75 Outdoor Privacy Ideas for Your Viewing Pleasure

Are you sick of your neighbors peering over the fence,  annoying you, and abusing your privacy? Well this post is for you. We examine some of the best outdoor privacy ideas on the internet for your consideration. Sometimes it’s just a matter of safety or maybe you don’t like being watched, regardless you have every right to privacy and why not do it style. Sit back relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of these privacy ideas and be careful someone could be watching. You may think I’m joking but look behind you now.


Natural Outdoor Privacy Ideas

If you are looking to make your patio or gazebo more private you might want to look for inspiration in nature. Plants are great way of blocking the view of your pesky neighbors and make for pleasant company when your lounging around outside with your favorite book. Creeper plants have the ability to block even the most open areas. All they need is something to attach to and they grow like wild fire. Within a few months you will have your very own natural covering for you outdoor area.

If your lack of privacy problem is coming from the fence there are a number of options to take in regards to natural covering. Hedges are great for providing the perfect privacy protection for the perimeter of your home. Hedge lining your fence will keep those nosey neighbors away and provide a serene perimeter to your property. If you have kids they will love the hedges. They can play hide and seek in there and be amazed by the bugs they find.


Pot Plan Fence Outdoor Privacy Ideas

A planter fence is also great for keeping you home nice and private. As you can see from the image above that this one is just in the initial phase and wouldn’t but provide much coverage. But in a few months time it will be blooming and all the neighbors will be able to see is a sea of green.  All you have to do is get dig two post holes into the ground then put posts in and attach the mesh. The pot plants will easily attach to the mesh and in time will grow into your very own natural fence.

You can also use vines. Vines have the ability to grow up the mesh and provide ample covering. A great vine for this sort of thing is the passion fruit vine. The passion fruit vine grows as a creeper and they grow fast. The benefit of planting a passion fruit vine is that you get beautiful delicious passion fruits and fence as well. While you chilling outside in your covered are you can snack on your very own home grown passion fruits.

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Classic Vines

This is a classic example of how vines can act as a great natural covering and keep those pervert neighbors from disturbing you while you’re trying soon a potential mate.  There is nothing worse, when you are mid way into a kiss, in the throws of passion, your eyes meet, you stroke their face gently and then lightly pull their hair. A cat call coming from the next building interupts the moment and it’s lost forever because you didn’t have vine coverage on your balcony. You fool. You blew it.

But seriously, vines are amazing for privacy and they look great as well. Vines provide a romantic setting for you to get your romance on. It reminds me of strolling around the streets in Italy. The sun was on it’s way down and out of the corner of my eye I spied the most gorgeous little wine and cheese shop. Sharon and walked through the doors. The pungent smell of cheese blast up my nostrils.  Those who smelt dealt it and that’s exactly what I did.


Lattice Outdoor Privacy Ideas

Lattice is basically small planks of wood in installed on outdoor areas for privacy and protection from the elements. Kind of like the square pattern on the table featured in the above image. In that pattern. The above image has used wooden plank in a horizontal manner. This acts as a great shield from the watchful eye of the public, although it can restrict the view and it’s not as nice as plant in my opinion. It all depends on your personal preference.  Wood might be better if your trying to create an outdoor room style thing whereas plants are great for the outdoor setting.


Reclaimed Timber Outdoor Privacy Ideas

This house has used reclaimed timber to to block the view of passers by. They have use the lattice doors from a demolition job and gave them a paint job. The results are faultless. The plants are the ideal decoration and compliment the doors nice. Or do the doors compliment the plants. I can never tell with these things. Maybe you have a better idea. Hit us in the comments box and let us know which outdoor area is your favorite.

Reclaimed timber is hot right now and people from around the world building with the product. It’s a great material and will add that rustic charm to your abode. The timber is great for the environment because you are not sourcing wood that has to be cut down. More oxygen for everybody. Yay I hear you scream. The sky is the limit with creating your outdoor space so let your creative juices course through veins and into your brain and have fun with it.


Classic Lattice

This is a classic example of lattice work. You can see it lets enough light in and blocks the view of people walking past. This makes it great for entertaining and getting up to no good with your friends.  Or basically act as covering. Lattice work is a cheap solution, not as cheap as plants but it’s more hardy and can withstand the elements.

