Top 15 Irish Names For Girls You Can Never Go Wrong With

What’s the one thing that belongs to you, but other people use it more than you do?

It’s your name.

Your name defines who you are. Your name talks about your historical lineage and the significance of what it has come to represent. Our name tells us who we are – and a reason you would want your child to have one that they can easily identify with. We aren’t even going

With this article, we bring to you a list of top 15 Irish names for girls, and many more interesting ones to choose from.

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Irish Names: What’s So Unique?

Did you know Irish names are full of surprises that carry history and stories behind them? Let’s see what makes them so unique and interesting.

  1. First in Europe To Use Last Names

Ireland was one of the first countries in Europe to use last names/surnames/family names. Right up to the 10th century, last names were patronymic, meaning they were based on the name of the father and added after the first name.

  1. They weren’t always inherited

As mentioned, surnames were not always passed from generation to generation in Ireland, but a father’s name was placed after his son’s. Some of Ireland’s most common surnames were originated from this system. For example, in the name Mac Donalds, ‘Mac’ means the son of, and Donalds is the father’s name.

  1. Girls names enjoy a greater variety

It seems there is something about a baby girl that inspires more creativity and imagination. In 2015, for instance, there were more boys born in Ireland then girls. However, only 3,500 different boys’ names were used compared to 4,500 girls’ names.

The Top 15 Irish Girls Names

With the endless variety of names for baby girls, choosing one can be difficult, especially when you want it to represent all the qualities that you want to see in your princess. We have made it easier for you with this detailed list of names.

1.   Aine

Pronunciation:  awn-ye

Personality Type: Full of life, Passionate

Meaning: The name Aine, which means radiance,brilliance and splendour, is also said to have a connection with accomplishment and prosperity. Girls with this name are said to be full of life  and have strong passion for everything they do.

2.   Aisling

Pronunciation: ash-ling

Origin: Aislinge

Personality Type: Ambitious, Achiever

Meaning: This name means “dream” or “vision” from the Gaelic word ‘aislinge’ and refers to an “aisling,” which is a poetic genre of Irish language poetry from the late 17th century.

3.   Aoibhinn

Pronunciation: ee-van or ay-veen

Personality Type: Elegance, Loyalty

Meaning: A name which was very commonly used by the royal families of Ireland ,Aoibhinn means ‘the one who is pleasant and has a sheen of radiant beauty’. Girls with this name tend to have attributes such as elegance and loyalty.


4.   Aoife

Pronunciation: ee-fa

Origin: Aoibh

Personality Type: Liveliness, Beautiful, Natural

Meaning: Finding its origin in the word “Aoibh” ,this name implies someone who is beautiful, radiant or joyful. Aoife is the name for people who possess qualities like liveliness and high-spiritedness. Additionally, one of the greatest warriors of the Irish mythology was also called by the name Aoife.

5.   Ciara

Pronunciation: kee-ra

Origin: Ciar

Personality Type: Mysterious, Secret keeper

Meaning: The feminine form of Ciaran, this name comes from the Gaelic word “ciar”, which means dark. It resembles the beauty of dark features like skin, or eyes.

6.   Cliodhna

Pronunciation: clee-na

Origin: Clodhna

Personality Type: Simple, Compassionate,

Meaning: This name signifies someone who is attractive and has a well proportioned body. Cliodhna is also believed to be the Goddess of love and beauty. Simplicity, compassion, empathy are said to be some of the important attributes of girls that go by this name.

7.   Clodagh

Pronunciation: Cloda

Personality Type: Flexible, Forgiving

Meaning: Named for the River Clodagh, or Clody River, which runs through Co. Tipperary and Co. Wexford. The name gets its special significance as it resembles a female deity; a popular nomenclature system for Irish rivers.

8.   Deirdre

Pronunciation: deer-dra

Origin: Derdriu

Personality Type: Sensitive, Compassionate

Meaning: Although this name finds its origin in the word “Derdriu” from the old Gaelic literature, it is probably derived from the Celtic word for women and means raging or fearless. It symbolizes an immortalized Scottish legend.

9.   Eabha

Pronunciation: ey-va

Origin: Eabha

Personality Type: Divine, Naturistic

Meaning: Adam and Eve are believed to be the first humans that God made and they are responsible for all the life forms on the earth. Eabha, the Irish version of Eve, when literally translated means ‘creator of life’.


10. Ailbhe

Pronunciation: alva

Origin: Albho

Personality Type: Fair, Just

Meaning: ‘Fairness and justice’ are the key attributes of the people called Ailbhe. “Albho”, a word from the Gaelic language, is the origin for this name which translates to “white”. As per the Irish legend, an ancient female warrior of Fianna owned the name.

