85 Impressive Man Cave Ideas

Are you building a man cave and are stuck for ideas? The man cave. A place where the male of homo sapien species goes to get away from his partner and unwind. The man cave usually consists in the backyard shed. It’s filled with all things that would tantalize the senses of man. Things such as a bar for the boys to stand around drinking their drink of choice, beer. A man cave can be office away from the house where the man can go and get work done or get drunk with his friends without being hassled by his wife. In this post we take a look at man cave ideas.


Office Man Cave Ideas

If you work from home having somewhere to do it in peace and quiet is essential. An office man cave is place to get the job done free from distractions. You need to create as tranquil work environment. When embarking on the task of setting up your office planning is essential. The line of work you have do will tell what you need in the man cave. Obviously you will need an office table and chairs.  If you require internet check that your home router signal is strong enough. You can always add a second connection or use your phone. If you have paperwork you will also need a place to put so a file cabinet or chest of draws may come in handy.

A pleasant work environment is a productive. Set up your office so that it’s clutter free. Add house plants to give it a homely feel and increase the oxygen production. It also pays to have some homely nick knacks to add to the atmosphere. This like photos of your family, awards and general novelty items will give the place a sense of familiarity and a homely feeling.  As you can see from the man cave set up above this person has done exactly that. You can see the wall covered in awards and the filing cabinet. This is the ideal for the office man cave and maybe worth considering when it comes to building your cave.

Man Cave Ideas for Boys and their Toys

Some people use their man cave for storing all their toys. They spend time in the man cave just to be around their beloved bikes, boats or cars. There they spend countless hours admiring the beauty of their beloved toys. A man cave that is used for storing your favorite worldly possessions is a different beast than that of an office man cave. For this you will need a larger area and always think ahead for purchases you are likely to make in the future to avoid having to do a costly extension to your man cave.

Sometimes toys such as boats and cars leak oil. You might want to leave the floor as concrete so you don’t have to do a costly replacement later on down the track. A good way of utilizing space is a mezzanine. A mezzanine floor is a floor that sits half way between the ground and ceiling. This will give you all the room to put all the more dirt bikes. A mezzanine frees up a lot space that can be used for more man cave toys such as an entertainment system. You and the boys can plat Grand Tour on the hardest setting at full volume while necking beers, surrounded by glorious motorcycles.

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Control Station Man Cave Ideas

Did you ever want to have the control station of the Star Ship enterprise? Well, in a man cave you can. The image featured above is not exactly the console of the star ship enterprise but it does look like a control center. Does it not? This man cave has been set up for serious business. They have utilized the walls and attached simple shelving all the way around. There is plenty of work space with many storage options available.


Car Man Cave Ideas

Do you love to burn rubber in your badass cars but are lacking in storage facilities. Well you convert cave into ultimate car home. As you can see from the image above this man has installed a double stack system. The car park is hooked up to hydraulics so you lower it down and load up a car. Then you can send it up and park another car underneath.

Of course to house big toys you need a big man cave. So make sure you allow for plenty of room to store your cars. Let’s face it, you will be adding to the collection later down the track and that calls the need for more area.


Workshop Man Cave Ideas

Turn your man cave into a functional workshop. The above image is pretty much a dream workshop. It has all the space and amenities required to easily work on your vehicle. These men are hard at work doing man things on vehicles from all era. The amount of space in the workshop is ample enough to complete the biggest job including a full engine rebuild as you can see in the bottom right of the image above.

If you do like to tackle the big jobs like a real man, you may need a hoist. This will come in handy when you’re working on cars and for lifting heavy items. You can buy manually operated hoists where the user pulls a chain to move it up or down. If you have a few extra bucks lying around I would advise that you go for the version with an electric motor.


Amenity Man Cave Ideas

Sometimes you need to go the whole hog and if you spend a lot of time in the man cave your going to need all the amenities. There is nothing worse than having to go back inside to go to the toilet. It’s hard to adjust to going from man cave mode and into house mode. You would having to answer questions from the wofe asking what you up to. Then you would have to lie to her. A man cave needs all the creature comforts of house and more. You can deck out your man cave with all sorts of exciting entertainment toys.

