Over 135 Sexy Long Hairstyles For Men

It’s been a while since long hair was considered sexy. It was once only a look that rock gods had or men that were into heavy metal but long hair for men is back and more fashionable than ever. Celebrities such as Jason Momoa, Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, and even Harry Styles have rocked out the long-haired look making it more popular than ever. Can you even imagine Jason Momoa cutting his hair at this point? Females all over the world would lose their minds if he did.

Having long hair is no longer just for skateboarders and surfers. More men than ever before are reaching out and wanting to have this newly fashionable style. Long hair can be anything from being on the shoulder to flowing down your back or something that’s just longer than a top fade. Men are even wearing buns now and ponytails so there is a lot that you can do with the look. You can pull the style back or part it in the middle, there is so much that you are able to do with it. You might even have two many choices now but that’s where we come in. We have so many great options for you to choose from that can also help you in deciding what you want to do with your hair on a day to day basis. We have a ton of different styles for you to choose from to get the type of style that you are looking for. Check out these sexy long hairstyles for men.

Shoulder Length Hair

This is a style that is very popular especially if you have a beard. It’s not too long or too short.


The Shaved Side

This is a sexy style that women everywhere love. Not only does it show that sexy side of you but it’s a little badass as well.

Braided Styles

If long hair is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with this long style. There is loose hair as well as braids which give you a unique look.

Shorter Than Some

You can have long hair without it going down your back. This is very similar to the length that Brad Pitt currently has and it’s a very popular look right now.

The Unkempt Look

A lot of people like the longer looks because they don’t have to worry about styling them.

Curly Hair

A lot of men with curly hair will cut it to keep it controlled, but in this man’s case, he wants to rock the style.

The Rock Star Look

The man bun is really popular right now and this look goes right along with that. Women are finding this look to be sexier and sexier.

Celebrity Looks

Many celebrities like Jared Leto will sport this look and that may have a lot to do with why it’s such a popular style right now.

Layered Look

There are many different ways to wear a long look and one of those is layered. This will give you the appearance of more body in your hair especially if you happen to have thin hair.

Lots of Body

If your hair is thick you will find that you have a lot more body than if you have thin hair.

Professional Style

Some styles are meant to be unruly while others look more professional.

The Best Way That You Can Talk to Your Barber

If you are going to try a new style out, the best thing that you can do is to communicate clearly with your barber or stylist. If you have a picture of the look you want, then you will be ahead of the game. Some people get nervous when they talk to their barbers because they are not able to communicate the kind of style that they want. We have some simple tips that will help you get the look that you are wanting. You can talk to your stylist about what you want because they know the best ways to get you what you want.

Before you head to the salon, make sure that you have a style in mind because if you don’t you will just have your stylist even more confused. Trying to look up a style on your phone just wastes everyone’s time and usually, the stylist will only have a certain amount of time available. Make sure you research the type of style that you want before you go into the salon.

  1. If you want a long style make sure that you know what length you are going for. Whether or not you want layers in your hair or just a trim is really important to know.
  2. Decide how you want the top of your hair to look. The top really determines the rest of the haircut. Whether your hair needs to be shortened or straightened or layered all depends on how long your top is.
  3. You need to tell your barber how long you want your hair. If you want it above the shoulder is a huge difference from keeping it below your shoulders.

Long Hair with Part

You don’t have to do a lot of styling to have a great look with long hair. Sometimes just a simple, crisp part is all that you require. Using a center part is the best look to go with and the straighter your hair, the better it will look. If you are looking to have a part that is as straight as an arrow, it’s pretty simple. Just take a fine-tooth comb to your hair right after you get out of the shower. Just make a straight line in the center of your hairline directly back. After that run a serum through to the ends of your hair. This will give you more shine to your look. If you are someone that has softer features, then you might want to try a side part. If you are looking to do a side part just follow the natural cowlick in your hair or just move it to preference. In order to keep it held into place, simply use some texturing spray on the roots of the hair which will help you to define your part. You don’t have to put too much product in your hair as this is a look that is best with some movement. It’s meant to look relaxed.

The Man Bun

The man bun because very popular in the past few years and that hasn’t changed at all. It seems to be a classic and not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s a versatile style that is very modern and relaxed. It’s a flattering style for any man to have and one that looks especially nice when it’s done for an event. There is nothing sexier than a man with a bun in a suit. It’s a style that suits any face shape and can be customized to the shape of your face. It’s really easy to style which is why it’s so popular. If you are unsure of how to style it, here’s a few steps: comb back the hair with your fingers and secure it with a hair tie. It’s really that simple. You can allow some of the tips to sticks out of the bun to give your look more of a relaxed appeal. You can wear a bun if you have long hair or medium length hair. The length of your hair is going to determine how low you can wear your bun. You should aim to have your bun to fall below the crown of your head but again that depends on the length of your hair. There are some men that can pull of a slick style where the hair is pulled back tightly but that’s not flattering for everyone so you can try that style or a more relaxed bun. The artfully messy bun is the most flattering style out there for a man bun and usually anyone can pull it off. Just slide your comb underneath the top of your bun to loosen the sections of your hair around your face.

Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

Slick Back

The slick backed look is a great one for guys because it gives them a bad boy look. You can achieve the look if you have medium length locks as it’s the best length for that type of style. You could do a bun or a [ponytail but this style gives you more of a polished look with a suit. You can easily wear the slicked-back look with a casual outfit as well. In order to get that glossy, high shine look of the slick style you want to use some product. You can rake some medium hold wet-look gel through your hair to get the look that you are going for. If you have curly or textured hair, you might want to use a different product in your hair. Pomade or mousse will give you better hold when it comes to that type of style. You have the choice of styling it so that it is slightly broken up so that it looks more worn-in.


Ponytails have been a popular style for a long time now and not surprising because they are easy to do. We all have those days where we don’t want to do anything with our hair and men aren’t any different. When you have long hair, sometimes it’s just easier to pull it back into a ponytail especially if you have nothing going on that day. If it’s a day of relaxation, you might not want to have to fuss with your hair. You can use the natural part of your hair or pull the hair all back for a more polished look. We suggest adding a drop of serum to your hair to add some shine to your look. To get it to stay ion place the longest, tie the elastic at least two or three times so that hair will stay in place.

Long Textured Waves

Jason Momao is a great example of a man that has long textured waves. He has a gorgeous hairstyle and one that certainly draws the eye. The style is rarely overly polished, it’s sort of meant to just hang there tousled. The look was also made popular by Harry Styles which was the combination of waves that were dense and textured and a deconstructed pompadour. The style can be used for any occasion and it works for any face shape. If you want to make it the best look possible, we would suggest getting a layered cut. If you want to mimic Style and Mamoa’s look then you will want to add some styling mousse to clean, damp hair and scrunch it. You can either choose to let it air dry or you can use a diffuser. We would not recommend using a hairdryer because with curly hair you will just end up with frizzy hair. When you use a diffuser, you want to direct the front section of hair backwards. Before the hair is completely dry, you want to use a comb and lightly backcomb the hair and add some hairspray as a finale. This look will not only have you feeling young again but you might even feel like a bit of a playboy.

Long hair on men is going to be a very popular look for a long time. As we said before, it was once thought of as a style only for heavy metal junkies or surfers but those days are gone. It really doesn’t matter the profession or what kind of lifestyle a man leads, he can do any of these styles and pull it off perfectly. If you are a man with short hair but you want to grow it out, we recommend that you get frequent trims so that your hair is healthy enough to grow quickly.

We hope that you enjoyed the article and found a style that you love.