135 Handlebar Mustaches That Will Have You Feeling Like A Work of Art

The handlebar mustache is the quintessential classy look for a man. Some might even say that it’s the art of manliness. It’s a debonair style that is truly one of a kind. The hipster movement brought this renaissance style back and it’s more popular than ever. There are so many different types of handlebar mustaches and many different ways of wearing them. We will also show you how to grow one and how to maintain it. Check out these classy styles that will have you feeling like the work of art that you are:

Sharp As A Point

There are so many different ways of wearing the mustache that you will have a variety to choose from to fit your personality. In this case, we have a rather sharp mustache.

The Short Style

A style like this is a power move, you can make a statement with just your mustache.

Add Some Curls

A Mustache like this is truly one of a kind and one that turns heads wherever you go. This is the renaissance look that we are used t0o and you can see just how important the curl is to achieve this amazing look.

Thick and Long

Mustaches come in all shapes and sizes and in this case, the mustache is long and thick which probably makes it harder to style.

This handlebar mustache isn’t as curly as usual but it still is an edgy look. This one is straighter and thicker at the ends where usually it gets very thin

This handlebar mustache is thinner and very rounded at the ends. It adds and old-timey twist to modern-day styles

Unlike most handlebar mustaches, this one is very unique. instead of the mustache being long and styled, The surrounding beard was made to resemble the mustache.

This handlebar mustache is rounded at the ends, but the curl at the end isn’t as tight making the mustache stand out.

This is a smaller handlebar mustache and it doesn’t quite curl at the ends, which gives off a mysterious look.

This one also doesn’t have much of a curl at the end but is thicker and gives it a more classic look.

This handlebar mustache is more shaped the middle and the curls are very pristine.

How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

If you are looking to grow a mustache like this, then you should know that it’s not the same as any other ordinary mustache. It’s not just about growing hair and it takes a little more time. It can actually be frustrating to grow a handlebar mustache until you get it to the length that you want. This isn’t the type of mustache that can grow in a couple of weeks. The handlebar can take months to grow and there won’t be a dignified state to the mustache for a while. While it’s growing, you’re going to have a hard time not trimming it and you don’t want to do that or it will take even longer.

There are going to be a lot of annoying things going on while you grow out the mustache. It’s going to get into your food and drink. You will find it curling into your mouth and poking you from time to time and it will make getting some affection almost impossible. Growing it out might be what you want but at first, it’s going to seem like an irritation until you get it to where you want. But stay strong, you will get there and it will be okay. Your partner however will probably be less than impressed with you.

We recommend that the first thing you do when you want to grow a handlebar mustache is to grow a beard. It’s going to be more socially acceptable to have your mustache blend into a beard rather than just have a lone mustache. It will look more dignified and will probably less annoying for everyone involved as well. Once you get your mustache to where you want it, and then you can just shave the rest of it away. That way you aren’t just growing out a mustache that is going to look weird until you get it to where you want it.

Be forewarned that a handlebar mustache will not get to be a finished product for about three months. Patience is key when it comes to the handlebar mustache. It can be tempting to trim it during this process but try to hold yourself back. If you do trim it at all try not to alter the mustache in any way.

Brushing the hairs in the direction that you want them to be is crucial when you are growing out your mustache. As the hair gets longer, it’s important to always be combing or brushing the hairs in the direction that you want them to be. This trains the hairs to be in the direction that you need them to be. You have to persevere when it comes to this look. The longer your mustache gets, the more drooping will occur which can be a setback in the growing process. It might be a good idea to invest in some mustache wax to keep everything in place while you grow it out. There will come a time that the mustache will stay in place whether you have wax or not. It will all happen in time.

When you finally get the mustache to the point that you want it to be, it will truly be a sight to behold. There is definitely something legendary about the handlebar mustache and you will be happy that you put the time in to get what you want. There is a certain reputation that the handlebar is only for hipsters but don’t let that get you down. There is a certain pedigree when it comes to having a handlebar mustache so keep that in mind. You will get more admiration than criticism when you have a mustache like these ones. You are going to want to make sure that you have the right wardrobe as well as hairstyle when it comes to having a mustache of this caliber.