It can also be erected instantly so there is not waiting for plants to grow. It relatively easy to install if you have some basic handy person skills. If you aren’t that way inclined you can always call a professional to get the job done. A tradesman will charge you about fifty bucks an hour labor. It shouldn’t take more than for hours although it all depends on the job and the weather. Whether it rains or whether it doesn’t. You see what I did there. That was joke. haha



Recycled Material Outdoor Privacy Ideas

This person has used reclaimed iron shingles to great effect on this outdoor area. You can see from the image above the clever use of iron to make planter boxes. It’s a lovely little setting and would ideal for outdoor entertaining. The color scheme is warm and inviting and I would definely pour two glasses of that delicious looking wine dime the lights and have a magic moment with the girl of my dreams. The garden beds add a touch of greenery to the whole scenario and compete the look.





Timber Wonder Land

This looks like an outdoor timber theme park. This is the ideal setup for those wanting a getaway station in their own backyard. The spa in the corner is great place to unwind after a hard days work and as the temperature drops you can huddle around the fire for warmth. This is a perfect outdoor entertainment area and it would have to be one of my favorites on the list.

The round booth makes the area look all that more inviting. Imagine at night, your sitting around with the people you love toasting marsh mellows and laughing, catching up. A marshmallow falls from your daughters roasting stick. She is upset for a brief moment before reaching into the back to get another one have another try. You give her your perfectly toasted marshmallow. She pops it into her mouth. Her eyes light up as the sugar goes into her blood stream.




Alice In Wonderland Outdoor Area

Check this place out. It looks like they’ve taken inspiration from the book Alice in Wonderland. Follow the rabbit down the hole and into the mystical and marvelous world filled with mirrors and miracles.  The beautiful grassy area looks so inviting. A lot of work has gone into this garden and it deserves a special.

It actually makes me feel like having a tea party with rabbit, the mad hatter and even the red queen, she ain’t all that bad once you get to know her. She just a bit misunderstood or perhaps even mentally ills. If you do notice your friends becoming mentally ill try be there for them however possible. It’s a serious illness and should be treated lightly.


Bottle Walls

Yes yes yall it’s a bottle wall. This is a great way for using empty bottles and does the job nicely. When the sun shines through the bottles it creates amazing light with all the colors of the rainbow. Let’s face it there is too much waste in the world today and there are some many resources that can be re used with a little imagination. You should, at every opportunity use reclaimed timber. There are a number of reasons why reclaimed timber is the best.

Firstly it’s way cheaper than buying new timber. Unless of course it’s a piece of antique oak or something like that. It’s also good for the enviroment and help you cut down on your carbon footprint which is win win situaition for all involved. It also looks amazing. There is nothing walking out to your outdoor area and copping the view of beautiful old piece of timber. Every piece has a story to tell. You just have to listen hard enough.


Stick Craft

Did you ever build cubby houses with your friends when you were younger? Well if you did then you will have no trouble errecting one these bad boys. It’s so simple you can source all the materials yourself and create your very own cover. Now that’s creative. The art of making something out of almost nothing. The options are endless if you get creative and use the resources you have at hand wisely. Just like they had to do it back in the day.

This style of covering is ideal for a make shift to serparte one area from the other. Perhaps you have an outdoor kitchen that needs to be shielded from the elements. No problem just erect one of these bad boys and you are in business. The wind won’t affect your barbecues anymore. You will have free reighn of your kitchen as you swan about cooking gourmet meals for you friends.



The Simple Outdoor Curtain

The outdoor curtain is probably one of the cheapest ways to provide your outdoor area with cover. They are easy to install although they can look tatty over time and you may need to replace them every three months. If you are strapped for cash and are sick of the sun beading down on your back and your neighbors popping their ugly head over the fence by all means go for the curtain.

Save a few extra bucks and you can go for something a little more permanent like lattice. I would go plants before a curtain any day of the week. They offer a pretty alternative. Being around nature is much better than being around filthy curtain. But each to their own I guess. If a curtain is what speaks to you in tones of joy by all means get in there and get curtains for your outdoor area.



What a great idea! Plant bamboo forest around your fence line. In time they will grow up and completely cover the outdoor area. It will also invite hungry pandas into your home as they are in search for some fresh bamboo. Imagine your chilling outside having a cup of tea and panda pulls up a chair and has a cuppa with you.  Only in a perfect world. Well the above garden setting is pretty flash and if I was a panda I would definitely come and chill there. Not just for the bamboo though.


There we have it folks. I hope you got some ideas for setting up your ideal backyards setting.