140 Patriotic Tattoos That Embrace Your Loyalty!

Patriotic tattoos are usually a symbol of loyalty and love for one’s country. Having this tattoo means that one is capable of doing anything for the sake of their country. There are a number of creative ideas that you can draw inspiration from as you design the tattoos. Take your time and scroll through for some amazing ideas that you can take advantage of.


Beautiful Patriotic Tattoos

Patriotic tattoos can also be used as a sign of trust. With this, you can show that you can fully serve your country at whatever cost. The design below looks quite complex with every element adding intricacy to its outlook.

A snake is a sign of power and also a gun symbolizes power. With this, it can be used as an affirmation to show that someone is powerful. This idea can be best for those in the army. From the choice of colors used to the words. every aspect of the design looks perfect.

For a dark tattoo, you can use a dark color to show different parts of the flag. For the other parts, you can also use a different color that is also dark. This way you will have contrasting colors to show different parts of the flag.

A scorpion is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. With this sign, it can be used as a hallmark for those who are in a war to assure that they are not to be messed with.

For a complicated design like this, you will need to have it large. This is because not every detail will be able to be seen when portrayed as a small tattoo. This idea may look best on men and fits quite well on the arm where it’s worn.

Stunning Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Adding an image of man can be used to show that without the people, you cannot have a flag. It is the people who are loyal to the flag. The design looks simple yet quite adorable with the quote making it stand out.

With the eagle emerging through the flag, we see that that is a sign of power. Each flag represents who they are and that is just one way of showing it. The placement of patriotic tattoo is a key thing that should be given consideration when adorning the tattoo.

To tread means to walk or stamp. One cannot step off on a flag if they know that this can cost them their life. This is one-way declaring patriotism by not stepping on the flag. The stylish design alongside the quote used are just adorable.

With the rock and roll symbol, you can know that this is one of the things that the wearer of the design likes. This shows their love for a specific kind of music.

Drawing a solider together with the flag is a sign of respect for those who have lost their lives while fighting for their country. This is one way of honoring the fallen soldiers.

Incredible Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

With the skull and the flag, it shows the people who fought for the independence of their generation. It is a sign of saying thank you to those who fought for freedom. Every aspect of the design looks amazing with every color enhancing the overall outlook.

To get rid of monotony, you can also add some waves to the flag. This will make it more interesting to look at. This technique may look good on anyone. The upper should is such a nice place for adorning patriotic tattoo. It looks cool with all of the layers making it stand out.

Flowers are beautiful and have your flag in the shape of a flower shows how your country is beautiful. This can be used to indicate one’s love for their country.

Including different features to the patriotic tattoo is a great idea. This is unique making it attractive.


To get a patriotic tattoo like the one below, you need to go to an expert who has the skill. This will enable you to know what to expect.


Wonderful Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

Going for a bold writing is also another option that people do not consider. This forms a striking look and it is very noticeable.

An incredible piece of art to show how people were dedicated to getting freedom so that others may enjoy it. This can look great on men.


Going for the natural look makes it a very easy decision as one will not have to choose the different colors to be used on the tattoo.


If you want a subtle look, this is definitely the style for you. It is small and does not take time but still outstanding.


Weapons are a sign of war. Having a grenade as a tattoo can signify that one is always ready for war.


Astonishing Patriotic Tattoos

You can also choose to go for just the head of the eagle instead of the whole body. This is a creative way by adding the flag as the feathers of the bird.


A vibrant color on the leg already attracts attention. It is easily noticeable even with someone from a far.


Instead of going for sophisticated looks, you can choose a small one with the armor and arrows. This might look good on anyone.


For a tattoo to appear as faded, you can choose some matte colors. This will form a matte look on the tattoo andd will still be clearly visible.


Seeking advice from an artist is definitely the easiest way to come up with something incredible. You can draw some inspiration from the one below.


Magnificent Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Patriotic tattoos are look great when they are different sizes. This can help you choose whats the best look for you.


Drawing half a scull is also another way of having the patriotic tattoo. With the flag acting as the mask, this is a great of of showing off art in different styles.


The sun rising indicates a new day. This can mean that it is a new beginning for your country.


