Understanding the planetary movements of the sun, moon, and the earth is not a herculean task when you know that they influence your zodiac. Did you know though that this further has control over your daily life – directly or indirectly?

Libra is the zodiac of the people born between September 23 and October 22. These people strike out as someone who is the epitome of balance and charm. What they seek in life is a perfect balance- be it in work position, mind and body, heart and brain, happiness and sorrow, and so on. A believer of peace as they are, they bring in joy in other’s lives.

What could be a better signature of your virtues of positivity, balance, and grace, than wearing it in your body? Speaking of body art, let me tell you that Libra tattoo ideas of balance and justice are quite a trending one among a lot of people.

Wear your zodiac as pride in your body.

Unable to figure out what design to imprint on your body. Take no worries as we list the most preferred Libra tattoo ideas, which include balance, positivity, justice, astronomical signs, etc.

Middle Finger Positioning of the Balance of Life

We know that the people having the zodiac, Libra balance every hemisphere of life. The tattoo seems to echo it all. The positioning and the size of this ‘balance’ tattoo make it even more appealing. What is even more ironic is its placement is towards the end of the middle finger, indicating a rebellious thought against age-old norms. The tattoo artist is highly skilled in bringing in detail to such a small piece of body art.

Balance of Life-Wrist Positioning

This tiny tattoo is powerful enough to bring forth the traits of your character. How craftily the artist places the tattoo! It’s just perfect. The tattoo seems to have a symbolic story behind it, perhaps indicating the influence of the planets in one’s life. Since it’s small and simple, the people adorning simplicity go for this one. Also, positioning is quite symbolic, which attracts even more women.


‘Life is not a bed of roses’ featuring Zodiac Symbol.

Just look at the artistic creativity of this tattoo. While many people love the simple display of zodiacs, others prefer to mingle their life’s lessons. The tattoo artist has blended in thorns with the rose, which is a constant reminder that ‘life is not a bed of roses.’ The contrasting shading and color use makes the tattoo even more praiseworthy.

Kabbalah in a Balanced Form

If you don’t know what Kabbalah is, let me enlighten you a bit. Kabbalah indicates the ‘Tree of life.’ Yes, that very tree on which our actions and afterlife depend on. The Libra balance between the branches amplifies the connection between earthly life and the heavenly one. Your activities on earth designate your position in heaven. And what could be a perfect reminder that inking the balance? Appreciate the beauty of this art and notice even the smallest detailing and precision of the roots and the leaves.


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Zodiac Symbol on the Wrist

Something is striking about this tattoo. I guess that most of you can sense it. I am talking about simplicity, delicacy, and unique coloring. No, it’s not a ‘greyish-black or shaded tattoo’; the tattoo makes the use of ‘carbon-black color,’ and this color appears as the most suitable one to echo the uniqueness and delicacy. The beautiful curve and the smaller straight line indicates the original Libra symbol. Most people get this beautiful, delicate tattoo to be done to reveal their true selves.

Day and Night are Equal.

This tattoo serves a gentle reminder of treating every moment of your life as an equal one. While people are in gratitude for the warmth of the sun, they fail to appreciate the soothing and calm nature of the moon. The moon and the sun, placed in contrasting balances, serves justice to their importance in our life, indicating that both night and day have equal influence.

The Divine Being Bringing Balance

Very often, people feel that their lives are balanced with the scales of the Divine Being, and this tattoo appears as a graphic representation of the thoughts. The artist has also included the influence of the sun and the moon. People possessing the Libra zodiac are known as peace bearer, but they feel that they lack judgment in life. So, it is fair enough to portray a superior external being governing them.

Justice is Blind

We are quite well-acquainted with the Lady Justice holding scales, which seems to echo that ‘Justice is Blind.’ The lady is not mostly blind but is blind-folded, which serves as a reminder to treat everyone equal in the eyes of the law. The careful use of the shading techniques makes this tattoo very appealing. Libra people simply love this tattoo, as this serves as their reminder to be a bearer of justice.

Balance fitted in the Ace of Spades.

Those who know a little about tarot card reading know the significance of the Ace of Spades. Symbolically speaking, the Ace seems to unleash the dark mysteries of life. The tattoo has the ‘balance’ fit inside the Ace. It’s sure to give you the inspiration and the to juggle through all the odds in life despite the coming darkness. The lion’s face perhaps serves as a reminder to face the issues in life bravely. The dark shading creates an alluring graphic that attracts people.


