114 Mesmerizing and Cool Mullet Hairstyles

Let’s not confuse yourselves on repeatedly asking as ‘What is a mullet haircut look?’ Well, if simply put, mullets hairstyle demands short and puffy front, while the back portion of the hair is maintained a bit longer, possibly four to six inches longer than the front.

Doesn’t the name of the hairstyle, ‘mullet’ sound quite exciting and funny? The name is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘myllos,’ meaning ‘of dark color.’

Quite often, it is suggested that the mullet hair is the oldest hair fashion. It is hard to contradict when historians confirm mullet haircuts to be worn on 6th-century Greek statues. What is regarded as a more astonishing is the fact that 1500 B.C.E Hittite, Mesopotamian, Syrian warriors also maintained a hair fashion, quite similar to mullets?

The Top Mullet Hairstyles You Need to Try Out

Mullet hair simply entitles you the opportunity to express so much but at little expense. A popular choice to the Pop music world in the 80s to a Hollywood sensation in the 90s, mullet hair has experienced quite a stardom in the hair fashion world. Whether short hair or long locks, mullet cuts redefine the personality in you. The days of the weird 80s mullets are over as 2020 demands badass, bohemian looks with Mohawks, faux hawks, mullet fades, and beard.

Are you worried about choosing the perfect mullet style to suit your appearance? Then, leave on us the guidance to help you out in selecting the apt style for your face and hair type. Allow Mullet-Madness to creep in as you proudly flaunt the timeless hair fashion over your head.

Bohemian Mullet Haircut

Wish for a complete wild, sleek and adventurous makeover! Then, worry not as you opt for this cool mullet hairstyle. Bohemian Mullet Haircut is a free adaptation to the conventional mullet pattern, thus imparting a rugged and bohemian look on young boys. This haircut works wonders on naturally wavy hair. Recommended on slender or elongated face types. Once you are daring enough to style yourself in Bohemian style, be stress-free as the maintenance accounts for neither time nor styling.

Long Mullet Haircut with Faux Hawk

Men who wish to flaunt style and groom their hair simply love long mullets and what could a better choice than pairing it with Faux Hawk. The haircut demands long-tailed hair with the top portion styled in a Faux Hawk. This modern-day mullet hairstyle works on all face and hair types but a more preferred choice for straight and smooth hair. The maintenance of this mullet hawk haircut demands a regular trimming of the edges every 3-4 weeks.

Spiky Top with Flowing Back Hairstyle

One of the best features of the mullet hair is that you can flaunt and style the top lengths and the bottom individually. As the name suggests, this short hair mullet haircut maintains two different features on the top and the bottom. While the top distinguishes with a stylish spiked look, the hair at the back is allowed to flow freely, thus adding a bright contrast. This mullet style works almost on all hair types but is a preferred one in straight hair.

French Crop Mullet Haircut

French Crop Mullet Haircut is a twist on the modern-day mullet hairstyle. The French crop version certainly creates a contrast on the short mullet. This trendy mullet hairstyle looks excellent if styled with thin beard and specs.

Messy Mullet Haircut

Forget about the boredom created due to the gray mullet style hair, and embrace the style of Messy Mullet Haircut. A great choice of short modern mullet hairdo if you are blessed with voluminous scalps. The abundance of texture and volume imparted due to the haircut is bound to catch your eye. The messy top creates a contrast on the short-haired mullet back.

Side Bangs Mullet Haircut

Side bangs are often a preferred choice for men who wish to conceal a more massive forehead or balding scalps. What could be a more loved choice than styling the side bangs with hair mullet? Pair your side bangs with a spiked top to impart contrast in mullet-hair with flair—the right style to be carried on partly wavy hair. Works on almost all face types but are often advised to be avoided on round or oval faces.

Colorful Mullet

Love for trendy and vivid colors is surely undeniable, and the best way to flaunt mullet cut fashion is to dye it with vibrant colors. Colorful mullet is often a desired cool mullet hairstyle for parties or clubs. What’s more eye-catchy is that this new mullet hairstyle uses not one but two different colors for imparting a stylish attitude to hair.

Bradley Cooper Casual Mullet Hairstyle

Bradley Cooper knows the best how to style his handsome appearance in a mullet hairstyle. He pulls off his mullet hair in a cool, composed, and effortless way. Cooper’s short modern mullet is easy to style as gelling of the short to medium length hair is the only requirement. This short-haired mullet appears quite charismatic with a thin beard.

Edgy Mullet Haircut

Speculating on the edgy versions of the mullet hair, the edgy mullet haircut is often a loved trend. This mullet hair has long, jagged layers which induce fake volume to the hair, while the shaved edges add contrast to it. The maintenance of this cool mullet haircut is not very high, but it is recommended to visit the stylist every 3-4 weeks to maintain the shaved edges. Works almost on all hair and face types.

