125 Magical Looking Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish are some of the most beautiful and mysterious creatures in the sea and that’s why people love them so much. For anyone that has been lucky enough to see one, they always talk about it because jellyfish will put you in a state of awe.

These creatures are in a class of all their own because they are stunning and majestic. Jellyfish are mesmerizing because of the way they move and because of that we can’t help but stare at them for hours. The movement of a jellyfish is luxurious and smooth. They might seem innocent but they are anything but. They can give quite a sting to you if given a chance and they are not ones to be trifled with. They are dangerous and luminous all at once and that’s why they are chosen to be great tattoo options.

Why do people love them so much? Who are these majestic creatures of the sea, where do they come from and what do they want? When it comes to the Jellyfish tattoo there are many different ways that you can portray your love for them. They can be done realistic or in watercolor or ever cartoons.

We have seen some breathtaking watercolor designs when it comes to the tattoo because they just fit perfectly with that stunning, majestic look of a jellyfish. It’s the kind of tattoo that fits with men or women and can be done in and shape or style. Colors are wonderous with this type of tattoo but not everyone chooses the color option for the tattoo. Maybe they are a favorite creature of yours or maybe you just like the colors. We have a ton of inspiring images to get you excited about getting a tattoo done. We are also going to fill you in on the symbolism that is behind the wonderful tattoo. Check out these stunning and magical tattoo designs.

Simple Designs

You don’t need to get a large and complicated design if you don’t want to, sometimes simple is the best way.


A Lack of Color

You would think that most people would get a jellyfish design with color but that’s not the case. Black and white designs are just as popular and just as beautiful.

A Soft Look

This arm tattoo is a great example of what a splash of color will do for you. We love this gorgeous design.

Paint Splotched Jellyfish

We get to see a lot of wonderful colors with this type of tattoo and it looks like real paint splotches. It’s one of the more modern styles of tattooing that we have seen and it’s obvious why people love it.

Cartoon Designs

Maybe if you want a jellyfish design you can try out a cartoon look. It’s fairly unique and the color is beautiful.

Shoulder Designs

This is a cool design for the shoulder and we get to see the jellyfish go down the arm.

Stunning Shades

How could you not love a style like this with bold and bright colors? Why not try out this hot pink shade because it makes the tattoo pop.

Abstract Designs

Maybe you are looking for something that’s a little different and that’s cool too! Go for this style and have people asking you all about it.

A Swirl of Color

The great thing about tattoos is that you can add different elements to it to make it your own personal style.

Sleeve Designs

If you had any doubt that a man could rock a jellyfish tattoo, here is the proof. The bolder the colors the more masculine the theme. Plus this style is one of a kind because it’s not a delicate little fish, it’s robust.

Larger Designs

A large style like this is perfect for a sleeve design.

Hand Designs

This dark design fits perfectly on the hand. If you are looking for a larger design, then this is the one for you.

Where Do Jellyfish Come From?

Some people believe that the Jellyfish actually pre-date dinosaurs and that they might outlive us all. That’s pretty profound and it goes to show just how powerful and majestic these creatures really are. They are in the oceans all over the world. There are 2000 types of jellyfish in the world and scientists believe that there are many more than haven’t been discovered yet.

We’re not sure where these creatures specifically came from but there are a few folklores that might explain some things. Japan has an interesting story about how jellyfish came to be the blog-like form that we know it to be.

The Japan Jellyfish Folklore

There was a fairy-tale kingdom where there was the King of Dragon-land and in this land, the King was friends with the jellyfish. At this time in history, it was said that jellyfish had scales, a shell and were even able to walk around on earth. The jellyfish was known to be a creature that was happy and handsome. The jellyfish’s grandmother warned the jellyfish that his lack of knowledge would sure to be the downfall he had in life.

The Queen of fairyland got sick one day and the doctors had a grim outlook for her. The Queen asked the King to find some things for her and they included a monkey’s liver. She believed that eating the monkey’s liver would heal her of her sickness.

The jellyfish was immediately sent out to on the quest to find the monkey’s liver. The jellyfish took on this mission and was able to lure a monkey to ride on its back all the way back to the kingdom with him. He promised this monkey that it could play with mermaids all day if it came with him. Once the jellyfish convinced the monkey to get on his back, he foolishly told the money about his scheme. The monkey told the jellyfish that if he really wanted his liver, they would have to turn back because he had left his liver hanging in a tree. The jellyfish believed him and brought the monkey back to the tree but instead of finding a liver, the monkey just scurried up the tree leaving the jellyfish behind.

