115 Cool and Significant Ribbon Tattoos

If you are looking for a cool new tattoo idea, why not jump on the ribbon train. There are so many cool things that you can do with ribbon tattoos. Sometimes it can be hard to choose a tattoo idea when there are so many options to choose from. The one thing that the ribbon tattoo does is make a statement. They are simple and cute designs that are fuss-free and that’s the best part. You are going to get a lot of compliments from these tattoo designs because they are eye-catching and super cute.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision because it is permanent and so you want to make sure that you love the tattoo forever. A tattoo like this is going to be around with you wherever you go and you’re going to want to show it off. You want your tattoo to look good but to also make sense as well. You can have meaning behind your tattoo regardless of the choice you make.

Ribbons come in many forms it could be bows, ribbons and knots and they are all symbols of elegance. Not only that but they represent unity, strength, grace, beauty and art. With all that, you can see that there is more to the idea of ribbons. That’s why these ribbons are often used in awareness campaigns because they are a symbol of strength and unity. It makes them even more significant than before. You can use many different colors for the design to make it your own and put your own personality into it. You can make it casual camo or add some glam to it.

These tattoos are not only cute but they are pleasing to the eye as well so find a style and make it your own. Check out these amazing ribbons styles that you are sure to love.

Raising Awareness

These ribbons are always used to raise awareness whether it is for Breats Cancer or Autism, they are widely recognized as a cause that is very important. You may have a cause yourself in your life that you are fighting for and like this ribbon, the design would suit you well.


Dark Designs

This is a look that is sure to draw the eye because the color makes it really stand out. It’s a cool look that you can rock anywhere.

Breast Cancer Awareness

This is one cause that is important to a lot of people and that’s because a lot of people are affected by breast cancer. Whether it’s your wife, sister, mother or aunt, you might have a person in your life that has been affected by breast cancer and you want to represent them with a tattoo. You may have lost someone to the fight and want to remember them in a special way.

Watercolor Designs

This is a special design that is simple in creation with some beautiful colors. The online is not there which gives it a more modern look.

Warrior Mission

We love how this ribbon is like a flag for someone going off to battle. It’s a cool way of representing the cause with something cool. It’s a bold look and a tattoo that you will really love.

Adding Other Elements

You can create a whole tattoo design by adding other elements to it. You can add things like flowers and quotes to your ribbon to create a special design.

A Chain Ribbon

You can make a ribbon out of just about anything. The important thing is to make it your own.

Sweet and Simple

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be complicated and detailed. Sometimes it’s okay to have a look that is simple and cute.

For the Love of Fishing

There are so many people that have a huge love for fishing and it becomes a lifelong passion. You can add the ribbon you want to a fishing theme if it makes you happy.

Representing Mom

This is a bright and beautiful tattoo design that you are sure to love. If you want to represent your mother’s battle with cancer, then you will love a tattoo like this. You can choose a tattoo that is large like this one or you can go much smaller.

Your Belief System

It’s a great tattoo design that has some religious aspects to it connected to the ribbon.

Paintbrush Strokes

We love this tattoo theme because it looks like the ribbon was painted on by a paintbrush. It’s a beautiful blue color that is truly original.

Fierce Firemen

This gorgeous sleeve tattoo is all about representing the Fire Department and the men that are lost in their jobs. You can add ribbons to this style and it’s truly remarkable. Sleeve tattoos like this are so badass and if you are looking for a tattoo that is powerful and will have people talking then this is the tattoo for you. It’s bold and brave and if you are part of the Fire Department you will probably love it as well.

Simple Designs

Another great tattoo design that is simple but beautiful.

3D Designs

We love this badass style because it’s unique. The idea of the tattoo is that it looks like flesh has been torn away to reveal the ribbon underneath. It’s unique because it’s 3D and has the appearance that there is more than meets the eye. It’s a cool style that is bold and mysterious and you are sure to have people complimenting you all the time on the tattoo. It’s a stunning look that anyone would want.

Support Your Cause

There are many causes in which you could wear a ribbon for. Find yours and discover what it means for you.

Honorable Angels

This ribbon is being represented by angel wings and it might be a symbol of someone passing on. You can remember people who have passed on through tattoos.