Old School Mullet haircut

A 90’s version of mullet hair, which is popular due to the free-spirited outlook to date. Any metal-band lover is bound to prefer old school mullet haircut as t avails long hair for banging. Pair off your rugged look with headbands, and you are ready to Rock and Roll. Not an advisable choice for corporate sectors but an excellent choice if you wish to carry on the hip-hop trend. The maintenance of this updated mullet hairstyle requires no special attention.

Easy Going Mullet Hairstyle

The Easy Going Mullet Hairstyle is often a loved choice of short hair mullet haircut that suits your demand in the office as well as parties. Neither too fancy to carry out nor too boring to flaunt, this modern-day mullet hairstyle is your perfect partner. The mullet hair maintenance demands are bleak, but special attention is taken so that an inch or two longer hair is left at the back of the neck. This effortless hairstyle is a preferred choice o straight hair follicle.

Subtle Mullet Haircut

Few busy, scheduled men try to avoid the upfront of the mullet. If that’s the case, we recommend a new mullet hairstyle, demanding a bit of hair to fall down your nape. You are free to style the top portion of your hair according to your will. Wear your new mullet haircut with a thick beard, and you are good to go. Works on almost all face and hair types but won’t be a good option for square or rectangular face types.

Layered Mullet Haircut

What could be a classier choice for men than a Layered Mullet Haircut? Simply no bars are put on styling a layered cut on any hair or face type. Layers are also a smart choice on balding hair as they try to impart a fake volume. Layered Mullet Haircut demands easy, flowing hair to be cut in layers, thus allowing the back of the hair to be slightly longer than the front. The maintenance of this male fashion mullet haircut is not very high, and styling is also bleak, so it’s often a loved choice for men who don’t wish to spend time on their hair.

Tom Hiddleston’s Mullet Look

Marvel fans got crazy when Loki flaunted a cool mullet haircut. Why won’t they? Tom Hiddleston’s appearance as Loki is signified by pairing his hair in a trendy mullet hairdo. It’s quite commendable that Tom is blessed with healthy, malleable locks, and what makes his look more distinct is the side bangs of his modern mullet hair. Style your Loki look with a clean, shaved face. This mullet hair cut works almost all hair and face types but is often an avoidable option for round faces.

Few Secret Styling Mullet Hairstyling Tips

It is an undeniable truth that the 80s were taken over by the style statement provided by the mullet haircut. Mullet haircuts are classy and undoubtedly adds flare on your look. The fact is also not a surprising one if you are let known that the updated and trendy mullet hair is still a leading choice among men. When your thick, malleable locks allow you to flaunt style, why not style it a bit. Styling may often come at the expense of time and patience; here are a few expert tips to grasp the basics of mullet-hair styles.

  • Keep the back of your hair two to six inches long in comparison to the front. Try to trim the front every 3-4 weeks to maintain the contrasting look.
  • If you are worried about the texture or thickness of the scalp, then apply gel or pomade to maintain the hair in position.
  • If you wish to conceal your premature balding, then allow side bangs to do their job.
  • You can even brush your hair to one side or allow slight pomp(whatever suits your hair).
  • Blow-drying your mullet hair is a good option when you wish to add fake the volume over your head. Otherwise, allow layers on your mullet hair for imparting a natural amount.
  • Maintaining a short mullet or a fade mullet requires frequent trimming with a pair of electrical clippers.
  • Long hair mullets are eye-catchy, but you need to chop off the split ends to maintain the desired look.
  • Shampoo your hair, followed by conditioning to keep your hair smooth and free from grease and dirt.
  • If you love styling your hair using different highlights, do remember to use a color-protect shampoo(especially for this purpose.)
  • Pair your mullet hair look with a beard. You are bound to dazzle in a cool way.

Frequently Asked Queries Regarding Mullet Haircuts:

A. What is the historical transition to mullet hair?

Many suggest mullet haircuts as the oldest form of hair-styling used in the Greek statues of the 6th century. Apart from the historical examples, mullet hair was first noticed in the year 1972 by Ziggy Stardust. That was just the beginning as the Hollywood industry of the 80s was taken over by the mullet hair fashion. A clear indication to pop music and Rock culture, mullet hair was always a favorite choice among men and women in the 90s too. However, the year 2020 has brought in several variations to the timeless pattern with an introduction to bangs, mohawks, faux hawks, mullet fades, etc.

B. What makes mullet haircuts so accessible and popular?

The popularity of the trend is brought in when your favorite stars embrace the style, and more people wish to emulate him/her. From major sports icons like Charlie Blackmon to country music stars like Billy Ray Cyrus, everyone has embraced the mullet hairdo. Popular women and teen sensations like Zendaya, Rihanna, Carol Brady have proved the dominance of women in mullets.

C. How is a modern mullet so different?

The modern mullet hair cut comes in with two pre-dominant features- medium-length hair at the front and top and a long mullet. The umbrella term ‘modern mullet’ is quite broad and comes with the styling of beard, glasses, and different hair-styling combinations.