95 Mesmerizing Mermaids Tattoo Designs You Would Definitely Love

When beauty mingles with passion and love, art happens.

Mermaids have appeared as a powerful symbol of femininity, transformation, nature, love, sexuality, and creation.

Aren’t aware of what mermaids are? No worries, the distinct identification of mermaids appears as a pretty woman of seductive figure and long, flowing locks and jewelry. The mythology of mermaids became even more popularised as Walt Disney created their famous princess character, Ariel.

The idea of mermaid tattoos has its roots from sailors and fishers and is a dominant expressible body art of today.

History of the Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos- often suggested as an embodiment of passion and love or extreme pleasure derived from sea-faring expeditions. Generally, we associate mermaids as a beautiful sea creature, resembling humans, from our folklore or mythological stories. It is often suggested that mermaid tattoos bear a close association or resemblance to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Travelers in the pages of history seem to bring up the allusions of mermaids with Tethys, Amphitrites, Calypso, and Ran, the Norse sea goddess. Sometimes, mermaids appear as a sexualizing power, holding sailors captive, or a wild spirit whose rebellious independence is a feature to be emulated. Even Walt Disney created the famous princess character, Ariel, to commemorate the strength, beauty, and passion of the mermaids.

Mermaid tattoo arts of today doesn’t restrict to the age-old ideology of a fragile female who is mystifying for her physical appeal but is an authoritative tone when spoken of independence, freedom, self-worth, self-love and body positivity. From including mermaid designing ideas that have been embraced since time immemorial to ideas that are simply out of the box, we have tried to include most of the options that suit you the best.

Mermaid Tattoo designs that are favorite of all times:

The Beauty of Black and Gray- Traditional Mermaid Tattoo Pattern

What is most intriguing in these tattoo ideas is the rudimentary and elegant approach to the artistic style. Notice how a single needlework sculptures out the beauty and fragility of the skin art. Although there is a lack of colors when thought about the presentation of these tattoos, the precision and expertise of shading gives a realistic appeal. If you feel that your skin is a delicate one, and you wish to skip coloring, opt for these photorealistic interpretations of the designs. The subtle black and grey tattoos are a fantastic pick of artwork for your back and arms. The precise line shading and the heavy shading of the delicate fins set the eyes grooving.

Vibrant Outburst of color

People wish to reflect their personality using body art, and this vibrant potential is most aptly expressed once you add up a vivid and fresh watercolor, that blends up excellently with your skin.  It is often thought that mermaids have a colorful appeal, and the subtle expression is more widely expressed in the form of exuberant body art. What the artist , in this form of body art, has to keep in mind is the expression in the face of the mermaid.

While some artist opts for hyper-realistic portrait, others seek inspiration from the widely known Disney character, Ariel. Many women tend to bring upon beauty, passion, delicate attributes by combining the tattoo with beautiful scenery, which creates a contrast to the skin and appears quite eye-catchy. To make the tattoos more vivid and detailed, corals, turtles, waves, sea-weeds are also added up. Sometimes only a feature of the mermaid, such as the dorsal fin/ tail, scales, or the slim stature, is good enough to echo the thoughts.

 Mermaid Tattoos Bringing in Delicate Features

As modernization has crept in, the use of new designing instruments procured, which led to the creation of the delicate version of the body art in contrast to the traditional versions of ‘bold forms.’  The observable delicate details feature beautiful locks of hair, glitter tails,  artistically layered mermaid scales. You may also find that the 3D effect is being used to bring up reality in art. Also, many times, a fading contrast is created with a colorful focus. You can easily spot a delicate mermaid tattoo by noticing fine lines followed by black/grey full-body color. Sometimes the delicate tattoo ideas miss up lines and appear as a splash of colors. The delicate mermaid fairy seems quite fragile, and you can show it up along your legs, shoulders, or forearms.

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Unique and Innovative Tattoo inspiration

Artists of today have no fearing of expressing their full potential and highlighting what they can do the best. Mostly abstract art, words, or redefining of mermaids are used while designing tattoos in this method. You can choose baffling geometric designs, mandala art, optical illusions while choosing your mermaid pattern. Some people prefer the eye to be the cynosure so that you can opt for hyperrealism, mingled with animation. Thanks to the new designing tools, because of which you can avail yourself of the body art of mermaids, combining seafoam, rocks, and corals. These tattoo designing options are made to look the body art as more of a modern, expressible voice with intelligent ideas. Rather than the primitive version denoted of the mermaids which showcased feminine beauty and fragility, these body art forms make your concept of art questionable and elegant. Instead of showing off a passion for love, fragility, or grace, these tattoos symbolize the women of today- strength with free voice.

Dark Themed and Skeleton Mermaid Tattoos expressing Gothic themes

While many adore mermaids as the dreamy fairy or mythical creature, it is often regarded that dark history is attached to them. Quite many netizens believe that mermaids used their beauty and grace to attract fishers, who would be easily lured. Further, this honey trap led to the murder of many anglers as a punishment for killing fishes and innocent sea creatures. More and more people tend to bring up this symbolism that ‘beauty can also appear as poison.’ It may also signify the treacherous and dark side of female figures that should not be disturbed. A zeal of revenge due to evoking evilness is being alluded to in these body art figures. The gothic texture creates a striking contrast to the ongoing female beautifying trend. Many of the artists even add up details like spooky aquatic chimeras, hollow eyes, mermaid skeleton with jewels.

