105 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Get You Cooking

Outdoor kitchen are the best and make light work outdoor entertaining. There is nothing like having meal that has been cooked over the fire. It also makes a great excuse to get the friends and family over to celebrate and have meal and enjoy a get together any day of the week. In this post we compiled the best outdoor kitchen ideas on the internet for your enjoyment and consideration. So get ready to be amazed as you scroll the wonderful world of outdoor kitchens. Hopefully you get some ideas and inspiration for when it comes time to building your outdoor area.



Pizza Oven Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Do you want to take your barbecue to the next level and add another dish to your repertoire. Well an outdoor kitchen is might be the exactly the thing you need. Take your barbecue to the next level and install a pizza oven in outdoor kitchen. You can make your own out of bricks or of course you can by kits that you can assemble when you get them home. An outdoor pizza oven with also add to the ambience with the flames of the oven fire flickering away and mesmerizing those who gaze into it.

The fire also creates mood lighting. There is nothing better than natural light to set the mood and that’s exactly what a pizza oven can add to your outdoor area. The one above is a kit version and the owner has built a stand out of bricks. This clever design also incorporates space for storing all your wood and other implements that can be used in the kitchen. Natural stone is another great material for using outdoors because it is hardy and will stand the test time. It is also porous and that makes it naturally non slip.

When building your outdoor area you might want to consider going with a natural stone build instead of stainless steel. You could use granite, marble or travertine. Marble is probably the most expensive but the results will amaze you and anyone who steps into your kitchen.




Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you build an outdoor kitchen your going to need an outdoor dining area like the one featured in the image above. This person has done a bang up job. The paved area lends way to many configurations for the furniture and there is ample room for having the largest of dinner parties. They have opted for natural stone which lends itself well to the overall aesthetic of the alfresco area. If I’m not mistaken the bench top looks to made of marble.

You can see that natural stone is a winner and if you can afford it, I would definitely go for it. It can be quite costly, way more expensive than wood but if you are going to build an outdoor kitchen you may as well go all out like this person. Designing your outdoor kitchen can be a fun endeavor although you will need to take into consideration your budget and how much space you have to work with. You may also want to consider how many people will be using the space. If you love to throw large and lavish dinner parties you may want to designate a large chunk of space for your alfresco area.



Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

I love this kitchen. The rustic nature takes me back to going to the cabin for summer holidays. They have used natural stone in an rough way to give the place a traditional charm that echoes throughout the whole setting. At the back there is a pizza oven for cooking up gourmet wood fired pizzas. Their choice in furniture goes perfectly with the overall motif. This is a stylish and well presented outdoor kitchen and I would be happy to use it and call it my own.

Try using reclaimed timber for a rustic appeal. Reclaimed timber is great. It’s good for the environment and usually pretty hardy and can withstand the elements but that all depends on the type of wood. Go for hardy timbers such as iron bark. The best way to do it is go to your hardware store and ask the assistant for wood for an outdoor kitchen. You can even source your own from construction sites and most cities have a reclaimed timber shop where you peruse all the old timbers.

It’s fun walking through the store and trying to find that perfect piece of timber for an outdoor bench or divider wall. If you do stumble across a piece of timber that tickles your fancy you can take it to a carpenter and have them make up a very special one off piece furniture that will wow your friends and become your favorite.



Timber Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Trusty old timber. It has served mankind well over the years from the first settlers to the modern era. It has stood the test of time and people all over the world still use it for a building material when constructing their house, or in this case their outdoor kitchen. Wood has a different feel than that of natural stone.  If you look after the wood well it can last you up to twenty years before having to replace boards. Varnishing your wood regularly will increase the life span and save you money down the track.

The outdoor are above has used a combination of wood and natural stone. The wooden structure is lays base for the workbenches which are made of natural stone. This great if you don’t quite have the budget to for doing the whole outdoor kitchen in natural stone. The stain on the wood will keep it well protected from the elements.


The Mother of All Outdoor Kitchen

Paint my nails and take me to the round up. This fine piece of design and construction encapsulates luxury and opulence to a tee. If you have a big wad of cash there is no limit to what you can turn your outdoor area into. They have opted for natural stone throughout which looks amazing and the timber roof seals the deal. This place is amazing. If you ask me, every outdoor alfresco needs a fireplace for people to chill out and congregate near.

