15 Military Haircuts Inspiration You Never Want to Miss

A profession that seeks nothing but a zeal to protect countrymen. Thinking about compensating your fashion statement for the sake of your duty. Shed off your thoughts as your style redefines the personality in you.

While a typical mental image of a young militant emerges as a strong personality of virtues, power, and duty, but hair definition remains unchanged. Although short hair glimpses are not uncommon in the military regiment, the range of style approved can surely be your take. The battlefield demands the trade of life at a cost of maintenance of self but what caters your style is to put up a timeless, enduring fashion with least worries.

The 15 Classic Military Haircuts You Can Never Go Wrong With

In the era where long hair has uprooted the sensation in media and among stars, short hair still remains the preferable one among leading men to suit their time, elegance, and personality. Military haircuts have never run out of style, isn’t it?

A cut reserved only for the militants at a time is now a favorite among men who wish the hindrance of growing hair to stay aloof from their professional life, yet looked at as fashionable and classy. Trading a boring buzz cut for the sake of duty is definitely not a decision for your acceptance when you are given to choose from a wide range of faded looks, flat cuts, comb-overs, and side parts. The style is no longer reserved for only war front but is a bold choice on Red carpets too and even a preferable one to working, busy-scheduled men, who wish a hassle-free look without the maintenance.

Walk-in a room with airs of strength and still manage to be a hot, trending topic to gossip about just because of your style statement. While we help you to choose your appropriate hair partner, feel free to embrace the fashion you ever craved for.

1. Skin fade with a comb-over

A style to pull off your flattering look and bring you forth as a style icon for the day. This hair makeover is an absolute must when you want to pull off your regiment uniform in one hand and on the other appear extremely stunning in black-tie events. The fade starts off about the midway on the side of the head, followed by a classic makeover. This one’s a clean fit for all face types. Use gel or wax to keep your hair in shape.

2. Short army cut

Looking for a clean, corporal look to pair off with your khaki tones and army vests excellently, then this is the one you should be looking for. It is just a quarter inch on top of your head and fades to your skin excellently, towards the temples and nape. This haircut suits the best if you are blessed with a thick volume of hair. Trim your hair at an interval of 3-4 months to maintain the look. You should barely care to visit the stylist if you use an electrical clipper.


3.Burr cut

An extremely short haircut that looks much like a shaven head at the first instance, but this hair cut sticks strongly to the military requirement. The length of the hair is extremely small and uniform on all the sides. A hassle-free look to pair off your duty on the war front. You hardly need to visit a barber or a stylist to pull off this look. Using a trimmer or clippers should is good enough to maintain the haircut.

4.Crew cut

A simple haircut, but an elegant one to pull off your desired style. This haircut is considered a quite conservative one when compared to other military hair makeovers. The front end is only a few inches longer than the short tapered ends on the sides and the back to ensure easy brushing and styling. A perfect partner to the ball and black-tie events too.

5. Regulation cut

One of the oldest militant hair cut to be done on a slightly longer hair. The hair left on the top is slightly longer than the adjacent sides and is parted on the side to provide a sharp contrast from the front to the back of the head. For accomplishing a neat look, hair on the back as well as the edges is tapered till it blends well it the skin. The use of scissors and clippers for tapering is the only requirement. Style when hair is slightly damp. Pairs off excellently with a clean, shaven face.


6.The military fade

Although fade haircuts are a classic, timeless fashion due to the elegance they tend to show off, military fades are the most preferable ones when it comes to maintenance. The hair on the top is never meant to exceed two inches and the sides are cut and tapered in the shortest way possible. This haircut suits all hair types and goes well along with all face types.


7.Taper buzz cut

A common variation to the traditional buzz cut is achieved with a taper which is considered a bit shorter around the neckline and sideburns. It also seems to fade with the longer part of the hair. A classic taper is usually considered one guard towards the bottom and goes well up towards the head. Your favorite stars choose this makeover for their red carpet events, so why not shine like them in your daily life?


8.The induction

The army haircut that is generally given on the first day of boot camp and is perhaps named due to the assembly-line fashion to everyone who is inducted on the first day. It appears almost like a bald head. The use of a good electrical clipper is the only requirement. Mainly done to remove all the hair without embracing the tedious, time-consuming steps of shaving. However the end results of this haircut are stubble-like with coarse texture. Neither ideal nor attractive to be chosen for your fashion statement but is the most fruitful one at the war front, leaving hassle-free stress to invest in your hair.


9.The high and tight

Definitely a recognizable military-specific haircut to be styled, there is a use of a low guard clipper around the sides of the head while the hair on the top is left slightly longer, about an inch. This makeover works well on all hair types and face types.


10.Dramatic undercut

Just as the name suggests its trendy makeover, this haircut is considered a bit long in comparison to other military haircuts. Nevertheless, it is quite an appreciated one for its masculine makeover. A close trim on the sides and a tidy top to pair with, this style is absolutely an ideal one to redefine your fashion. Works well on all hair and face types but is not very advisable for square or round face types.

11. Flat top cut

An ideal choice for men who have straight and smooth-textured hair. The top part of the hair looks absolutely flat, while the sides and the back of the head are cut short into a fade. Generally, it is done on hair of medium length rather than extremely short ones so that it looks quite flat when it is brushed. It is advisable to reshape the edges every 3 weeks to maintain the look.


12.Messy Ivy League

Bored of looking average in a buzz cut but wish to keep your hair within military standards, then messy Ivy League is the appropriate choice for you. Although this haircut is more popularized due to the Ivy League institutions and sports stars but is also a favorite to men who wish to look sleek and elegant. Your clean-shaven face looks absolutely perfect when paired with this look.


