The Amazing World of the Surprised Pikachu Meme

As soon as we see this surprised Pikachu image we can’t help but react with a smile or a laugh. For one thing, it’s really cute and for another, it’s the perfect image for a meme. That’s what memes are all about, finding the perfect image with a joke, what could go wrong?

So, where did the image come from? Pikachu is a character anime from Pokemon and this picture would have come from the show. Someone took a screenshot of the image and a meme was born. It’s hilarious if you think about it so when you think of a surprised face it’s easy to come up with this one. The surprised Pikachu has the mouth agape and it came from the show in the autumn of 2018. One the meme was born, we started to see endless memes of the surprised Pikachu with a variety of predictable outcomes. It’s a fun image that works endlessly with different scenarios.

Where did the face come from?

These memes always come from somewhere and in this case, someone took a screenshot from an episode from the Pokemon anime in Season one, episode ten called “Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village.” It was clearly an epic episode because it made some killer memes. In was on September 26th, 2018 that the image was used for the first time in a meme. It was originally posted on Tumblr and the rest is history.

That was all it took before it was all over the place. After it hit Tumblr it blew up all over the place. It was all over the other websites within days. As it went into October, we have seen more and more memes come out with the same image. It’s because it’s the perfect image for a surprised meme. We have a ton of different memes with the same character so sit down and have a good laugh.

You Really Can’t Blame Them?

Sometimes it’s always best to treat your employees the best that you can.


It Came True

Whether horoscopes are true or not, we may never know. But there are a lot of people that believe in them wholeheartedly and that’s where this joke comes from.

She Didn’t Mean It

We all know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” In this case, that’s exactly what happened with Sarah.


That Inappropriate Moment

You think that you are reading a normal meme until it takes a twist at the end and those are the best memes ever. How cute is this one?

The Truth Hurts Sometimes

We can’t help but love this because it’s so true. People get fired up about good cases and then lose their focus almost immediately.


Always The Wrong Move

Is it really that hard just to follow some simple instructions especially from God? But the truth is that is exactly what Adam and Eve did. This meme is hilarious because we all know that it was a silly move on their part.

Now He’s An Angry Meme

A great example of haters hating on something until they see it in a different way. They can’t just enjoy it, they have to get mad at the meme. How can anyone get mad at a meme?

He’s Sad Now

This goes off the original surprised look and we see Pikachu crying now. But we know how he feels because we have all ran out of snacks at one point in our lives and it’s not fun. We should always have snacks available to us.


Memes Have Always Been Around

This is a great example of how long things like this have been around. People think that meme images are new but they really aren’t. We’ve been sharing pop culture for a very long time now.

Procrastination Is A Real Thing

This is a great example of how we can procrastinate while doing something and then we act surprised when we don’t accomplish what we wanted for the day.

Sometimes A Nap Is Needed

We think this one is adorable because it’s relatable. We all know what it feels like to lay down for a nap and then not wake up when we were supposed to.



We Love Inside Jokes

Who doesn’t? There is something about inside jokes that makes you feel welcomed with someone. Memes are everywhere and that’s a good thing. We can’t help but love them. People have a lot of love for memes and it’s because they are the best online inside joke that you could ever have. Inside jokes are a way for people to feel accepted by someone. In this case, when you are online, you want to be accepted just like anywhere else. It’s a universal feeling and when you post a meme and people like them, you can’t help but feel like you did something well. Memes are a great way of connecting with other people and getting them in on the joke. When someone shares your memes, it’s a good feeling because you know you picked the right type of meme for the day.

It Makes You Feel Like You Are Part of the Group

Why are memes popular? Because they are absolutely hilarious and some of them are really creative as well. It’s hard not to love them. People need love and attention in their lives and feeling like you belong is part of that. A good meme is a great way to feel like you belong. Feeling like you belong is such a strong need that people have written whole books about it. That’s why people relate to memes so much, they resonate with people and it makes them feel like they are welcome in a social network. It’s a great way that people start to feel “Less alone” in the world.

You can’t go wrong with sharing these hilarious memes and we welcome you to do so. Pikachu memes are hilarious because they make the kind of point that you want. These are fun memes that poke fun at life and situations in general and how could you want any different.

We hope that you enjoyed the article and was able to get a good laugh from all the memes. Take a moment and tell us what one you liked best.