137 Timeless Money Tattoo Ideas You can Try

Tattoos are often a talisman or amulet carried off as body art and a grim remembrance of a particular goal, memory, or love.

The era of the 1990s unfolded a new period of body art, which included money tattoos. Initially, it was worn as the imperial dollar sign to justify power and wealth among the Southern Gang Members. Still, soon the entertainment industry took it as a golden opportunity to bring in a new fashion. Though many of us have not encountered pirates, our thoughts are processed by their representation in movies, which includes tattoos of coins, money, or dollars.

Money tattoos resonate with the relationship between wealth and property. Often many find the definition of lust, eeriness, and greed behind money tattoos. How fascinating, isn’t it? A piece of art that is so powerful to express the voice of the inner self.

While you are unable to decide how you should define your express your thoughts in art, we will help you to choose the most suitable ones to suit your preference. From including photorealism to gothic twists, lust to passion, greed to sin, we set before the roadmap where you can choose the best one for yourself.

Money Goals tattoos: Words Echoing Milestones and Power

A tattoo carries with it a story or remembrance, ideology and love and what could a more fantastic idea than carving out your thoughts on your body. Quite often, provocative feelings are aroused when people combine words with money tattoos. The words may resonate the inexpressible inner voices, which can also set a reminder that money is not the sole motto in life, and there are other milestones to be achieved.

The chest tattoo brings in the excellency in art and thoughts and is unique. Best suitable for men on chest regions or broad backs. And the size ranges from small to big according to the preference. An excellent pair along on all skin tones and body physiques.

Money and Time money Tattoos

Remembering Benjamin Franklin’s powerful quote “Time is money”, brings in the idea for these beautiful tattoo designs. As likely said, money can be earned if one acts accordingly to the time, theses tattoos emerge with an hourglass, which symbolises the importance of time in daily life. The hourglass also brings in our mind the symbolism of the turnover to wealth and luck, which may change with time. Time heals and time reconstructs self. The dollars can simply mean nothing else but money. Looks great if you would outline your style with red, black and green inks. Works excellently on all skin tones and would look great if you style yourself with this tattoo along the sides of your body or the back or even legs.

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Stacked up money tattoo

What is very eye-catchy about this idea is that the enormous stacks of money are highlighted. These tattoos are a symbolism of wealth and power but may often be a reminder from rags to riches without support. Stacked up money tattoos are also a challenge to the society when they are mocked about the supremacy that money brings with it and the chief power laying in unsuitable hands—mostly worn by men along their arms or wrists. The tattoo works excellently in both medium and big sizes and would look dashing if paired with black and olive green inks. You can give a try of this tattoo if you possess dusky skin as it looks quite striking.

Money with Greed

Quite frequently, it is assumed that money and the power that money brings with it goes hand in hand with increasing greed. Humans express the desire to achieve the unachievable, and the best way to express their willingness is carving that design in their body. These tattoo ideas act much like a reminder to pursue wealth. The tattoo comes with a vicious villainous face which metamorphically might indicate greed and fiendish thoughts. The dollar bill rolled or attached to it is the symbolism of wealth. The tattoo is worn off excellently by both men and women and looks impressive on arms. The bigger the tattoo size, the most distinguishable it is. These tattoos look appealing on all skin tones but if you are opting for an ink combination in red and black, try to avoid it on black/dusky skin tones.

Sinister wealth: Death and Money tattoos

There are several reasons why we would not be reminded of the fiendish or sinister associations of money. The darker phases that come with money and the questions aroused on morality, greed and inevitable death are brought with the depiction of a skull, which is presumed as evil. Often you may have noticed that the pirates carry with them this sinister depiction or skulls. The gothic appeal makes these tattoos quite glorifying, and the art history of ‘Realism inspires the heavy shading.’ Maybe the symbolism that ‘wealth does not follow to the grave is emphasised in these tattoos, which is also a mindful reminder in our daily lives.

In some cases, even the portrait realism of Al Capone is eluded, which is further a visual treat. Looks wonderful if worn on wrists, arms or chests. Detailing the heavy realist shading with red, olive green and maroon ink is quite eye-catchy.

Living for tangible: Bills and coins

Some tattoos are clearly meant for aesthetic appeal or deriving pleasure and what could perhaps be a better option than redefining your style with these eye-catchy styles of coins and bills-a daily mode of exchange. Whether it’s coins or bills, dollar signs or buried treasure, it is bound to be a reminder of the sheer beauty that one carries in his/ her body. Currency exchange is a mode that is centuries old, and you have the opportunity to flaunt it with grace on your bodies. Coins are also a representation of history and excellency, which can be carved out on bodies with grace. Also, photorealism is used while detailing these tattoos. The tattoos can also serve as a reminder of one’s love for money. Looks quite intriguing on wrists, back, arm, back or palms.