13.Side swept with shaved undercut

Wish to put on glare on your average undercut, then go for a shaved one with side-swept. Though not classified as a true militant hairstyle, this haircut is absolutely a trendsetter to your rugged appearance with the sides shaved off. Bring out the best of your style with shady clothes and a stylish tattoo.


14.Subtle disconnection with skin faded sides

This haircut is an absolute favorite to anyone who wishes to add a little swag attitude or flare in their daily lives by taking into consideration their extremely curly hair. An ultra-short afro with disconnected part to add contrast to it and the skin fade blends excellently giving in to the style that focusses all eyes on you.


15. Buzz cut taper fade

A slight variation to the conventional buzz cut, this haircut is a bit longer with textured ends. Both the ends are extremely short and tapered, thus helping to put up a stubble look. Looks absolutely perfect if you pair your look with short facial hair. A good choice for men with round, elongated or oval face types. Not recommended if you possess a square face category.

Expert Tips that Your Hair Secretly Craves For

Technically speaking, hair is nothing but dead, being devoid of blood vessels. But appearance demands hair to be the show stopper. The best looks are surely assured when your hair appears to be healthy and lively. Short hair is bliss when thoughts of maintenance haunt you, isn’t it?

A busy life with a schedule that you never wish to fail and hair you aim to keep flaunting. Although not quite time-consuming, hair requirements are a complete necessity.

Do not allow your split ends or loss of hair to seal your fate. Unable to decide how to appease your hair, no worries when we are ready to give you some expert suggestions that your hair demand. While we care for your time-consuming, hectic duty, try these at your home without any hopes of regret.

  • Avoid washing your hair every day as it snatches away the natural oils from your scalp which is the prime source for nourishment.
  • Choosing an appropriate shampoo is a must if you do not wish your hair to be submerged in chemical treatments. Go for an organic shampoo that is sulfate-free and has natural ingredients.
  • Try to go gentle when towel drying your hair as aggressively drying leads to breakage of hair.
  • Never forget to condition your hair after shampoo. Conditioning replenish the natural oils
  • Use a lightweight hair oil after the shower to lock the moisture. It is especially advisable if you find it difficult to cope with short, curly hair.
  • Regular haircuts at an interval of 4-6 weeks are highly recommended for maintaining the haircut.
  • Add texture to your hair while styling as refined hair is highly recommended for lasting your hair longer.
  • Always choose a brush with natural bristles over plastic ones as brushing on regular practice enhances the blood supply.
  • Shape your hair, when damp, not wet since most of the hair products are water-soluble. Run your fingers or comb through your hair to keep your hair in shape.
  • Avoid using hot water on hair as it may prove to be brittle.

It is always advisable to go for a balanced diet and rich in nutrients. This keeps your hair healthy promoting natural shine and texture. Drink plenty of water to keep your body and hair hydrated.

The Top Questions about Military Haircuts

1. What haircut should I give in to for 2020 to fashion my short hair?

Well, short hair is bliss at your workplace but can even prove to be a fashionable one. If you want a buzz cut but not an average one, opt for variations with tapered end or fades. You always have a choice from crew-cuts or Ivy League haircuts too.

2. How to style short hair in minimum time?

While the size of your hair is the real advantage in consuming less time, styling is optional and minimal. If you are maintaining the regulation cut, you can surely use gel or wax to keep the hair in position. A comb-over on dramatic undercut is worth styling. Blow-drying your hair can ensure a bit of volume too.

3. Which hairstyle suits short hair?

A wide range of styles is applicable on short hair which will definitely make you look smart and elegant. You can always go for high and tight fade, crew-cuts or Ivy League cuts if you are unable to choose the best one for yourself.

4. How can I choose a militant hair makeover for afro hair?

Thinking that afro hair is a nuisance while styling, maybe not. Go for subtle disconnected with skin fade, which is an extremely short version of afro. Induction or shaved undercut should not fail you.

5. What military haircut to choose for thinning hair?

Thinning hair is definitely a problem while styling but you can definitely choose the induction. Being extremely short and nearing shaving, this does not allow the volume of the hair to be taken into consideration.

6. Do I need to visit a stylist often for maintaining short hair?

No, you possibly need not when you are maintaining short hair. This is one of the several reasons why you should choose a military haircut. Electrical clippers are self-sufficient to maintain the look. Chopping off split ends can also work quite well.

7. Is military haircuts still on trend?

Definitely, military haircuts are a timeless, classic fashion that comes in many variations in today’s date. It is both popular in the Red carpet as well as in real life. Men of all ages can choose this fashion to style their look.

8. How is short hair applicable to make me look younger?

If you are blessed with a bit of volume over your head, here is something you can try. You can give a try to the dramatic undercut without any regrets as it is designated as funky and cool.

9. How to manage hair fall after showers?

One of the reasons that you are having hair fall after a shower is because of your aggressive rubbing. Men often think that rubbing would help in drying the hair faster. This leads to the hair get stuck in the threads of the towel, resulting in hair fall. Instead, pat your head gently to shed off the water and to avoid hair loss.

10. Why are military haircuts called so?

Initially designated for army personnel, owing to its short length and facility on the war front, short haircuts are often designated as military haircuts. The maintenance is low, hence it is often a choice to militants. These hairstyles are often easier to create than some other ones you see in fashion – but that doesn’t mean they don’t look as stunning!

Want to check out some more military hairstyles below? Here is a look at some of the best ones we have found. Which one is your favorite? Let us know below.

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