Representing the Fight

A great tattoo idea that has more than a little meaning. There is a lot of significance to the style and we love how it’s worn and ripped as if it was a tough battle.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

It depends on the size of the tattoo because a tattoo artist charges by the hour. So if you choose something small your cost might not be that much at all. It could be between $50-100. But the larger the tattoo, the more it’s going to cost. You will find different prices in different shops but it’s important to remember that this is definitely a case of getting what you paid for. If you go to a cheap artist who tattoos for very little, the quality is going to be poor and that will be something that you have to live with forever.  Any artist that has talent is going to want to be paid for that talent. Talented artists can be paid at least $100-150 an hour and the more popular they are, the more they are able to charge and don’t even get us started on celebrity tattoo artists. If you want something large you may have to save up for it if it’s not something that’s in your budget.

Are Tattoos Painful?

There is no way around it, tattoos hurt regardless of where you get them done. Some people will say that they are less painful while others will say it’s really painful, it all depends on your tolerance for pain. A lot of people describe the pain as a cat scratch that you just keep scratch or a hot needle being dragged on your skin. Both of those are pretty accurate descriptions of how it feels. It’s certainly not the kind of pain that you wouldn’t be able to tolerate. It’s usually only for the first 15 minutes of the tattoo and after that, your skin sort of gets numb which helps with the pain. If you are getting a large tattoo that is going to take hours, we suggest you buckle up.

What Will It Feel Like After?

You won’t find pain afterward unless the tattoo becomes infected. You will know that happened because it will become painful and the pain will continue to get worse. As we said, you shouldn’t feel pain, more like soreness. Your skin is going to be tender, swollen and red after your tattoo, these things are all normal.  It will feel like this for a while until it heals.

Because of the soreness afterward, you might want to consider the placement of your tattoo. Remember your lifestyle when you are getting a tattoo. If you are a boxer, maybe you don’t want a tattoo on your hand or legs unless you are going to take some time off. If you sit in an office all day, then maybe getting a tattoo on your outer thigh. Plan ahead when you think about your tattoo and where it is going to be.

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Is There A Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo?

You might be hoping that you can find a tattoo place that is not painful but that would not be possible. Sure, there are places that are more or less painful but you are going to feel something regardless of where the tattoo is placed. How much pain you will feel will also depend on how large the tattoo is but yes placement does matter. The easiest place to get a tattoo is either the forearm or wrist. You can simply do a pinch test on areas of your body to get some idea of how the pain is going to be in certain areas. Some will hurt more than others.

Can I Drink To Avoid The Pain?

Wouldn’t that be awesome if we could just take a couple of shots of whiskey and not have to feel the pain of the tattoo but that’s not how it works. In fact, it’s recommended to not drink at all before the tattoo or to even be hungover. You want to be in good condition for your tattoo and if you start drinking it could make the tattoo process risky. Alcohol thins your blood which doesn’t put you in a good place to get a tattoo. On top of that, you will end up bleeding more which is bad because it could mix with your ink. You don’t want your ink to essentially be watered down because that will mean that your tattoo won’t have the bright colors that it’s supposed to. Even blacks could appear to be lighter. You want to have the best tattoo possible so don’t do anything that’s going to affect the way that it looks.

Another thing to avoid when you are going to get a tattoo is the sun. If you love suntanning on the beach, you can’t do that before your appointment. The last thing you want is to have dry and peeling skin or worse a sunburn when you go and get your tattoo. The artist probably won’t work on you but if he does your tattoo will hurt more. In the end, you could jeopardize the way that your tattoo looks in the long run.

Getting a new tattoo can be an exciting experience, even if it’s not your first tattoo. These are all great tattoo suggestions if you are looking for a ribbon design. There are lots that you can do with these styles to make them your own.

Follow the tips that we laid out because they are important when it comes to making decision on what you want for a tattoo and how to take care of it. Aftercare is just as important as what you do before getting the tattoo. Stay out of the sun, water, and use lots of lotion. Your artist is going to give you aftercare instructions and it’s really important that you listen to them. You want your tattoo to look amazing forever and you need to do a few things to make that happen.

Enjoy your tattoo and make sure you have fun!