171 Amazing Peony Tattoos Designs To Choose From

Peony tattoos have been embraced all along by different cultures. It symbolizes affluence and good fortune. The tattoo is a sign of beauty, frailty, and transitory nature of existence. It also illustrates that in order to get rewards, you must be a risk-taker.


Beautiful Peony Tattoos

For a simple look, you can go for black color and add a little bit of touch with an extra color of your choice. This is a great idea for both genders and fits well on the back where it’s worn.

A complex look usually requires at least a range of colors. Using just the correct colors will help you be able to acquire a certain look that is very satisfying.

Going for a bold look is one of the most common methods when drawing peony tattoos. In order to achieve this without making it so dense, you should go for different shades of black.

Adding a little knick-knack to the tattoo makes it even more interesting. This is able to lure someone and have their curiosity on the tattoo.

A tattoo on the back is one way of attracting attention. This can be very visible when backless clothe is worn as it highlights the beautiful body features.

Colorful Peony Tattoos

For a massive peony tattoo, having it inked on your leg is a good choice. The leg is vast and therefore provides a large space for even the minor details to be seen.

Below is a masterpiece art. Although it’s bold, the red color makes it vibrant. This looks best on men and has a way of enhancing the masculine features.

This is a genius way of drawing the peony tattoo. With the hands meeting at the center, its a nice way of having a tattoo. This is suitable for both men and women.

Using a bold color at the center and vibrant colors on the outside add depth to the design and also makes it stand out.

The upper part of the shoulder is a beautiful place for the tattoo. Anyone can try this and still look amazing with the placement also bringing focus to the arm where it’s worn.

A peony tattooed on the back is definitely pleasing and has a way of bringing focus to the part of the body where it’s worn.

Bold look is ideal for everyone who likes dark colors. This is stunning with the colors reflecting beautifully on the wearer. The tattoo below looks best on both genders.

You can choose to go for the whole peony tree if you are not satisfied with one flower. Quite fascinating.

Best peony tattoos

With a wide choice of colors, nothing can go wrong. The tattoo below looks good, especially on the thigh with the different colors used creating a beautiful contrast.

Adding some shapes only brings out the best in art. Anyone can be able to pull off this look.

For a vague look, you need to ask for assistance from an expert. They will be able to guide you on what color to choose from. Just ensure that you settle for a style that best suits you.

The hand is a great place to have a tattoo as you will not need to take an awkward position to get the tattoo inked on your body.

Wow! This is an incredible piece of work. You are urged to try this out. The kind of artistic design that will look good on ladies with the colorful nature adding focus to the body features.

An eye attached to the peony flower brings out an interesting vibe for the admirer.

Take your creativity to a whole new level by incorporating the right set of colors.  The below design incorporates colors that make the peony look aesthetically pleasing. This would look fantastic on anyone.

You can bring some elements of complexity by settling for the right elements to incorporate. This might take some time but it will be worth it.

Classic Peony Tattoos

When settling for perfect tattoos, ensure that you engage a professional artist. The below design is a nice look that might look good on any man. You should try this.

A tattoo that goes all the way to the head might require you to take some awkward positions in order to get it done. This will be nice for guys.

With the stalk running along the backbone, it creates a satisfying look. This is an incredible idea for ladies.

The leg is an easy way of displaying your tattoo all-day long without worrying. This idea might look best on females.

Such a nice touch of hue on the petals. The petals are the ones that attract and so you want to put a lot of concentration on them.

Get that straightforward look for those who want a simple peony tattoo. Here, you can get some insight into what your next peony tattoo would look like.

Instead of going for a full-blown color on the petals, you can decide to have just a little brush of color. This will make it unique.

Stylish ideas to try out

The placement is always affected by whether the person wants to show off the tattoo or just for a personal view. This will help you choose your placement correctly.

A simple peony flower for those who intend to only use a maximum of two colors. The placement can be great for ladies.

With the triangle across the peony flower just brings out its beauty.

Just below the collar bone is where to have your tattoo if you don’t want it exposed at all times. This might be a great idea for ladies.

For a faded look, you can also use vibrant colors. This will require you to use it efficiently so that it does not come our bright.

Before choosing a tattoo ask whether it looks good when big or small. This will enable you to pick the right choice that will look great on you.

A chic style to have your peony tattoo inked on the body. The back provides a vast space to have just the right size of the tattoo.

You don’t have to settle for a large and complex style in order to make it pop, you can also settle for an appealing minimalist one. Such a satisfying look for all those who prefer bold colors. This won’t take much time or effort since it’s just one color being used.

Adorable Peony tattoos on the sleeve

For a splashy but bold look, you need to use darker shades of brighter colors. This will bring the image into place without any contradictions.