The fireplace in the above outdoor kitchen is truly one of the best I have ever seen in my life.  The person who designed this place has done a great job with what I can only perceive to be an unlimited budget. They have used a slab of beautiful natural stone on the coffee table. Look how it shimmers in the light and the natural patterns really brighten up the room. It looks like a work of art and if the fireplace wasn’t the centerpiece the table would be.

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Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

It is the ideal material to build your outdoor kitchen especially for bench tops. Stainless steel stands up to the harsh elements and won’t rust. It’s also very easy to clean down and you could even go so far as just to wash it right off with the hose. As you can see from the image above they predominantly used stainless steel throughout the kitchen and the results are amazing. The kitchen flooring is completed with a tile in a neutral tone that matches with stainless steel work space.

A good idea is to build a herb garden next to your outdoor kitchen. There is nothing like popping out to the garden and picking your own fresh herbs and vegetables for a farm to table dinner. Well if you’re already outside you won’t need to go anywhere. Can you imagine you cooking up a meal at this outdoor kitchen surrounded by your family friends. The rack of lamb is ready and every gathers around and applauds you on such a fine job. A smile washes over your face and your realize that the outdoor kitchen was all worth it in the end.

Natural Stone Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

You may have noticed that a lot of the outdoor kitchens use natural stone. Not only does it look amazing it’s practical and functional as well. The above kitchen has gone for the stone cottage motif and it looks fantastic. Even the table in the middle has been constructed using a big piece of stone. The ceiling has been constructed of hard wood and provides the perfect shade from the hot Summer sun and keeps the rain and snow away in Winter.

The floor uses natural stone pavers and really completes the traditional look.

Don’t limit yourself to only outdoor entertaining in the Summer. Get yourself some outdoor heater or a fireplace so you can entertain all year round without having to worry about Jack Frost freezing your limbs off. Outdoor heaters come in all shapes and sizes and of all fuel types. If you don’t want a permanent fixture you can get gas outdoor heaters that wheels so you move them to wherever you want to keep the cold away.




Simple Yet Effective

Sometimes simple is the best. You can get as fancy as you want but the core purpose of the outdoor kitchen is to cook delicious food and entertain guests. If your kitchen does that effectively then your on the money and headed down the right track. You don’t have to spend a mint to make functional and practical kitchen. The kitchen in the image above is a prime example of how simple can work well in any scenario.

They have used simple pine which is relatively cheap. If you do use pine make sure it’s treated or it will perish from the forces of the elements. This person has built a cover which will help increase the longevity of the pine and ensure that it doesn’t rot. It also has everything you need, from the kitchen sink to the wood fired oven to ensure your next outdoor party is a smashing success.



Bar Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor area reminds me of Australia. The use of timber and the rustic nature of the area are similiar to what you would find out in the bush in the outback. It has a log cabin feel. They have used timber and as you can see it is slightly worn from the elements.  To me, this adds more rustic charm although they will need to sand it back and replace in the near future. It’s looking like the protective coating of the varnish has worn off and the timber will start to perish at a fast rate.

Everybody loves a good drink. So why not incorporate a bar into your outdoor area so that people have a place to gather and chat over their favorite drinks. If you do love entertaining if will give you an opportunity to play bartender. I’ll have a dry martini thanks sir. Sorry mate we only have beer. What do you think this is? A bar?



Pizza Oven Supreme Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Check otu the pizza oven in this outdoor area! This one has been constructed by a professional and look at the size of the thing. You will be able to bang prime pizza all night for army. I love the way they have constructed the base and the clay color lends itself well to overall setting. They have ample storage space for wood and other trinkets. Marble is the choice for the bench top and goes really well with the clay color of the pizza oven.

This setting reminds me of Italy. A lot of kitchen in Europe are outdoor and there is good reason for it. The food taste better when it’s cooked from a wood fired source.







There you have it folk and what a list of amazing kitchens it was. From wood to natural stone the options are endless when it comes to building your outdoor kitchen and with a little creative and planning you can have the outdoor kitchen and dining area of your dreams.