155 Fresh Lemonade Braids Inspired By Beyonce

Lemonade braids are one of a kind styles that were made famous by Beyonce. You might be wondering why a set of braids were named after a summer drink. These braids are a fun style that is refreshingly new.

What Are Lemonade Braids?

When Beyonce released her Lemonade album, she rocked the side cornrow style and the next thing that we knew, these braids were called lemonade braids. This style is a mix of Goddess braid, cornrow and has some feed-ins as well. Most braids can be considered lemonade braids as long as they are braided off to the side.

We have a ton of styles available to you, that will inspire you to create a look of your own. Check out these 100+ amazing lemonade braids that will make you feel fresh.

Simple Styles

These braids are pretty simple and there aren’t too many of them because they are thicker. It’s a beautiful style for someone who doesn’t want a lot of braids. These styles typically don’t take as long either.

Elegant Styles

There are a lot of beautiful styles that you can create from a lemonade braid. This sweet bun is perfect for braids.

The Shaved Side

You can combine braids with the side of your head being shaved if you want.

Short Styles

A lot of the lemonade braid styles are long and that’s okay if you want that look. But there are also short styles that are equally as awesome. They are also very small braids which will mean that there are more of them and will take longer to create the style.

Afro Styles

This gorgeous style is unique with a few braids. It’s a look that you will want to try.

Hot Blonde Styles

If you have ever wanted to know what being a blonde is all about then why not try out blonde braids.

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Different Shades

Braids are a great way of trying out a shade that you normally wouldn’t get. The blue is really eye-catching and wonderful.

A Sweeping Style

A great style that has some golden threads together. It’s a sunny style that you are sure to love.

Top Knot Styles

This is a gorgeous style that is one of a kind. You are sure to get a lot of compliments with this look. It takes a lot of work to get the braids to be in this circular pattern so be prepared to sit for a while. But it will all be worth it.

Cute Buns

There are so many styles that you can try out with these buns. Just look at how cute these ones are. You can try out some wild colors with braids and it doesn’t affect your hair at all.

Tiny Braids

These are called lemon hued lemonade braids because of the light color at the bottom. These braids are quite tiny which means that they will take longer to do but they are such a cool style. This style has long and luxurious braids that go from dark to light.

The Brightest Blue

These braids swipe to the side just like they are supposed to but they also go to the front as well. These blue braids really make for a bright and colorful style.

Sweet Pastels

These are adorable and long pigtails but we absolutely love the colors. These are pretty pastels that you are sure to love. It goes from very dark to very light and the contrast really makes the look pop.

The Bigger The Braid

How could you not love this amazing blue color? This look is a more casual style that you can wear anywhere.

A Sexy Side Sweep

This sexy style is one that you are going to want to take out for a night on the town. So put on your best dress and go for it.

Get The Best Results For Your Lemonade Braids

When it comes to getting lemonade braids there are some 6things that you can do to make sure that your look is top-notch. You can actually prep your hair before you get your braids done. Braids are amazingly protective of your hair which is one of the reasons why they are liked so much. If you follow these steps your install will go a lot easier.

  1. Prep Your Hair First

You want to be able to get the most out of your style and make sure that you protect your hair. Deep conditioning is always a good idea but at this point, it’s especially careful. You want to do this a day or two before you get your hair braided. One great way of getting started is to purify and cleanse your scalp with apple cider vinegar rinse, nourishing oil for your hair and a deep conditioning mask.

Tip: If you want to avoid that itchy feeling that can sometimes come with synthetic hair then you should soak the hair in apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water as well. Soak it until you see a white film in the water. At that point, dump the water and then rinse the hair our and let it air dry.

  1. Moisturize Your Scalp and Braids

You want to make sure that the braids are nice and shiny and that your scalp is healthy so you should use light butter or oil on them.

 Tip: If you find that your scalp gets itchy in between your washes, it’s recommended that you use some witch hazel and water mixed with some essential oils. You take that mixture and you spritz it on your scalp before you go to bed.

