17 Tips and Tricks to Sport Odell Beckham Jr Hair

Although the one-hand catch made him famous, his hairstyle eked out a role model out of him. Odell Beckham Jr has set the style and trend. Men from across the globe’s latitudes and longitudes are crazy to follow him as their style icon. Since his first year in the NFL in 2014, barbershops have reported a manifold increase in the demand for getting the Odell style haircut among the customers. 

Beckham Jr hair marks the signature faux hawk style, with his natural curls amplifying the form. It has made history in the arena of sports and pop culture, with the perfect cut and blends of blonde or platinum hues. 


Tips and Ideas To Feature the Cut

  • It would be best if you had natural curls to get the signature style, Faux Hawk Cut. The style would embellish you with faded sides and curls of medium length.
  • Get creative with your style. The perfect hair tattoo augments the colored curls. Odell’s form of the lightning rods shaved on his head complimented the platinum faux hawk curls.
  • Choose the color carefully. It is not just the blonde color that makes Odell’s hair so captivating. It is the perfect mix of hues carefully chosen and combines. Hairstylists agree that the absolute highlight of the hair is the most challenging part to achieve.
  • It would be best if you were extra cautious while bleaching the hair. Take care to ensure that the bleaching chemicals are not hampering with the texture of your hair. Exercise caution while bleaching to ascertain that the color is not leaking into the rest of the haircut. It should be localized in the right segment to achieve the look.
  • If you do not have natural curls, you will have to get it done by hairstylists. Take care to protect the texture of your hair. Otherwise, the entire style will be marred.
  • Do not bleach at home. You may be tempted to bleach your hair at home once you have stylized with the Odell haircut. That is a great mistake, as bleaching involves chemicals that may lead to hair loss if not done professionally.
  • Take care of the uncertain pigmentations. It is recommended that you get the style done at professional salons because a lack of professional skill may lead to your hair’s orange pigmentation instead of the required platinum or blonde. 
  • Use the right professional-grade product while styling your hair in the Odell cut. The wax or the sponge that you use should be of good quality for a more comfortable style and detailing.
  • Facial hair is the accessory to compliment or ruin the look. It is not mandatory, but in some cases, it can jazz up the style to a higher realm.
  • Reach out for the professional barber who would be creative enough to implement the right form on your hair.

Some Ideas and Styles with OBJ’s Hair

Haven’t figured it out how to get started sporting a OBJ hairstyle that will turn heads around? Let’s take a look at a few you will love.

Blonde At the Top

OBJ features the Faux Hawk cut with the burst faded short strands of hair at the sides and all around. This flaunts the middle, longer curls of blonde all the more. This gives him a perfect look of a footballer stooped in style.

Golden Curls

If the golden snakes on Medusa’s hair caused men to turn around, so does Odell’s. The perfect length and texture of the curls in the middle are dyed with a golden blonde and darker short hair all around. It augments the look and forms his signature style. 

Highlight with Style

The highlight at the top of the hair with a golden blonde amidst the black and dark curls makes the hairstyle a popular one. Men all over the world are craving for their hair to be styled in this fashion.

Light Blonde 

Vibrant growth of white-blonde curls covers the head. An underlying layer of black curls makes the highlight even more prominent. Trimmed facial hair also aids in complimenting the look. 

Golden Brown Mane

As the majesty of the lion’s mane, OBJ’s hair wears the brown blonde atop the black curls. A highlight of hues throughout the hair makes it his iconic style. And the curls are picture-perfect, adding to the form.

Curls of Color

The blonde golden, brown, and darker shades play in style through the curls. The footballer has a hairstyle and cut, with matching colors, that he can flaunt with his sports moves.

Shave in Style

Odell Beckham Jr flaunts the Strawberry blonde of his hair with the darker patches of hair around. The middle portion of the head roars with the signature Faux Hawk pattern while the sides and the back are shaved to the skin.

Glistening White

The silver-haired head, with the white-blonde curls, has a unique texture. He mesmerizes his fans with the charisma of his sports moves and the extravagant hairstyle of the shades of shining whiting and an equally elegant beard.

Flaming Curls

OBJ wears the Mohawk cut, as his fans claim. The head features an abundant growth of long curls and kinks in the hair. It is stylishly dyed with lighter shades to get a mix of white and strawberry blonde. The dark, short follicles beneath add to the galore of the hairstyle. 

Golden Lava

Watch Odell Beckham Jr building his physique and strengthening his sinews as the lavalike curls prong from his head. Dyed in a radiant blonde in the shades of platinum, the footballer has a hairstyle and tattoos with praising.


FAQs To Quench Your Thirst

  • What is the Odell Beckham Jr haircut called?

Odell Beckham has become a famous icon in the world of men’s hairstyles. His iconic haircut, with the blond curls and faded sides, has gripped the attention of one and all. It is the customary Faux Hawk cut with a fade. Sometimes, his fans refer to it as the Mohawk cut. It comes with a burst fade, with the hair tapering near the ears and neck to give a bold look.

  •  How do I get my hair styled like Odell Beckham Jr?

Your hair should be curly to style your hair in Beckham’s way. If you do not have natural curls, you can get them done using hair styling tools and professional help. Bleach your hair, set the texture, choose the coil, and lo! You are all set for the renowned hair cut. Get the sides and back of the hair shaved with a clipper with curls at the top.

  • What do I need to tell my barber to get the hair cut?

The Odell haircut has been one of the most famous hairstyles that men crave for. The barbershops have reported an increasing demand for the particular cut. All you need to do to get the style is to drop the word in front of your barber. Your barber can be a creative one, too, and add in his styles that suit you. You may also think of styles and colors that compliment your looks.

  •  How will I get curls like OBJ?

The OBJ style has been an icon for meat men. They wish to emulate his style, curls, and color. If you have natural curls, then the styling becomes more leisurely. If not, you have to design your hair necessarily. Shampoo your hair and apply an ample amount of conditioner. Wash out properly. Take professional hair to achieve the curls. And now, you are all set for the dye and hair cut.

  • What is the color of Beckham’s hair? How do I dye my hair like Odell?

Odell Beckham Jr is genuinely iconic in hair styling, with a transformation of his short dark hair to darker shades of brown, strawberry blonde, white blonde, and shades of platinum. You cannot leap the dark black hair to platinum blonde. Suit the looks gradually. Start bleaching with dark brown, then orange, before escalating to the blonde shades of strawberry, white, and platinum. It is advised not to try pout at home. Instead, it would help if you went to the barber for professional work with your hair.

  •  What is a Mohawk Fade?

It is a hairstyle for all those who dare to wear an edgy look. The Mohawk Burst Fade styles the hair in such a way that the top of the hair is groomed with long strands, while the hair is skin faded all around. OBJ’s kinky curls and the fade is referred to as the Mohawk cut by his fans.

  • Why did Beckham cut his signature blonde curls?

The iconic hairstyle that Obell Beckham Jr featured was his signature style. It took him to heights of popularity in the world of men’s fashion. He became the role model in barbershops scattered all around. However, the style icon chopped off his signature curls and claimed he wanted a change. With a new team to play with, he has altered his looks. But he will continue the experimentation of dyeing his hair as his fan followers admire that to a great extent.