120 Grey Kitchen Cabinets to Complete the Chic

Grey kitchen cabinets are a great addition to your family home. Grey is a shade and its quite neutral so you can be sure that the color will go with almost everything. This post is for the lovers of grey. We have filled this list to brim with grey kitchen cabinets tantilize your eyes. It will be feast for your senses as you scroll through at view the simplistic elegance of grey cabinets and in the process we hope your brain gets filled with inspirational juices so your have clear idea when it comes to replacing your old kitchen. So bring it on, out with the old in with the new.


Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

As you can see from the image above that this person has opted for the modern style cabinets. The sleek lines and beautiful shades of grey really turn the kitchen into an inviting and malfunction space.  They have used two different tones to create some depth and variety. The grey color also matches the appliances completing this modern motif.

When it comes time to choosing the color of your cabinets, have a look around at your home think about the problem in a holistic fashion. It might even pay to go to the paint store and get swabs. This will help you decide which color goes with what and it will make the job a whole lot easier.

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Traditional Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

If you are after a more traditional style, check out the home above. This kitchen perfectly blends the old with the new and the grey cabinets fit perfectly with this design. They have opted for an off white grey which gives the kitchen a light and airy feeling. The wood floors complete the design and it’s surprising on how well the floors go with the cabinets.

Often people overlook the color of their floor when choosing a color for their cabinets. This is a no no. Always take the color of your floor into consideration when choosing your kitchen decor or you could end up with a miss matched kitchen and make it an eyes sore. A good rule of thumb is to stick with neutral colors as they tend to go well with most colors. If you are having trouble deciding on your color scheme you can always seek the help of a professional interior designer.


Ultra Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Beam me up Scotty. I imagine that this kitchen looks like the kitchen in the star ship enterprise. But seriously this is a stylish yet elegant kitchen that has ample bench space to work your magic and prepare delicious meals for the whole family. As you can see they have also matched the furniture with the cabinets. The stools are a great touch and further add to appeal of this modern marvel of a kitchen.

The grey cupboards give off the appearance this kitchen having more space than it actually does. If you feel your kitchen is a bit over crowded you can always use color to add light and this will give it the appearance the of having more room. As you can see they have also installed wooden bench tops which goes great with the grey.


Tiles with Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Do your cabinets match your tiles? This is a question you should ask yourself before installing your cabinets.  If you are starting from scratch and need to do the floor as well you have a lot more freedom when choosing colors for your cabinets. Tiles come in many colors of all shapes and sizes making them the ideal floor covering for those who are after something a little more than wood or natural stone. Tiles are great in the kitchen and make cleaning up spills easier. They are also hardy and durable and will stand the test of time.

The person who designed this kitchen has taken a modern minimalist approach and you can tell by the color scheme and the furniture used. The light fittings are a nice touch and add a touch of class to this industrial style. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they bought those yellow chairs though. They look hideous and don’t really fit the color scheme. I would have went with white or another neutral color.


Large Kitchen With Grey Cabinets

This kitchen is the cooking enthusiasts dream. It combines modern living with functionality. A kitchen island makes for the perfect cooking surface and the will free up much needed bench space that can be used for prep.  The modern appliances go well with the grey motif and we have seen another appearance from the yellow chairs. I don’t know about you but the yellow chairs are starting to grow on me.

This kitchen has ample space so there is now way that too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the broth as the old expression goes. As fantastic as this kitchen looks it is very simple in design. They have used the space to perfection to create one of the best kitchens on the list. The tiled flooring adds an extra dimension of space by using colors that blend will with the cabinets and table.



Retro Grey Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen is a blast from the past. It has those super sexy retro styling from the seventies era. The lino or floor covering in a nice touch and reminds of the floor covering in my grandmas house. R.I.P granny. I am a lover of solid timbre furniture and that bench is exactly that. Solid timbre furniture is great for the kitchen because it looks great and can withstand any bumps and knocks that it might get in the process of entertaining or general wear and tear.

This bench uses a single piece of timber which and has beautiful natural markings that I could lost looking at for hours. This simple design works well. Sometimes you have to work with what you got and this person has done exactly that for their kitchen.



