45+ Tattoos That Remind You of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a worldwide star and a huge success considering her age. She has accomplished a lot over her life, from becoming a child star for Disney in the acting industry to building an amazing singing career. But that’s not all that she does either, she has also been dabbling as a producer. She’s clearly a success in the industry and she has millions of fans. She has a hit song called “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and in this case, her heart clearly wanted a lot of tattoos. Just looking at her you wouldn’t think that she had many tattoos but that’s not the case at all. She has a lot of them but you really wouldn’t know it. That’s because most of the tattoos that she has are quite small. The celebrity artist that she goes to is Bang Bang from the Big Apple.

She has some pretty cool tattoos and they clearly have meaning for her because they aren’t easy to figure out. Those are the best tattoos that you can get, the ones that no one understands but you. Some people get tattoos to show them off while others get tattoos that are private to them and they don’t need to explain what they mean. She has a large range of tattoos including music notes, various numbers (again, personal meaning), praying hands just to name a few. She is probably thankful she never got Justin Bieber tattooed to her body, unfortunately, he can’t say the same thing because he has her face tattooed to his body. Awkward.

We have rounded up all her tattoos and we are ready to show them off to you and explain some of the meanings behind them.

Music Notes

It’s not surprising that she would have music notes on her body. Her whole life is about music so she would want to represent her love for that in the form of a tattoo. As we said before, her tattoos are very small, she’s not the type to cover her entire body in tattoos.


This isn’t one of Selena’s tattoos but it’s inspired by her work because it’s small and in a delicate area. Not everyone likes to get big tattoos that cover most of their body. Some like to get designs that are small, elegant and classy. It’s the best way of representing who you are in a much more private way. If you have a job that frowns on tattoos, getting small ones is the best bet.

This is very similar to the tattoo that Selena has on her neck and it looks like it has just as much meaning. The heartbeat tattoo is a very popular tattoo design and usually holds a lot of personal meaning to the wearer.

The Tramp Stamp popularity has died off over the years probably because of the name associated with it. The only link to Selena here is the name.

Neck tattoos are really cute and if you have long hair, you have the option of hiding the tattoo if you need to. You can show it off if you have short hair or simply by pulling it up in a ponytail. It’s definitely a cute option for the neck and angel wings are a very popular option.

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We’ve seen lots of tattoos from Selena herself about self-love and female empowerment so this tattoo is very similar to the one she has but in this case it’s on her wrist.

Arabic Language

The language tattoos are also very popular and Selena likes to use Arabic as her personal choice. This tattoo is much bigger than the ones that Selena has and in this case, it’s beautiful and elegant.

Another great back design that has some Arabic lettering on it. These tattoos are elegant and creative, truly beautiful designs.

Fan Tattoos

When it comes to fans they don’t mind having a celebrity on their body. A lot of fans will get the face of their idol on their body or even copy some of the tattoos.

Justin Was A Fan

Justin Bieber got a tattoo of his former love on his body and to make matters worse, it’s a portrait of her. That has to rub his new wife the wrong way every time that she sees it. That’s why we recommend to never get a name on your body or worse a portrait because if you break up, you are stuck with that tattoo on your body.

Arabic Designs

Selena got this tattoo in New York with her artist Bang Bang. When it came to this tattoo the artist said that she came in with this idea. The tattoo didn’t take very long and it was about 4 inches long. They took a lot of time to layout the whole tattoo so that they could find the perfect spot for it. The tattoo is in Arabic and it means, “Love Yourself First.”

Love For Mom

This is another personal design that is all about her mom. Her mother was born in 1976 and that’s the number on her neck in Roman numerals. Her mother, Mandy Teefey has had a huge impact on her life and in this case, we know what it feels like to be close to mom. She got the tattoo as a tribute to her mother and although Selena worried that the particular spot would be painful, she held her best friend’s hand while the tattoo was being put into place.

Before you get too excited, this one was written on with a marker. She’s never actually gotten a tattoo of her first love. She’s probably thankful for that now.

Sunshine Tattoo

The sunshine tattoo is a cute one and again the fact that she chooses small tattoos, allows her to have a lot of them because they don’t take up a lot of room.

The sunshine apparently represents her grandmother who passed away. She once called her grandmother “sunshine” on Twitter. It seems to be a theme of Selena’s to represent her family on her body.

The OM Sign

This is unconfirmed but many fans believe that the blurry tattoo is an OM sign.

It’s Not What You Think

You might think that this has something to do with Justin but it doesn’t. She’s never confirmed what the tattoo is, she’s very private about some of them. But fans seem to think that it’s a shoutout to her little sister Gracie. It likely is since she seems to represent a lot of her family on her body. She doesn’t seem to be the type to put a boyfriend’s name on her body.

Bible Passage

Getting Bible passages as tattoos are very popular. It’s a cool placing of the tattoo especially since it goes upwards instead of across. The tattoo is God Who Strengthens Me and it’s a play on the whole passage, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” It’s funny because she managed to hide it from her fans for almost a year. It’s a minimal tattoo which is probably why no one noticed it but it’s not like it’s invisible either. All her tattoos seem to be classy styles that we enjoy.

If you are looking for a cool design, there are a lot of fun options here. Some of the tattoos are actually what Selena Gomez wears while others were inspired by her work. Either way, you can find a cool design that will make you happy.

Choose an Artist That’s Right For You

You want to make sure you pick the right artist for the job because that’s just as important as picking out a tattoo. There are things to take into consideration when you look for an artist. You want to choose someone who is professional as well as clean.

Make Sure the Artist Is Licensed

Licensing is different depending on the state that you live in so check that out first. It’s important that the artist you choose is both licensed and certified to do a tattoo.

Are They Professional?

You might think that this is not a big deal. You are only going to get a tattoo after all so it doesn’t matter if you like the person at all. But it really should matter to you.  You want your artist to be just as passionate about tattooing you as you are about the tattoo you pick. If they are disgruntled about what you chose, are they really going to care about doing a good job?

Don’t Go To A Dirty Shop

Cleanliness has a lot to do with getting a good tattoo that you don’t have to worry about getting infected. Not all shops are created equal and you want to make sure the place you go to is clean, sanitized and it wouldn’t hurt if the place smelled like disinfectant. The shop has to use sterilized equipment and one use needles.

It’s important to know that going to just anyone can mean the difference between loving your tattoo and regretting it.