75 Ocean Tattoos To Show Off Your Adventurous Soul

Ocean tattoos are mainly for showing how much people love the ocean and all its elements. People get ocean tattoos mostly cause they love the ocean or cause they enjoy something about the ocean. The ocean has various components. Anchors, boats,ships,ferries, mermaids, lilies, jelly fish and waves are examples of things directly involved with ocean environment.


Beautiful Ocean Tattoos

Get yourself the ocean monsters tattoo with all the colors of their natural habitat. The whole sleeve tattoo looks spectacular with the colors creating such a nice contrast. The outcome is absolutely gorgeous.

High definition ocean tattoos are one of a kind. They often represent the real ocean element just as it’s supposed to be. This is beautiful and worth trying out with the dominant colors making it stand out.

Wavy tattoo ideas

These waves bring the true ocean vibe. The ocean tattoo is so beautiful and the minor detailing is wholesome. The beautiful layers used in the design are just spectacular and make every color used to pop in such a magnificent way.

Represent your love for ocean life in this kind of ocean tattoo and get the whole ocean groove going forever. So colorful, bold, and beautiful with the dominant ocean blue color making the whole tattoo stand out.

Classic Ocean Tattoo Ideas

The ocean with all its wholesome elements could lead one to simply get a tattoo of something like the ocean’s heartbeat. It could either be the waves or just the general ocean vibe. Apart from the simplistic nature of the design, the colors used also make it stand out.

Nothing brings beauty and dimension to a tattoo like settling for the right colors. The birds look beautiful and also love the ocean too. You could decide and capture their fun moments flying above the ocean, feeling the breeze. Capture that and tattoo it so that the moments last forever.

A mighty ocean wave definitely requires some attention. The ocean vibe is beautifully captured in the tattoo. The placement of the tattoo is another cool thing about the tattoo that makes it stand out as it draws focus to the arm areas. The level of expertise demonstrated in the tattoo below is just breathtaking and worth trying out.

Cool tattoo ideas

If you’re a fan of beach life then ocean tattoos provide a cool way of expressing such.  Your fun swims in the ocean could also be your best ocean moments. Get that tattooed and the fun will definitely be with you as long as forever. The design below looks simple with the use of different colors creating a nice contrast.

Colorful Ocean Tattoos

The big animals of the ocean can be presented as nicely as this one. From the choice of colors used to the elements, every aspect of the design exudes creativity.  The ocean tattoo below has captured that so brilliantly. The colors are doing the creature’s ultimate justice with no doubt.

The ocean is always having some boats and big ships run across it all the time. This ocean tattoo is a very nice way to keep a reminder of what happens in the ocean sometimes. This idea is not only a genius one but its also so aesthetically pleasing.

Vibrant ocean tattoos.

For those who love the deep ocean scenery, this is the perfect ocean tattoo for you. It has just the feel of what goes on deep down there. It’s beautiful with all of the colors used in the design blending so well. This ocean tattoo is such a brilliant way to bring out the ocean’s aesthetic and focus on it fully.

The ocean is home to lots of plants and animals and incorporating such has a way of making your tattoo stand out. The magical nature of the ocean is well expressed in the design below with the animals and the plants nicely done. This ocean tattoo is showing some really great ways to express oceanic life. This ocean turtle is outstanding.

Get a nice ocean tattoo that actually really looks like the ocean. It will look so sleek especially if inked by a professional tattoo artist. The matching colors say something more than art could explain.

Upper back tattoo ideas

A wave ocean tattoo could be your best tattoo. Just add some life to it by adding color mixes. This makes it much prettier and inviting. Try this out just as it is including the placement. Getting this makes one feel less heavy in a way and beautiful.

Adorable ocean tattoos

Simple ocean tattoos are actually gorgeous. Get yours done nicely and you will be proud. It is important that it matches the skin tone or color too. This brings good balance between the art itself and the skin tone of the person wearing the tattoo.

Mix your ocean tattoo with a nice quote and get that unique look all the way. Not only does the tattoo look nice, but it’s also educative or motivating. For people who like motivational art or inspiring art, this ocean tattoo is a great way to express your love.

The colors make ocean tattoos more lively. Moreover, adding some small elements to the ocean tattoo brings out its deeper features. All these characteristics makes the tattoo more lively.

Complex ocean tattoo ideas

Complex tattoo designs are often a wonder. This one has been simplified and it has achieved a quite simple overall result. It is lovely.

The small ocean artifacts could be made look much more elevated by adding awesome color shades and patterns. It comes out beautiful. This one is having some little tweaks added to it. Not only are the tweaks making the ocean tattoo more appealing,but they also add some feel and texture to the tattoo.