Money rose tattoos

It is not mandatory that banknotes or money has to be the symbolism of greed, lust and wealth. Perhaps a grim reminder to secure goals above others also can stand as a purpose of redefining tattoos. Quite often, it is also symbolised that ‘money is love’, lust, passion, and, guilty pleasure. These western concept tattoo ideas mingle sensuality with affluence. Ideal for both men and women and will suit the best if lack and green inks are put to use. You can casually wear off this tattoo at your back or on your wrists, according to your preference. Looks excellent on all skin tones.


Fathers of cash: Portrait realism

Sometimes you feel that emulating Benjamin is quite inspiring. You can carry with you the faces of the American notes, which are inspiring as well as a depiction of photorealism. Men who have been the figures of dominating economy are reduced to small pieces of skin art. Skin art can also conclude Ben Affleck’s reference on the bank-robbing film- The Town. Also, you can adorn yourself with heavy styling with the use of different inks and shading. Also, many men desire to adorn their bodies with the lasting image of dead men- a symbolism of greed and power.

Thriving for power: Life money tattoos

Undoubtedly wealth is often regarded as the attainment of power. But quite often the power bought in with money brings in treachery, evilness, and, negative motivations. Perhaps the symbolism of power may also bear other connotations like-exuberating confidence and flourishing economy. Most of the resonating currency symbols depict the imagery of the confidence gained due t the hard-earned cash. Sometimes the single dollar signs also bear elegance and power that money carries. Also, some of the tattoos have wings attached to dollar symbols, indicating the freedom attained due to the hard-earned cash. When you have already overcome the battles of life, why not keep a memorandum of your first cash in your body. You can understand the supremacy of money as you check out each of the patterns. Styling can be done freshly shaved/bald head, arms, below the ears, hands etc.

Bags of money: Lust and wealth

Who doesn’t dream of attaining a healthy future with bags of money? And what could the best render when you carve out the very pattern on your body. A daily reminder of goals is a necessity for their fulfilment of your desired purposes. Wish to attain the zenith of achievement, then adorn your body with the money bag tattoo designs. These designs would look dashing on black inks. You can also make it quite colourful to create the look even more enjoyable. Not much detailing is needed, but you can still shine in minimal styling. If you are planning to get this tattoo, it is advisable to get it done on your wrist, belly or arms and it would look quite appealing on small sizes.

Road to riches

This tattoo idea is a reminder of the pathway to success or the map of hardships passed for attaining name, fame, and wealth. If you notice the difficulties faced, you can see the roads which echo the adversity of your life. ‘Road to riches’- a simple tattoo, yet a powerful one to voice your identity. Overcome your financial goals by setting up the reminder from embarking the journey of your life. You can redefine your style by carrying out this influential art on your wrist or arm.

Additional Tips for Money Tattoo Designs

When art speaks louder than words and conveys messages that you to express, tattoos emerge as an expressible language. Wish to talk of your dominant status achieved or the hard path of success, it depends on your choice of money tattoos. While you choose the trendy designs to be inked on your body, here are some additional tips that you can try on for better appeal and healthier skin:

  • Maintain a clean tattoo to avoid getting your skin infected.
  • Before getting a tattoo inked, always research the tattoo booth or studio.
  • Don’t be afraid to question your artist regarding your chosen tattoo as you wish not to end up regretting.
  • Think about the placement of tattoo from beforehand as you would not wish to land up in the last minute confusion.
  • Drink plenty of water and a healthy diet so that you can restrain the pain while getting a tattoo done.
  • Always follow the health care tips after getting a tattoo inked to avoid any skin disorder or confusion.
  • Wear comfortable clothes at the tattoo booth, which should enable ease.
  • Take into consideration your pain tolerance.

Queries often asked

A. What is the symbolical meaning of money tattoos?

Tattoos emerge with different meanings to every individual. While money tattoos can symbolise wealth, lust, lavishness, they can also be seen as the words of hardship that is echoing. The ideas of dollar sign emerged in the early 1990s, which was a signature body art among Southern Gang members. But soon it became popularised and worn among entertainers.

B. What are some of the timeless money tattoo ideas?

If you wish tattoos to define your personality, why don’t you try innovative ideas, including sinister skulls or imperial dollar signs? You can also opt for words voicing your art or money rose tattoos bringing forth lust and passion. If you wish for a more sophisticated appeal, go for photorealism and heavy shading.


If you’re looking to make money, don’t forget to check up on some cool money-making hacks. And once you do have the green paper rolling in, these tattoos can help make the right statement. Which one do you like the most? Let us know below.