115 Exquisite Marble Nail Designs To Try This Year

Marble nails have been around for a long time and it’s a trend that is more popular than ever. The sky is the limit for the color combinations that you can do with this style. There are many ways in which you can get this style and some like to go to the salon to be pampered while others prefer to stay at home and do it themselves. We are going to give you tons of ideas to inspire you whether you are wanting to do it yourself or not. You can have the cute nails that you have always aspired to. These nails look expensive but they are not hard to create, even if you are doing it on your own.  Marble is taking over and that’s the best news we’ve heard all day. This is a trend that is taking nail art from basic to amazing!

The 90’s Are Back 

The traditional look for marble is black and white but we don’t have to be so plain. This is the era where we get to represent ourselves in any fashion that we want.


The Fierce Look

If you love the darker side of things then try out the black and pink look.

A Swirl of Pink

If pink is your favorite color then you can’t go wrong with this style.

Do-It-Yourself Sharpie Design

You might think that this design would be hard to create, but it really isn’t. Maybe it’s just an illusion but we love it either way. Yes, the details are dainty but that doesn’t mean they have to be impossible to create. These styles can be created in the comfort of your own home. The things that you will need are the following: base coat, top coat, white polish, nail file, buffer, sharpie pen, clean liner brush and isopropyl alcohol.

Helpful tips to get the marble look that you want:

  1. Prep Your Nails

You want to make sure you prep your nails before you do the nail design. File them in the shape that you want and then buff the nail plate.

  1. Clean The Nail Plate

Use alcohol or acetone to clean the plate of your nail. This is the best way to get polished and cool nails.

  1. Apply Base Coat

Simply put on a light base coat to your nails. Again, this preps them so that the nail polish will go on smoothly.

  1. Apply Nail Polish

Now that it’s time to add the nail polish, you will want to do two coats of the white polish or whatever base coat color you decided for your marble. A lot of people like the black and white look but you can marble your nails in many different ways. If you can, try to get a highly pigmented color because they work the best.

  1. Allow It To Fully Dry

A lot of people make the mistake of not allowing their nails to fully dry and then they end up with smudged nails. You will have to start over if this is the case. That’s one of the downfalls to having nails done at home. It’s very important that the nails are fully dry before you go to the next step.

  1. Use the Sharpie

You can grab your Sharpie pen at this point and start to create marble-like veins all over the nails. Let the sharpie work dry at this time.

  1. Add Alcohol

Now you are going to dip the liner brush in alcohol and that’s going to break up the marker lines so that you get that marble style. The lines start to break up much like watercolor effects. They bleed out which gives that marble effect that we love so much. Once the alcohol has dried out, you can add more lines if you want and overlap them. Keep doing it until you get the look that you want.

  1. Apply Topcoat

You can complete the look by applying a layer of topcoat to your nails.

The Hippy Style

This is a cool style that will give you the vibes from the 60’s and 70’s.

Different Shades

A cool look like this is everything that you could want in a modern marble design. Take a look and see how much you love it.

A Chunky Look

The downside to doing your nails at home is that you could end up with a style that looks chunky. That’s due to having multiple coats of nail polish on and not allowing them to dry properly.

Add Different Elements

The cool thing about this pretty marble design is that she has added different elements to the look such as dots.

The Look of Marble

The great thing about the marble design is that not every nail looks the same, so you have an opportunity of having many different looks.

Bold Choices

You can’t go wrong with this cool style and we can’t help but love the color combinations involved.

Does Marble Nail Design Require Special Nail Polish?

There are professional products such as watercolors for nails that would be perfect for the marble design but it’s certainly not required to get the look that you want. The watercolor nail polishes also work better with gel manicures. If you don’t like the look that your regular polish is giving you, then you might want to just head to the salon to get that professional look.

Do-It-Yourself Styles Without A Sharpie

Many people were inspired by the cool look of marble and there are many different ways that you can get the style done. Just imagine a French tip where the tip is marble design. There are so many cool ways of creating a style that you will love. If you are looking to have a little more fun with your style, then you can’t go wrong with the images provided. There are so many cool color choices and designs. There are endless styles to choose from whether you are looking for a casual style or a fancy one. You don’t need to spend hours doing the style either, there are quick ways to do the style at home.