A Linework of Mermaid Tattoo Design

The most basic framework for any successful tattoo is clean and robust linework. If the linework doesn’t appear to be perfect, the designated design would have to end up in a smudgy bobbed version. Clean linework appears such distinct and striking that few people might skip coloring and shading too. Clean lines best speak potent words when it well accomplished. Thanks to the variety of textures and fine artists that mermaids appear to be a beautiful piece of body art even without much styling and designing tips.

Inspiration from American/Neo Traditional Tattoo

Not most people are aware that traditional American art gave birth to Western tattooing, and most netizens simply love what evokes culture and tradition. When let known about the reference of the people, you will find that the tattooing parlors are still adorned with these mythical creatures as an embodiment of passion and love. Although the inspiration for using vibrant colors in depicting mermaids is an old school, it has a modern touch. Nudity of art is expressed vividly

Take a look at this tattoo which hasn’t played much either with style or with expressions but is simple, bold with lines and flower-this bears a resemblance to Sailor Jerry’s hula girls.

Look at this excellent use of vibrant colors and the artistic detail, which represents a more aquatic version of the different fairy-tale mermaid versions. The jewelry brings in much detail.

Design that are breaking all trend records

  1. Anchor a mermaid tattoo

If you desire to express your wish to flaunt your love for oceans and seas, go for this fantastic sea-related tattoo which highlights the anchor. The anchor may symbolize the power to stop a ship in the harshest of situations, which, if compiled with mermaid tails, brings out a contrast between reality and myths.

2. Mermaid Scales Tattoos

Mermaid scales are also less accessible. Look up the detailing I the picture and notice the distinct art. Mermaid scales is a perfect body art to brace your feet. The vibrant blue shade looks quite appealing and appears as a symbolism of wildness and independence.

3. Mermaid tail finger tattoo

This tattoo is small but appears striking. It may symbolize passion, grace, beauty, or celebration for being a woman. Compile small tattoo ideas on each of your fingers to adorn them. Besides typical tailor mermaid physique, you can go mysteriously appeal, including tentacles, fins, etc.

4.  Mermaid on mirror tattoo

A very princess-like symbolism is used here where mermaids are shown on mirrors. Perhaps this tattoo reminds us of the mermaid waiting for her long lost lover. Also, the symbolism of self-worth resonates through this body art. The most distinguishing feature is that the tattoo is created as more of a reflection of glass than a real figure.

5. Tail, shell and waves mermaid tattoos

A beautiful idea when you wish to decorate your arm with body art bearing delicate, yet realist appeal. The main difference that can be noticed is the mastery and skill of the artist. The shading appears quite calm and smooth, and the small scale is an eye-catchy feature.

Additional Tips for Aftercare of your Tattoo at a Long-term interval:

While you express your passion, emotion, and feminine grace and power in your favorite mermaid tattoo, you should be aware of taking the best care of it. Aftercare of your tattoo is very crucial, and once you get your done, you will notice that the artist will be applying a thin coating of petroleum or ointment if it doesn’t suit your skin. A bandage or a plastic wrap usually follows this. But what you need to focus on is prolonging the shelf-life of your tattoo with equal dedication. Here are some expert-recommended tips to guide you:

  • If you possess sensitive skin, try to avoid going for red, blue, green ink as these colors cause the most allergic reactions.
  • Polynesian people feel that coconut oil is a secret towards a healthy and shiny tattoo. It is well proven as coconut oil is a tremendous natural moisturizer. But if you appear to be allergic to it, avoid using it. Instead, switch to non-fragrant products and natural extract moisturizers.
  • Keep your tattoo clean by washing your skin with a bar of unscented soap and non-menthol one.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and healthy.
  • Try to avoid an excessive increase in weight or weight loss to prevent your skin from shrinking or stretching. This distorts your tattoo.
  • Try to choose SPF clothing, especially if you are opting for a vibrant tattoo. Avoid wearing scratchy fabrics or fabrics that don’t suit your skin.

Queries Often Asked:

A. What is the symbolism of mermaid tattoos?

Mostly mermaid tattoos are taken up as a feminine form of body art. Most people arguably wish to present love, beauty, and mystery through these tattoos. But it is also thought they can put forward a dark myth in connotation to their present lives. Due to the close association of mermaids with seas, it may often put to notice the relationship with nature, intuition, birth, rebirth, and creation. Mermaids are also thought of as a representation of danger, seduction, and sexuality. Let your body art express your inner thoughts with the imagery of body arts.

B. Do men look good on mermaid tattoos?

It is often a misconception that men won’t look good in mermaid tattoos. Mermaid tattoo is a powerful form of art. Adventurous men can always opt for mermaid tattoos who wish their desire for sea-faring expeditions. The art of seduction and sexuality is also smoothly conveyed when mermaid tattoos are presented with dark phases. Tattoos are simply a pictorial representation of your thoughts, and you are free to interpret in a way you wish to.