16 Medusa Piercings To Beautify Your Face & Aftercare Guide

It is quite an eye-catchy appeal when you walk inside the room with the blazing attitude, isn’t it?  Wish to know what gives a woman such confidence? Well, the cynosure is the little bead above her lips.

You may ask, what exactly is medusa piercings? Well, it is a small penetration between the nose and the top lip, called the ‘philtrum.’

Medusa piercings get their name from the Canadian hairdresser who popularised it. Due to the placement in the philtrum, it was initially known as philtrum piercing. But medusa piercings appear more attractive to be heard.

Most people are in awe with the swag imparted by medusa piercings because of its gender-neutral appeal, suiting both the genders and has no discrimination when giving the men a chance to wear jewelry. The other loved reason for the insanely growing popularity of the medusa piercing is to highlight the fantastic lip contour artistically.

Who would lose the chance to get a makeover done due to the medusa piercings? Surely none. Whether you wish to steal the look of Zhavia Ward or carry the flare in your face like Dev, go ahead and get a medusa piercing done.

While you are trying your best to choose the best piercing to glorify your face, here are some of the amazing options to guide you.

Disney’s Inspired Ariel Mermaid Look

Most of you can easily guess why this look seems like a human version of the Disney princess, Ariel. The contrasting highlight of the red-dyed hair creates a very punkish and attractive version of the look. What is very striking about this look is the use of three different kinds of jewelry to adorn the face. The labret or medusa piercing, just above the lip maintains a perfect distance with that of septum piercing. The silver nose ring further adds up even more detail. Choose a matte lipstick to suit your look.

Beautiful Decorations for the lip

What this medusa piercing intends to highlight is the artistic feature of the lip. In the picture below, notice how beautifully the girl adorns her face by  including beads of different sizes to compliment her look. Besides adding up a bead just above the top portion of the lip, this girl has included keeping a small bead at her lower lip. She further completes her look with a nose piercing. A bright and bold lipstick should bring to focus on the fascinating style. Make sure to choose bright silver beads to feature contrast with the bold lipstick.

Like A discreet face piercing

The medusa piercing can make up a makeover to give a discreet face piercing if the size of the bead is not too big. The girl in the picture has a stretched earlobe, which features her look as more exciting. It is eye-catchy yet straightforward due to the discreet features. Just a small bead, without any other details or septum piercing, changes the appeal of the face quite interestingly. Pair your look with sharp winged eyeliner and a renovative tattoo.

Featuring bead just above the lip line

The exact placement of medusa piercing is quite crucial. If you are getting your upper lip pierced, this indicates that it would flatten your upper lip, hence be careful enough to choose the best spot. Take a close look at this picture, the bead is just above the lip line, maintaining a bit of distance with the nasal septum. Also, the most striking feature is that she has used beads of the same sizes.

A pairoff with Jeweled Labret Stud

It is often regarded as a very trendy choice and quite a popular one. She is pairing off her philtrum piercing with a silvered nose ring. The glossy appeal of these silver jewelry sets a tone of elegance on your face. If you possess an oval or heart-shaped face, this should be an ideal option as it goes hand in hand with your face type. Make sure that you choose a bead of preferable size.

Septum piercing’s bead

In this look, although the septum does not get hooked up with a bead, she keeps a bead just above her lip line. The different use of jewelry is quite interesting as it creates a contrast on the face. The septum piercing is an excellent pair along to suit this look. You can add up a tattoo on your forearm and add minimal eye makeover for your party look.

Alternative with Cheek piercings

An alternative with cheek piercings-an interesting name for this amazing look, isn’t it? What is the most eye-catchy feature about this look is the piercings on both sides of the cheeks. All three beads are of the same size and seem to follow a V pattern over the face. The cheek piercings are at equal distances with the upper lip piercing. The blue dye on the hair is a complimentary feature on this look. Minimal makeup and heavy ear jewelry add up fascinating details on the face. However, a risky choice but is worth your risk and pain.