  1. Stretching the Hair

What is the benefit of stretching the hair? The goal here is to make sure your coils are elongated. Your stylist may suggest a particular method for this so follow their advice as well. Once you have your hair washed and moisturized, you want to elongate your curls. You can do this by using a blow dryer on a low setting or to pull your hair back into a bun and these things will stretch your curls.

  1. Start to Get Creative

Decide on the pattern that you want for your lemonade braids. Yes, they are usually off to the side but you can still get creative with the style. You don’t have to stick with the basics. As you can see here, the sky is the limit for the styles that you can have.

Beyonce’s Iconic Look

We know that the style of braiding is not new, having your hair braided to the side is something that has been around for a long time. But thanks to celebs such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, there has been an explosion of style. Thankfully, it’s not just celebs that get to rock this amazing style, anyone can do it.

We can help you to get this iconic Beyonce Lemonade Braid style right in the comfort of your own home. A lot of people will go to braiders but if that’s not something you want to invest money in, then you can certainly get the same look at home.

Yes, you can do it at home but you will need a trusted friend to help you out. This would be very difficult to do on your own. So, get your bestie and a bottle of wine and follow these steps. We have a list of tools that you will need to create the look and then you are ready to go.


Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Super Fine-Tooth Rat Tail Comb

Non-Sticky Hair Mousse

This Non-Sticky Hair Mousse

Spool of Metallic Thread

That’s all you need to create this look and you will have fun braiding while you use them.

So let’s begin:

  1. Grab Your Rat-Tail Comb

This will be your braiding best friend, not your real best friend, but close. It’s going to help you not only get the perfect part but to also section your hair where it’s needed to go. If you have edge control, it’s good to use it throughout the braiding because it will help your hair stay lying perfectly flat.

  1. Make Sure You Use Non-Alkaline Braiding Hair

The best hair that you can use for this process is human hair but that can be really expensive. If you can get it, great! But if you can’t, you can use synthetic hair. We recommend that you go for an alkaline-free version because there will be less of a chance that you will have an allergic reaction to the hair. It would be unfortunate to go through all that braiding to then have to remove it. If you are typically sensitive to products, then go the alkaline-free route. Once you have your hair, you will want to pre-treat it with an apple cider vinegar solution (vinegar and water) to remove the alkaline coating. Grab a large bowl and combine equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar. You place the hair in the solution and let it sit for 20 minutes. You are likely to see a milky film to the water and that’s the coating coming off the hair. Rinse the hair with cool water and then you will have to allow it to air dry. You don’t want to use the blow dryer on it unless you have human hair. Once they are completely dried, then you can start braiding.

  1. Use Plenty of Mousse

Add a large amount of mouse to the top of your braids. The reason for this is to help the braids to blend your own hair with your new extensions. Using a doo-rag or your favorite scarf will help to “set” the mousse in place. This will also counter any annoying frizz that might come up. Happy Braiding!

  1. Showcase Your Braids With Some Sparkle

You might have been asking yourself what the metallic thread is for. That’s easy! As you are braiding, wrap some of the metallic thread around a few of your braids so they can really pop. You can see in the picture what a difference it makes and it allows you to showcase your own personal style. It’s also a great way to make your day look into an evening look.

Sleek Look

We love how she kept some of the braids onto the one side while the rest was pulled all the way over. This is a great way to show off your personal style and make the look really your own.

The Curve Appeal

There are so many ways of doing a scalp design and this is a really beautiful one. It’s just a big long curve around the head with large braids.

Elegant Evening Looks

This sexy style is elegant and classy. You can’t go wrong with a style like this one. This is how quickly you can get a casual day looking smoking for an evening out or your next event. These styles are unique and stunning, a true class act. You are sure to turn heads when you walk into the room with this style.

Thin Styles

Whether you decide to get thick braid or tiny, thin ones like this, your style will change. You need to decide on the type of braided look that you want because the two look very different. With the loose, tiny braids you will have more freedom to style your hair but it’s going to take a lot longer to achieve during the braiding process.

How Long Does It Take to Get Lemonade Braids?

