55 Impactful but Pretty Names For Girls

Are you bored of all the same or similar names floating around?

Naming a child can be really stressful; it is one of the first steps in being a parent and one that holds major responsibility. The name is going to stay in your child’s life and yours, you just can’t go wrong with that!

If naming your daughter has been worrying you, and if you are looking for something as special as your girl, you’ve come to the right place.

50 Unique Names For Girls

This list involves 50 select names for girls that are unique and collaborates names from different origins, nationalities, and meaning. Each picked on the basis of the name’s beauty and significance, you might just find the right one for your daughter below.

Pretty Names For Girls


Stemming from the graceful Italian language, this name is the feminine version of the name Abraham used for boys. People with this name are said to have been born with leadership skills. 


The Holy Bible is said to mention this name with reference to its use to build the wilderness Tabernacle. The name signifies someone who is honorable.  People who are given this name possess the quality of kindness and respect. 


This Hebrew origin word signifies the quality of judiciousness. People having the name Adley are said to believe in bringing justice and balance to a chaotic society of sufferings and crimes. 


The name Amaya is rather unique because it stems from different origins and has different meanings. The Arabic meaning of this word is ‘night rain’. While it is the name of one of the chief villages of the tribes of Cantabri Celtic for the Spanish. 


A warrior whose purpose in life is to defend innocent lives is the gist of the name Amelia. In general, girls with this name are very hardworking and tend to take every job personally. 


The name signifies the powerful nature of a phoenix. It defines the “one who will be reborn”. People with this name have strong will power and a never-give-up attitude in life. 


The one who possesses great intellect and vision as that of an eagle. People having this name have a clear vision of their paths. It is dramatically associated with the belief that girls with this name are born with a mission that they have to complete before they are buried. 


The French word for Princess is “Armelle”. It is made from a combination of two words Arz (meaning bear) and Meal (Prince). This name belongs to the Celtic/ Breton territories of France 


Like a bird, free to roam the endless sky. Interestingly this name is also thought of to be a combination of Via and Anna. A beautiful combination of two gorgeous names, this word means “way of grace”. 


Belle literally translated in French means “beautiful, charming”. Belle is a short version of the word Isabella, the feminine form of Isabel. But it is used as an Italian word by replacing the last “e” with “a” making it “Bella”.


Bexley is a combination of Box Tree and Leah which when literally translated would imply woodland clearing, a meadow of trees. It uniquely signifies the serendipity of the meadows.


This name stems from the Spanish word “Bonito”. Bonito in Spanish means something that is beautiful and is worthy to behold. The beauty of mind and soul is also one of the interesting interpretations of this name.


The name Brinley is related to the name Bexley to some extent. Brinley translates to a beautiful flower, however, some interpretations suggest it means burnt meadow. Surprisingly, this English origin word is unisex and extremely popular in Wales.


One of the rarest yet meaningful names to gain popularity in the Greek culture, Calixta was the daughter of the Arcadian king Lycaon. The name attributes to “the one who is the most beautiful.


Originating from the Greek language, Chloe portrays fertility and bloom. In Greek mythology, the name Chloe is used to depict the Goddess of agriculture and fertility. This name has never gone out of fashion and is a favorite among parents from different generations alike.


Having an English origin, Clementine is the feminine form of the male name Clement. The name portrays the one who is merciful and gentle in character and thinking. People having this name tend to be replete with compassion and empathy.


Honesty, virtuousness and righteousness are considered to be the main attributes of girls named ‘Cora’. Having an origin from the Ancient Greek language, Cora is a sobriquet for the Greek goddess Persephone.


In Greek mythology, Daphne is one of the spirits associated with components of waters such as water fountains, wells, streams, brooks, rivers, and other bodies of freshwaters.


Dinah is the daughter of Jacob and Leah. The word Dinah, in the Hebrew language, signifies the one who was judged, vindicated. Justice and fairness are the important cruces of the name.


A chopped version of the name Euphemia which has a Greek origin signifies one who is well spoken of and respected by all. Attributes such as mannerism, elegance, and respect towards all are found in girls named Effie.


There are two possible meanings of Elora. When considered as a combination of two words, El plus Lora, it is interpreted as the crown of victory. On the other hand, when interpreted in the context of the Hebrew language phrase, it translates to “God is light”.


Originating from the stem word “Evangelium”, the Greek name Evangelina literally translates to Gospel. Gospel is used to refers to the teachings of God/Jesus. The other meaning of Gospel or this name is “Good news”. People named Evangelina are said to live a successful and fulfilling life.

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The literal translation of the name “Harlow” is army hill. This unique name finds its significance in the history of Brittain and dates back to the time of the Anglo-Saxon time. It symbolizes power and valor.


A name that sounds and feels like the English word ‘heartily’ and holds the underlying resemblance to ‘deers in the meadows’. Hart means stag or deers and Ley is derived from Leah that means woods or meadows.


Ines is the chiseled form of the Spanish and Portuguese name Inés/Inês. The name is associated with attributes such as holy, pure, unadulterated, and pristine.


The name Ivana has its origin in the Slavic language used to refer to something or someone which is a gift from heaven. It also means “something which is very small and precious”.


Having Greek roots, the name Kaia is a diminutive of the name Katherine used by Scandinavians. It essentially defines something that is pure.


The name Katherine is the original form of the name Kaia. It comes from the word “katharos” in the Greek language. The word katharos signifies the quality of one’s purity.


Layla which can also be spelled as Laila, Laela, Leighla is an Arabic word meaning “night”. The name is popular from an Arabic story of Qays and Laila, a famous tale of love.


Believed to be the first wife of Adam, Lilith has find its significance in the Jewish Folklore. The name denotes a girl who “belongs to the night”.