The hand is the best way to expose your tattoo without extra effort. This will provide room for anyone to see it.

For a dirty but gorgeous look, you will want to go with some dark and light colors. The dark colors will bring out the unclean look and the light colors will make it gorgeous.

Such a complex look always requires time. In order to cut out some minutes, you can use one color instead of many. This will enable it to go faster.

Nice thigh tattoo that’s beaming with radiant colors cannot go unnoticed in public places such as the beach. This idea might be suitable for women.

Beautiful peony tattoos

The tattoo below shows a peony that is about to blossom. You can put this idea into consideration and try it out because it looks wonderful and also unique.

Adding a little bit of color is always the way to get rid of monotony. This will attract attention at any time.

For those who don’t like bright colors, below is a great idea for you to consider. This won’t take much time as not many things are required

The tattoo shows a withered look but it’s still outstanding. You can definitely try this out. This looks good on anyone.

For a less complex look, you won’t need much as you already have the design below to try it out. This looks incredible on anyone.

For a calming look, you need to try this one out. It is said that other colors bring out a calming effect when used on anything and these are the ones.

Adding different patterns only makes it more appealing as not many people go for fancy patterns. Anyone might be able to pull out this look.

Catchy peony tattoos ideas to try out

To create an amazing look with flowers, you just need to go to the right person to direct you on what colors to use.

The tattoo below can be ideal for those who love snakes and flowers. This look might be best for men.

For a splashy look, you definitely need some vibrant colors. The origami look on the bird also makes it astounding.

A tattoo on the thigh might be clearly visible in public places such as the beach. Most women prefer this style as it is chic.

Having a skull at the center of the peony flower can be used to illustrate how Zeus transformed Paeon into a flower.

For a simple and shimmery look, you can definitely try this one. It is easy and a limited amount of colors are used.

You can use the body of a bird to draw the peony tattoo. This might just be the new trend.

You can actually transform a drawing into a tattoo and below here is where to get the inspiration. This idea may look best for anyone willing to try it.

Henna Tattoo Ideas

Henna tattoos are a great way of showing the different types of peony tattoo. This looks best on ladies.

With a massive peony tattoo on your arm, it will not go unnoticeable. This looks good on anyone.

Shoulders are an easy way of showing off your peony tattoo. This provides a way of displaying without much effort.

Simple and subtle is all I can use to describe the tattoo below. It is simply magnificent.

You are reminded to do your research on artists before landing on one of them. This will help you know the kind of art they deal with to avoid surprises.

Going for one color might be the best way to get rid of all the stress of choosing different colors to work with. This technique looks good on anyone.

Showing different characters with different colors is a genius way of having a tattoo. This will make it more pleasing to look at.

Fruits bring out a wonderful look and adding fruits on the peony makes it even more amazing.

Amazing peony tattoos

Using contrasting colors makes a peony flower to stand out. This idea is suitable for women.

Peony tattoos are known to have taken the Japanese style of art. This is because it is attached to its origin.

For a complex look, this might just be the one for you. This will look incredible on anyone.

You can use the henna design to add some decoration to your peony tattoo. This is definitely recommended for ladies.

Color has a way of adding beauty and appeal to a design. The colorful look always brings joy to people. Just by having these bright colors tattooed on your arm draws attention to the design.

Complex peony tattoo ideas

The dark tattoo with a striking effect will definitely leave people with their mouths agape. This design looks good on guys.

A peony tattoo on the right side of the back is nice since it captures people’s attention. Here, you can get some inspiration.

Having a tattoo on the thigh makes it easy to have a massive tattoo. This is because the thigh is big and it provides just the space needed for that.

The two hands touching creates a natural look. This makes it so interesting.

For those who want a dark but vibrant look, this is the one to go for. This looks best on men.

To have a shadowy look, you need to find dark colors that work best. Using darker and lighter versions of black can help you get the desired effect.

Incorporating colors is a great way of making the art look aesthetically pleasing. Adding some embellishment too makes it look chic and authentic.

Ideas on how to make your design stand out

Having an arm tattoo is the best decision as one can choose to cover it or expose it at any given time. This cannot be possible when tattooed at a different part of the body.

Holographs are a genius idea to have them on tattoos. This is because they are unique and not many people have come to that idea yet. Having holographs on your tattoo makes it more pleasing and attractive.

Below is a peony tattoo on the leg to get some inspiration from. Having this on the leg might draw some attention.

To create a charming look, you really need to have the skill before performing the art.

A nice way of bringing art to awareness using different styles.

Stunning Peony Tattoos

For a complex look like the one below, you need to go to an expert to achieve that kind of look.

To add some emblem to the peony is a great way of attracting attention.

Using only two colors on a peony tattoo makes it clean and simple.