When it comes to braiding for Lemonade braids it can take between 3-4 hours maximum and that’s if you have a professional doing it. If your friend is the one doing it you might have to double that time. Professionals usually have the speed and accuracy to get the job done quicker. You want to look in the mirror and decide which is your best side because the braids should fall on your best side. It should be the side that you normally turn to when you take pictures. That way your braids will really stand out.

To make your look even more awesome, all you have to do is add some accessories and that can include, beads, metallic threads, clips, seashells to create the look that will really slay your day.

Plenty of Color

Some of the fun of having braids is to change up your color. Maybe you wouldn’t normally color your hair but this is an opportunity to try some color without causing damage or permanently altering your hair. We love this bright fushia color, it’s one of a kind and it’s sure to draw the eye.

Go To Stunning Lengths

If you want a look that everyone is going to be talking about then you should try this one. It’s very long, in fact, it goes all the way down to her feet. It’s an iconic look however and you will definitely be considered an original. We love how the color changes at the bottom into a bright yellow. It’s the kind of look that people will be complimenting you all the time. Try it out and start turning heads.

Sweet Scalp Designs

This is another great example of what you can do with your scalp design.

The Side Ponytail 

These are fun styles that are great for any age. Maybe you are getting lemonade braids for your style and you want her to look fresh for school. This is a great look that is perfect for children and adults. The side ponytail is a look that will never go out of style.

Casual Looks

If you are looking for a style that you can wear day to day, then this one is perfect. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you will look cool in it.

The Iconic Lemonade Braid

This is the look that brought back the trend for lemonade braids. It exploded with popularity after Beyonce showcases her lemonade inspired braids. Hers is a light color and are quite long. She also opted for the tiny braids as opposed to the thicker ones. It’s a gorgeous style so you can see why people are going crazy over the look.

Microscopic Styles

The braids against the scalp start of microscopic and then get bigger. These braids would certainly take a lot longer to complete than the 3-4 hours. You are likely to be sitting for up to 8 hours for these braids. It’s a gorgeous look though so it might be worth it for you.

Spinning Style

We can’t seem to get enough of these large braid styles and again it depends on the look that you are going for. This style completely wraps around the head creating a look that is truly elegant.

A Sweet New Style

A great style that is sure to be one of a kind. You can use this style for a casual look or a dressy one.

This style is ideal for those who enjoy the black braids that are simple. It doesn’t need accessories because it’s already a sleek style.

How To: They say that the style should not take more than 3 hours to complete but it’s dependent on the length of your hair and how much additional hair you will need to achieve the look. The goal is to get the edges of your hair into the braid without pulling the hair too tightly. There is maintenance required with this style that you will have to do daily. As we said before, you will need to tie your hair down with a satin scarf or satin cap to make sure that the edges are protected.

How Much Does It Cost For Lemonade Braids?

It really depends on the length of your hair and how small the braids are but you can easily spend between $100-300 to get the lemonade braids done. If you go to a famous stylist or someone that you have to book in advance it will likely be closer to $800 or more.

There are things that you shouldn’t do when you have lemonade braids and these things you need to know in order to have the best braids possible. Braids can last in your hair for a few months but they won’t look good if you don’t take care of them. It’s essential that you do what you can to make sure they look their best otherwise you might end up wanting to take them out early. Lemonade braids are a great way to protect your hair and they are low-maintenance once you get them in.

If you want the best looking braids, then DON’T do these things:

Don’t Forget The Night Scarf

You want to be able to protect the edges of your hair as well as your scalp throughout the night. Use a satin or silk scarf and tie down the edges. If you have really long braids then you might want to consider getting a satin pillowcase or using a silk bonnet. This is the best way to protect your hair throughout the night.

Don’t Over Indulge In Product

You might be tempted to cover your edges in product in the hopes that they don’t frizz throughout the night. But you don’t want to end up with greasy hair because that means you will have to wash your braids more often and the idea is to wash them as little as possible. If you wash your hair too much you will end up with frizz anyway. You can lay down your edges with a small amount of product and that will be enough.

Don’t Use Heat

If you do wash your hair, it’s best to air dry it unless you got real hair braids. Anything synthetic won’t tolerate the heat well and you could cause damage to them. You want to let your braids air dry if you can so that you don’t end up with a mess.

