95 Stunning Jesus Tattoos That Will Have You Worshipping

Jesus tattoos have been around for a long time, but they are more popular than ever. Modern Christians have taken the “Jesus” tattoo to a whole new level. It’s always been a great way for both men and women to show their love for Christ as well as represent their religion or spirituality. These types of tattoos can be very meaningful and that’s why it’s always a good idea to take special care with choosing what you want.

This is a trend that seems to be growing more for a really good reason. The days are gone where people with tattoos were seen by others to be subversive. More people are sporting tattoos than ever before and that includes Christians. Now everyone from every walk of life can embrace their love for tattoos and represent the things that they are passionate about.

There are many traditional tattoos that you can get and we will see some of them here but there are also modern versions that might inspire you as well. It’s not just the iconic profile of Jesus that you can get now, there are so much more options available to you. There are images about the suffering he went through to forgive us for our sins, while there are others that show him giving a blessing. Many people like to showcase the crucifixion as a reminder of what they were given. There are so many options that you will be inspired to get the tattoo that you have always wanted.

There are other elements that can be added to this time of tattoo as well such as quotes or crosses. Many people will choose their favorite quotes from the Bible and add them to their tattoo idea. Check out these 100+ Stunning Depictions of Jesus That Will Have You Inspired.

Traditional Tattoos

Tattoos like this one are the traditional ones from many years ago. The portrait style is still very popular to this day.


Detailed Design

This is another traditional design but one that has more detail to it.

The Crucifix

A popular style for people who want to be reminded of what Jesus gave up for them. This is a detailed and gorgeous portrait.

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Sleeve Designs

Large portraits like this are perfect for sleeve designs because they are one of a kind. The dark tattoo ink is perfect for this type of tattoo.

Crown of Thorns

Another popular design that people love because it’s all about being forgiven by Jesus and God. These styles all have personal meanings.

Deep Meaning

This is a dark design in teh shape of a cross. On teh inside we see that Jesus is there and he’s suffering. This is the type of design that people have when they want to remember the sacrfice that Jesus made.

Traditional designs like these ones are loved for a reason because people love traditions.

A colorful style like this one is one of a kind because we see a mix of black and white and color together. There is literally blood dripping in the design which might be a little more hardcore than you might like.

Large Designs

This is a rather large tattoo design that covers the whole back. If you are looking to really make an impact, this is the design for you.

Quote Designs

As we said before, there are quotes that you can use for your design whether that’s Bible quotes or not.

The Look of Love

This is a gorgeous depiction of Christ and it shows his love for his people.

Humorous Designs

Getting a Jesus tattoo doesn’t have to be serious. You can get something that simply puts a smile on your face. The quote makes the tattoo that much more awesome.

Why Do People Decide to Get These Tattoos?

You might be surprised to find out that even pastors have been known to get tattoos. Some will have Jesus’ name tattooed to their bodies while others will have images. The reason for this is that believers prefer to have their faith literally put on their sleeves. It’s a way to represent their passion and love for Christ. When people decide to get any tattoo it’s because they want to represent something significant in their lives. It’s no different when you get a Jesus tattoo. When people do that, it’s because they are declaring to the world their love for Christ.

Some Christians use these tattoos as a great witnessing tool. Some pastors use them a s a means to start up a conversation. When someone brings up the tattoo, it gives them the opportunity to bring up God and have a friendly conversation about it. They believe that it’s the easiest way to start that conversation.

3D Jesus Tattoo

You want to make sure that you have an amazing tattoo artist because not everyone can create a 3D tattoo design. People love these tattoos designs because they give a perception of reality in a tattoo that can make a powerful statement, the kind of statement that Christians want to make. That’s why a lot of people will get this style of tattoo in Jesus form. To create the kind of depth that 3D tattoos have it has a lot to do with shading and the tattoo really pops out. Imagine what the crown of thorns will look like if it’s popped out in the design. You might actually feel like you are suffering along with Him.

This kind of imagery is perfect in depicting your love for Jesus. He died for our sins and that shows a devotion to humankind that is not like anything else. These images depict a sacrifice that Jesus gave up for us and it conveys the message that he died for us. You can add a lot of different things to the tattoo design such as crosses, angels or rosaries. By adding these things, you can showcase the affection, hope, love, sacrifice or peace that Jesus gives to you then that’s how you create an amazing design. Religious tattoos are how people represent their love and that’s a very personal thing.