Create simple designs of your favorite ocean creatures and enjoy the vibe all the way. This one appears a bit intricate but its generally quite simple. This ocean tattoo is clearly magnificent with the placement making it all pop.

Stylish ocean tattoos.

Add some pop of color to your ocean tattoos to make them even bolder and eye-catchy. Moreover, the design is what pulls people to stylish artwork. This one below looks so nice with the level of intricacy and the colors used making it stand out.

Minimal ocean tattoos can be done in such a manner. Simple small ocean artifacts and that just about it. It looks amazing. Get a nice and minimal ocean tattoo and rock it, it doesn’t have to be complex for it to look appealing.

Oceanic life is adorable and has a way of just putting people in a state of rest and fun.  In addition, this ocean tattoo shows just how much ocean animals look good even though they can be dangerous. The color is simple and equally gorgeous.

Show your love for the ocean by simply getting an ocean tattoo of a shell or any other cool things that can be found in the ocean. This ocean art is equally simple but pretty.

Beautiful ocean tattoos

Kinda messy and over the top. This ocean tattoo has some representation of ocean life. The color adds to the general drama that goes down in the ocean. This is beautiful with the colors creating a nice contrast.

The world at large is full of oceans. Moreover, there is no better way to show this in a tattoo other than drawing a circle and filling it up with ocean waves. Add some color to the waves and the ocean tattoo comes to life.

Ocean tattoos also represent the plant life found in the ocean waters. This one below is a very simple plant design that has been conjured up nicely to make good art. It is not only good art but also its very intricate with the floral feature making it stand out.

A very simple representation of what goes on at the ocean at times. You could also try this out. Adding some color may make it pop more but either way, this is a bomb.

Nice tattoo ideas

This is what we call ocean love. Get some waves in the shape of a love heart symbol and spread some ocean love all the way forever.

A minimal way to get something involving the ocean close to you. To those who love lighthouses but do not want to go too much, this is the way.

Dramatic ocean tattoos.

Get an ocean tattoo showing the lighthouse and the nice ocean view. The light and shallow ocean waves add some texture to the art. This art is one that is very popping. It has some characters of minimalism yet it still looks wow. Ensure your art is properly defined so that even you will be happy with the outcome.

Whichever visual it is you have for the ocean, its possible to bring it out by getting an ocean tattoo of it,add some colors, and its wow.  Getting your groove by using tattoos is quite simple. The only thing to be keen of is the color choice and the exact kind of art you want. Once all that is done, the ocean tattoo will look great and you will feel great.

Jellyfish is one of the favorites to most people when it comes to ocean animals. The one below has been well done with all the colors popping nicely.

Magnificent ocean tattoo ideas

Bring to life the happenings of the ocean. The ocean tattoo shown below is one of a kind. It’s so unique. The visuals have been done so nicely and they look so real.

Anchors are also part of the ocean to some extent. You could get your best version of an anchor as your favorite ocean tattoo.

Crafty ocean tattoos.

The mighty ocean and the sparks of the sun rays are an amazing combo. This is so creative. It looks so pretty. The colors are well laid out. Another great feature of this ocean tattoo is its transparency, that is very key.

Get hold of your favorite look of ocean waves near you by getting that tattooed. The one below is nice art. It does not have much going on but it’s for sure a great look. The simplicity and its depth are key things that make the design stand out in such a fascinating way.

Represent your knowledge of the ocean in a visual way. The ocean tattoo below looks so nice and it’s one that brings out very bold statements too. The two dominant elements portray a deep meaning going by the way they are intertwined.

Minimal yet so chic with every element aesthetically done. The birds and the ocean all look good together and contrast each other quite well. The bare background also stands out with the choice of black and white color bringing dimension to the entire design. Placement is quite ideas since its spacious enough for all the elements to fit well.

Adorable tattoo ideas

It does not always have to be animals. Ocean tattoos could involve your favorite ocean plants too. The one shown below is a great example. The colors make it so beautiful. Colors are not only always a crucial thing when it comes to art, but it also dictates how the outcome of the art will be. This one is having all the colors incorporated nicely into the art. It is simply gorgeous. Just remember, if you decide to add different colors to your tattoo, consider getting the ones that blend well with each other.

Bold ocean tattoos.

Mixing and matching is a creative way to go about ocean tattoos. This one has both colored and bare features. It is such a bold look and a definite try out for those who dig this kind of vibe. The contrasting looks on both legs demonstrate a high level of creativity with the sea animals adding elegance to the entire design.

