Top 60 Good and Trendy Italian Boy Names

Naming a person is assigning an identity to that very person, who would carry its weightage till a lifetime. As likely said, ‘Names are power,’ indeed it is as parents have to undergo tremendous pressure for attaining the most suitable name for their children.

It is quite fascinating how most of the Italian names for boys have remained the best-known character names in Literature. History and mythology have also contributed a lot when it comes to naming an Italian boy. Most of the Italian boy names have beautiful meanings and importance, thus indicating a birth to be celebrated by family and well-wishers.

The Italian Genealogy suggests that the first-born Italian boy is often named after his father or any other family member of paternal relations. It is also observed that many Italian boy names end with ‘a,’ which is quite a contrasting feature against male names of other countries, where ‘a’ marks the ending of only feminine names.

While you wrack your brain in searching for the perfect Italian baby boy name, we will help you out in finding out the most suitable ones to suit your choice. From bearing names of mythological origin to the names marking importance in literature or glory in history, we have set before you a list of Italian boy names that you have been looking for.

Italian Boy Names

1. Alonzo

Beautiful and charming is it to hear when a guy is called Alonzo. This traditional Italian boy name is the forebearer of the meaning of someone who is ‘an inspirational, dashing, and noble and possessing sophisticated charm.

2. Antonio

Shakspearean fanatics are well aware of the popularity of this name, from one of the key characters in the much-worshipped drama, The Merchant of Venice. This classic Italian boy’s name has its origin from ‘Saint Anthony’ and refers to someone worthy of praise.

3. Achille

The name Achille has its origin from Greece, meaning ‘Pain.’ Perhaps derived from the Greek word ‘achos,’ which means pain. The name also has a mythological background attached to it. Achille is the perceived hero of the Trojan War and is the principal character of Homer’s Illiad. 


Though small and subtle to hear, this cute Italian boy’s name bears a substantial meaning. This popular Italian baby name, Alf is derived from ‘alf,’ the Old Norse word for ‘elf.’ When regarded as an English name, Alf means ‘inspired advice.’


A classic Italian boy name that has not lost its glory since time immemorial, Agustino has a Latin origin, meaning ‘deserving of respect.’ The designation puts on sophisticated airs and appears quite aristocratic.


Bonifacio is a common Italian boys’ name. The name has a Latin origin, meaning ‘someone who is very fortunate or good.’


The name Bettino has its roots from Italy, implying the meaning ‘blessed.’ Bettino is regarded as one of the top Italian male names.


Bosco is often generalized as a topographic name for any person ‘living or working in the woods.’ This cool Italian boy’s name is of Italian origin. Perhaps, the name also originates from the Late Latin ‘boscus’ shrub.


The name, Bruno is considered a signature of Germanic origin and is one of the best famous Italian male names. Bruno bears the meaning ‘the Brown One,’ which seems to have originated from the word ‘Brun.’


Camillo is designated as a famous Italian boy name of Latin origin, meaning ‘free-born child or a child of noble birth.’ Shakespearean fanatics are entirely acquainted with the title, Camillo, as it is designated to the Lord of Sicilia in the play The Winter’s Tale.


Formerly Caerda is regarded as a famous Italian surname for boys, but it is also a name of much demand these days. The name indicates ‘someone of noble descent.’


The name, Carlo is of Germanic origin, meaning ‘free-man.’ This is often used as an Italian boy’s middle name.


Capulet, the Italian boy’s name that is much popularized due to the eternal love story of Romeo and Juliet. This is a good name which is of Italian origin and indicates a person who ‘is determined or headstrong.’ The source seems to have its roots from the Italian word ‘capo.’


The popular boy Italian name, Dante is of Italian origin, meaning an ‘everlasting one.’  The name is quite popular due to the legendary Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. Dante is also used as an Italian middle name for boys.


This famous Italian boy name carries the meaning ‘tomorrow, or someone who does advanced planning.’


Durant is regarded as a name of French and English origin and is a classic Italian male name. The name carries the meaning of a person who is considered to be an ‘unbending or enduring.’


An elegant name for an Italian baby, Edoardo indicates a person who is seen as a ‘rich guardian.’


A name which is quite an in-trend Italian male name due to the central character in the award-winning book and screenplay Call me by your name, written by Andre Aciman. The name carries the meaning ‘one who has the power of the Sun.’

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A lively name for an Italian boy, Ennio is derived from the word ‘Ennius,’ meaning ‘pre-destined.’ Ennius is also a well-known poet in the era of Roman civilization.


Originally the name, Fabio means ‘someone, who owns bean farm’ but is regarded as a popular Italian boy’s name too. The name is derived from the ‘Roman clan name, Fabius.’


Fedele, the name which is regarded as an elegant and beautiful one. The name is of Italian origin, meaning ‘a faithful man.’


The short and subtle name, Felix, is of Latin origin meaning, ‘a man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and success.’


The name, Giovanni is of Italian origin, reminding all that ‘God is gracious.’ The name also seeks its glory from Giovanni Boccaccio, the poet, and scholar, who laid the foundations of Renaissance and humanism. The name is one of the most loved boy names in Italian.


A very preferred name among the Italian males, Gabriel is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is my strength.’


The name, Heriberto, though of Spanish origin but is regarded as one of the most popular Italian boy names. The name bears the meaning, ‘shining fighter.’


The name, Ivano is of Italian origin, meaning ‘God is gracious.’


Jacopo is regarded as a name of uniqueness, which is most likely to be derived from the Aramaic ‘Jaakob’, bearing the meaning ‘follower of God.’ Italian boys simply love this name.


The name Januario is dedicated to Janus, the ancient two-faced Roman God. The name is of Italian origin and is such a popular name in Portuguese speaking countries.


