168 Ouroboros Tattoos That Show Your Infinite Animal Instinct

The ouroboros tattoo is an image of a snake, lizard, or a dragon eating its own tail. This tattoo is just used to show the cycle of life. The tattoo may seem scary for many that are not a fan of snakes but its good to know that it means different things to different people. Get insight from a range of designs shared below.


Interesting Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

The snake is seen as a sign of wisdom, courage, and power therefore having the ouroboros tattoo can be used to portray someone’s characteristics.

Adding a little gimcrack to the ouroboros is also a perfect way of making it interesting. You can find some inspiration from the one below.

The tattoo below shows an image of two snakes intertwining. This can be used to show a different aspect of life because life is a cycle.

Hand greeting is a simple way of making a piece remarkable. You can get some inspiration from the tattoo below.

If you want a simple but shiny look, you can definitely get some insight from the one below. This is easy to draw and does not take much time.

Beautiful Ouroboros Tattoos

You can also use the snake to draw other symbols or numbers. It is a unique way of expressing art in different ways. This is suitable for anyone.

Using the snake to form a pattern is also another way of making a tattoo lively. People will be attracted to it and even go forward to ask the meaning of the tattoo.

Using different patterns on the snake’s skin is a strategy of making it aesthetically pleasing. Also adding some embellishment on the outside makes it fantastic.

For those who love dragons, you can also have it as a symbol instead of going for the snake or the lizard. Using black as the only color also makes it astonishing.

For a complex tattoo like the one below, it really takes a lot of time but the results are worth it. This kind of tattoo requires patience to a maximum.


Amazing Ouroboros Tattoo Ideas

The tattoo below shows a tree inside the dragon. Trees with long roots also signify life in various forms. Therefore combined with the dragon, you can be able to learn the cycle of life in different forms.


Adding a range of colors not only brings out the beauty of the tattoo but also makes it fascinating. This is one way to capture peoples attention as it stands out.


For those who would like small tattoos, you can be inspired by the tattoo below. It is easy to draw and does not take too much time.


For a bold look, you can go for dark colors as this makes it more conspicuous. To show the other features of the tattoo, you can go with lighter shades of darker colors.


Forming blocks on the snake’s skin makes it more captivating and this is a nice way of drawing a tattoo. It does not require much time but definitely brings out the most of one’s expectation.


Stunning Ouroboros Tattoos

Using a skeleton to draw the ouroboros tattoo is a unique style. Many people have not identified with it and therefore it will surely attract attention on anyone.

Black and white colors can be use to draw the ouroboros tattoo in a skull form. This is because all the distinctive features are able to be seen.


Finding a unique way of drawing your ouroboros tattoo can be challenging but here we can find something. With the skull, it will surely stand out in whatever crowd.


For a simple tattoo, going for a small snake around the leg is an easy decision. This may create an illusion of having a snake amulet around your ankle.


You can also accompany you r ouroboros tattoo with another one that is a symbol of your zodiac sign or anything. This can clearly show the person you are without saying much.


Astounding Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

The color red is a bright color and can therefore make your tattoo vibrant attracting people. Below you can get some inspiration for a simple design.

A compass is used to show direction and using it together with the dragon can be a sign of showing the direction of life. This is a creative way of making two different things have the same meaning.


If you want a fine look, you can use a pencil-thin tip to draw your tattoo. This will give you the effect desired and it will make the art pleasing.


Dark looks bring a striking look to a tattoo. This will be clearly visible even if someone is far away. This is a nice style for those who prefer bold looks.


Including some decoration to the ourobors tattoo can transform it from looking pale to looking so attractive in a jiffy. This is definitely satisfying.


Astonishing Ouroboros Tattoo Ideas

The neck is a great place for those who want to show off their tattoo. This won’t be so hard to manage as it will always be visible.

Using one color to make a piece of art attractive is a challenging job. In order to do that you can try out different patterns on the outside to make it more captivating.


Before choosing a tattoo, you must find out its meaning and make sure that it has a positive effect before getting inked on your body. This will allow you to know the different types of tattoos and find one that is suitable for you.


The chest is a great place to have a tattoo as it is easily manageable. You can cover it whenever you want or even decide if it is only for you to see it.


Most people choose to have their ouroboros tattoo on the leg, arm, chest or even the neck. It depends on whether you want to manage it easily. For those who want more coverage, you can go for the chest or arm.


Alluring Ouroboros Tattoos

For a shadowy look, you can use very lighter tints of dark colors. This can help you to achieve the effect desired. The murky look will make it appear faded if that’s the look you are going for.