Lydia is the feminine version of the classical Greek name Lydus. The interpretations of the name are “the beautiful one” and “the noble one”.


Another unisex name in the list, Lyric typically belongs to the English language and means the “words of a song”. Girls with this name are usually found to be very interesting and creative.


In the Greek language, the word for mother is “Maia”. The Romans revered her as the manifestation of Mother Earth and Goddess of Springs. Also the fifth month of the English calendar, May derives its name from it.


It is a blend of the word Mary from Latin (meaning star of the sea) and the word Belle from French (meaning beautiful). Together it means the ‘most beautiful star of the sky.’


Being a variant of the name “Marlo”, Marlowe is popularly used as an androgynous name. The warm and calm vibes of the name can be attributed to its meaning — driftwood.


Divinity and reverence are often associated with the name Nelly. The name denotes a bright aura and is popular to reflect the depth of the name holder’s soul.


Nikole is the French and feminine version of the name Nicolas. Nicolas, a greek name popular among the kings, shares its meaning with Nikole; boys and girls with this name are known to be ‘people of victory’.


This is a well-known name of French origin. If you’re looking for a name that signifies the vastness and depth of the sea, this name can sum it up for your daughter.


Pandora is believed to be the first woman ever created by Hephaestus as per the Greek Mythology. The word pandora when literally translated means “gift”, “the all endowed”. Girls named Pandora are gifted with a curious nature. It is also well-known from the fascinating story of Pandora’s Box.


In Greek Mythology, Penelope is the wife of Odysseus. Her name when literally translated means “weaver”, “one who has a web on her face”. This name is used widely in Spanish speaking regions.


Emerging from the Greek language and finding popularity in regions with natural diversities like South America and the Indian Subcontinent, Rhea means a ‘flowing river’. Girls carrying this name are said to be very flexible and adaptive to difficult situations.


Royce is yet another androgynous name, which resembles the one who has the characteristics of royal blood, or is famous, or is the child of the king. It has its origin in various languages such as Old German, Old French, and English.


A precious name for your precious daughter, girls with the name are believed to be sent by God. They are believed to illuminate like a Sapphire and proliferate their brightness wherever they go.


Sophia or Sofia, originates from the Greek language and defines as wisdom, independence, and kindness. It was the name of a famous saint.


The name Sylvie, also spelled as Silvia, has a Latin origin meaning the spirit of the wood. The name is associated with the mythological god of the forest, Silvanus.


Theodora is the extended form of the name Thea. When translated literally from Greek it denotes divinity and means goddess.


This version of a Greek (Tifaine) and French (Theophania) name indicated God’s incarnation. Divinity, shine, radiance, and glow are common attributes. Girls with the name possess magnetic personalities.


Finding its roots in the Arabic language, the name characterizes a stooping eagle. One of the brightest stars of the sky forming a part of the constellation of Lyra is also named Vega.


A beautiful mythological name, it symbolizes the admiration for the goddess of love and beauty. People of this name love to be loved and are said to have the beauty and heart of a goddess.


This beautiful name of Swahili origin is another form of the name Zoe, which typically means “good” and/or “beautiful”. Its uniqueness lies in its rarity.

Tips: How To Select A Name That’s Meaningful And Also Trendy

With so many beautiful options listed above, it’s natural for you to feel overwhelmed. Particularly when these days more than the meaning and significance of the name, the fact that it should be trendy and modern matters more to children and young adults. There’re high chances that a name that you hold in great esteem might end up sounding boring and outdated due to the generation gap.

Worry not, have a look at these tips to make sure to choose a name that your millennial baby girl would like.

Look Out For Names Of Stars From Gen Z

It’s thinking straightforward and ahead of time. Your daughter is going to follow popular celebrities when she grows up anyway, if not, her peers would. Look up the meaning and significance of names of people that are trending today and your daughter will thank you tomorrow.

Befriend Social Media Like A Millenial

Go online, and this doesn’t mean googling the best trendy names of 2020, we’ve got you covered on that part. Use the internet like a millennial, visit hashtags like #IWokeUpLikeThis that are primarily used by the young and look up interesting names there. Teens today follow the trend of making accounts with a fake name; one they wish they had.

Make One Of Your Own!

If you ask a millennial or even young adult about what’s their favorite name, it’s highly likely that the answer would be a ‘ship name’ or a name that is made by joining two names. That’s the latest trend with names, the parents try and mix a part of their names to make one for their child. It ends up being immensely significant owing to the fact that the child is a symbol of their love, and sounds unique and trendy. For instance, after the popular American TV couple Derek and Elena, the name Delena became extremely popular.

Unique Girl Names: Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found yet what you are looking for? This section might help you have some or all of your questions answered.

Which are the most popular type of girl names based on origin?

English and American names are reasonably the most popular considering the unconfined exposure and influence of their pop culture across the world. Names like Emma, Isabella, Sandy are popular across continents.

Which are the most unique type of girl names based on origin?

Most unique names of girls originate from countries like Ireland, Greece, India because of the complexity in spelling and pronunciation as well as the legendary significance.

Which popular girl names should be avoided?

There are some weird sounding names with immense underlying positivity in their meaning and then there are popular, beautiful names with negative vibes all over them. When looking for girl names, it’s best to steer clear from names like Kennedy meaning unshapen head, Emily meaning evil, or Lola meaning the lady of sorrows, especially if you are big on vibes.

In this first special step of raising a daughter, we understand you need all the help you can get. This article aimed at providing exactly that. The list of names could be useful to give you the best of available options, the tips would surely help navigate through the sea of names on the internet, and the FAQs will help you clear your head and decide what and how you want to name your lovely daughter.