125+ Unique Prom Nails That Give You Confidence

Prom is one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life and when it comes to getting ready for it, it’s a pretty important experience. Girls need to have the most perfect dress, hairstyle, makeup and nails when it comes to their big day. Nothing less than perfection will do.

As that night approaches, there is a lot to consider. Before we even get to the nails, the young lady needs to figure out a few things. Firstly, what kind of dress that she is looking for, style and color. You can’t pick a nail style without first knowing the dress as well. Is there going to be bling on the dress, lace or will you be wearing pearls because all of these aspects matter when it comes to choosing your prom nails. Will your dress be short or long? Will it have classically neutral colors or bright ones?

After the dress is chosen, then you have to find the killer heals that are going to complete your whole look. After that, there is hair and makeup to consider. Not everyone realizes all that is put into choosing a prom look. There are a lot of pieces that go together to create a look long before you get to the nails.

Once you have completed all these pieces to the prom puzzle, then you can move on to the nails. This is when you can get really creative and go after the look that you really want. Now that you have figured out your whole look, you probably have some idea of what kind of style you are looking for when it comes to prom nails. Manicures and pedicures are essential when it comes to prom and if you found yourself here, then you are looking for ideas that go with the look you already have in your mind. The right nail look can complete your prom style and make you feel like the queen that you are. The confidence that you will feel after you have the whole look put together will be total. We have colors and different shapes and styles for you to choose from. The options really are endless for what you can do for prom. You can find ideas that you can do yourself or you can take your ideas to the salon, that’s totally up to you. Check out these wonderful prom looks to complete your style.

Black and White Designs

This is a great look because it’s elegant. It would also work with any color dress, you wouldn’t have to match it.


We love these beautiful styles because they are classic.

A touch of color is all you need to have a great set of nails. You don’t have to go overboard, though we are not knocking that either. Prom is really about the dress not the nails so you can be low-key if you want to.

Glitter and bling are a very popular look when it comes to prom. We love that there is only one sparkly nail that completes the job.

Glamour and sparkles might just be what you are looking for. Nails come in all shapes and sizes and a lot of people love the idea of having long and glamourous nails.

Pointy nails have been a cool trend that just seems to be getting more popular. Again, you can see that sparkles go with everything.

A precious pink style like this one is truly one of a kind. It’s delicate and pretty and would go with most light-colored dress, white dress and silver.

Coffin nails will give you and edgier look and in this case, it’s softened by the pale pink. You won’t be able to wear it with many colors except pink, white, ivory or silver.

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Most people would not think that black would be a great color for prom but you couldn’t be more wrong. Black is a popular color even for events like weddings and prom. Add a bit of sparkle and you get a little pizzazz to your style plus it can go with any color dress.

This is a very classic look that you can’t go wrong with. You don’t need to go overboard with your style and this is a good example of that.

Ombre styles became popular a few years ago and we love them. There are multiple colors here which makes it even more special.

We love these blue nails! Matte styles are very popular right now and they will give you a very different look from your friends. We love the style where one nail is a different color, it makes the whole look pop.

Stunning Looks

Long nails are never going to go out of style. In this case, we have just one nail that’s different and it’s a pattern that really looks cool.

There are different ways to do the French tip and you can mix it up like this.

This bling look with black is very elegant. If you love that long pointy nail style, then you are sure to love this one. This is a cool look that is one of a kind because of the gems.

A little bit of sparkle can really make your night amazing. These styles are beautiful and the color combination can go with any style and color of dress.

You can never go wrong with white. It’s a shade that will go with anything and you can mix up the look by adding a little sparkle or some gems.

Matte and shine put together create a captivating look. It’s one of a kind and people will be complimenting your style all night long. The look is eye-catching and elegant.

The one golden nail is what makes this whole look perfect. It’s the difference between a plain look and one that really pops.

There is a huge difference between natural nails and fake acrylic nails. Whichever one you choose is a personal choice. There are people who love acrylics and wouldn’t think of doing anything else while there are others that wouldn’t put anything on their natural nails.

Both looks are appropriate when it comes to the prom, you just need to decide what type of look you want. These simple red nails are a beautiful style for prom and you don’t need to have fake nails to create this look. You can also save money by doing your natural nails at home. If you aren’t getting any embellishments, you can just paint them at home.

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There are things to know before you decide to get acrylics especially if you have never had them before. There are things that you aren’t aware of and for someone who has never experienced fake nails, you might be surprised by what you don’t know.

There is something glamourous about going to the nail salon. As women we all love to get our hair done, nails done, get a massage among other things. We just love the idea that we can be pampered and come out looking like a Queen and there’s nothing wrong with that. We deserve it. When it comes to your prom, you deserve to be spoiled because this is an event that only comes once in your life.

You might be dead set on getting acrylics and that’s fine but being educated on what you’re doing is also important. There certainly have been some horror stories over the years about things that have gone wrong with acrylic nails.