Julio is a name of Spanish origin, meaning ‘youth.’


Kason is a name of Italian origin, meaning ‘son of the marsh-dwellers.’ It is often described to have been a name that is a variant form of Carson, a Scottish surname. This is one of the most favored Italian male names.


A beautiful name implying a serene impression, Kara is of Italia origin, meaning ‘dear, beloved.


The 19th-century popular name, derived from the word ‘crystal.’ Krytallo, in Italian, refers to be ‘a follower of Christ.’


Leonardo, a name of Italian origin and is quite a popular one in Spain, Portugal, German, Dutch too. The name bears the meaning ‘ strong or bold as a lion.’


Lorenzo is often regarded as a Spanish and Italian variant of the Latin name ‘Laurentius,’ meaning ‘a winner or someone crowned with laurels.’ The name is quite popular in Literature too.


The name bears an Italian origin, meaning ‘a famous warrior.’


The name, Mano, is of Hebrew origin, indicating the meaning ‘God is with us.’ While in Spanish, the name suggests a different sense, ‘a passionate lover,’ while in Italian refers to ‘an abbreviation of Manuel.’


Matteo is a name of Italian origin, meaning ‘He, who is a gift from the Lord.’ This is regarded as one of the most used traditional Italian boy names.


Michelangelo is a name of Italian origin, meaning ‘the Archangel of the almighty God.’ The name is much in use due to the Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, and poet.


The name Nicolas is of English origin and bears the meaning ‘victory of the people.’


The classic Italian baby boy name, Napoleon has gained fame and popularity due to the forbearer of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte. The name is of Italian origin, meaning ‘Lion of the Naples.’


Octavio is a name of Latin origin, meaning ‘Eighth.’


A much popular Italian boy name, meaning ‘prayer.’ Oratio is also regarded as a shortened version of Horace from Horatius.


The adoring name, Paolo, is of Italian origin, indicating ‘small.’


Prospero has been a much-popularised name since Shakespeare’s play The Tempest attained fame. Prospero is a name of Italian origin, meaning ‘prosperous, lucky or wealthy.’


The name, Quintilliano is of Latin origin, meaning ‘fifth.’


The name, Romeo has its origin from Rome, a city in Italy. The name is of Italian descent and has attained much popularity due to Shakespeare’s eternal love story Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is undoubtedly one of the top used Italian male names.


Ricardo, a name that is often regarded as a Portuguese and Spanish cognate of the English name, Richard. The name bears the meaning ‘powerful or great leader.’


Roco is a name of Spanish descent, deriving its influence from the topographic characteristics from the place. Roco has its origin from the Catalan word ‘Roca,’ meaning ‘rock’ or ‘tower of strength.’


Samuel, a name of Hebrew origin indicating the meaning ‘name of God’ or ‘God heard.’


Sandrino, a name of Italian origin, indicating the meaning, ‘Defender of the people.’


Although the name, Tolliver is of English origin, it has much popularity in the naming of Italian boys. The name bears the meaning, ‘a fierce fighter’ or ‘someone who cuts metals.’ Tolliver is also one of the popularly used Italian male middle names.


The name, Terenzio is of Latin origin, and the meaning is linked to the Gens ‘Terentia’, an ancient and well-known Roman family.


A short Italian name, Uberto denotes a bright and intelligent mind.


Regarded as quite a popular name of Italian origin, Valentino means ‘strength or health.’ The name seeks its glory from Saint Valentino, after who the Valentine’s Day is named after.


Vito is a name of Latin origin and is often regarded as a modernized version of the name ‘Vitus,’ meaning ‘life-giver.’


The name, Wojciech, is of Italian origin, meaning ‘he who is happy in battle.’


Xavier is a name of Latin origin and is generally named to Italian boys, honoring Saint Francis Xavier, a Catholic missionary. Mainly regarded as a good Italian boy name by traditional families.


Not a very popular name but a striking one for your boy, the name, Yovanni, is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is Gracious.’


Zabedeo, a famous Italian male name, is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘endowed by God.’


This short and sweet name bears the meaning ‘excellent’, ‘good-looking,’ or ‘someone who is a variant of Zane or God.’


Few tips towards naming your kid:

Naming is surely a pressurizing job, bearing lots of expectations and joy. The days of looking for mythology or Italian dictionary is over as we help you out in giving a few suggestions to name your child most suitably, defining his personality. Take a glance at the expert tips as we help you to choose the best name from the list of Italian boy names.

  • The first son is often named after his father or any other paternal family member.
  • Often the second son is named after the mother or any other maternal family member.
  • Traditionally, the names are derived from saints, so if you are following the conventions, you can name your kid, honoring a saint.
  • Names bearing popularity in literature is in many trends in Italy.
  • Since Italy has played quite a significant role in reshaping the world, many names are derived from the pages of Renaissance history too.
  • Since Italy has played quite a significant role in reshaping the world, many names are derived from the pages of Renaissance history too.

Queries often asked

A. Suggest some names, drawing inspiration from Italian poetry.

Italy is blessed with a lot of legendary poets and what can be the best option other than honoring the poets by calling your son by their names. Dante, Giovanni, Alessandro, Matteo, Gabriello are names of much popularity to date.

B. How are Italian boys named?

Italian naming bears a family methodology. Generally, the first son born to the family is named after his paternal grandfather, the second child after his maternal grandfather, and so on. The naming follows a close resemblance to the family tree, honoring the lost family members to live within the family.

3. Do Italian men add a middle name?

Yes, most of the Italian catholic children carry the name of a saint as their middle name. Sometimes many children also bear more than one Italian male middle name.