115+ Rip Tattoos That Will Keep Your Loved Ones Close

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to get these tattoos but the most popular reason is that it’s to represent a loved one that has passed away. Memories about our loved ones really matter to us in a big way. That is why some people want to keep those memories alive. You may not be able to have the physical presence of them around any longer but at least you can have a tattoo to remind them of the loved one you lost.

We all know that our loved ones that passed on are still looking down on us and offering their protection. A great way to keep them close is to have a tattoo to remember them by. It’s a personal way of showing your love and it’s really sweet as well. Getting tattoos for loved ones has been a popular trend for a long time and that’s because losing someone leaves a void and being able to remember that person in some small way is what we all want.

The great news is that there are thousands of ways that you can represent your loved one in the form of a tattoo. You won’t be the first person to get a RIP tattoo and you certainly won’t be the last. You can get a tattoo like this just about anywhere depending on the size of the tattoo. We have the ultimate guide for you to find the tattoo of your dreams.

You have to make the best decision possible so that you will love your tattoo forever. It’s about deciding where you want your tattoo, how big you want it to be as well as the design and style that you are looking for. Even if you see a design on this list that you like, you can still customize it to the way you want the tattoo to be. There is always room for improvement.

Sometimes the loved one that has passed isn’t a person but a beloved pert. It doesn’t matter who has passed you can still represent them in a tattoo. For a lot of people, pets are like our family members and we want to remember them in the same way. You owe it to yourself to have something amazing to remember them by.

It’s time to dive right in and get ready to be inspired for your own RIP tattoo. Check out these amazing designs that will have you ready to run to the tattoo shop.

The Most Popular Heart in the World

The heart tattoo with respect to RIP tattoos is probably one of the most popular designs that you can get. Sometimes there is a name within the heart, other times without one.


The Gravestone

This might be a replica of the actual gravestone that was used for the loved one.

Simple Designs

Not all designs are elaborate or fancy and this case all it is is simple roses with the name of the loved one and the dates.

The Cross Tattoo

The cross tattoo is another popular design when it comes to RIP tattoos. The cross will come in various shapes and sizes and styles.

Add Some Wings

Another great example of the cross tattoo, in this case, there are wings attached to it and the cross is a little fancier.

A Man and the Sea

Boats and the sea are a good addition for those that are part of that lifestyle.

Cross and Dates

How can you go wrong with a badass and elegant cross like this one? The cross is amazing and then you have some dates and a quote.

Love Quotes

Quotes are another popular tattoo choice. You can literally say the words in your heart in memory of the loved on that has passed on. It is so easy nowadays thanks to Pinterest to find just the perfect quote that you need.

A Mixed Mess

There are a lot of tattoos here and the RIP one is rather small. Tattoos like this come in many shapes and sizes.

A Cool Design

Roses are just as popular as hearts when it comes to tattoo choices for the RIP memory tattoo.

Bright Colors

You can get a realistic design or you can get a cartoon one like this. There are so many different styles, the sky is the limit for what you can get for your tattoo.

Pets Are Family Too

We hear that a lot and for anyone that has pets, you know exactly what we are talking about. Sometimes when a loved one passes away, it’s not a person at all but the family pet. When it comes to a dog or a cat that can be just as big of a loss than if a family member died. The loss is intense and sometimes it’s the pet that people want tattooed on their bodies. Getting a picture

Military Tattoos

The loved one that you are mourning may have been in the military. It could be a brother, sister, father, or one of your own fallen comrades that fought alongside you. There are a lot of soldiers that want to remember the men that they left behind.

This is a dog tag with the soldier’s name on it. There is a flag that really completes the whole look. It’s a great looking tattoo that you are sure to love.

Angel Wings

A great set of angel wings are a perfect way to represent your loved ones passing. The halo is an added touch that we happen to love. If you are looking for something that is sweet and special, then this is the look for you.

Eagle Designs

If you are looking for a badass design then you found it. There is nothing more badass than a swooping eagle and you are sure to love this design. You could easily add the name of your loved one and even the dates to this design. It’s definitely one of a kind and will turn heads wherever you go.