11. Emer

Pronunciation: eemer

Personality Type: Agile, Bright, Energetic

Meaning: Emer symbolizes someone who is swift. Agility and an energetic nature is associated with the name. The name also finds significance in Irish mythology.

12. Grainne

Pronunciation: grawn-ye

Origin: Gran

Personality Type: Generous, Trustworthy, Helpful

Meaning: Grainne was revered as the Deity of grain and agriculture in ancient Ireland. Further, the origin of this name is the Irish word “gran” which means grain or corn. Girls called by this name tend to possess qualities such as generosity, reliability and a helpful nature.

13. Niamh

Pronunciation: neev or nee-iv

Personality Type: Radiant, Divine, Leader

Meaning: According to Irish mythology, Niamh, also known as “Niamh of the Golden Hair”, was the daughter of the God of the sea. The name signifies radiance, luster or brightness. People named after her are said to have a tint of radiance, divinity and leadership in their nature.

14. Roisin

Pronunciation: ro-sheen

Personality Type: Delicate, Sensitive, Fragile

Meaning: This name means “little rose,” and has been used in Ireland since the sixteenth century. Roisin Dubh (“Dark Rosaleen”) is the poetic symbol for the Irish; one that symbolizes patriotism and nationalism that was disguised in singing praises of this name.

15. Saoirse

Pronunciation: ser-sha

Personality Type: Graceful, Free, Rebellious

Meaning: This name essentially means “freedom” or “liberty.” It has the essence of freedom to live and choose. It signifies the free spirit

Other Interesting Irish Girl Names That You Can Consider

Haven’t exactly found what you were looking for? Browse away and you will certainly find one!


Pronunciation: our-nia

Meaning: A variation of Orla, meaning ‘Golden Lady’.


Pronunciation: bro-ne-ah

Meaning: This popular and beautiful name for girls in Ireland, interestingly has negative emotions attached to it. Bronach, its root word, when translated literally means a sad or sorrowful state of mind. It’s popularly perhaps has to do with a reputed saint with this name.


Pronunciation: kolleen

Meaning: A phonetic pronunciation of the Irish word ‘cailín’, meaning girl. It’s rarely used as a name in Ireland, but popular in Irish communities in the USA and elsewhere.


Pronunciation: dav-net

Meaning: Expression for the word ‘befitted, according to legend St Damhnait was the daughter of a pagan king who became Christian and fled to Europe.


Pronunciation: elle-gah

Meaning: Means ‘noble’ and is derived from ‘Inis Ealga’ or ‘the noble Island’ which was a way of referring to Ireland.


Pronunciation: eye-leen

Meaning: The Irish form of both Helen and Evelyn.


Pronunciation: en-ya

Meaning: Eithne is a word derived directly from another name Aidan which purports little fire. The literal translation from Irish to English, is however, nowhere related to the origin and means ‘kernel of a nut or seed’.


Pronunciation: fee-a

Meaning: This name is an Old Irish word referring to an animal being wild or feral, stemming from the word ‘fiadhúrla’ which means “wildlife”.


Pronunciation: phe-ona

Meaning: This name means fair, white, and beautiful. It is the feminine form of Fionn.


Pronunciation: gub-net

Meaning: Typically means ‘mouth’ but with greater significance. St Gobnait was a 6th Century Co Clare saint who had an affinity to bees and used honey to cure several ailments and gave the ‘lifesaver’ significance to this name.


Pronunciation: grawn-ya-wail

Meaning: The name comes from the famous Irish woman, Grace O’Malley. Back in those times where patriarchy ruled, she was a sea captain and desired to live her life traveling through the depths of the sea.


Pronunciation: imam-jen

Meaning: This name means “maiden” or “daughter” from the Gaelic word “inghean” It can also be translated as “innocent” or “blameless.”


Pronunciation: iz-lean

Meaning: A variation of Aislinn or Ashling and it means ‘vision’.


Pronunciation: kay-lee

Meaning: This name means “slim and fair” or “slender,” deriving from the Gaelic word for slender, which is ‘caol.’


Pronunciation: lee-sha

Meaning: Meaning: “radiant girl” or “light”. ‘Louisa’ is a popular anglicised version of this name.


Pronunciation: mock-ah

Meaning: This is derived from a Goddess or Queen of Irish myth, associated with battle and horses. The Irish word ‘macha’ means ‘plain’ or ‘simple’.


Pronunciation: mave

Meaning: An ancient Irish name meaning ‘bringer of great joy’ or ‘enchanting one’.


Pronunciation: maw-rah

Meaning: Irish version of Mary.


Pronunciation: male-essa

Meaning: The name of a follower of Jesus. The Irish version can also be used as a boy’s name.


Pronunciation: mwir-in

Meaning: It means ‘sea white’ or ‘long-haired’. The name actually references a mythological mermaid who transformed into a woman.