An eagle carrying the flag with its beak is a sign of freedom. This idea can be great for both genders.


To remember your loved one, you can also have their name as an amulet on the flag. This is a nice way of keeping memories of them.


Awesome Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Weapons indicates being ready for a battle. You can use this to support your country when in war.


Using vibrant colors can create a shimmery effect. One can try this if they are into shiny colors.


The leg is spacious and therefore provides enough space for one to have a big tattoo. If you are looking forward to having a big tattoo consider having it on the leg.

To show lighting strikes, you can use different dark lines to show them at the ends of the tattoo. This will definitely bring out what you are looking for.

The upper arm is a nice place to have the patriotic tattoo as you can manage it easily. It can be clearly visible when you want to display it.

Outrageous Patriotic Tattoos

The statue of liberty holding the gun is a nice way of expressing freedom. This can really be inspiring.

Including different characters is a genius way of having your tattoo stand out. This can look good on both men and women.

A pleasant way of showing a massive tattoo. This is very simple and can be best for those who want a straightforward tattoo.

Dark colors are preferred by most people since they bring out a striking effect. This striking effect makes it pop.

You can have a 3D look with a patriotic tattoo. This makes it even more satisfying. Here you can get some insight.

Gorgeous Patriotic Tattoos

An addition of number can be used to inform the fighters that they have already won the battle.

Instead of having a flag tattoo, you can just go for the army dress code. This is absolutely stunning.

A nice way to remember your family members who went to war. This can help you be attached even with the one person whom you never met.

Below we can draw some inspiration of the patriotic tattoo. It is simple and elegant.

A chic and elementary way of having a patriotic look. This idea fits best on women.

Dazzling Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

Having an animated puppet look also shows the different kind of things you love. This is a way of expressing yourself.

Having matching tattoos with your friend is definitely the trend right now. This can show how long your friendship will last.

A distinct but simple look. This will capture anyone’s attention.

A meticulous look for those who want something fine. This technique is just incredible.

With a complex look like the one below, it requires some patience in order to get it done. This will definitely be worth it as it is outrageous.

Phenomenal Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Do your research before landing on any patriotic tattoo. There are many designs designs to choose from and this will just prevent you from being unsatisfied with the tattoo you have.

Not only can you use English to write on the flag, you can also use different languages so it creates a suspence for those who are not familiar to the language.

A range of hues always bring out the best in an image. It only requires wise choice of colors to be used.

You can also add some of other tattoos with your patriotic tattoo. This makes it more intriguing making people curious.

Having a tattoo like this may be clearly visible when short sleeved clothes are worn. This may be just for those who want to display their tattoos.

Outstanding Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Red is a vibrant color and when used majorly in a tattoo, it makes the tattoo pop which attracts attention.  Even with a good idea, you can personalize the design by adding your own unique creativity.

Murky looks can not only be created by dark colors, they can also be formed by bright colors. Although, this might take some expert to pull off that look.

Patriotic tattoos are a sign of loyalty and obedience to the rules of a country. With this kind of tattoo, you cannot afford to be a criminal.

For one to have a large tattoo, they must be willing to have it either on their arm, back or even the leg. This is because they are the most spacious body parts and will allow room for any large tattoos.

Flag tattoos are the best ways to show that someone loves their country. It can also show the type of music that people in your country like.

Remarkable Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

Flag tattoos are the best ways to show that someone loves their country. This can be used to remember people who were in the military.

A fiery look is usually shown by flames at the ends. Flames can be shown in many different colors. Here, you can find some inspiration for the best looks.

Faded looks tend to be a little bit invisible but with some gimcrack, it will always be straightforward. The depth of the design is magnificent and makes the whole artistic work stand out.

For people who are considered heroes in their country, this is a great way of teaching the younger generation about those people.

With a patriotic tattoo on the leg, it is very visible. One will not have to strain in order to see it. The stylish design below looks adorable with all the colors used blending so well.

Spectacular Patriotic Tattoo Designs

If you are unable to decide on which color to use for your patriotic tattoo, then the best color to go for is black. It is conspicuous and is definitely visible. The body complexion also adds some contrast to the design which is great.