Detailed Designs

We absolutely love these designs because they are one of a kind. If you want something realistic looking with some detail to it, then this might be the look for you. We love the barbed wire that is wrapped around the heart, it makes them look that much more powerful.

Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are a great way for you to represent your parents. The cartoon hearts with mom and dad inside them is very popular for a design.

Make It Personal

When it comes to a family member dying there are certain things that you remember about the person. In this case, it’s likely that the father was a mechanic and this is how the person is remembering him. You can do the same with your tattoo and find a personal way to remember your loved ones.

A Personal Touch

Another creative way of making your tattoo personal. It really touches the heart to see tattoos like this one.

Sword Designs

Sword tattoos are really popular for RIP tattoos and it usually involves the sword going through flowers or the heart.

Sweet and Simple

If you want something short and sweet then this is the one that you are looking for. You don’t need anything elaborate if you are more into a simple type of tattoo. There is nothing wrong with that.

Sleeve Designs

This sleeve design is one of a kind and very detailed. Sleeve tattoo are so popular and they are never going to go out of style. The great thing about sleeves is that you have the room to go into a lot of detail.

Watercolor Tattoo Looks

Watercolor tattoos are some of the most beautiful tattoos that you can get. They are a softer look because they don’t require an outline. The colors are wonderful and it really gives your tattoo a nontraditional style. It’s a beautiful look that you are really going to love.

State The Name

Sometimes a name is all you need to remember someone. These tattoos are large and they take up the whole inner arm. I love the crown designs that come with it.

Dark Designs

This is a rather large and dark design. Some might call this design a little morbid since it’s of a gravestone and cemetery but it wouldn’t be the first time that someone represented their loved on in this way.

Stunning Colors

Not all tattoo designs are dark and dreary. Some are created with amazing and beautiful colors. This style is bright and stunning and you could always do the rose in your loved one’s favorite color.

Traditional Looks

Tattoos like this have been around for a very long time. They are traditional and popular and people just can’t get enough of these designs.

This is a different kind of sleeve design, the kind that allows for some pretty amazing colors. How could you not love a style that has some amazing colors? Again, it’s a traditional style that has been around for a long time.

Portrait Looks

This is a famous portrait, not that of a loved one but in this case, it just shows how you can have a portrait for your loved one as well. You can literally have tattoos done right from pictures. This tattoo is very detailed, you can practically see the pores in the photo, it looks so real. If you want to have a tattoo of someone you love as a portrait, make sure that you have a talented artist. Not every artist can create tattoos like this, it’s practically a piece of art and it needs to be drawn out. If you go to the wrong person you could have a lot of regrets. This would be the kind of work that you can find in a portfolio.

A portrait that doesn’t have as much detail but it’s still a great portrait.

Silhouette Styles

Another kind of portrait that is simple and well put together. It’s a cool look that gives you a very different idea of a portrait.

Praying Hands

A great choice for a RIP tattoo because it’s all about deliverance. Praying hands are a popular choice because people think about their loved ones in heaven.

Detailed Hands

We once again have praying hands but in this case, they are very realistic in style and detailed. It’s a stunning design because of the darkness and detail. If you want a tattoo that everyone will notice, then this is the one for you.

Betting the Farm

Maybe the farm is associated with a family member that owned and worked the farm. It would be a beautiful memory that you could share.

Anchor Tattoos

A bright color that works well with an anchor tattoo. If your loved one sailed the seven seas then this might be the tattoo for you.

Roman Numerals

Maybe your date could be within Roman numerals to give you a creative way of representing your loss. It’s a different take on your tattoo that you are sure to love.

Beautiful Birds

Birds are a great way to represent your loved ones and this bright-colored red jay is a great start to a tattoo. You could also add to the design to make it unique. You can add the name or the date to this tattoo to create a style that will help to honor your loved one.

Crying Angels

A gorgeous design that has an angel crying over a grave on a tombstone. It’s detailed and emotional, a powerful depiction of what loss really feels like. You won’t find a more creative or stunning tattoo idea than this one. If you have the space for it on your body, we welcome you to give it a try.

RIP tattoos are popular for a reason because people want something tangible to remember their loved ones with. There are so many great tattoos to choose from that you are sure to leave with something amazing.

We hope you enjoyed the inspirational tattoo ideas and found something you love.