Stunning Crystals everywhere

Ever thought of trying to go for a silver makeover. If you have ever thought of it, then go for this look. Choose a small bead bearing a crystal for the upper lip piercing. Pair your septum ring carrying similar shiny crystal. The look is exquisite and is an excellent choice for wedding looks. For additional makeovers, you can opt for silver nail paint or glossy highlights. This eye-catchy look looks great with nude shade lipsticks and also with bright, bold shades.

A very Well-defined polished Look

Thinking of getting a makeover done for a perfect polished look, then opt for this look, which will simply adorn you with different uses of jewelry. You may notice that the piercings on the upper lip and both the nostrils appear alike, but they are precisely the same. The piercings on both sides are a bit smaller. What makes them look similar is the use of the same colored beads. The septum piercing makes the look very distinguished and unique. If you notice the septum jewelry, it is a bit different than the usual one, and it possesses a spiral appeal.

Maintaing a contrast between Medusa And Jestrum

A question may pop out into your mind that what is Jestrum? Well, Jestrum indicates the piercing located in the lower lip. It is a bit different from medusa as it involves the piercing to be done through the lip. Though the process might seem a bit exhausting and painful, it is still one of the trendiest medusa piercings, and perhaps the most punky fashion ever experimented with. Go for bold and eye-catchy lip color, and no one can beat your stylish makeover. Make sure to use the beads of the same sizes.

Cute nose-lip combination

This is a cute combination that features both the nose and the upper lip portion quite gracefully. Some women simply love nose rings, and this makeover and look is an excellent choice for them who wish to add up the touch of the medusa piercings. Be careful enough to opt for similar colored jewelry, otherwise, you may not end up with your desired appeal. Pair your look with shortened hair and minimal makeup.

Glow-up with Golden Labret Piercing

Metallic jewelry is often the first choice of women, isn’t it? And what could possibly the better option than gold? Gold- a safe choice for your skin and glossy to look at uplifts the beauty and delicate features of your face. If you are in your new teens and wish to opt for medusa piercings, it is a stylish choice for an aurum stud. It is eye-catchy, smart, and elegant.  Take an in-depth look in the picture; what appears even more fascinating are the cheek piercings. This adds up additional glamour on your punky look. Even the septum ring is chosen in a way such that it blends with the jewelry excellently. Be careful enough when you are choosing the beads as all the beads are of different sizes.

Identically Colored Nose stud Medusa piercing

Is it your first piercing? And you are facing confusion about whether to choose the range from contrasting septum-stud colors or to opt for similar ones. It is a smart and advisable choice to opt for the same colors. What could possibly a better option than black? It undoubtedly goes hand in hand with every face type and skin tone. Make your look even more distinguishable by detailing your eyes with mascara. Opt for a matte lip shade to facilitate even more charm on your face.

The freshness of the Flower stud

Ah! Flowers- the reason to bring in the freshness and beauty in people also appears as a lovely option to grace your face. What appears as the most fascinating feature of the look is the use of the smart and elegant floral stud. The features of your face are highlighted beautifully. While Medusa piercings impart fierceness and strength, the flower stud brings in sweetness, fragrance, and fragility. Make sure to choose your floral stud depending on your face type and skin tone.

A Sassy combination of Snake Bite and Medusa

Don’t you find the combination between snakebite and medusa piercings very attractive? Wish for the punk option to adorn your face? Then why not opt for this sassy appeal. Take a quick grasp at the careless and sassy fashion statement of this girl, who makes use of two different types of beads. While the nose piercing appears more of a tiny natural mole. The cheek and medusa piercings bring up the fierceness in the appeal.  Although there are unlimited options waiting for you, opting for black snakebite piercings are undeniably eye-catchy. Black would also be a great option if you are getting your piercings done for the first time. The vibe that you get from these styling options is filed with style and positivity. 