Don’t Do Back to Back Braiding

It can be tempting to get back to back braiding done because the style is so convenient but that’s the last thing that you want to do. Yes, braiding is a protective style for your hair but it’s important to allow your hair to breathe and have some time off before you get new braids put in.

Before you head to your braider just make sure that you use your favorite deep conditioner on your hair a few days before so that your hair is as nourished as possible before the braiding starts. Keep styling products to a minimum when you have your braids because you could end up with too much build-up. If you do your prep beforehand and take care of them after, then you will have weeks full of frizz-free and fresh braids.

Sexy Colors

The style starts off with multiple braids but then goes into one big braid and it’s tied up with colorful thread. It’s got that hippy vibe to it that we absolutely love. If you are looking for a fun style that you can keep going for months, this is the one for you.

All Cultures Love Them

Traditionally the black community has been the ones that adore these styles the most but as they have become more popular, other cultures are jumping on the bandwagon. Anyone can look great in braids and they make for an easy, low-maintenance style if you are going on vacation.

The Partial Styles

Another stunning style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Will Braids Cause Damage to My Hair?

Braids are known to be a protective style so no they wouldn’t cause damage to your hair. Your natural hair will grow into healthier hair because they won’t receive the damage that you would normally give it. Your natural hair won’t be exposed to environmental elements, curling irons or straightening irons. So, it’s an opportunity to allow your hair to grow. The only time that braids can cause damage to your hair is if they are installed incorrectly, then you might have a problem. If installed incorrectly it can mean that the braids are too heavy on your hair which can cause breakage. If you leave the braids in for too long that can also lead to breakage. Treating the hair before and after the braids is important in keeping them in good shape. Keeping up with night maintenance is also important in making sure there is no damage to the hair.

How Long Can You Keep the Lemonade Braids In?

When you hear that your braids can take anywhere between 3-8 hours to complete you probably think to yourself you will just keep them in for 6 months and that will make it worth it, but that’s not how it works. Experts state that you shouldn’t keep your braids in longer than eight weeks whether you want to keep them in longer or not. You have to remember that during this time your hair will be growing out and you don’t want them to start looking mangy. As your hair grows out, it’s going to start to tangle and get matted with the braids and that’s when damage can start occurring. The smaller the braids, the more packs of hair you will have in your head which will just make it heavier. That means that maintenance on your hair will happen even quicker so they might have to be removed sooner.

We love the style below because the braids go all around the head creating a style that looks good from any angle.

Sweet Looks For Children

A great look for your child that she is sure to love for all of those eight weeks. The great thing about these styles is that you won’t have to worry about doing your child’s hair every day. It would be well worth the cost of the style to not have to do their hair for school every day.

Chilling Style

Another great look for your kids and this is one that can be casual and dressy all at the same time.

A Glamourous Look

If you don’t enjoy the braided style that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the style that you want. The braids are against the scalp but they have pulled the rest of the braiding out and left it curly. This gives you a completely different look and one that is truly glamourous. The color is also part of what brings the drama to the look. We love this stunning style. There are so many different avenues in this style we even see that the side is shaved as well. This is the type of style that would be completely iconic right now.

Sunshine Style

This is a great style, especially for the summer. It’s a bright shade that is wonderfully put together and is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

Stunning New Looks

A new look like this will have you feeling fresh. This is a look that is sure to get you tons of compliments.

Different Sizes and Styles

Here you can see the difference between the larger braids and the thinner braids. You choose for yourself the kind of styles that you want. Decide what look that you are going for based on these pictures and pick a look that suits your own personality.

Cool New Looks

As you can see here there are many different styles that you can choose from. You can get long styles or shorts styles, the sky is the limit for what you can get. Try it out for yourself to see how much you love it.


These are amazing styles that are going to make you very happy. Lemonade braids are popular for a reason and you are sure to enjoy the style when you can. There are so many styles that you can choose from to mix things up if you get it more than once. These are looks that you can use that are low-maintenance and that will protect your hair. We love them! We would love to know your favorite styles, so comment below.