Having tattoos of the members of the family who were in the army is a great of remembering them.

The flag can also be used by travelers when they go to new places. This is an easy way of showing that someone from your country had visited that place.

You can create a vibrant look by not necessarily using the common colors. You can invent your coors to be used and still look incredible.

This can be used by other soldiers who lost their friends while in the army. It shows compassion to all their family members.

Extraordinary Patriotic Tattoo Designs

These writings are a way of honoring and respecting all those soldiers who lost their lives while fighting for their country.

Going for a simple tattoo such as the cross with flag is the easiest. This is because it does not take any time at all.

The eagle flying with the flag on its back can mean that you can fly as high as you want.

The tattoo below can be used by people in the military or those who want to respect the soldiers. This is a sign of honor to respect their heroes and remembering them.

Instead of going for many different colors, you can just go with this one color. It will still stand out and look fascinating.

Breath-taking Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Adding a little bit of aesthetic is a great way to draw peoples attention. It adds a charm to it which is very noticeable.

For a natural look, you can go with the technique below. It is easy and does take time to draw.

Claw marks in form of the flag can indicate that one is willing to fight for their country.

An outrageous style for those who want the patriotic tattoo with split ends. Here, you can get some ideas for your patriotic tattoo.

Instead of using three or more colors that are on the flag, you can use the main two and your skin tone will act as the perfect other color.

Astounding Patriotic Tattoos

If you want a tattoo that takes up much space including the back and arm, to have the flag extended is a nice way.

Sophisticated looks always bring some attention to people. This is a great design to have your patriotic tattoo.

The tattoo below shows how the flag is torn. This can be a nice effect for those who don’t want an obvious style.

The underarm is a genius place of having the tattoo inked on your body. This will attract attention in public places such as the beach.

The red and blue add a nice touch to the flag. The black color also makes it stand out.

Astonishing Patriotic Tattoos

Including some features makes a tattoo look nice. You can get some inspiration from the one below.

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With the flag shaped as a bow with some arrows, it shows protection.

A brilliant way of having the patriotic tattoo by having different parts on each side of the shoulder.

For a massive tattoo like this, it will surely take some time before it is completed. This is suitable for men

People who are patriotic to the country can be considered family. Furthermore, one can do anything just to protect their family.

Striking Patriotic Tattoos

A chic way of having your tattoo inked on the body. This idea is suitable for ladies as it looks minimalist yet visually appealing. Every aspect of the design is just spectacular.

The tattoo below can be used by those in the military. It can be as a sign of reassurance that they will always be ready to fight and defend their country.

Decorations always makes someone curious. With the type of message on the bracelet one will know that in order to have something, they must fight for it.

Adding some graphic writing to the patriotic tattoo makes it even more appealing. This idea may be best for men.

Jets are a symbol of war. With this attached to the flag, it is easily known that a country is in war.

Vibrant Patriotic Tattoos

Flags are a symbol of unity. When people are united nothing can bring them down. This can be used as a reminder that people are supposed to be united at all times.

Using art to attract attention is what is described in the tattoo below. This image is not only beautiful but also captivating.

You can also accompany the symbol of the country together with the flag. This will remind the people who they are.

To create a fiery look, you can have the ends appear as faded. You will be able to achieve this by using a lighter shade of the same color used.

To avoid boredom, you can create an illusion of fading by just using color. With the correct mixing of colors, one cannot go wrong.

Appealing Patriotic Tattoos

A flag is able to unite people even in times of division. One way to bring peace is by having the flag visible to everyone. The sleeve design looks spectacular with the varied range of colors used making the whole design to stand out.

Addition of color to the background always makes it more satisfying. This a way of showing art in different ways.

This is a clear indication that a war had to rise in order to attain the peace. This idea looks good on anyone.

A skull represents death. This means that there are people who had to die in order for you to have the freedom today. This is another way of showing respect to those that fought.

A striking look is always formed by bold colors. The jet black color makes it stand out no matter the crowd with the dark layers adding depth and intricacy to the design.

Ravishing Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Going an extra mile with a patriotic tattoo always brings the charm. This can attract attention in public spaces such as the beach.