The jellyfish returned without a monkey and the King was so upset about his failure that he beat the jellyfish until he was just jelly. It’s a brutal story but if you think about it, it holds some truth. The jellyfish don’t have a brain after all.

What Do Jellyfish Tattoos Mean?

That wasn’t the best legend but aside from that, there are a lot of positive associations that come up when it comes to the jellyfish. A lot of cultures recognize the jellyfish as a symbol. So, what does it mean when someone gets the jellyfish tattoo?

It Symbolizes Immortality

You might be surprised to learn that the jellyfish actually symbolizes immortality and longevity. The reason for this is because they have lived for so long and some people believe that it’s been proven that they are immortal. There is one species of jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii won’t actually die unless it’s eaten by a predator. This jellyfish when it starts to age will sink to the ocean floor where it starts over as an embryo and gets to begin all over again.

If immortality floats your boat or if you are looking to reset the life that you had, maybe the jellyfish is the one for you.

It Symbolizes Tenacity

With all the talk of climate change, the jellyfish is the only species that is thriving right now. So much so that it might start to become a problem. The oceans are currently heating up, more so than normal and when that happens it allows jellyfish to roam into waters that would have normally been too cold for them. The oceans are also overfished so that means that what would normally be predators for the jellyfish are now becoming endangered. Without predators to take down the numbers of jellyfish, it means that there are areas in the ocean where the jellyfish have almost taken over in swarms. What’s the big deal, right? Well, too many jellyfish in the ocean mean that they can suffocate fish, weigh down fishing nets, ruin beach tourism and even cause power outages when they clog cool water intake systems at the power plants.

These guys are starting to sound more dangerous than majestic but how could we not be impressed by them? If you are someone who has survived certain struggles then a jellyfish might be the perfect tattoo option for you.

It Symbolizes Adaptability

It is said that once upon a time jellyfish were once in space. Jellyfish don’t have features and that means no ears or eyes. They are only able to navigate because of tiny hairs that are on their bodies, that’s how they are able to sense their direction. In 1991, scientists wanted to see if a human being could be raised in space so they started with jellyfish embryos. They discovered that the jellyfish survived in space and started to multiply. They got so used to the zero gravity that when they returned to earth, they found the water to be unnatural. If you are going through a tough time in your life, a jellyfish can remind you that you can get through any situation even if you feel out of place.

Glorious Jellyfish King

Some of the best parts of a jellyfish tattoo are the gorgeous colors. The tentacles are delicate and beautiful, a style that holds a lot of beauty.

Beautiful and Blue

We absolutely love the gorgeous coloring of this jellyfish tattoo. It’s a soft style of jellyfish that is truly one of a kind. This magical design is one that will have people talking.

Watercolor Tattoos

These tattoos are often soft styles that are one of a kind. They don’t have the black outline as most tattoos have and that’s what gives them a different look. The jellyfish itself looks like a watercolor painting.

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A Tornado Design

This style is a little different because it’s not delicate, it looks powerful. The tentacles are thicker and more unique. As we said before, there are 2000 different types of jellyfish, so you should pick the one that suits you better.

Watercolor Splashes

The jellyfish are inside the splashes of watercolor paint and it really gives off a unique look. There are many different colors here and that’s what makes it unique. If you are looking for a tattoo that’s really going to stand out, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

Skull Designs

If you are looking for something that is dangerous and badass, then try this unique style on for size. Instead of the traditional head, you see a skull here instead which is a fun way of taking things to another level.

Delicate Lines

This is a smaller image and one that can fit anywhere on the body. These tattoos have delicate lines and they are precious. It’s a softer image because the lines are thin and wispy.

Multiple Designs

How cool is it to get multiple jellyfish on your body. It’s like there are multiple together in the ocean. She has them in different colors and the brightness of the shades really makes the tattoo pop.

Darker Styles

A cool style like this is sure to have people talking. You don’t need to have bright colors to make the tattoo stand out.

Jellyfish are known for their long life and ability to survive anything, so how could you not want to get a tattoo to represent that. You can have many cool things to add to the design that can make it your own or just use multiple jellyfish in one image. Whether you choose color or black and white, you are sure to love it. There are so many cool things that you can do with these tattoos. We hope that you found an amazing image to take with you to the tattoo shop. We would love to hear about your favorite designs.