125 Trendy Ways to Style Your Hair in a Slicked-back Look

Wish to imply a versatile technique, a touch to a corporate uniform, then allow your hair to do all the talking for you as you walk into the room with your dashing locks. Wondering what I am talking about? Well, it is always the slicked-back hairdos that blow away the minds. Often you have associated this looks with alpha male corporate warriors or those of purple-suited sleazy sales guys. A common in ramp-walks too. The time has come when you flaunt your style statement in your everyday lives with a touch of classic, yet stylish looks. 

Popularized in the first half of the 20th century, slicked-back hairdos impart smart and controlled look on all face types and is a preferable choice to men who wish to look more mature and smart. Flowing locks is undoubtedly a loved choice among men and women and is good enough to slay the ramp-walks.

Slicked-back aren’t ever going out of style. It is deemed as a timeless, elegant classic. Today, slicked-back looks are embraced by both classy and stylish men. It is relatively easy to do and elegant enough to adorn your face and temples. 

Slicked back comes with a lot of variation, ranging its pairing from undercuts to fades. Stars like Brad Pitt and Justin Bieber have shown their love for slicked-back. Wish to emulate your favorite stars? No worries as we help you to choose the appropriate hair-grooming partner just for you. Here is a road-map to all the best styles to suit you without worries of greasiness over your head.


1.The thin hard part with wavy textured top

It is ravishing if slicked back is paired with a thin hard part. The longer top-most part of the hair is redressed with a wavy texture. This style works wonders on hair with thick volume. If you are blessed with wavy hair, this look is the best for you. Otherwise, men with straight follicles have to work on the wavy texture.

2. High volume puffed slicked back.

Looks more of a pompadour at the first instance but is a bold, stylish puffed up look to form of slicked back. It is a bit of time-consuming but worth your time as it imparts a twang of hipster-ness. Pairs of excellently with ripped denim, and jackets. Use a blow dryer for faking the volume. Gels wouldn’t help much in this hair-do, go for clay or hair wax to serve your purpose.

3.Pumped slick back with a beard

If you are blessed with a thick volume of wavy hair, go for this messy carefree look. Instead of parting your hair with a traditional slicked look, you can pump it a bit and conserve the natural texture. This look looks dashing with a medium length, well-groomed beard. Works on all face types but not advised for round faces. Use a finger instead of a comb or hairbrush for imparting the natural look.

4.Brad Pitt’s medium length slick back

If you in love with your medium length hair, this is the look you would love. Brad Pitt definitely wore his best smile with this look. You don’t need to visit a stylist for this look. Apply gel on your fingers and run your fingers with your hair backward. Gives a beach-like look. Pair your look with a bit of beard and glasses.

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5. Short top pushed back texture.

Are you having restrictions of hair-length at your work-place? Yet, crave for a slicked look on your hair, then go for this short, gelled look. This look is easy to manage for any busy scheduled man. Gel the front end of your hair and comb it backward. This gelled hair-do creates a beautiful contrast with the tapered edges. Ideal for black-suit events too.

6. Brad Pitt’s undercut slicked back.

Brad Pitt surely knows how to groom his hair best. Shaving both the edges off does create contrast with a longer top. The skin-tight sides flaunt the elegance of this look. Slicking the top right back, I absolutely what we love in this look. Pair off your look with black suits and a bow-tie. The maintenance is not very demanding, but it is advised to visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks, but if you have electrical clippers, you can shave off the edges by yourself.

7. Individual stranded slicked back

A slight variation to the classic slicked back. The long locks of the hair are suspended towards the back of the head, while a strand of hair is left in the front. This look appears very natural and is good enough for the winters as you will have the opportunity to lengthen the front. 


8.Gentlemen’s pompadour with slicked back

A clean haircut to pair with your ballroom’s look. As the name suggests, this haircut gives a subtle gentleman-like appearance. Pompadours look excellent with slicked-back hair. Works on all face types but is a preferable one for stretched, elongated faces. You have to put up a bit of hassle if you wish to maintain the style. Using hair wax or clay is recommended for keeping up the look. You can also use a hair spray if you wish to add shine to your hair.

9.Wavy textured styled widow’s peak

This haircut is a defiance to the traditional slicked-back ideas that demand shorter sides compared to the top. This hair makeover is considered a bit tamer but is a preferable choice for most men. Works wonders on square face types and should be an avoidable choice for round faces. 

10. Zachary Quinto’s slicked back undercut.

Quinto definitely knows how to bring style and flair to his hair. It is often expected that a slicked back is accompanied by tapering on the sides, but this haircut’s demands are different. The sides are of the hair are trimmed off completely, imparting a cool, smart look—the best option for busy-scheduled men who have little time to waste on their hair. Visit your stylist almost 3-4 days a week to maintain a clean look. Otherwise, you can manage your style using a pair of electrical clippers.