Different parts of the body can also indicate the meaning of a tattoo. With a tattoo on the bicep, you can show that your country is strong.

A creative way of having a patriotic tattoo. With the star, you have covered a lot of features that are on the flag without doing so much.

The easiest and direct way to have a patriotic tattoo is to have the flag just as it is. It is still eye-catching and can also have a positive impact on someone.

Eagles fly high in the sky so can your people and also your country. This can be used as a mascot.

Alluring Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Behind every mask there is always a fighter. If you are one of them then this is just for you. If you’re a fan of scary designs such as the one below then you can proudly wear it on a place like the thighs.

You can choose to go for a portion of the flag instead of having the whole tattoo. This is a unique way of expressing art in different forms.

Flags can mean new begins. For one to start afresh, you must have gone through some trouble. Below, you can find just the inspiration for that.

A shadowy look does not take up much time as it only requires one color with at least two different shades. This can be achieved by the color black.

Without going for the actual stars, you could also use some tiny flowers. This makes it pleasant.

Lovely Patriotic Tattoos

Blessed means good things coming your way. This is just an indicator to show that your country has something nice ahead.

Having a tattoo on the arm can be an easy way of managing it. You can cover or display it whenever you want.

Having a bold look means going for darker colors. Although that might be too obvious, adding some writing always brings some attention.

This can be a remembrance of those who fought for your country to attain independence. You can make it classic by adding a little bit of decoration.

Flag tattoos are the best ways to show that someone loves their country. This can be used even by people who are in the military to assure them that they need to fight for their country.

Charming Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

For a murky look, it’s best if you go for dark colors. This is because shadows create a dark image that is not clearly visible.

Those in love with the sea can try out this wave look. The flag acts as a jib on the ship. This can have different meanings considering your opinion.

Below is a wonderful piece of art. With only one color, you can be able to show many different types of art used. This is an incredible way to have a patriotic tattoo.

While having a patriotic tattoo, you can also choose to include some features to make it more riveting. The idea below may look best on guys.

Marvelous Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

Looking for a bold but glittery look, this might just be the idea to go for. It shininess makes it clearly visible and it also stands out. The dark color used makes the whole thing to stand out in such a cool way.

Adding some sparkle is a nice idea to add. With the flag as the wings, it also brings about creativity. This is an extraordinary way of showing art in various forms.

An eagle is one of the greatest birds. Together with the flag, it can show that your country is a great nation.

For a splashy effect, you can also go with vibrant colors and this will make it outstanding. Here we can get some inspiration for the patriotic tattoo.

The flag of your country means loyalty and pride in your country. Therefore, possessing such a tattoo will enable one to know that you are loyal to your country.

patriotic-tattoos-8.jpg (800×800)

Irresistible Patriotic Tattoo Designs

Having a tattoo with different characters is also another way of bringing interest to people. This may be able to help someone know more about their country or even have an interest in learning more about their country.

You can also choose to add some embellishment to the tattoo. This will make it more fascinating and draw attention to many people. Color combination is one cool thing about the design that makes it pop.

Something that most people have embraced is to have a patriotic tattoo with a sign. This idea has been widely accepted and many people have tried it. Below is an inspiration to draw from. The initials look adorable and make the features of the wearer stand out.

For a faded look, you can use lighter shades to create that illusion. This idea will look great on men as it has a way of enhancing those muscular features.

With some writing on the tattoo, you can always inspire someone without knowing. This may create peace among people when they look at it or even know that they are supposed to know their rights.

Adorable Patriotic Tattoos

For those going for a dark tattoo, you can always use different shades to show the different colors of the flag. This is a simpler way of having a patriotic tattoo and also looks quite great on the upper sleeve.

Instead of going for just the flag, you can also add a little character to make it more fascinating. This can include anything. Below we can get some inspiration from the bird’s head with the colors used adding contrast to the design.

Having dates on your tattoo can help you remember what happened a long time ago. This keeps a reminder that you will always have with you.

For a wavy look, you can try the effect below. This makes it even more interesting as not many people are informed about this idea.

You can also accompany a patriotic tattoo with a bible verse just like in the design below. This can act as a reassurance when times are not so good. The idea below looks great on men and enhances the masculine features.