The Innovative Artistic Idea of using an Engraved Symbol

Realistic art, isn’t it? This tattoo is one of the most trending and creative tattoo using ripped skin features. Don’t have much knowledge or idea about this trend? Then, read on. Ripped skin art started off with the teenagers getting influenced by comics, which showcases a torn part of the skin. This tattoo seems to echo the ripped skin feature in which the stones on the hand is given a realist appeal. The zodiac Libra emerges from the stone. The splendid idea for men who wish to wear off their zodiac with pride and also show off the biceps.


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Balance of self between heart and brain

This is one of the reasons one should trust the people with Libra zodiac-they know to carry out a balance between mind and body. The graphic expression makes the thoughts about this tattoo quite clear. When your brain and soul are balanced, there is hardly any stopping to achieve your goal. The artist has showcased the expertise in his art form while drawing the heart and the brain, symbolically referring to emotions and logic. The artist simply brings in precision of the image by focussing on the additional dotted features.

Balancing the Devil and Angel

A person’s character features both good and evil features, and this is highlighted with the graphic representation of the Angel and Devil. What appears even more eye-catchy about this tattoo is the delicate wings of the angel and the devilish expression and fire of the Fiend. This tattoo features the Angel overpowering the Devil, or goodness has the influence over evil. Notice the shading on black and gray on balance.

Sunrise and sunset inspiration

Take a quick glance at this tattoo and see the contrast brought in with the use of colors. Sunrise and sunset, symbolically meaning rise and fall, light or creeping darkness is portrayed using this alluring art. You will simply love the way the artist has played around with the colors. The green border is another delicate detail, worthy of praise.

The Astronomical Inspiration of the Libra

This is the original representation of the Libra zodiac, the way it appears under the view of an astronomical telescope. The dotted lines indicate the stars or the constellation in the night sky. This tattoo art is quite eye-catchy on the one hand and equally delicate on the other. Not many people think of inking the constellation by itself, but if you are doing so, it is definitely going to be a trending topic of gossip and awe in other’s eyes.


While you have lots of options to bring in improvising to art, make sure that you express your thoughts entirely. A tattoo is a representation of the story you wish to tell. You, being entitled as a Libra, bestow upon you the power to balance the equilibrium. Let your positivity influence others and allow your tattoo to voice your words.

Aftercare and Maintenance of Libra tattoos

Getting a tattoo done, which you have been craving for a long time, is definitely a moment to cherish. But what you should be focussing on is the aftercare of your tattoo to make it last for a lifetime. The most critical period when your tattoo needs special care is the healing time. Although the outer skin may recover within a week, it would take at least six weeks for the full recovery. It demands your time, patience, and devotion. However, we aim to make your work easier.

The Top Maintenance Tips for Libra Tattoos

  • Try to follow the regime that your tattoo artist suggested. He/she /they will do the best to preserve the inked masterpiece. You will notice that the artist would be covering your skin with a layer of petroleum after the body art has already been printed. If you are allergic, opt for a non-scented ointment.
  • Ask your artist not to tie up the bandage too tightly as you would wish for the air to pass the skin.
  • Get your first wash done after five hours. Use a hypoallergenic soap, as it protects your skin against bacterial infections.
  • Do not scrub or prick your tattoo during the healing period, as the tattoo is nothing but an open wound, and you would not wish to end up with a bacterial infection.
  • Since the second week of the healing period is the trickiest one, you will want to itch more than ever. Listen up, do not scrap your skin at any cost. Use a non-scented natural moisturizer as it will relieve you.
  • Always wear sun-protected fabrics and cover your tattoo whenever you are out. This is a particular precaution for those opting for colored tattoos. Otherwise, you would experience the fading of your tattoo.
  • Try to avoid swimming in the initial days as you may end up disrupting the design.
  • You must figure out which ink your body rejects. Many people are allergic to green and red ink, and they develop an allergic reaction as soon as they get it inked. Try to avoid that.

Besides all the essential tips, what you should remember is to keep your skin and body hydrated. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid alcohol, nicotine, steroids, or other drugs during this period.

Queries often asked:

Which spirit animal can you combine while getting a Libra tattoo done?

The gray wolf appears as the spirit animal of the Libra zodiac. It is widely known that Libra people love socializing and staying in groups, and the characteristics of wolves also represent this feature. So it’s a good idea to pair along with your Libra tattoo with the fierceness of wolves.

What is the personality trait of Libra? How do you represent it?

Libra seems to hold a unique place among all other zodiacs as it is the only one whose representation is done with an inanimate object-the balance. The balance represents the power and ability of Libra to bring in, justice, balance, and harmony.

Why does the carrier of Libra appear blindfolded?

You must be speaking of the Lady Justice, who carries scales in her hand. She is also someone who is wearing blindfolds. This represents the impartial and just nature, which stands the truth. The Lady also features fierceness in attitude self-reliance.