One of the ideal places where peony tattoos are the shoulder. It’s considered as one of the most ideal body parts. With a peony tattoo on the shoulder, it will surely add to its beauty.

This is an incredible way of using vibrant colors to show the peony tattoo.

To display the beautiful tattoo you need to have it inked on either the arm, leg, or the neck.

For tattoo lovers, adding a peony tattoo is worth a try. This is suitable for both genders.

The idea of having the tattoo on the upper back is mostly used by ladies.

A simple and nice way to have the peony tattoo is by using only two colors.

Fascinating peony tattoos

When settling for the right colors, ensure that you choose that which reflects well with your complexion. The jet black color of the tattoo makes it stand out even from a large crowd.

The collar bone is a great place to have the peony tattoo as it is easily manageable.

For a shiny look, you are required to use vibrant colors just like the one below.

Adding some patterns to the peony always makes it lively. The subtle elements used are adorable and makes everything about the design to stand out.

A simple but elegant way of showing the peony tattoo. This is worth trying.

Cool Peony Tattoo Ideas

Choose the colors that can match before drawing the tattoo. This will help you a lot.

Peony tattoos can be expressed differently and when you choose the right colors, it will just be magnificent.

For a charming look like this one, you need to consider working with a professional tattoo artist. Everything about the design looks fabulous.

Placement is key when considering where to ink peony tattoos. The peony on the underarm is a great place to have the tattoo. This will be visible in public places such as the beach.

The peony is said to be a beautiful flower. With the mixing of different colors, it cannot fail to attract some attention.

There are different myths that explain the origin of the peony flower. One can take advantage to learn about it before having it as a tattoo.

Peony flowers always have a resemblance to the rose flowers but the peony is more floral.

Simple peony tattoos

A peony tattoo inked below the elbow. Here, you can draw some inspiration for your peony tattoo.

Using fancy shapes is one of the ways to make it more amazing. This is stunning with the elements used making the entire design to stand out.

Instead of using colors on the whole petals adding just a touch makes it even more interesting.

Along with your peony tattoo, you can also add some writing to it. This will make someone curious to know what the tattoo is.

Including some knick-knack is a brilliant way to make your tattoo outstanding.

The black color is used mostly used by people who want tattoos. This is because it is easy and does not require you to choose different colors.

Classic peony tattoo ideas

A peony tattoo inked on the upper back. For those who love complex looks, this is definitely what to go for.

Pink is a bright color and this just makes it stand out. This can look good on anyone.

Many people have been exploited by amateur artists. To avoid this, examine the work of the artists before settling on one.

Before deciding on the kind of peony tattoo to go for, do your research and make a decision on the one that suits you.

Working with an expert is definitely should be considered when going for a peony tattoo like the one below. This will be much easier with an expert handling it due to its intricacy.

This is a simple but elegant look. If you are going for your first tattoo, this is definitely what you should try out.

Magnificent tattoo ideas to try out

You can also accompany your peony tattoo with another style just as shown in the design below.

A tattoo that starts from the arm and goes all the way to the back will definitely be captivating. Inking this requires patience since the outcome is fabulous.

You can also use henna to create a temporary peony tattoo. This is for those who want a simple look.

Patterns are another way of adding a sense of touch to a tattoo. This creates a stunning look with the floral features adding intricacy to the design.

You can decide to go for a more complex single flower. This is incredible and fits well on the upper arm where it’s worn.

Using two colors on a tattoo is one way of making it outstanding. This is a smart and clean look.

Adding characters such as a bird to a peony tattoo makes it more fascinating.

Colorful peony tattoos

Colors make a tattoo aesthetically pleasing. This will create a satisfying look.

For a more sizeable tattoo, the shoulder is a perfect place to have it inked. This might be visible when non-sleeved clothes are worn.

For a large peony tattoo, you can consider having it on either the leg, arm, or back. With this, all the distinct features can be visible.

The thigh is a nice place to have the peony tattoo as it is easily manageable. You can cover or display it whenever you want.

You can add some ornaments on the tattoo to break the monotony. This will look incredible on women.

The red color is a vibrant color and therefore will be visible from far away.

Adding a little bit of gimcrack is another way of having all the attention on the tattoo. It is flawless and is suitable for ladies.

Complex Tattoo ideas for men and women

If there is one color that not only adds contrast to design but also adds depth then it’s jet black color.  It’s conspicuous and definitely stands out.

Use of deep-colored peony tattoo is the signage of saturated love. A charming and sexy thigh tattoo that makes the entire design to beautifully stand out.

The leg is an incredible place to have a peony tattoo. This is because it is vast and provides just the space needed for the drawing of large tattoos.

Before choosing what colors to use when drawing your tattoo, seeking an expert’s opinion is a great choice. Colors blended well together can transform a piece of art to look astounding.

