165 Soccer Hair Makeovers to Outshine your Looks

A lover of soccer never misses a chance to emulate their favourite stars. Why wouldn’t they? Soccer-stars like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, etc. have set a number of trends in the hair fashion world. Besides leaving a landmark in sports, these stars never fail to impress their fans with the versatility of looks.

The widely known International soccer stars highlight their looks by switching to new hair patterns now and then. Besides reigning the sports-field, soccer players are now a well-established youth fashion icon. David Beckham was one such soccer star who brought in hundreds of styles over his head. Not long enough, the new generations started following him and established new variations in every hairdo.

Modern soccer haircuts are cool with a touch of practicality, which looks good on-field and off-field too. Not only the hairstyles echo the fashion of these soccer-loving men but also have voiced their aggressive passion and love for sports. Often, it is regarded that soccer hair makeovers demand short hair. In today’s date, men on field slay in man-buns, braids, and top-knots. Players like Zusi, Ibrahimovic, Bale, Cavani have broken the stereotype of trimming the hair short.

From Mohawks to faux hawks, fades to comb-overs, highlights to messy tops, soccer players have set a trademark in all the ravishing hairdos. Soccer-crazy fans, thinking which hairstyle to be chosen to flaunt your natural locks, then allow us to groom your style statement. We will make sure to add the biggest names in soccer to our list.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo’s hard-part with comb-over and fade

Ronaldo is an avid lover of short hairdos. It’s quite evident from the wide range of hairstyles he flaunts. While high skin fade is a familiar hairdo, this soccer star combines it with a hard part comb-over. The style is maintained with a strong pomade, followed by hairspray for additional shine. This look is quite demanding, and the maintenance demands well-grooming. But this hairdo is worth your style and time. Visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks to avoid any unnecessary fuss.

2.Yannick Ferreira Carrasco’s pompadour fade

A stylish alternation to classic pompadours, pompadour fade, is accompanied by a bald fade. Carrasco carries off the style with a well-groomed beard. If you are confident enough about your hair volume, then this look is an excellent choice for you. Maintenance requires frequent trimming but can be carried out by yourself f you have electrical clippers at home.

3.Toni Kroos’s hard side-part with an undercut.

The undercut is a preferable choice for soccer players, but slight variation can utterly slay your look. Toni Kroos brings in the versatility of the style with a hard side part. A choice for formals and on the field. Suitable to most face types but is wise to avoid if you have a long, stretched face.

4.Lionel Messi’s textured messy hair with tapered sides.

Another trendsetter for this teen-loving hairdo, Messi, grooms his messy hair with the tapered sides. A preferable choice to busy-scheduled men as this haircut demands no styling and is hassle-free. You can apply a bit of gel to keep your hair in position. Tapering the ends at an interval of 3-4 weeks is good enough for maintenance.

5.Gareth Bale’s topknot

Soccer players like Gareth Bale are lovers of longer hair and never miss an opportunity to flaunt their hairdo. This haircut is often a choice for men who are growing out of their hair. Pull your medium-length hair back and tie up a knot according to your ease. Make sure that you do not make your knot too tight. Apply gel on your hair if you wish to keep your hair in position.

6.Mario Balotelli’s classic long Mohawk

Balotelli surely loves Mohawk and is daring enough to flaunt his looks even on long mohawks too. Classic Mohawk demands a strong-hold pomade. Pair your style with piercing or tattoos, and don’t miss any chance to groom your look in a fashion-forward and aggressive way.

7. Sergio Ramos’s high fade with side-swept fringe

Ramos’s style statement is well proved among soccer-crazy teens who wish to emulate all his hairdos. His straight, thick, voluminous hair offers a wide range of hairstyles. He combines his high taper fade with side-swept fringe. The side-swept on the top is brushed for a natural finish. This hairstyle demands almost no maintenance and is slightly longer than the traditional crew-cut. An ideal choice for black-tie events and on the field too.

8. Gerard Pique spiky hair on top with short sides

Gerard Pique is blessed with a geometrically deemed perfect face, and what makes his look even more excellent is his hair. He pairs off his tapered sides with spiked ends, which makes him look even more sophisticated. His thick, stubble, well-groomed beard pairs off his look excellently. This look’s maintenance is quite low and is often a preferred choice for working men with short hair.

9. Antoine Griezmann’s High bald fade with a side part

A simple hairstyle, yet an elegant one to look dashing. Antoine Griezmann loves a short, clean look with a fresh fade and trimmed top. The top brush up on the top of the head imparts a natural look. Easy to maintain as cutting the hair at an interval of 2-3 weeks is only required. A pair of electrical clippers should make your job easier. Gel the topmost portion of your hair to keep your hair in place.

10.Granit Xhaka’s undercut with a modern comb-over

Granit Xhaka knows how to bring in a variation to the traditional short hair makeovers. A modern comb-over pairs off excellently with the undercut. Works on all hair types except for afros. A preferred choice on all face types except stretched, long faces. A good hair makeover for summer seasons too.

11. David Beckham’s slicked-back hair

David Beckham grooms his style excellently with a slicked-back look. This look is classy and smart and, when paired off with a comb-over, looks breath-taking. The prerequisites of this look are not much as it only demands a longer front hair compared to the tapered sides and the brushed back. The hairstyle suits well on the thick, straight, voluminous scalp. You can also pair off your look with suits. Use pomade to hold your hair in position.