A Daring look with Vertical Medusa Piercings

Take note that though vertical medusa piercings appear much like Jestrum piercings but they are not the same.  The feature that catches the attention at the first glace is the opposing placements of the beads. While the medusa piercing might appear quite average to some women, they try upon a delusion where they make it appear that the piece of jewelry is passing through the center of the lips. The trick created for the illusion is the use of a rounded labret, more of a half-circle through the lips. Though the process of the piercing might appear quite painful but trust me it is worth your risk.


Medusa Piercing healing process

Most of the people have a query regarding the healing process of the medusa piercings. It entirely depends on your food habits and the responses of tender care that you show towards your piercings. Generally, it takes 6-12 weeks to recover your skin from the medusa piercings fully. Well, the healing period may vary according to the texture of your skin and your body’s immune system. If you still have doubts, it is a safe choice by asking the piercer how to take care of it. If you are opting for cheek piercings, it may take up a long period. However, the lip piercings heal up a faster rate. Try to opt for a no-makeup look till the piercings are healed naturally. During the healing period, it is advisable to avoid those foodstuffs which can cause allergy for your skin.

Additional aftercare tips for medusa piercings

People are mistaken when they feel that aftercare is a waste of time, and they tend to ignore it. However, many things have to be kept in mind after getting a piercing done. Whether it is snakebite piercing, septum, or the cheeks, aftercare is a must. Here are some of the tips to help you out. We have included the expert recommendations and the most suitable aftercare tips to suit your preference.

  • Always keep your piercing jewelry clean to avoid skin irritation. It is advisable to opt for a salt bath at your home. Make sure to use a clean and tidy paper towel to get the region cleaned.
  • Keep the piercing out of water or soaps as the shine of the piercings may fade away.
  • It is a safe choice to keep your piercing free from foreign products like petroleum jelly, chapstick, etc. Always put a towel in your pillow while you sleep; this will keep the piercings away from bacterial infections.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is also needed, as this is a secret tip for taking good care of your lips.
  • Try to avoid cigarettes and alcohol as much as possible because it lowers up your entire immune system. Cigarettes contain Nicotine,e which is considered a harmful chemical in the healing process of the piercing.
  • As you get a new medusa piercing done, take utmost care of what you eat as you wouldn’t wish to end up crumbling your teeth due to the new piece of jewelry.
  • Avoid touching your jewelry frequently as it disturbs the surrounding areas and causes irritation.

Apart from all these tips, it is a smart option to choose your initial jewelry as a slightly large version. If the jewelry is too small, it is often found to press against the piercing. This further increases the risk of getting infected and limits blood flow. If you are getting your piercing done for the first time, choose your jewelry, which consists of good metal.

Queries often asked

A. What is the average cost of medusa piercing?

The range of the price of your piercing will always be varying. Expenses are categorized on the number of piercings done. It is often found that the prices lie somewhere between $40 and $ 80. As the piercings are mostly located near the nerve endings, it is more prone to be affected by a bacterial infection. The Jestrum piercings are riskier and a bit costlier than the rest.

B. Do medusa piercings harm your teeth?

Although medusa piercings heal up within 6-12 weeks, they may run a risk in causing gum erosion. This erosion is mostly caused by the repeated friction between the jewelry and the gums. However, you can prevent the damage by opting for a soft-backed BioFlex labret stud. If you still face problems, it is advisable not to wear heavy jewelry.

C. Do medusa piercings hurt a lot?

If taken into consideration the pain tolerance, medusa piercings are less painful than elaborate piercings or other piercings on the body. However, it is the doer who decides how unpleasant it appears. Although medusa lip piercings tend to be more hurting after the procedure than the actual process, it is not very alarming. The lip tissues grow back at a faster rate, so the problem will not persist for a more extended period. If you face swollen regions along the lips or the piercings, apply a pain-relieving ointment. If not, take a painkiller after getting the piercings done.