17 Breathtaking Styles of Nick Young’s hair

Youth icon, ace level basketball player, or trendsetter to the afro fashion world, Nick Young surely knows how to make you fall in love with his knotty, voluminous and bouncy curls. Gone over a transition to playing in a number of teams and finally winning the NBA Championship in 2018, this guy has brought over a wide range of hairstyles over the years which gets the people swooning over his hair. His haircut is ideal for the blacks who wish to flaunt the beauty of afro with short edges for a sporty look.

In all popularity, Swaggy P haircuts are in the mouth of every basketball-crazy teens. Wondering why is it called Swaggy P haircuts? Well, it is just a reference to his Twitter handle. This famous American basketball player is the one whom you wish to look up to when it comes to styling in a cool, dramatic way in an afro.

Young’s popular burst fade Mohawk is a trend scoring replica among the teenagers. Won’t you like to carry the swag when you walk? Surely, when you have the choice to see yourself in Nick’s favorite fauxhawk.

The 10 Breathtaking Nick Young Hairstyles You Can Sport


Afro fades with kinks

A trendy and cool way to style your natural kinks, the top part of the afro has little needs in readjusting and styling. A bit of laborious task but the results are quite impressive. It is characterized by gradual hair tapering. The hair has a bit of spongy and soft appeal.

Curly Mohawk with blond elements

Mohawks complement excellently when styled on kinky or afro hair. The thick afro crown is given a spiky twist. Sponge hair curlers are used for the purpose which gives a rugged appearance. You are free to fade and the trim along the edges according to your personal preference. Nick prefers to use blond highlights towards the ends of his locks to make his dashing look even more eye-catchy.

Curly high top fade


Hailing from the 1980s and popular to date, Young is all set to rock in this haircut. This haircut has long afro on the top that is of flat shape and fades to short sides. The face shape has a pivotal role to play in deciding the shape of your high top and the height of the top you wish to implement.

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Puffed up fauxhawk

Talking of Nick Young’s choice of hair makeover, it’s simply clear that he is in love with a fauxhawk. But what makes our eyes charmed is his puffed-up look. Easy to make, yet carries swag along with it. All-round afro is carved and sculptured into the fauxhawk by shaving through the edges.

Long bald fade with high top

Rock in your natural curls by opting out this style. Maintain plenty of natural texture on the top with bald fade tapering both the sides and the back. The sportsman in you is definitely going to be enhanced by this makeover.

Skin fade with short dreads

Wish to free yourself in independent, Bohemian style, then allow your hair for the surprises. A trendy but clean hairstyle is a better option for you if you crave for short dreads. Skin fade exposes the edges of the skin maintaining a sharp contrast. Short dreads are worth noticing and easy to maintain too.

Curly top with a side part

Nick definitely has an elegance to flaunt his bouncy, voluminous curls. His curls are left very high, stretching from front to back neatly to maintain a curly top. While the side part taper along the sides by coming between the top curls.

Messy wide Mohawk

At the initial glance, it is pretty difficult to place this haircut as a Mohawk since the hair is not too neat on the top, a contrast to the conventional sharp spiky Mohawk. Neither is it properly aligned in front or the edges and the sides seem indistinctly tapered. This look is very promising if you wish put on scruffy airs and rugged appearance. No stress of maintenance but the style imparted is absolutely ravishing.

Temple fade

A haircut to suit all occasions and set you grooving in spirits. The curls cover at the top of your head with the sides meant to fade into a taper, near the ears. Readjust the bottom half of the temple fade every few days to avoid overgrowth.

Burst Fade Mohawk

A classy clean alternative to your regular Mohawk with a wide faux hawk on top. Pairs excellently with burst fades on the sides. The burst fade tapers the line of the ears, hence making it the perfect type of fade for Mohawk. Try chopping off the split ends to prevent roughness.


Tips for the best care

While you are gifted with the ability to flaunt your volume, it comes at the price of good maintenance. Bouncy, soft and voluminous afro is what one craves for. Luckily we present to you certain tips of expertise for the best results.

  • Choose the appropriate comb to prevent frizz. Use an afro pick, wide-tooth comb, or even fingers to comb. This would prevent hair loss and dangling.
  • Condition the hair regularly to keep your afro bouncy, soft, and healthy. Deep condition to ensure shine.
  • Moisturize every day as your afro is prone to dryness.
  • Use natural products such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and other ingredients to keep your hair sulfate-free.
  • Chop off split or dead ends to ensure healthy hair growth.
  • Wrap up your hair at night to prevent the pillow covers from draining the moisture.
  • Protective styling on hair is a must to prevent heat and temperature.
  • Prevent tight braids as it creates a condition called traction alopecia which leads to weakening of hair roots leading to hair fall.
  • Pre-poo your hair. Pre-poo refers to a treatment done on afro hair before shampooing to protect the hair against harsh chemicals.
  • Have a balanced, nutritious diet to impart natural softness and shine. Drink plenty of water and nutrients to keep your hair nourished.

Frequently asked questions when sporting Nick Young Hairstyle

We know you have your questions when it comes to a good Nick Young hairstyle that you can sport. Don’t worry – we can help you out.

How often should we wash the hair to prevent dryness?

Taking into account how curly your hair is, avoid washing it too much. Washing your afro hair once or twice a week is good enough to keep your clean and prevent dryness. Try using organic shampoos to prevent hair damage.

How do I moisturize my voluminous curls?

Moisturizing is easy but a bit time-consuming. Use the moisturizers that have water as their primary content. Shea butter, avocado oils along with it should work wonders. Deep condition your hair ends to keep the hair smooth.

Which oil suits the afro hair type the best?

Natural oil is the best when it comes to maintaining the bushy, voluminous curls. Coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, olive, castor, avocado oil is highly recommended.

Where do Swaggy P haircuts get the name?

Inspired by the range of haircuts Nick Young is known for, these haircut names follow the name of his Twitter handle. Young says to have named his Twitter handle as Swaggy P which, according to him bears an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Prophet of swag’.

Which fade pairs the best with afro hair?

Since your face type and shape has a lot to do in choosing the type of fade, low fade is a safer choice if you are unable to decide. Low fades start just above the ear and curves along the hairline. Too much skin show is avoided and the maintenance is also easy.

Is it necessary to comb afros every day?

It is not mandatory to have your afro get combed every day. It is absolutely fine if you comb twice or a thrice a week. However, combing your afro after it gets wet is a must to avail even drying.

Why is Nick Young’s hairstyle so popular?

A time when straight hair rules the fashion industry, afro s lack styling ventures. Luckily, Nick Young brought in a number of hair trends just for thick, voluminous, afro hair. Teens are in awe for this star’s makeover. He is even more widely known for his iconic hair fashion.

Want to sport some more cool Nick Young hairstyles? Come, take a look at some of these stunning pictures – we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Nick Young does know how to make heads turn around – and you can too.

Do not allow the dangles of your hair to groom your fashion statement. Willing to your head to take over your crazy fandom in basketball? Go for Nick Young’s top 10 trendiest.