A Sea of Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey, grey everywhere. Are you sick of grey yet? Of course your not. You love grey and so we do we. Check out this wall of grey cabinets. They have no handles to detract from the sleek design. Open kitchen cabinets are a great way of utilizing the accessibility of every day items and act as a display system for you kitchen. It you collect plate or specialty spoons it’s the perfect way to display your collection to the world.

Choosing your cabinets can be a bit overwhelming. The best thing to do is sit down with your cabinet makes and have a chat about options that will be suitable for your living environment. In this case they have matched the tiles with the cabinets. The rustic appeal of the tiles adds a different element to the kitchen and breaks away from the tight lights and adds a homely appeal.  This is a clever piece of design mastery and the designer deserves some credit.


Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinets

The industrial style has been making a come back in recent years with all the hipsters decking out their houses like a converted warehouse and throwing dinner parties. The rise in home entertaining or dinner parties was hustled along with the wave of cooking show that has been on the television of late.

Anyway I’m really loving this style of with it’s industrial looks and ergonomic design. The whole scene very great but it works for this person. If I owned this place I would add splashes of color by using accessories.  Imagine a little red toaster or kettle in this scenario. It would be like the girl in the red coat of the movie Schindler’s List/



Creative Grey Cabinets

Check out the grey cabinets kicking it in this kitchen. Hail Mary full of grey. This is a unique looking kitchen with a skylight to boot. But we must mention those cool grey cabinets. They look like a jigsaw puzzle and offer a great deal of aesthetic value to the home. These designer cabinets can be costly but the money is well spent when you get results like this.

The large windows really open up, what appears to be a relatively small kitchen. The geometric floor covering work well with the cabinets to create a nicely designed unique kitchen that is functional and it would be pleasure to cook your favorite meal in.



Kicking It Old School

This kitchen is rustic with a modern charm elegant charm that saturates my inner core with joy. I wish it was my kitchen but wishing doesn’t get you a kitchen like this. This rustic kitchen uses grey colors to really open it up and allow light to enter and consume the space in a good way. The table is a nice touch and it’s large enough for a decent sized dinner party and don’t get me started on the curved the ceilings.

Well, I’m going to start anyway. The curved high ceilings are amazing. They give the room a more softer feel and it’s a welcome break from the sleek lines of the cabinets.



Wooden Flooring With Grey Cabinets

For some reason grey goes well with natural finishes such as wood. If you think about a gum tree, the bark is grey on the outside and inside is the fleshy wood. Nature can be inspiring and the color schemes of nature balance perfectly in harmony with one another. If you are ever in doubt for a color scheme look to nature for inspiration. The actual kitchen looks modern but is taken to a rustic place with floor covering. The addition of plants is a great idea and will add a touch of natural beauty to your home. They will also increase the quality of the air. So stock your kitchen up with a bunch plants.



Simple Yet Effective

You can get as extravagant as you want but sometimes simple is the best and the above image is a classic example of how keeping it simple can look amazing. They have used neutral colors paired with a minimalist design to keep the flow of the room breezy. The indoor plants really set it off and are a welcome splash of color among a sea of black.

The table extension from the breakfast bar is perfect for dining and when you have extra guests over. They have used simple furniture such as stools and a normal table to complete the look.


Yellow and Grey

Well another yellow and grey kitchen out the box. Well it’s official that yellow and grey work well together and the above image is a great example of the two colors working together harmoniously to complete the entire motif. The natural wood floorings make an appearance again to complete the trifecta.  There is ample bench space for all your cooking needs and you would be able to throw the most splendid dinner parties for your family and friends.

This person has even gone as far as installing their very own herb garden in the kitchen for adding flavor to their dishes on the fly. It’s a great idea and definitely one worth considering if you are cooking enthusiast that loves to put the gourmet touch on their meals.




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Well that was a grey wash. There was a sea of grey but a pleasant one at that. This list was filled with amazing kitchens that are adorned in grey cabinets. As you saw that grey and yellow go well together and are hot right now. We how you enjoyed the list and have taken some ideas away for you new kitchen.