27 Coolest Sergio Ramos Hairstyles For Your 2020 Hair Inspiration

Are you an ardent soccer fan? Have you been following hair fashion?

If the answer to either of the above questions is yes, then you surely know Sergio Ramos, and most likely are a fan of him.

The man who needs no introduction in the world of football, Sergio Ramos, with his consistent performance as a player and a leader, has been making Spain proud. The face that captains not only Real Madrid but also the Spanish National Team in football, is loved across the world for more reasons than one.

Sergio Ramos hairstyles, the unbeatably most popular soccer hairstyles have been a rage for years now. Trends come and go, but Sergio Ramos continues to be a trailblazer and trendsetter, a consistent fashion icon. Fans across the globe love his hair more than him, and that is saying something for the man who makes it a point to rock every hairstyle there is and isn’t.

If this has got you pepped up enough, let’s go ahead and have a look at some of the coolest Sergio Ramos hairstyles trending in 2020.

Top Ten Sergio Ramos Hairstyles

Spiked Crew Cut


It’s difficult to find someone coming even close to rocking a classic crew cut like Sergio Ramos. Spiking up his hair just adds to the charisma of the hairstyle and does every bit of justice to the ‘bad boy look’ that we can often see him sporting. With a clean fade at the sides and tapering hair at the crown, this look and Ramos are simply made for each other!


Ramos makes it a point to take his ‘fashion icon’ image seriously and it is obvious with the hairstyles like Undercut that he frequently carries. A fresh change from the extremely short hair look, long waves of hair at the top bring out the dapper personality of Ramos. It’s the kind of look a strong and successful athlete can boast with confidence.

Longer Mohawk Cut

The cut that you can never go wrong with, this slightly longer version of the Mohawk cut brings out the boy in Sergio Ramos. Gradually fading on the sides, proudly pumping in the front, this cut can be well flaunted in jerseys as well as business suits. 

Back Slick Caesar Cut

Caesar haircuts are often characterized by the straight, horizontally cut bangs in the front. Ramos twists this haircut into the classiest possible style by combing it slickly behind and clearly flaunting the clean sides. This hairstyle makes him look both cool and professional, the picture-perfect look for this click.

Two-Level Undercut

One thing that can express Sergio Ramos’s passion for whatever he does besides his face is his two-level undercut hairstyle. One of the most stylish looks from his closet, the two-level undercut has a unique look on the side, clearly segmenting the shorter hair from the longer ones and longer from the longest ones. It gives him the perfect go-getter look.

Mid Fade Sergio Ramus Haircut

This happy looking picture has a lot to do with Sergio’s happy looking hair cut. One from his favorite side fade collections, this hairstyle flaunts an enviously smooth fade from the middle and gains volume at the crown. 

Voluminous Pompadour

Talking about volume in his hair, we cannot help but admire how well voluminous hair suits Ramos. This haircut gives a stunning triangular shape to his hair that would make any man feel confident about himself; on the field, in a corporate office, or even at his own wedding!


Longer hair, combed back slick on one side of the partition, shorter on the other, this hairstyle is one of those that not everyone can sport and rock. Sergio Ramos embraces this look with confidence and a combination of beard, knowing very well he kills it when it comes to mature looks that speak of experience.

Champion Cut

We perhaps couldn’t have found a better picture than this to talk about this haircut. Sergio Ramos, the star football captain looks nothing short of a champion with this uber-cool cut with a mixture of faded, trimmed, shaved, as well as long, combed hair. It’s one of those hairstyles that prove that Ramos is not just a champion at football but also at sporting tricky hairstyles.

Spiky Sergio Ramos Haircut

Finally, the iconic Sergio Ramos haircut with the blessings of scattered spikes, the kind of hairstyle that makes us all stop and stare. Sergio can look extremely determined yet playful and mischievous in this haircut. With his favorite fade on the sides and messy bangs on the crown, this is definitely one of the haircuts he’s really proud of.

Tips: How To Pull Off Hair Like Sergio Ramos?

One look at the hairstyles listed above is enough to inspire anyone who is even mildly enthusiastic about his hair. If you are thrilled enough to get these looks and more of Sergio Ramos’s  classics, here are a few tips that will come handy:

Start Easy
Some of Ramos’s s hairstyles can be really deceptive — looking smooth and simple but really complicated to achieve and maintain. If you are just starting off and want to test waters, start with the easiest ones.

Get Boldly Creative
All things unique about Sergio Ramos’s hairstyles can be summarized in these two words — bold and creative. Sergio doesn’t hesitate to try out newer and bolder experiments with his hair and tries to make the classic ones more creative. If you have mastered the basic hairstyles, it’s time to actually replicate Sergio Ramos hairstyles by embracing a creative touch or two.

Embrace Variety
The most Sergio Ramos thing about his hairstyles is that they keep changing. Besides how cool they are, the crazy variety that Ramos is ready to try makes his hairstyles so popular. If you really are an ardent Sergio Ramos fan and are looking to achieve overall hair transformation to look like him, it’s best that you embrace variety– in length, styles, and features.

Wear Confidence Along

No matter how many hairstyles Ramos changes, one thing that he invariably wears along is his confidence. He knows whatever the look, however unconventional, only looks good when paired with confidence. If you have decided to get a haircut like Sergio Ramos, make sure to accessorize it like him as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazed with all of the stunner hairstyles? Looking for some additional information? Scroll down to get the answers to the most asked questions about Sergio Ramos hairstyles.

  • Why is Sergio Ramos Hairstyles so popular?

Sergio Ramos is known for more than just his finesse in football. He has become a fashion icon, thanks to his drop-dead gorgeous looks and riveting choice of hairstyles. He is popular for playing around with his hair and opting for interesting chops that attract a lot of attention and adoration from his fans as well as fashion lovers worldwide.

  • What kind of hairstyles does Sergio Ramos generally prefer?

Variety is the answer. Sergio Ramos prefers variety in his hairstyles and is often seen experimenting with all kinds of looks right from the short Crew Cut to shoulder-length long, wavy hair. However, there is particularly one kind of hairstyles that he likes to play around with more often than others — hairstyles like the Undercut. Long at the top and fading trimmed towards the sides is apparently his favorite style.

  • Which is the latest hairstyle of Sergio Ramos?

Most recently, Sergio Ramos has been seen embracing the long hair look. While he frequently lets them flow freely in soft waves, he is seen combing them into sleek looks or tying them up in tight buns occasionally. Safe to say, a carefree, long hairstyle has never looked better.

  • How many hairstyles have Sergio Ramos changed?

Sergio Ramos loves to experiment with his hair and is perhaps the most followed footballer for his hairstyles. Fans and stylists alike have lost count of the number of hairstyles that Ramos has changed, but if we are talking numbers, there are easily over 60 hairstyles on the internet with Sergio Ramos’s name on them.

  • Can I get haircuts like Sergio Ramos?

There’s plenty of inspiration on the internet with an enormous number of options to choose from. Any competent hairstylist should be able to help you get the haircut you like. For more help and tutorials, you can always head to Shikhaar TV that captures tutorials of some of the most popular Sergio Ramos hairstyles. 

Sergio Ramos has been inspiring hairstyles for not only soccer fans but also fashion fans alike. His quirky confidence with each one of his looks makes him stand out and his hair a talk of the town. This article should be enough inspiration and information for you to finally go ahead and give a shot to one of the coolest hairstyles there is!


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