Using a different color on the other side of the body makes the image appear real. This can be very a satisfying look.


For those a bold but shimmery look, you can get some insight from the one below. With patterns on the skin, it creates a satisfying feeling.


Mixing together different colors to achieve something gratifying, is not an easy task. To do this you are supposed to find an expert who has knowledge of how to use colors to create a beautiful image.


A holographic design always makes a tattoo look fulfilling. From the tattoo below we can be inspired by the design the artist has used.


Breathtaking Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

Spikes are great idea when added to a dragon. This adds a little touch to the picture making it look astounding.

People are often advised to seek an artist’s advice before getting a tattoo. This is because other tattoos appear nice when they are smaller and others appear incredible when bigger.


Adding a flick of design and patterns makes the tattoo more interesting. It won’t just be a typical snake. This is one way of making it look bomb.


Having a long ouroboros tattoo on the calves is an amazing thought. This idea looks great on men.


For a feminine look, you can always go for a simple look like the one shown below. Here, you wont have the stress of choosing a color to use or a pattern to include.


Complex Ouroboros Designs

For a design like this you don’t want to go with to an amateur. This requires great skill and talent in order to pull off such a look.

You are required to do your research before landing on a tattoo. This will allow you to choose the best from a range of tattoos.


Before choosing an artist to draw you a tattoo, examining the work they have done is an important step. This is to avoid any surprises after the work has been done already.


Having a tattoo drawn on the thigh is an ideal place. This is because you can cover it whenever you want. This idea is best for guys.


The tattoo shows a hand from the clouds holding the snake. This can be a symbol to show that a superior being is holding on to the cycle of life.


Epic Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

Having the eye inside the snake makes it have a tribal look. With this, it creates an interesting look. This art looks great on men.

The belly is vast and therefore provides a space large enough to have a massive tattoo. You can try the design below if you are in to large tattoos.


Not only do flowers make the tattoo aesthetically pleasing but also adds a meaning behind it. It can be used to show that as beautiful as the flower can be, life can also be beautiful.


Adding different features such as the legs and wings is a beautiful and unique way of expressing art. This idea can be great for both genders.


This is a spectacular design of ouroboros tattoo. One can attract a lot of people with this kind of design. This is suitable for both genders.


Outrageous Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

With a tattoo on the arm, it is clearly visible when it is exposed. The placement of a tattoo definitely affects the type of crowd to attract.

Using a different hue on another tail of thee snake makes it beautiful. Purple is a vibrant color and will surely be noticeable.


A snake is a sign of wisdom and so is an old man. With the two tattoos combined to together, it shows how someone is wise.


Having the ouroboros tattoo can also symbolize that someone is not to be messed with. This is because people view the snake as a scary animal and so it can be attributed to someone’s character.

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For those who love working with different machines, this can be just the idea for you. It shows your passion and can even be used as a motivation.


Magnificent Ouroboros Tattoos

Having the ouroboros on your hand is an easy way of displaying it without struggling too much.This idea is incredible for both genders.

Adding pebble- like art on the skin is also a great way of making your ouroboros tattoo look unique. This can look good on anyone.


Most people tend to have their snake drawn around the elbow or the knee. The idea is becoming common so you may want to try it out.


Instead of choosing a tattoo that a snake that goes around, you can just go or the one that is spiral. This idea is good for both genders.


The calf is an amazing place to have the ouroboros tattoo as it makes it visible.


Phenomenal Ouroboros Tattoos

A simple and subtle way of having the ouroboros tattoo. This won’t be a hard choice to go for.


For a bold look, you can go for a conspicuous color. This makes it outstanding.


A dragon with spirals at the center is always a unique way of having the ouroboros tattoo. This is incredible.


You can use the snake to draw different figures or shapes. This will always make it attractive.


Adding a little bit of writing is always the right way to motivate yourself with the ouroboros tattoo.


Dazzling Ouroboros Tattoos

For a complex look, this is definitely what to go for.


You can pick up some inspiration from the tattoo below if you love owls.

This might take some time before it is done but will definitely be worth it.


A complex look for those who want sophisticated looks.


Black is a striking color and will look good on anyone.


Outstanding Ouroboros Tattoo

The jet black color is definitely the way to go when you don’t have colors to choose from.


Including family members for the ouroboros tattoo shows how they are an important part of life.


A beautiful tattoo of the flowers and the wolf just makes it pleasing.


For those obsessed with tattoos, including the ouroboros tattoo is a brilliant idea.


Instead of going for the normal animals, you can choose the shield and sword.