Pronunciation: ney-saa

Meaning: The name Nessa signifies the qualities of someone who is rough or really strong. Girls named Nessa are valiant, daring and heroic by nature and are not afraid of fulfilling their ambitions.


Pronunciation: null-ig

Meaning: The Irish word for Christmas.


Pronunciation: noo-lah

Meaning: This is the shorter and more frequently used form of the name Fionnuala, based in Irish mythologies.

Rian Rhionnan

Pronunciation: ree-an or ree-an-on

Meaning: This means little King, can be used for boys but is usually a powerful girl’s name.


Pronunciation: ria-nock

Meaning: Denotes ‘a queen’ or regal in all aspects.


Pronunciation: sive or sigh-v

Meaning: “sweet/lovely” or “wise”. This name is infamous for confusing many non-Irish people owing to its unusual pronunciation in its long reign as one of the most popular Gaelic Irish girl names.


Pronunciation: shaa-non

Meaning: It’s the name of Ireland’s largest river. Infrequently used as a name in Ireland, but popular in countries such as the USA to which the Irish emigrated.


Pronunciation: shao-naa

Meaning: As the feminine form of the popular Irish boys’ name Sean, this name means “God is gracious.” The name can also mean “present.”


Pronunciation: shin-aid

Meaning: This is the Irish version of the anglicized name “Jane” or “Jeannette”.


Pronunciation: sawrk-ah

Meaning: A medieval name that died out for many centuries but has gained back popularity lately. Sometimes used as the Irish for Sarah.

Tips: What To Consider While Naming A Girl?

The above list might have offered you a vast array of options, however, if you’re still having trouble choosing the perfect name for your daughter, we should perhaps go back to the basics. Consider the following aspects of a name to zero in on the ideal one for your daughter:

The Sound Of The Name

Ensure that the name you select is strong if you want, but not harsh, and does not sound odd when called out loud. Girls generally like gentle names that exude power. It’s best if it goes well with your last name. However, it’s best to avoid first names that rhyme with the last name.

Go For Unique, Not Weirdly Unusual

While naming your child, sure get creative and exclusive. You wouldn’t want to call out your child and have 3 other people responding to it. However, don’t go overboard and create names that will sound too flashy and extraordinary to your own child a few years down the line.

Consider The Name’s Gender

There are several attractive names that go well on both boys and girls. It’s best if you’re aware of this variety and choose what kind of identity you are looking to create with that name. A balance between not too girly yet nothing close to boyish is preferred by youth these days.

Make Sure It Means Something

Your child’s name is important to you and your daughter, make sure it holds insights and meaning that you hope to see reflecting in her personality some day. If you’re fond of mythological characters or events that have a deeper significance in your life, those can make great names with strong vibes for your daughter.

Honor Your Tradition And Culture But Stay Trendy

Choosing a name that reflects your traditions and culture is also an option. You can opt for the name of a famous family figure that had influence over your life or any other social figure that has inspired you but make sure it’s not too old fashioned for coming age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the rarest Irish names for girls?

Colleen, Mealla, Comyna, Riona, Treasa are some of the rarest Irish names for girls which have gradually become very uncommon and rare.

Which Irish names can be used for both boys and girls?

Maolisa, Rian, Shuana are some of the unique names that can be used for both boys and girls.

Which Irish names are very difficult to pronounce?

Names like Tadhg (Tige), Ruaidhrí (Ror-ee), Oisín (Osh-een), Pádraig (Paw-drig) are some of the most difficult Irish names to pronounce.

Which Irish names go after queens and princesses?

Aoibhinn, Orla, Grainne, Orlaith, Aine, Clidhona are some of the names which go Princesses and Queens with the greatest legacies.

Which are the top 3 names for baby girls from Irish mythology? And What are their significance?

Irish girl names are most popular to denote powerful characters from Irish mythology. Few names that had the most impact of Irish culture are:


There have been very few valiant woman warriors throughout the Irish legends, Aoife was one of them. She was a ferocious and fearless warrior who was skillful at both battle skills and possessed expertise in diplomacy. Her name is used as a description of perfection.


According to the Ancient Irish language, Deirdre when literally translated means daughter. She is well known for her astounding tales of beauty and a narrative of her melodramatic death after her lover was killed and she was forced to be the King’s bride. She features in poems by J.M.Synge, and W.B.Yeats amongst others.


In Irish legend, Emer is a symbol of perfection, the beautiful wife of Cuchulainn. It is also spelled Eimear.

Shakespeare quoted, ‘what’s in a name?’

But a name is the first-ever gift that a child receives from his/her parents and we just can’t deny the significance of it in our lives. With the above list and explanations, we are sure to have made choosing a name for your baby girl easier and fun for you!