Butterflies are known to love flowers so adding it in your tattoo makes it aesthetically pleasing. This will look best on women.

Want a simple but classic look, this is the one to go for. With only one color, it does not take a lot of time and it’s also outstanding.

Classic Peony Tattoos

Including different characters in peony,  is a great way of bringing more focus on the tattoo. This will draw people’s attention and create curiosity among them. One can draw some inspiration from the one below.

Bright colors can not only be used to create vivid colors but also faded ones. By using a lighter shade, we are able to achieve this type of concept.

If you are going for a dull look, using different colors is what makes it still stand out. Having it tattooed on the back is a great way for easier management.

Using different shades of black always makes it look so put together. This will not take time and it will be easier to flex it at whatever time.

You can use two colors to bring out the distinct features in a tattoo. With this, the tattoo is able to stand out even from a large crowd. This is suitable for men.

Perfect peony tattoos

An incredible way of adding some sparkle to a piece of art. The red-eye makes it even more intriguing as it brings about curiosity. This makes it so fulfilling.

Astonishing Peony Tattoos

This is one unique idea that can capture everyone’s attention in a room. With the jet black color, it looks so magnificent and is also best for both genders.

Adding a few characters to your peony tattoo can improve its look. This is able to attract more attention as there are different characters.

For a bold and smoky look, you can work with at least two colors to get the most out of it. The dark color only makes it more intriguing.

Adding some decorations on the flowers is just outstanding. This is a unique idea to get some insight from and its also suitable for both genders.

Want a simple and subtle look, this might be the best idea to go for. This is suitable for both men and women.

Amazing Peony Tattoo Designs

With a peony tattoo on the back, it will be visible on public places such as the beach. This will look good on ladies.

Such acomplex tattoo like this will surely take some time before the end result. Before deciding on getting a complicated design as this do your research on some of the work that artists have done.

A straightforward tattoo like this won’t be so hard to manage and its also timeless. It is also easy for anyone to pull off a look like this with just minimal effort.

Simplicity is a key thing that one should consider and it begins with the color choice. You can go for a black color just like the one below. The jet black color will make it look clean and easily visible.

For a massive tattoo like the one below, it will clearly take some time before it is done. It will be clearly visible when tattooed on the arm.

Wonderful Peony Tattoos Ideas

Other than the color red, you can also use other colors that make it more unique. Using other colors makes it stand out as not many people have embraced that idea.

Peony flowers usually take the shape of the Chinese style. It has a strong cultural significance and this makes people be more interested in it. People are inspired by the message and meaning it carries and therefore makes it a decision to have it inked on their body.

Blue is a nice color on flower and it just needs the right colors to match with so that it can look incredible. In this tattoo, we can find inspiration just for that.

Most peony tattoos look great when inked on the arm, collar bone, or back. This way they add a sense of touch and are also easy to manage.

For a matte effect, you can go with colors that are not too vibrant like the ones below. Even though they are dull colors, they still add charm.

Fantastic Peony Tattoo Ideas

Along with your peony flower tattoos, you can also accompany it with your name or a friend’s name. This may be a sign of prosperity in your lives.

A tattoo like the one below is not something you could take to an amateur. This needs skill and that can only be gotten from someone who has talent and experience.

Below is a peony flower with different colors. The colors make it look vibrant therefore making it attract attention. Having it on the arm is a great way of exposing or flexing your tattoo.

Asking an expert whether a tattoo looks good when big or small is a great idea. This is to help you not get any kind of surprises that may come along.

Before settling on the kind of peony tattoo you want, it is recommended that you do your research and take one that works best for you.

Beautiful Peony Tattoo Designs

Having a tattoo just below the collar bone is a good idea for those who want easy management. You can cover it whenever you want without struggling too much.

Incorporating different colors can be a challenging task. For this to be done effectively, you may need to go to an expert.

You can also get a simple one-color tattoo that still looks bomb. This idea looks best on both men and women.

For those who want a shiny look, this might just be the perfect idea to try out. This is suitable for both genders.

With a large peony tattoo like this on the back, it will definitely take some time before the work is done.

Gorgeous Peony Tattoos

You can also use different colors to make the tattoo aesthetically pleasing. Not only will it attract people, but also show someone’s personality and their love for flowers.

Accompanying a peony tattoo with a snake can mean that one is loving but also fierce. This might be best for those that prefer dark colors.

Wearing peony tattoos on the collar bone is one way of attracting attention. This might be visible even with minimal coverage.

You can just go with one large flower instead of many. This makes it stand out from the crowd. Quite suitable for both genders.

Flower tattoos are the preferred design ideas for ladies. They are a symbol of female beauty.