When we think of iconic mustaches, there is no mustache more iconic than the handlebar. There are a lot of different mustaches that go into this category but they are all easily recognizable as the handlebar.

The common trait that holds them all together is the fact that the mustache at both ends extends beyond the upper lip. There are many different shapes and sizes of mustaches as well as lengths and thicknesses.

The World Beard and Moustache Championship defines the handlebar mustache as a “particularly lengthy with upwardly curved extremities as the name suggests.”

The Many Phases of Growing Out The Handlebar Mustache

You Want To Know Your Phases Upfront

If you really want to grow out a mustache that is this iconic, then you want to know what you are getting into. There is a lot of work involved in growing out a mustache like this one so it’s best that you know what you are getting into. There are three months ahead of you if you choose to grow out the mustache. If you are already aware of this then that’s half the battle. By knowing this, you can prepare yourself mentally and physically.

These are the phases to prepare for:

Phase 1: Stubble Phase

This is probably the easiest phase that you will have to grow through because you’ve probably already been there before. If you’re lucky, you may already have some form of mustache or goatee already in place to get you a good start. If that’s the case, then you can move to Phase 2. If you aren’t then this is where you start. It’s best that you don’t shave your hairs because you might need them later. Another great way to grow your hair is to massage the skin where your hair will be growing with a natural coarse bristle brush. This gets rid of your dead skin and keeps your lip healthy. You can also grab some mustache wax so that you can keep your mustache in place as it grows out. This will allow you to train them to grow where you want them to.

Phase 2: It’s Going To Get Itchy

You are going to be tempted to trim your lip line but we caution you not to. It’s going to get itchy but don’t do it. The hair is also going to creep in your mouth and become annoying. Again, you will want to trim it but don’t do it. You will need all these little hairs later, so don’t trim them. Unfortunately, it’s during this stage that most guys give up on the idea that they are going to try growing this mustache. You have to decide how badly you want it because it’s not going to be easy. The itchy phase is not going to be fun but the good news is that this phase only lasts a couple of weeks. At this point the hairs will be long enough that you can start combing them to where you want them to be. Once you get to that stage, use the wax all the time so that they will stay in place. It will protect your skin and it will keep your mustache held in place. You have to remember that what you want won’t happen overnight.

Phase 3: The Best Phase

This is where you want to be, this is the big payoff phase. Once you get here, you will be golden. This is the 6-8-week stage. It won’t be the full handlebar mustache, just an adolescent mustache. The middle of your mustache will not have reached the ends at this point. From a distance, it will look like a full mustache but it won’t be quite there yet. You just need to get through the next few weeks and it will all be worth it. This is a great time to focus on waxing the tips a lot more than you usually do. You are going to be breathing all over your mustache a lot so the wax will soften. The hairs at this point will be growing alongside each other so you will have very little work. Focus on the tips and not the middle, it will be able to take care of itself at that point. Wax the tips a lot and gently twist them towards your face instead of twisting them out. You want the tips to be hugging your face and not pointing outward. The tips of your handlebar mustache are not meant to look like bull horns.

Curly Tops

A style like this is sure to make you feel like the King you are.

A Truly Epic Mustache

Not all handlebar mustaches are created equal and this one is a great example. It must have required a lot of wax to get this mustache to stay in place. It’s bushy in the middle while the outsides are poker straight. If you are looking for an iconic mustache, then this is one that you should try out because it’s amazing.

If you are looking for a special style, then you can’t go wrong with this one. This type of style is one of a kind. The handlebar is the type of mustache that sends a message. There is no fooling around with a guy with a mustache of this caliber. It’s a no-nonsense look and you won’t be able to get away with just being mediocre with this style.

There are many reasons to get a handlebar mustache, for one thing, they are iconic, legendary, and eye-catching. the mustache alone is a conversation starter and not just any guy can pull this look off. You have to have a certain amount of confidence to do it.

We hope that you enjoyed the article and found a look that is one of a kind and memorable. Please comment on your favorite looks.