin, meaning ‘Little, sweet cake.’ The name is often used to call a puppy who is happy, sweet, and kind.


Cuddles, a great name for your small, adoring fluff-ball. Often it is seen that dogs love cuddling, and calling them Cuddles sounds so cute. Cuddles refer to hugging someone affectionately. Cuddles is undoubtedly one of the cutest girl names for puppies.


Dash is an excellent naming choice for your energetic and quick baby girl dog. Dash refers to ‘run or travel somewhere in a great hurry.’


A pretty, cute dog girl deserves a beautiful name, and nothing could be a better choice than calling her Daisy. Daisy is a famous flower of the European grasslands, with yellow disc and white rays. The name attains its popularity from the famous Disney duck character, Daisy.

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Doodle, one of the most adorable puppy names for females, implies the meaning of ‘scribbling absent-mindedly.’


A short and single-syllabled name like Dee is a favorite name for the kids calling their cute buddies. The name is of Celtic origin, meaning ‘sacred or goddess.’ Dee is regarded as a good name for small female dogs.


Evy is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘life.’ This is known as one of the most pretty female dog names. Evy is one of the most favorite cute, little girl puppy names.


This cute name for girl puppy is of Greek origin, which reminds us of the ‘woman of sound.’


This name has attained much popularity due to the beloved Disney princess character from Frozen. Elsa is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘my God is an oath.’ The name indicates royalty and elegance and is surely one of the most loved female dog names.


Children simply love calling their pups Fairy. The cute girl pet name often originates from the European folklore, where Fairy is referred to as a mythical, supernatural figure.


Perhaps Fluffy is one of the most adoring pup names female. Fluffy means a fur-ball or someone very soft and cute.


Fudge is a cute name for a small girl dog. Fudge refers to the ‘soft, crumbly, chewy sweet stuff made from sugar, milk, butter, and cream.’


This cute girl pet name is of English origin, meaning ‘made of Gold.’ The name, Goldie, sounds quite apt for Golden Retriever pups.


The pup female name, Ginger is quite a preferred choice of naming among ginger-fur coated dogs. The meaning implied is ‘spring-like.’ Generally, Ginger is regarded as a spice to add flavor to food.


Gummy-bear, cute, adoring, food name to call your faithful best friend. It is a confectionery made of ‘gelatin and is of the miniature shape of a bear.’ Gummy-bear is a cute girl’s pet name and is the favorite chewy stuff of the children.


The cute female dog name, Heidi, is of Germanic origin. The name indicates the meaning ‘of noble kin.’ It attained much popularity due to the Swiss children’s book, Heidi, written by Johanna Spyri.


The adorable girl puppy name, Hazelnut is often regarded to have a Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Gift of God.’ However, the name also comes from the ’round, brown, hard-shelled nut.’ The name is an excellent choice for naming brown-furred pups.


The feminine name, Hoppy, is perhaps derived from the word ‘hop’ and means ‘to hop around.’ The name is the right choice if your cute girl dog loves jumping and wandering about.


In all probability everyone knows, the name, Ice, refers to ”frozen water”. The name is of American origin and is often used to name pups of calm temperament.


Ilma, the cute girl puppies name, is of Germanic origin, meaning ”resolute protector.” The name sounds good on large dogs.


A cute baby girl dog deserves a lovely name, and nothing can be a better call than naming her Jelly. Jelly is ”a fruit-flavored dessert, made by warming and then cooling a liquid containing gelatin, to make it elastic.


It is a fact that your puppy brings you joy and pleasure, and naming the little one as Joy is an excellent decision. The name Joy indicates a ”feeling of great pleasure and happiness.”


Formerly regarded as a name of Latin origin, the pretty female dog name, Juno keeps on reminding us of the Goddess of marriage and childbirth.


Kit-kat is one of the most adorable girl puppy names. The name has been derived from the famous brand of long chocolate bars.


The name, Kiwi, is a symbol of pride and endearment in New Zealand and indicates a large, endemic, flightless bird. Kiwi is often chosen as a cute animal name for girls.


It is an undeniable truth that Latte is a favorite beverage among Americans. Latte is defined as a ”milky, expresso drink” or ”milk coffee in conventional terms. The name, Latte is undoubtedly a cute puppies name for a female.


Although short, the cute female puppy name, Lola bears a profound meaning. The name is of German origin and is quite a popular choice while naming female puppies. The name is derived from the titles of the Virgin Mary, meaning ”sorrows.”


The girl puppy name, Lulu, though double-syllabled, short and adoring, bears the meaning’ ‘ famous warrior.” The name is derived from the English origin.


A foodie name to adore the cuteness of your small girl puppy. Muffin is a desired confectionery among children, meaning ”a small domed spongy cake made with eggs and baking powder.”


