150+ Incredible Haircut Choices For Round Face Men

If you are a man with a round face, you may or may not have had to struggle over the years with finding a hairstyle that suits your face shape. Not every style fits every face shape so it’s always best to work around your good points. You might think that choosing a hairstyle is about the latest trends or the coolest haircuts in the market but that’s not always the case. You really should be looking for something that suits your face shape and most barbers would agree with us. Men mostly have a hard time finding the proper style for them, and we are here to help. You might find it hard, but it’s a lot easier than you think. We are here to help you find the look that you have been desiring. We are here to inspire you to do a lot more with your hair then you already have. We have the best haircut options for men that have a round face and we hope that you will enjoy looking for anew style. Whether you are looking for a fade or an undercut, we have the styles that you need in your life. We have the top trendy and stylish looks that you have been dying to try. Check out these amazing styles available for men with round faces.

Classic Looks

We love this simple crew cut style because it’s no-nonsense but it’s also a classic look that you are sure to love.

mens hairstyles for round faces

Choppy Looks

This is a unique and one of a kind style that is sure to draw the eye. It’s the kind of style that is choppy and wild but it can also be style in a polished way as well. You can control it in a way such as slicking it back if you have an event to go to.

Messy Looks Are Perfect

A style like this doesn’t need to be polished, but it’s sophisticated enough to be able to take you anywhere.

The Combover Look

What a cool and edgy style, a one of a kind look that is going to blow everyone away. The sides are shaved while the top is long and truly unique.

Classic and Simple

A style like this is pretty common and that makes it popular. It is styles like this one that is able to take you everywhere. You can wear this style to work, a party and to an event because it’s very versatile.

Clean Cut Looks

If you are talking about a sophisticated and polished look, then this is the one for you. It’s classic in every way and you won’t regret having such a cool style.

Choosing The Right Hairstyle For A Round Face Is Easy Than You Think

It’s pretty easy to determine whether you have a round face or not. If you have a round face, you basically have the same facial features as someone with a square face. You have a softer edge however than someone with a square face and less angular cuts to your face. The sides of your face are rounder and your cheekbones end up being the widest part of your face. Your chin is typically less pronounced and a chin that is smooth.

What Are The Best Styles For A Round Face

Don’t worry you have a lot to choose from so you won’t be scrambling for a new style. If you have a round face then you need to have a cut that’s short on the sides as well as the back. The best look would probably be a mid or high fade. If you choose to have a fade, then you should have some length on top. You want to use the hair that you have to lengthen your face and avoid adding anymore width to it.

Fades are one style that men can’t get enough of, mainly because they look so darn cool. If you want to have a great style that is going to look good on a round face, then this is the one for you.

You might wonder what is the best professional look that you can go for and we would have to say the fades, which is the number one style for the round shape. Men want to look good whether they are having drinks with their friends or going to a business meeting. Fades are the way to go because not only are they simple but they are stylish as well. It’s a look that is full of youth and vitality so it doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 80, you will be able to pull off a fade. This is a style that can be both edgy and elegant all in one so that’s why it’s such a versatile look for outings.  These styles will certainly look good on a man that has a round face. As you have seen, you can pair these fades with combovers, mohawks, and so many other styles. It’s an easy fix that will allow you to dabble in other hairstyles as well. You can even have a long ponytail with a shave underneath. You will be able to wear the ponytail high and show off your shaved sides.

Can men with round faces pull off long hairstyles?

You can have long hair as long as you don’t take it to the extreme. If you want to have long hair, we suggest doing a medium-length style because if you go below the shoulder, you will add too much width to your face which will defeat the purpose. If you choose to have long hair, we wouldn’t recommend it being flat on top. You want to have good volume and to have it styled upwards. Another idea to consider is that undercuts also aren’t good for men with round faces either as they are counterintuitive. These types of styles can actually make your face look rounder. So stick with the medium-length style if you want to have long hair.