12. Oliver Giroud’s high taper fade with part and pomp comb-over

The comb-over is undoubtedly a smart and elegant hairdo, and Oliver Giroud pairs it off with a taper fade and part. The high taper fade on the sides and the back creates a contrast with the longer hair on the top. Apply hair wax or clay for the matte pomp comb-over on the top. Trim the sides frequently to maintain the elegance of the taper fade. 

13.Graham Zusi’s long, wavy man-bun

There is no alternative to long hair when we talk of elegance. Graham Zusi loves to flaunt his long wavy locks and opts for a man-bun for on-field events. This hairstyle demands no maintenance but imparts sleekness and elegance. Not a recommended choice for interviews and formal occasions. Works on all face types.

14.Saphir Taider’s tousled, wavy hair with low fade and beard

Men and women often talk about Saphir Taider’s handsome appearance, but what makes it possible is hi hair. He goes for a care-free look with tousled hair. His naturally wavy, voluminous hair enhances his look. He pairs off his style with a well-groomed beard. Anyone who doesn’t wish to waste their time on their hair can go for this look. If you are blessed with straight follicles, you can apply the gel on your hair for this look. 

15. Neymar’s faux Hawk fade

Neymar prefers experimenting with his hair and sets new trends to his hair fashion, making soccer-crazy teens groove-in with his style. This faux hawk of his is accompanied by a fade which adds contrast to his looks. He highlights the ends of his hair, making his look even more appealing. A haircut that is a bit daring but an excellent choice for any fashion-loving teen. Not a preferred choice for round face types.

16. Raheem Sterling’s burst fade Mohawk with a part

Burst fade Mohawk looks exceptionally trendy and cool on afro hair, and Raheem Sterling never misses a chance to flaunt his voluminous kinks. The part adds contrast to his well-trimmed sides and back. To maintain the look, visit your stylist to trim the edges. Works on all face types and hair types except for straight, smooth follicles.

Secret styling tips your hair craves for

Maintaining healthy hair is a secret to all good-looking haircuts. While you keep on flaunting the styles of your favorite soccer players, we will guide you with some expert styling tips:

  • Visit your stylist at an interval of 3-4 weeks to carry on your desired, hassle-free look. If you have a pair of electrical clippers, you need not worry about visiting your stylist very frequently.
  • Use a color-protect shampoo if you are highlighting the ends of your hair.
  • Avoid frequent washing to your hair, otherwise, you might lose the moisture.
  • Nourish your afro hair wit natural oils like coconut oils, aloe vera, avocado oil, etc.
  • Choose a natural, organic shampoo over a chemical one as chemical shampoo makes your hair rough and causes premature breakage of hair.
  • Always condition your hair after shampooing as it keeps the hair smooth.
  • Do not make your man-bun or top-knot too tight as it develops a condition called alopecia which leads to weakening of the hair roots and results in early breakage of hair.
  • If you are using pomade, gel, or clay, do not forget to remove it. Use a pomade removal shampoo or a dishwasher in luke-warm water, followed by rapid conditioning.
  • Always apply the gel, pomade, or clay on towel-dried hair.
  • Never rub your hair aggressively with a towel as the hair often gets stuck in the threads and breaks off. Instead, pat your hair gently.

Besides all the tips, maintaining a well, balanced diet is a necessity. Keep yourself and your hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Queries often asked:

A. Do all the soccer-haircuts take into consideration short hair?

Indeed not, it is often regarded that soccer players prefer short hair, but there are no bars on hair length. Soccer stars like Zusi slay his looks with a man-bun. You can also opt for a top-knot to your medium-length hair.

B. How to style my hair like Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is a trendsetter to several hairstyles, ranging from mohawks to fades, top-knots to undercuts. However, if you wish for a classic Ronaldo haircut, gel the more extended portion of your hair and opt for a spike or comb-over.

C. How do I make my hair look like Messi’s?

Messi prefers a clean look. You can make the back of your hair short with a longer end on the top. You can go for a textured, brushed look like Messi or simply comb-over. Pair your look with a dense, subtle, well-groomed beard.

D. How do I style my afro like soccer-stars?

Worried, that afro hair hardly has any soccer-cut variation. I suppose you might be wrong as you can style your hair in a burst fade Mohawk, faux hawks, or highlight the ends.

E. How to groom my hair just like Neymar?

Brazilian players often run a straightener through their hair; this allows them to have multiple layers. Neymar loves Mohawks and fauxhawks. You can also highlight your hair to add flair to your hair just like him.

F. How to style my look like Beckham?

Beckham loves to part elegance to his hair in a slicked-back look. You can keep the back and ends of your hair tapered while you the long top portion of your hair to slick back. You can groom your look with a thin beard and suits.

G. What do soccer players generally use to keep their hair in position?

Most of the soccer-stars go for Layrite pomade or Suavicito for a rigid grasp on their hair.  Clay and hair wax is also applied if they go for a hard part or side-swept. They also opt for the gel on towel-damp hair. Hairspray also adds shine and glamour to their hair.