11. Slicked back wavy hair

Bored with your wavy, messy hair layers, then opt for this careless, free look. There is hardly any demand to brush up the hair, flatten it or simply puff it up. Apply a bit of gel on your hands and comb your hair with your fingers backward. Slicked-back with wavy hair even pairs off excellently with your formals. An appropriate choice for men with round face types.

12. Undercut with skin faded sides.

This high contrast haircut is the real style statement to your boring hairdos. While undercut demands a longer front-hair length, the skin fade tapers the hair down with shaved finish. The front part of the hair is slicked back, imparting a clean, distinguished look. Pair your hair with a thin beard. Works on all hair types but is not a good choice for extremely kinky hair or afros. Avoid this haircut if you have stretched, long face.

13. Slicked Back hipster style

 This hairdo is a popular choice of the hipsters who crave a look defying the conventional hairdos. The back and the edges are tapered to fade with the skin while the long front portion of the hair is slicked back. Flaunt your style with a beard, tattoos, or denim jackets, and you are good to slay all-party moods.

14. Simple cut with combed back

There is not pretty much to fancy about this look, but it sure is an excellent choice for busy, middle-aged working men. While the top is combed back regularly with a slight puffy texture, this hair is a smart choice for your thinning hair.


15. Clean mid part

If you wish to flaunt your hair’s natural texture, then go for this smart, clean look. It grooms your short hair quite well and pairs off excellently with a well-shaved face. While your hair is slightly damp, use a comb with sharp teeth and part it from the middle. Apply a bit of gel to keep your hair in position. Then run a blow dryer over your head.

Secret tips your hair craves for:

Who doesn’t like shiny and healthy hair? Sure, everyone does! So, maintaining your hair and using the appropriate products is a must. The demands of slaying the look in a well-groomed slicked back are what a man craves for. But the maintenance requires a bit of patience and a few tips to counsel you well. Luckily we can help you out in choosing the best styling tips for your hair.

  • Never use gel on wet hair. Always go for towel-dried hair.
  • Visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks to maintain a clean, faded look.
  • Although, overuse of products can flake your hair, washing your hair is highly recommended but not in persistent terms as hair follicles dry off by losing natural oils. 
  • Choose a wide-tooth comb to prevent detangling, tugging, or pulling hair as hair often stiffens in a hair clay.
  • Gel, hair wax, pomade, and clay are definitely the pre-requisites of slicked-back look, but removing them is your hair priority. Use pomade removal shampoo or dishwasher on your hair, followed by deep conditioning.
  • Zap your hair with hair spray as it imparts shine on your hair.
  • While slicking back your hair, start from the ends, not the roots. Men often commit this mistake, which leads to excessive hair fall.
  • For imparting your hair a light-to-medium hold along with high shine, go for using a pomade.
  • If you have a thick hair volume, you will find difficulty to hold your hair backward, so opt for clay or high-hold pomade.
  • Blow-dry your hair to add volume and texture.

Besides all the expert guidance, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a balanced diet is the secret healthy, shiny locks.


Queries often asked:

A. Is slicked hair look a good choice for thick, voluminous scalps?

It is not likely that thick hair is difficult to manage when slicked back as all the hair strands may not remain in position. Thinning scalps in this hairdo have a boon as gelling the hair holds them in place. It is also recommended to use hair spray to impart additional shine.


B. Will slicked-back look good on short hair?

It would definitely, but demands require longer front hair. Many of your stars like Quinto delivered his best appearance in short hair slicked look.

C.Is slicked back an attractive choice for middle-aged men?

Undoubtedly slicked hair looks is a preferable choice to most men and look great on men of all ages. Anyone can appear mature and smart with a slicked-back look.

D. Which hairdos pair off nicely with slicked back?

Well, if you wish your slicked back to look classy, opt for an undercut. A stylish makeover can also be achieved with fades. The skin fade is the preferable choice to impart elegance.

E. Does slicked back look good on all face types?

Sure it does, but you have to choose the appropriate style after knowing your face type. For example, a clean mid part or simple cut with combed back works wonders on round, elongated face types but won’t appear striking on long, stretched faces. Instead, if you choose the Gentlemen’s pompadour or hipster style for square, long, or stretched faces, it is bound to flaunt your style.

F. Which hair products to choose for slicked-back summer hair?

Weightless-water pomade should be your first preference. Avoid oil-based pomade as removal is quite tough. You can also go for hair paste for a matte finish. Experts recommend brands like the Virile glass pomade or Steadfast original hold pomade for your hair’s best results.

G. How long hair should my hair be for maintaining a slicked-back look?

Slicked-back undercuts or fades look the best when the top is maintained 4 to 6 inches otherwise the slicking won’t hold your hair for a longer period of time.

H. Does slicking the hair back cause premature baldness?

Not really, if you comb your hair backward, it will hardly impact your hairline to recede. A receding hairline is mainly due to the effects of genetics. However, you can have hair-loss due to the overuse of unnecessary products.