Start with the necessities at first and work your way down the list of priorities. After smashing back a few tins your going to need to drain the weasel. You are going to need a thrown. A toilet. A place to purge your bodily fluids. Then you will need some plumbing installed so you can wash you hands. Then you walk to the kitchenette and grab another beer out of your trusty bar fridge. The boys are hungry so you go to the pantry and grab some crisps.


The boys are sitting around in the couches watching the game on the big screen with the full sized home theater speakers blaring out the commentary. Robbo wants to rack up a game of pool then grabs the pool cues from behind the bar.

Does this little scenario sound like it could be a slice of heaven for you. Well, my friends the sky is the limit when it comes to turning you man cave into a fully fledged entertainment area. Check out the picture above. This chap has nailed the wooden man cave look. The solid wooden bar is the perfect place to rest your drink and catch up over old times. The high ceilings are a nice touch and really open up the place.

Marble Man Cave Ideas

If wood is not your thing maybe marble is more up your moot. Check out the fantastic job on this piece of design perfection. That view alone is worth a million dollars. Speaking of a million dollars these are more of the luxury man cave. The high end deals that would cost an arm and leg. They are beautiful but you can knock up a great man cave using your good old fashioned ingenuity and creativity.





Stunning billiards room with Western mountain lodge style design elements.

downstairs games room luxury house



Gaming Room Man Cave Ideas

This is the quintessential gaming man cave. It’s ideal for getting the boys over on a Friday night, smashing your favorite brew and coming away a winner in the end. If you’re keen enthusiast you may go all the way as to install your very own roulette wheel. Ten dollars or red please sir! You can imagine the excitement with everyone standing around the table, cheering for their number while AC/DC blasts highway to hell in the background.

Then of course you will need gaming system with four controllers so everyone gets a go. You could even go old school and fill your man cave with old school arcade machines. There are companies that will fit you out with a retro arcade machine preloaded with all the games from the classic to the modern era. The hard part is choosing a game to play. There are literally thousands of titles to choose from.



Bowling Alley Man Cave Ideas

Strike! Yes that’s right some people go as far having their own bowling alley in the man cave. You have have some serious coin if you want to do it but it’s well worth it. You can fire down balls with your buddy in the man cave while arguing who’s cheating before calling quits because Johnny stormed off in a huff because Robbo was cheating again.




Poker Table Man Cave Ideas

What man cave would be complete without a poker table. Texas hold em’ has gained popularity and people all over the world are getting caught up in the whirlwind. With your own table you can have all the fast paced fun without leaving the house. Well the man cave I should say. Check out the image above. This set up is every man’s wet dream. It has everything you would ever need to entertain and escape the droll of everyday life. That’s assuming that you work a 9 to 5. If you don’t you probably still need a man cave.



Lighting- Man Cave Ideas

Don’t forget to think about lighting for your man cave. Good lighting can really set the tone of the ambience. If it’s for entertaining purposes you can go crazy with the lights and impress your friends with very won light show. Crank out the disco ball and turn on the lasers its dancing time. This man cave in the above image is set up in a more bar style.



Library Man Cave Ideas

This man cave has a library. When you go out and check on your car for the fifteenth time you have the option of pulling up a stump and reading your favorite novel. Better yet you can your favorite novel while sitting in your favorite car. Are you the literary type or the do you have books that you have never read? Regardless you can set them up in your man cave and your friends will  think your a genius.

You can turn your man cave into a full blown library with smokers chairs to boot. I would leave the car in the garage though so you have more room for books.





Garage Style Man Cave Ideas

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create the a man cave. As you can see from the image above that this person has turned their garage into cave. All you need to do is make room for a sitting area, install a bar and make sure there is enough space for your chariot.


Every man needs a man cave and every man cave needs toys. Regardless of your budget you can create your very own man cave in your garage or you go all out and install all the trimmings such as bowling alleys and arcade machines. This list has been full of amazing man caves of all types and we hope it give you some inspiration when it comes to building your very own.