Colorful Tattoo Ideas

A simple jellyfish has been made look so gorgeous by adding some pop of color. Get an ocean tattoo of your favorite ocean creature and spice its look with some color. One thing to be keen about is the edges of the art. The edges should be properly defined so that the ocean tattoo looks real and authentic. This one below is having all the edges and corners done nicely. It is stunning with the combination of green and blue adding dimension to the design.

Pattern up the waves on your ocean tattoo. This will add some texture to it and it will definitely feel special. In addition, the features added to the tattoo make it more catchy. This ocean tattoo basically shows a bit of the ocean, the landscape, or some cliff and the beautiful sky with the sun shining through. All these have been well organized together and they formed some kind of pattern. This is simply beautiful.

Simplistic ideas

Go simple and minimal by just getting a small ocean tattoo of your best piece of the ocean. This would totally look less cluttered but chic. For the minimalist practitioners who would like to get their ocean tattoos, this would be one of the looks to go for. It’s very less cluttered, the color used is also quite minimal. The outcome is not disappointing at all despite the fact that not much is going on. This ocean tattoo is absolutely stunning.

For that one ocean creature that you love, you could go all the way and make it look as dramatic as you want. The one shown below is one great example. Go wild with these kinds of looks. The size of the tattoo is quite fitting and the different colors are making great statements all in one place. This is so chic with the colors used creating such an appealing contrast.

Intricate ocean tattoos.

Go crazy and showcase how much you love ocean life by getting such an amazing tattoo. Add all the ocean colors to get the real thing come out. Such bold colors make the content of the art so vibrant. Give this a try if you love tattoos that pop out boldly and make a statement.

For all the wave lovers, this is definitely for you. Get an ocean tattoo showing one cool head wave and get some nice color of your choice on it. Finally, rock it. You will feel the cool vibes brought about by the minimal but stylish look. Try this out if you like ocean tattoos but are a minimalist. This is beautiful.

Minimalist Ideas

Decide on one of your favorite animals in the ocean and get a tattoo of them. This would be an authentic ocean tattoo with no doubt. Going minimal is preferred by some people. This even includes the number of tattoos on them or the size of the tattoos. This one is a great example of a simple, minimal but gorgeous ocean tattoo. It’s well done and aesthetically appealing.

The small and mighty creatures of the ocean could also be added to an ocean tattoo. This one has a very clear representation of a nice jellyfish. It’s popping. A nice color mix makes the art become overly lively and that should be the goal with any tattoo. Enlarging the look is also one thing you should consider. It just gets the tattoo higher chances of being noticed.

Blue ocean tattoos.

One can decide to also get an ocean tattoo representing or showing how it goes down with the creatures of the ocean. The one below shows some of the greatest ocean life and its wow. These two ocean creatures are distinct from one another. This characteristic makes the tattoo more catchy to the eyes. This is beautiful.

Oceanic Vibes

Get an ocean tattoo with your favorite ocean creatures or animals and feel the vibe. This is amazingly done. So bold. The good thing with ocean creatures tattoos is that they are so authentic. Getting one with all the colors that match the ocean incorporated with it does get it to another level.

You can add all your favorite things about the ocean in your ocean tattoo. That is a nice way to express your love for the ocean in one go. Get this amazing and intricate ocean tattoo. Just ensure that the colors used to match your skin tone or color so that the art comes out looking it’s absolute best.

An ocean tattoo can also be made simple and still be the bomb dot com. This one has just a simple shark drawn nicely in its element. Pure elegance. Another way to ensure that your ocean tattoo is outstanding, just like this one, would be to get the edges and all the curves of your art well defined so that it comes out real. The use of one color may easily cause ruin to the art if not done properly.

Intricate tattoo ideas

A true definition of an ocean lover. The creatures have been well done and they look super real. This ocean tattoo is a definite show stopper. One could, moreover, add more details to the look to make it more exciting. Right from the choice of color to the placement of the tattoo, every aspect of the design is just adorable.

A lighthouse, anchors, the waves, and all other things. The color too. This is such a great combo for an ocean lover that loves wild ocean scenes. The art on this ocean tattoo not only brings out the real ocean vibes, but it also proves that authenticity is crucial for any kind of art.

Mellow Ocean tattoos.

The ocean tattoo below shows how beautiful the ocean can look like during sunrise or sunset. There is some element of life too added by the flying birds. It’s so gorgeous with every element used adding life to the entire design. In addition, the skin color matches so well with the ocean tattoo art. It is therefore important to consider which colors blend well with your skin.

Black and white ideas

For your ocean tattoo to stand out, remove the color of the ocean, and make everything black and white. It will still look great. If a color mix is not your kind of vibe, then, a mix of bare colors will do the trick. Get on with it on your favorite ocean tattoo design and enjoy it.