The sweet girl puppy name is much in trend due to the famous female mouse character, Minnie mouse from the kid’s television show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Minnie also seems to be a baby-talk version of calling mother.


Are you a coffee or any beverage lover? Then, express your love by calling your brown, cute girl dog Mocha. Mocha is a popular fine-quality coffee.


Who doesn’t love the taste of Nutella? Surely, everyone does love this ”sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread.” Nutella is a preferred choice of the naming of brown-furred pups.


The little girl puppy name, Nola sends off vibes of beauty and positivity. Nola is a loved choice for naming small female pups and is of Irish origin, meaning ”fair shoulder.”


Another sweet, food name for your small, cute munchkin. Oreo is a well-known brand of biscuits having vanilla filling among them. And kids simply groove-in with every bite of Oreo.


This name bears an ancient Greece background. Oracle in those days generally referred to ”a priest or priestess, acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.”


Pancake is a favorite choice of a puppy name, just like your favorite snacks. Pancakes refer to a batter prepared from eggs and milk, which then fried on each side topped with maple syrup or other sweet fillings.


Phoenix is the name of mythological origin. It is a unique bird with a weird life cycle, which lived in the Arabian Desert around five or six centuries. Much of mythology is attached to the Phoenix, which is suggested to take rebirth from the ashes and live another cycle till it diminishes in the ashes again.


Queenie is an affectionate and baby-talk version of the word ‘queen’, meaning ‘a female ruler.’ This is one of the most loved names of girl dogs in English.


It is true that naming your puppy, Raisin, is not a very popular choice, but it sounds cute and adoring. The name, Raisin refers to the ”partially dried grapes.”


Rainbow is a pretty name to call your cute girl dog. It refers to the ”band of seven colors visible in the sky, which is caused due to processes of reflection and refraction.” Rainbow is also regarded as an altered version of an ”Old French personal name, Rainbaut”, meaning ”bold and brave.”


Sky, a name to call your cute, little girl dog out of style and sweetness. The name is of Scandinavian origin, meaning ”atmosphere, seen from the Earth.”


Records suggest that the name, Stella is one of the cutest female dog names. The name has been derived from Latin and Italian origin, meaning a ”shining star.”


The name draws inspiration from a famous Shakespearean drama, The Tempest. The name, tempest, means ”a violent, windy storm.”


Everyone is quite well-acquainted with the Walt Disney faerie character, Tinker-Bell. How pleasant it would seem to name your puppy Tinker-Bell, isn’t it?  The etymology of the name suggests that Tinker-Bell is a fairy character of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan (1902), who produced sounds of tinkling bells.


Ula is a name of American origin, meaning ”Jewel of the Sea.’


Velvet is often suggested as a sophisticated name for your puppy. Velvet is generally regarded as a soft fabric of American origin.


The name, Violet, originates from the name of a flower, derived from the Old French term, ”Violette.” The name brings forth several meanings, including ”Love, Modesty, Virtues, Affection, Faithfulness.”


The name, Wanda seeks its background from the 12th-century legend of Princess Wanda. Regarded as a name of Polish origin, Wanda means ”wanderer.” The name is much popularized due to the well-known Marvel character, Wanda.


The name, Xena, is of the ancient Greek origin, meaning ”hospitable.” The name attained much popularity due to the American drama show, Xena: The Warrior Princess.


The name, Yummy is an adoring one to call your faithful best friend. The meaning of Yummy can hardly be anything else other than ”delicious.”


Zola is regarded as a charming name to call your female puppy. The name is of Latin origin, meaning ”Earth.”

Tips while naming your little one:

Indeed, being a dog-parent for the first time is not very easy. But we can assure you that the naming is quite an easy task. Here are a few guidelines to help you in choosing the perfect name for your female puppy.

  • Choose a short name of one or two syllables as dogs distinguish the frequency of the sound and understand their name—for example, Dee, Boo, etc.
  • Try avoiding the names having the name frequency as your little ones get confused with commands.
  • Spend a bit of time with your puppy before naming her, as you may not wish to call her according to the wrong personality.
  • Stick to the same name to avoid confusing your dog.


Queries often asked:

A. Suggest some female puppy names of mythological origin.

People love to adore the names of mythological origin. You can name your puppy Artemis, Athena, Aurora, Juno, etc.

B. Which names sound the cutest on dogs?

People tend to find affection in their favorite things. Records suggest that food names like Coco, Muffin, Cookie, Cupcakes sound irresistibly cute.

C. How do I choose the perfect name for my puppy?

Knowing the personality of your adopted puppy is the secret towards naming her correctly. Hence, it is advisable to spend a bit of time before naming her, as you would not end up calling her with the wrong name.