Iconic Styles

This fade design is amazing and so is the top portion. It’s slicked in a unique way that just pops because of the fade. How could you not love this amazing style?

Medium Length Styles

This is a great look for men with round faces, this is going to elongate your face so that you get the look that you want. Again, we caution against going longer than this because there is a fine line between what will elongate the face and what will accentuate the roundness of your face.

Back in the day, long hair used to be the most popular choice for men. The rockers of that era made having long hair look cool for men. But there was also a time when only hippies or metalheads had long hair and no one else went in that direction so the look was almost stereotypical.

That’s changed however and you see men of all walks of life sporting long hair. Celebrities are a big believer in long hairstyles and we see a lot of that on the red carpet.

What we’re talking about is not really long hair but the kinds of looks that Brad Pitt, Jason Momoa, Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal have managed to pull off. Because of Hollywood, long hairstyles are taking off and becoming more popular than ever. We could not imagine Jason Mamoa losing those locks because that’s largely where his sex appeal comes from. He looks completely different with short hair as we saw in his younger career. The females of the world would not like the fact that he cut his hair. Men have been copying his style for years now and we can’t blame them, he is one of the sexiest men alive.

Sure, it may have been a stereotype once upon a time for surfers or skateboarders to rock the long hair look but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. Bradley Cooper is one artist that has had every length of hair including the medium-length style. That’s why you see more and more men reaching out to try this type of style. You can still pull off a man bun with a medium length hairstyle.

There are plenty of options here that you are going to love. The choices are endless for what you can do with your face shape. You also have the option of mixing things up so that you can have a different look on a day to day basis.

Keep scrolling and you are sure to find something that you love.

A Striking Look For Everyone

The color alone is reason enough to try this style on for size. It’s long on top with a short side style and we love it.

A Dreadlock Style

If you want a unique style that is going to be remembered, you can’t go wrong with dreadlocks. It’s a long look with plenty of volumes and you will find that you love it as well. The center part works well with a round face and you are going to be rocking this look to every event you go to this year.

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The Tiny Bun Style

A slicked back style like this is great for a round face and it happens to look badass as well. We love the tiny bun in the back as well, it’s a great look.

Try A Really Short Style

Why not? It’s an amazing choice that you can’t go wrong with.

If you aren’t into the long-haired styles, then you are sure to love this uncomplicated style. The look here is very short and it’s the same length all the way around. Adding a beard to the style is a great way to minimize the roundness in your face. Beards are wonderful for doing that so give it a try, especially if you don’t typically sport a beard.

Hairstyles for Men With A Round Face

The Slick Back Style

The slick back style is a popular one and it’s good in the sense that it works for both flashy events and casual hangouts. It’s also great for bad hair days. Slicked back styles work amazingly with fades as well. Some guys like it because it makes them look badass as well as elegant depending on the attire and fashion. If you are going the elegant route, the best thing you can do is pair it with a suit. You can also use it with a t-shirt and jeans. The sky is the limit for what you can do with it. The high shine of the style comes from the use of products so getting yourself a great wax or pomade is essential. Just rake the product through your hair and watch that shine really come through.

It’s really important to use the right product for your hair and that means that if you have textured or curly hair, you might want to use a different product. When it comes to curls, you want to use a product like a mousse or a pomade. But you want to avoid wax or gels when it comes to curly hair. If you can, try to style it so that it looks like it’s worn-in and you do that by breaking up the pieces of hair.

It’s easy to put together, you just brush back the style and add product as you go along. The look is one of a kind and you will love it.


Messy Looks Are Key

A great way to hide your round face is to achieve a medium-length style that is messy. It’s a touselled look that you are sure to love. This style is casual and uncomplicated and you can essentially wear it anywhere. Imagine how easy it is to style this every day, it would be a sinch.

We hope that you found a style that is unique and cool. There are so many variations of styles that you can choose from to get the look that you are searching for.

Check out these styles and determine which ones will suit your personality and lifestyle the best. Let us know what your favorite styles are.