Show your love for the ocean by getting a tattoo of the creatures in their natural habitat. This one has been done well and resembles the exact thing. It’s awesome with the beautiful elements and colors bringing out that ocean life. Details are important for making the art-pop. A nice color mix does just that and the outcome is always worth it.

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Classic ideas to try out

Getting a tattoo that resembles ocean natural plant life and the creatures in their habitats is a show stopper. The addition of color makes tattoo pop even better. Color is very key because it not only makes the tattoo clothed up but also it makes the tattoo more vibrant.

Whether your ocean tattoo resembles one that could only be real in a tale or a real one, color elevates the whole look. This is pretty with the different colors used adding contrast to the design.  Color not only adds to the aesthetic nature of the look, but it also gives a nice pop to the ocean tattoo.

Old style of ocean tattoos.

What a beautiful way of expressing life in the oceans? The entire back looks more like an ocean with the huge ship shown as moving through the ocean. Such an appealing look. The design could also be showing the valuables one could acquire from the ocean. The pearls and shells look so nice with the choice of color used adding depth to the design.

Oceanic tattoo ideas

Ocean tattoos can also just include the ocean landscape. The one below just shows the shore or the beach. The color blend of the colors looks so beautiful. This is an amazing sight. Not only is it amazing, but also it pops out and brings out the real feel of the ocean landscape.

The ocean is home to some animals. The ocean tattoo shown has one of the greatest animals that live in the oceans and seas. It is beautifully done. Get your ocean tattoo glam up a bit by making the color shade on it to pop even more. This is easily achieved by adding some of the colors to the design. Though, too much color may ruin the art.

Magnificent ocean tattoo ideas

Ocean tattoos can comprise of very many different elements of the ocean. The one below just shows some ocean waves. They do look great. Adding small elements to the tattoo gives it that chill vibe all though. It’s a definite plus for ocean tattoo designs with the choice of colors transforming the entire outlook of the tattoo.

Blue is the color of the ocean and has a way of bringing life to the design if well used.  Incorporating that color with one of the gadgets that mainly work on the ocean is a great skill. The anchor in this one matches well with the blue ocean waves with the wavy layers giving an expression of the ocean ecosystem that can be unstable at times.  The design looks beautiful on the arm where it’s worn.

Mermaid ocean tattoos.

Mermaids are a big part of the ocean. For all the mermaid lovers, this is a nice way to keep one close. Get a little bit intricate with the look and you will love it. Such looks are not only bold but are also very glam as well. The fact that the whole tattoo can fit quite well on the leg makes it perfect.

Incorporating some ocean features into your tattoo is a nice way of beautifully representing the beauty the ocean has to offer. This mermaid tattoo is beautiful. It has very minor details included in it. In addition, they all come out so well in the actual mermaid tattoo.

This ocean tattoo is one that represents the life that could be in the ocean in a very nice way. The colors make the tattoo pop altogether with all the elements used adding to the intricacy of the design. The aspect of color is also another cool thing about the design that cannot be ignored and creates a nice contrast.

Cool ideas to try out

An ocean tattoo cannot be complete to some extent without adding some ocean life. The one below has some fish in the water drawing at it looks so nice. Detailing is making everything appear real. Combining a range of elements is cool as it creates a nice contrast and allows the designs to show well.

Deep oceans are sometimes associated with mermaids. The one below is beautifully done and the art has brought out real ocean life as it is believed to be. Get a nice intricate look like this one by dimming down the colors you choose for your art. This will not only make it look special, but you will also feel good too.

Mysterious ocean tattoos.

Oceans are believed by some to house some very mysterious and interesting things as well. The ocean tattoo below might be proving just that. Instead of getting basic ocean tattoo designs, opt to go for these wild looks and rock it. Though, this works only if it’s your kind of style. The back is an ideal place as its large enough and allows the design to fit well.

Mermaids are seen as real beauty. A tattoo of the ocean mermaid definitely signifies love for he creatures and for ocean life in general. Even though one believes they exist or not, the fact remains that mermaid ocean art is to look real always.

Amazing tattoo ideas

Ocean treasures are such a keep. Getting a tattoo of one of the treasures one can find buried in the ocean is one way to bring out your adventurous side. Not only will you feel more accomplished and proud of yourself, but also others will too.

The ocean and a bit of the landscape and the sky all incorporated in a tattoo look great. This is a nice way to represent your love for nature. Getting this kind of ocean tattoo will minimize the clutter on your skin. It is simple and the color is not too much as well.