We have a DIY style that doesn’t require a sharpie and we know that you are going to love it. It’s a style that will look great on your nails whether they are long or short. Check out this step-by-step tutorial.

Here’s how you do the marble manicure, easy and simple:

Tools That You Will Need

A Base Color:

This is where you can get creative and choose the shades that you want. It does not have to be black and white; you can literally choose any color you want. You can start with a neutral shade or you can have a bright and bold color. The sis the limit for the color choices that you can have so really make this moment shine for you.

A Texture Color: It’s important that you choose a shade that is a shade or two lighter than the one you chose for your base shade. These colors will be mixed together to get the marble effect that you are looking for. If you are wanting black as your base, then you could also use grey as your texture color. It’s a great contrast to try out.

A Detail Color: This is the color that you want to use to draw lines with so the idea is that you want the color to pop. It’s important to pick a good color for this. If you are going with a dark color as your base or sticking with black, then you might want to consider using white nail polish.

Metallic Color: You want to try a metallic color that will work well with your detail color. Gold is often a popular color that will go with pretty much any color.

A Detail Brush: You can get this tool right from your makeup bag. An eyeliner brush is a perfect tool to get the look that you want. You can use this tool to draw on your nails. You want something that has a precise point to it so that you get the detail that you want. If you have a tiny paintbrush, that would actually work as well.

Plastic Wrap: This is something that probably all kitchens have so it will be easy to find. This is going to be an essential tool for creating your marble look. You will need to wad it up to get the marble effect that you are looking for.

Top Coat: The Grande finale always happens with a topcoat. It’s one of the most important steps and it’s the last step because every nail design needs to have a topcoat. This is what seals the polish so that you get that smooth, shiny finish that you have always been looking for. A topcoat also helps to prevent cracking and chipping and dries clear so that you can show off your marble masterpiece.

Clean-Up Brush: you can use an eyeshadow brush for this because it works wonderfully to get out any smudges that might come along.

Nail Polish Remover: This is used to get rid of any nail polish that was leftover on the skin after your design. You can use the clean-up brush with it to make sure that any excess nail polish is cleaned up.

Get the Marbled Nail Look

Step 1: Applying the Base Coat

When you add your base coat make sure that you brush right up to the edge of your nails. You want to make sure to even cover the tips. It’s best to do two coats of the base color.

Step 2: Add your Texture Color

This is when you will need your texture color and the plastic wrap. Wad it up into a ball. You want to put just a drop if the base color and the texture color on a clean surface like a piece of paper or cardboard. You will press the wad of plastic into both colors to mix them together. You take this and gently press it into the nails and you will see your textured finish start to develop right before your eyes.

Step 3: Add Some Detail

Make sure first that the base color and texture color have completely dried. Once that happens, you will need a detail brush. You take the brush and dip it into your detail nail polish color. You will draw wavy or squiggly lines all over the nails, however, you want it to look. Follow the lines of the texture as best that you can as it will look better.

Step 4: Add Some Shine

You can clean your detail brush with the nail polish remover and then just wipe it down on a tissue. Make sure that the brush is totally dry. Once it is, you can dip it into your metallic color and start adding accents near the lines you just created.

Step 5: Remove the Smudges

There are likely smudges of nail polish on your skin or nails and you can use this to clean it up. Clean the smudges from your fingers or on the edges of your nails. You can use the eyeshadow brush with the nail polish to clean up your nails. You will need to make sure that your nails are dry before you apply the topcoat.

Step 6: Applying the Topcoat

You just need to apply a top coat to seal the amazing marble manicure and have your marvelous style. Make sure that you have allowed it to dry for at least 10 minutes. Once it’s fully dry, you can do whatever you want without worrying that it will smudge.

These cool gold elements really make for an amazing style.

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We hope that you found a cool design to try out. Marble designs are elegant and sophisticated and because of the different colors, you can really make the style your own. These colors are bold and beautiful and you can achieve the look that you have been wanting for so long.