Wonderful Ouroboros Tattoo

Want a simple and subtle look, this id what you should go for.


Adding some sparkle will make the tattoo appear more lively.


Attaching two different snakes is a genius style of drawing the ouroboros tattoo.


The infinity is a common way of drawing the ouroboros tattoo. You should consider it.


The incredible technique of having an ouroboros tattoo is by adding some decoration.


Marvelous Ouroboros Tattoos

If you are not satisfied with one, there is an option for more. This makes it interesting.


This is the simplest look one can have of the ouroboros tattoo. It is also magnificent.


You should always consider having the ouroboros tattoo on the shoulder for easy management.


Having different moons around the snake shows how the days keep on repeating.


Red is a lively color. This idea just makes it exceptional.


Remarkable Ouroboros Tattoo Ideas

An ouroboros tattoo on the neck is another way of putting your tattoo on view.


A masterpiece of the dragon ouroboros tattoo. This will unquestionably attract peoples attention.


A perfect symmetrical ouroboros tattoo. You should try this.


Along with other tattoos on the leg, the ouroboros will definitely standout.


Having the ouroboros tattoo on the sternum is the easiest way to have a hidden tattoo.


Pleasant Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

You can add a flower to give the ouroboros tattoo a little touch os sparkle.


Having the snake to show the infinity symbol just shows how life is endless.


The twigs intertwining can show how life is also twisting.


A nice way of displaying an ouroboros tattoo is by having it on the arm.


Satisfying Ouroboros Tattoos

The chest is an amazing place to have a tattoo. You can display it by wearing a low cut neck or even cover it with a turtle neck.


For a simple and clean ouroboros tattoo, this might be the one to go for.


To make the ouroboros tattoo more aesthetically pleasing, definitely add some vibrant flowers.


The snake surrounding the earth clearly shows that life is a cycle.


Having the snake around the wrist can create an illusion of an amulet.


Pretty Ouroboros Tattoos

A simple but incredible style of having the ouroboros tattoo


Flowers make an art aesthetically pleasing. You should try it.


Having the ouroboros tattoo on the elbow can make the look satisfying.


Color yellow is a vibrant color and will surely stand out regardless of the crowd.


Symbols and patterns are a great way to add some touch on the ouroboros tattoo.


Ravishing Ouroboros Tattoos

Instead of going for the snake, you can choose the dragon as not many people have used it.


The neck is one way to expose your tattoos without much struggle. This is recommended.


An inspiring look to have. You must try this.


The arm is vast and therefore provides enough space for the large tattoo.


You can use different signs and combine with the ouroboros tattoo to have one meaning.


Glamorous Ouroboros Tattoos

For a more natural look, you must use subtle colors to bring about the effect.


Using the skeleton is a unique way that many people have not yet embraced.


A nice and simple look to have an ouroboros tattoo.


Colors an make a tattoo that was boring to look pop. This is an incredible technique.


An ear tattoo is the best way to expose it as you will not struggle.


Appealing Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

Adding symbols brings about suspense which makes it captivating.


You can also accompany your ouroboros with a zodiac sign element.


Instead of going for the normal drawing, you can use shaped like leaves as the skin. This idea may be just fantastic.


Using one color with contrasting shades always makes a striking image. The jet black color is conspicuous and will definitely make the tattoo pop.


Flowers are beautiful and can make an art look aesthetically pleasing. This idea may look great on ladies.


Charming Ouroboros Tattoo Ideas

A holographic tattoo is one technique used to make an art look fabulous. It requires talent and skill. Below you can find some inspiration.


An ouroboros tattoo on the upper back. This is easy for coverage as it is on the back. This is mostly used by females.


Patterns always brings out the best in tattoos. This can be an incredible idea for those who like patterns.


Fantastic Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

With the eye at the center, it can indicate that people see life as endless and that it continues to revolve around.


The longer the roots of the tree are, the longer it has lived. With this point of view, you can learn the meaning of life with the ouroboros symbol.


In love with mechanics, this ouroboros tattoo can be just ideal for you. This can be a great idea for those who are mechanical engineers.


The Egyptian eye can be used to show the meaning of life in someones opinion. You can get some inspiration from the tattoo below.


Having the snake tattoo around your ankle can indicate that you have a lucky charm. This can be a good idea for those who want a permanent amulet.


Extraordinary Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

Adorning an ouroboros tattoo with patterns makes it even more captivating. This is an incredible look for both genders.


With the hand of Jesus Christ nailed at the center it can only mean that he died for our sins. This way we can start a new life knowing that we are his children.


Having a small tattoo on the upper back is a great idea as one can choose to cover or display it at whatever time. This might be best for men.