We’re not trying to scare you, just educate you. There have been countless times that we have gone to get acrylics and it worked out beautifully. When you get acrylics done, it’s minimal maintenance and you have less worry about your nails being chipped or peeling occurs.

There is the upkeep that has to be done in order to keep your nails underneath the acrylics being healthy.

We have everything that you need to know about getting acrylics and what you need to do after they are done. If you follow these steps you won’t have to worry about being a causality to acrylic nails.

Prep Work Is Essential

Getting acrylics isn’t for everyone. You have to actually make sure that your natural nails can handle them. If you already have weak nails, then acrylics probably aren’t the best idea until you can get them strengthened. It’s important that you don’t get acrylics done if your nails are weak and brittle. So, how can you strengthen your nails? One suggestion is to use jojoba oil because it’s a natural strengthener and you don’t have to use chemicals. A lot of other strengtheners have formaldehyde in them and you don’t want to use that. The nail can also fully absorb jojoba in the nails.

Always Do Your Research

You might think that there is only one option for false nails but that would be where you are wrong. There are many different options, even thousands of them to choose from. That’s why it’s important to do your research. There are gel acrylics, powder dip or even sculptured nails, just to name a few. If you don’t know what these are, make sure you educate yourself before you head to the salon so you know what you are getting and you will be happy with the results.

Check the Salon Instruments

You might think that you’re being overly cautious about this but you are not. All salons are not created equal and the horror stories always come from places that either doesn’t keep their salon sanitized or they use dirty instruments. Before you even start your appointment, you need to ensure that your nail tech is using sterilized instruments. If they aren’t, you can end up with a terrible infection or worse. It will ruin your manicure as well as put your nail beds in danger.

Make Sure To Get A Full Manicure

There is a lot more to getting a manicure than just applying acrylics. There is a whole treatment process that included a massage and treating the nails. You might think that you just want to pop in and get the nails put on but there is a reason why you do the whole process. Acrylics won’t stick to your cuticle and part of the treatment is having the cuticle taken care of. If you don’t get the whole process done, then your beautiful nails won’t last for very long. The nails will also look a lot better when the whole process has been taken care of.

What Length and Shape Do You Want?

Now we can get to the fun part. It’s the time when you get to decide what shape and length you want for your nails. You will of course get to choose the color that you want as well. If this is the first time that you are getting nails, we would suggest the oval shape as it’s a classic look. Of course, you are free to choose whatever style you want but you just might find that the oval suits all occasions. Another thing to take into consideration is the length. You might think it would be cool to go long, but if this is the first time you have had fake nails, you will regret that choice. They will feel different and you will even find it hard to use your fingers like you used to. Shorter is always better for the first time. You can always get them filled as they grow longer and eventually get longer nails but we recommend starting off short and going from there. This is your prom and you don’t want to regret going too long with your nails.

Now that you have these amazing new nails, we need to talk about aftercare so that your nails will last as long as you want them to. These shiny new nails are yours for a while and you want to have them looking good. They can easily get ruined on a day to day basis. There are things that we will have to do in our daily lives like washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom that could wreak havoc on our nails. When it comes to cleaning your house just wear gloves so that you can save your nails. Cleaning supplies, especially ones with chemicals can make a mess out of your nails.

Moisturize Your Nails Frequently

When you are looking to care for your nails, you must do it in a special way and it’s all about self-care. Cuticle oil is going to be your new best friend. Use it as much as you can, even carry a little bottle in your purse and apply it as often as you can. Make sure you are applying it especially if you see that your nails are starting to look dry. The oil will keep your nails healthy and strong and the skin around them will look and feel great. This is all part of having your nails look great for a long time.

Removal Can Be A Pain

One of the huge downsides to getting acrylics done is the part when they start to grow out. There is going to be a space in between the nail bed and the nail and that’s going to start to annoy you. If you aren’t getting the nails filled then you will want to start to remove the nails. Some people will start to peel them off themselves and that’s a really bad idea. You should really go back to the salon to get the nails taken off if you no longer want them. You can damage your nails by removing them improperly. Even salons can get it wrong. Some salons will use a drill to file down the acrylic from the nail bed and that can also remove layers of your own nail which is a bad idea. The best thing that you can do whether you go to the salon or not to have them removed is to soak each nail in acetone for 30 minutes. This will break down the acrylic from your nail and make it easier to remove. The softer the acrylic, the less likely you will ruin your nail bed.

You have everything you need here in order to make a decision about fake nails or natural.

These nails are unique and classy designs. They remind us of the 90’s neons that were so popular. We love the style and it would be a unique look for a bright dress.

There is plenty of information here to ensure that you not only have a cool look for prom but that you have the information necessary to make an informed decision about acrylics. Whether you choose fake nails or rock out your natural nails, we know that they will be beautiful and you will enjoy picking out a style and color to match your look.

We would love to hear about your favorite looks.