Devotion and faith come hand in hand with Jesus and that’s what these cool tattoos signify. If you have a commitment to God, then these cool designs will help you to show that.

Traditional Jesus Tattoos

Traditional Jesus tattoos are just as popular modern tattoo designs. There are many different traditional designs such as animated, realistic or even caricatures. When it comes to the history of tattoos getting a Jesus one is one of the most iconic designs to get. Millions of people all over the world have been shaped by Jesus and that’s a good thing. People seek out Jesus to become a better version of themselves and to help others.

When it comes to choosing a tattoo design, it’s best to get something that fits your personal style. Are you looking for something like a portrait or do you want a cartoon depiction? Some people choose a full-body image while others will just get the face. There are people that add the crown of thorns to it and they go so far as adding blood. If you are looking to give your tattoo the divine touch, then you can add a benevolent glow or add a halo. There are many different ways that you can depict Jesus and you can keep him with you forever.

Symbolic Representation of Jesus

You might want to represent Jesus without using His face and that’s okay as well. There are symbols that you can use to represent your faith such as a cross, stakes through feet, bloody crown, etc. These are things that typically represent his struggle or sacrifice.

Showing your faith to the world is an artistic expression and the meaning behind it seems very profound. The love in your heart that you have for Jesus can be represented with a tattoo.

Jesus Crucifixion

Anyone that knows the story of Jesus knows all about the crucifixion as it was one of the most famous events of His life. Christianity wouldn’t be anything without the crucifixion. There are many images that depict this event and we often see it as Jesus hanging on the cross with nails through his feet and hands. We have seen the same images in paintings and sculptures as well and they are often in museums all over the world. The act of the crucifixion was so that humanity would be protected from their own sins.

Many people will get this type of tattoo because it’s personal to them. They want the pain of that moment to be expressed not only to themselves but to the world as well. There are plenty of places all over the body that you can get this design, it just depends on how big you want the tattoo to be.

Back Tattoo Designs

This is a gorgeous piece that’s on the back and the back is a popular place to get tattoos done. There’s a reason for this, it’s not as painful as some areas and it’s also a large area where you can really be creative like you see in this design. These Jesus tattoos are all about depicting teachings, passions and behaviors. That’s why you must take some thought when it comes to getting tattoos done.

When it comes to creating tattoo masterpieces, the back is always a great choice because of the space. Plus, it works basically like a canvas that you can showcase to the world. It’s the best place to get a work of art created but oddly enough, it doesn’t allow us to see the design. Other people will get more out of seeing the tattoo than you will. When people choose the back to get their tattoos done, it’s usually an elaborate design that has a lot of detail, like the one you see here.

There is a saying, “I have your back” and the reason for this quote is because it means someone really does have your back. It’s all about being o the same team and being there for someone no matter what. That’s why people love getting tattoos done because it’s all about defending something you love.

People get Jesus on their back because it’s really about Jesus having your back. He protects us no matter what and he shields our should from evil and isn’t that what we all want. When people get these tattoos, it’s meant to provide movement in a certain direction. If Jesus is on your back then he is propelling you forward into the world. He is guiding you along.

The same idea goes that if a soul goes in the wrong direction or makes a mistake, Jesus is there on his back to pull him back and push him in the right direction. Now that’s a beautiful thought and we can see why people would go for this type of tattoo design.

Sleeve Designs

Sleeves are also very popular designs when it comes to Jesus’ tattoos. It’s another large area that allows you to be creative with your tattoo design. It’s a spot that will allow you to enjoy the tattoo just as much as other people which is different from the back design. The sleeve is a great place to allow your imagination to run wild.

The most popular images for a sleeve design are either The Last Supper or a portrait style for Jesus. These are popular styles because they fit well with the sleeve design. There are many ways to depict the portrait, it can have the crown of thorns on it or maybe it’s a marble statue of Jesus or a cartoon depiction.

The Jesus tattoo design is a popular one and for good reason, there are many people in the world that are passionate about their faith and they want to show it off. These designs are truly one of a kind and we hope that you found a design that inspires you in every way.