Different tattoos have different meanings, therefore, while choosing a tattoo we should make sure to choose that which we find relates with us.


Having this kind of tattoo can make someone look fierce. This can be used to indicate that you are not to be messed with as it indicates danger.


Phenomenal Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

Using different looks and avoiding the norm makes the image more fascinating. Even with the use of one color, it is still able to standout.


For a fiery look, you may want to use vibrant colors such as red or amber. This will make it pop and so satisfying.


The complicated look of the dragon makes it eye-catching. This will attract attention whenever displayed.


A golden color may appear real with the drawing of ouroboros tattoo. Choosing this color will just make it pop.


To create a galaxy kind of look, you need to use blue among other colors. This makes the art satisfying.


Dazzling Ouroboros Tattoos

For a more natural look, you can go with bold colors. With this you will use lighter shades on different parts of the body.

An extraordinary look always brings out the best in a tattoo. This may look good on anyone.


Incorporating different colors to come up with the best look might be a tricky job. In order to do this you must first seek the help of an expert. This will be enable you to pick out colors that match.


Snakes are a symbol of power. This can be a reassurance that you are powerful even in challenging times.


The intertwining of the snake shows how life is unpredictable. You never know what tomorrow will be like. This is another meaning of the ouroboros.


Remarkable Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

One can get an ouroboros tattoo to indicate a new beginning in an aspect of their life. This can also be used as a motivation that we will always be renewed when it comes to a new chapter in our lives.


Most of the animal images are a symbol of rebirth. This is both spiritual and physical. It shows that as life continues, there is renewal of beings.


Having a cartoon like image of the dragon also is a specific idea as most people will go for the real image of the dragon. This is small and therefore does not take much time but it’s also very clear.


Not very many people know the idea of having a lizard as an ouroboros tattoo. This is a unique way of having the tattoo for those who are obsessed with lizards.


A tattoo inked on the upper back. Most ladies use this idea because it is easy to display it when they wear a low cut back. This is an incredible placement to have a tattoo.


Wonderful Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

For a fine look, going for the simplest is always the key. From the tattoo below we can just get the right inspiration.

This is a remarkable way of including life to your artwork. This idea might be great for both men and women.


Colors are known to make even the most pale thing bright. With the correct mixture of colors, you can never go wrong on your piece of art. Here you can get some inspiration just for that.


For those who love games, you can also include some features from the game right here in the tattoo. This might be an incredible way of making the tattoo lively.


Green and purple are vibrant colors and make it just pleasing to look at. Adding this to your ouroboros tattoo is a genius technique.


Magnificent Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

With a complex look like this, it will definitely require a few appointments and patience to get it done. The results will surely be worth it. Here, you can find some awesome ideas to try out.


The jet black hue on the tattoo makes it outstanding even without adding much accessories. The color makes it striking. This may attract attention in public places such as the beach.


Adjoining the snake with flowers and some writing makes it satisfying. This is because the bright colors used on the flowers are vibrant and with the writing, it makes it attract more attention.


A simple but nice way of having an ouroboros look. With it surrounding your arm, it may look like a lucky charm. This may be a nice idea for those that want to have a permanent charm with them.


Having a tattoo inked on the calf is an amazing way of displaying it. With the tattoo on the calf one might not need to strain in order to see it since it is clearly visible.


Awesome Ouroboros Tattoos

Avoiding the image of a snake or dragon and going for a more artistic style is a nice way of drawing the ouroboros tattoo. This design can work on anyone.


The back is spacious and therefore provides just the space needed to be able to draw a big enough tattoo. This idea can be nice for both genders.


Having a tattoo inked on the arm is an incredible way of managing it. You can wear clothes that can display it or not. You can also adapt some ideas from the tattoo below.


For a more natural look, you can go with more vibrant colors mixed with dark colors. This will bring out the desired effect. This look looks best on men.


Going for a discrete look on the body adds a charm to it. This makes people more and more curious to know all the details of the tattoo.


Spectacular Ouroboros Tattoos

Most people choose the color black when going for the ouroboros tattoo. To make it more outstanding, you can add a shimmery effect.


Including some writing is a simple but effective way of making an ouroboros tattoo to stand out. This idea might look best on guys.


This is a chic tattoo since flowers have been added to it. This idea looks best on women.


If you are still debating on which ouroboros design you want, it’s advisable that you go for the simplest. This is because it does not take much time but still looks perfect.


Along with the ouroboros tattoo, you can also have the infinity sign. This is to indicate that life is endless just like the ouroboros symbol.