125 Stone Fireplace Ideas for Your Home

The fireplace is not only useful, but it increases the visual appeal of your house as well. No question it is the heart and soul of every household. And that is why installing a fireplace has been followed since centuries. There is nothing that can replace this scared tradition of gathering around the fire with family or friends in a cozy space. The practice adds charm and affection to the cold nights. You cannot merely deny the significance of a fireplace.

The style, design, and material of a fireplace have transformed over the years. In current times, a fireplace comes with conventional and time-saving comforts. Despite that, various people still favor fireplace made with a stone. It provides medieval vibe to your living space. Like a contemporary one, you should expect top-notch performance from the stone fireplace as well.

Moreover, the stone was the material of fortresses and castles.  You should opt for it to lend a majestic air to your house. Plus, constructing a fireplace with the sturdy material will increase its lifespan. You can keep your home warm for a longer time in case of the extreme weather.

Types of Stone

Following are the common types of stones that are used to build fireplaces. These stones are solid and heat resistant.

If you are planning to install a stone fireplace, here are some jaw-dropping ideas for you.

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1. Classic Stone Fireplace


You can never go wrong with a classic fireplace. It provides traditional architectural vibe if you decorate the living space with some classical features. That is a widely followed fireplace trend. You can even incorporate tasteful art to accessorize the mantel. Not to mention, the combination of brick wall and classic stone can create a stunning vintage look to your space.

1.  Stone Fireplace and Tuscan Décor

The Tuscan home concept is based on giving warmth to your house. A fireplace has the similar purpose. So combining the two ideas sound perfect. Interior designers favor travertine stone fireplace as it coheres to the earth tone colors. You can install a fireplace inspired by this idea along with some trendy rustic pieces to add texture to your living space.

2. Mid-century Living Space with Stone Fireplace


The combination of simple lines and bold furnishing is what you find in mid-century modern interior décor. It goes well and looks utterly unique with a stone fireplace. Placing light above the fireplace is also a smart way to make it prominent. You should not hesitate when incorporating vivid colors in a living room like this. The colors will bring flavor and balance the deep colored fireplace. Accessorize your space with lighting and stunning art to pull off the look beautifully. Also, keeping wall paint white neutral will dominate dark colored stone fireplace wall.

3. Stone Fireplace in Contemporary Setting


Stone fireplaces blend well in contemporary interior decoration. You will get clean and streamlined visual experience in your space. It is worth noting that the modern style includes organic and natural material. You can install wooden panels and stone fireplace together without giving it a second thought. It provides simple and cozy vibe.

4. Stone Fireplace in Rustic Home


The heavy rustic elements are difficultto maintain. You can neutralize this heaviness via incorporating limestone fireplace. Moreover, rustic wood along with iron elements look splendid. You can enhance the overall visual appeal of the room by installing a limestone fireplace that goes up to the ceiling. Plus, you should not overlook accessories and paintings to crown it all.

5. Limestone Fireplace and Neutral Color Scheme


A limestone fireplace is ideal if you aren’t into exciting ones. Various people prefer simple and cozy spaces. You can opt for limestone with the neutral color scheme. Not just it looks spectacular, but both options provide texture your space. Also, you can go creative here and construct a whole wall with limestone. This idea showcases that a limestone fireplace can look fabulous with the neutral color scheme.

6. Slate Fireplace


Constructing a slate fireplace can change your entire living room as it comes with multiple perks. Installing a slate fireplace incorporates warm and natural ambiance into your house. It has various stunning finishes that allow you to pair it with distinctive color schemes. You can even use contrast materials with the slate fireplace to make the most of the stone finishes.

7. Quartzite Stone Fireplace


Interior decorators suggest you can construct a floor to ceiling quartzite fireplace to make it a focal point of your living room. It compliments natural color scheme and can blend in a space with a touch of vibrant paint alike. You should finish the look by placing art pieces or classic paintings to give it an irresistible vibe.

8. Graceful Marble Fireplace


A marble fireplace adds sophistication and elegance to your living space. You can construct a mantel and place perfect accessories to enhance the fireplace. A marble fireplace along with distinct furniture pieces will look comfy and chic.

9. Exquisite Marble Fireplace


A stone fireplace can look an enchanting artwork if you go for vibrant granite and solid color scheme. This idea will provide both an inspiring aura and a prominent twist to your space. However, stay careful with the furniture and try to opt for neutral pieces and let your marble fireplace be a center of attention.

10. Stone Veneer Fireplace


The ideas are endless when it comes to installing a stone fireplace. One of which is stone veneer material. Decorators and interiors designers think using stone veneer for a fireplace is an innovative idea. The quality of this stone remains same for years. Interior designers also recommend veneer stone because it is a reliable alternative to the natural stone which you can use to get the desired effect. This variety blends well with various color schemes. Additionally, veneer stone fireplace allows you to do accessorize the entire space without making it look over-done due to its earth color finishes.

11. Stacked Stone Fireplace


You can create stacked stone fireplace using stone veneer panels. A fireplace like this will provide clean and organized look. Not to mention, this idea does not only appear cozy, but it can boost the worth of your house as well. These stones are widely used to install a fireplace due to the incredible color variations associated with them.

12. Stone Fireplace and Bold Colors


Incorporating bold colors to your living space along with the stone fireplace seems a splendid idea. You can go for contrast colors and materials alike. Vivid wall paints and high-quality accessories may sound a bold decision. However, it will highlight your living space significantly when you combine both ideas.

13. Hearth Fireplace


Constructing a hearth inspired fireplace sounds an outstanding idea. You can pair it with the mantel as well. This kind of stone is enough to decorate an entire space as its elegance draws all the attention. Hearth fireplace looks simple, stunning, and comfy at the same time. If you are looking for a cozy fireplace with style, hearth fireplace idea is for you.

14. Decorate Fireplace with Mantel


Mantels are useful in two ways; first, a mantel works as a covering to collect smoke. Second, it comes in handy as a decorative feature. Interior decorators consider these mantels as a statement pieces that bring a prominent aura to your space.

15. Cultured Stone Fireplace

Cultured stones are not natural stones. This variety is manufactured after going through a series of process. Cultured stones can become a durable alternative to the natural stones. These stones are versatile. And you don’t need to put in significant efforts to maintain them. Cultured stones can do the job for you if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy option. Plus, this type of stone comes in color scheme that compliments neutral to mild colored decorative items.


How to Maintain a Stone Fireplace?

Installing a stone fireplace is a huge investment. You need to maintain it to keep it in an excellent condition. Proper maintenance increases the durability of a fireplace. You should take note of the following before constructing the stone fireplace.

  • You cannot seal most of the newly installed fireplaces.
  • A stone fireplace can or will stain. These stones are somewhat similar to a sponge as they have tiny fissures and pores. We suggest sealing the pores, or your stone fireplace will remain vulnerable to coffee, red wine, soot, candle wax, and smoke stains.
  • Permanent discoloring of a stone fireplace is one of the daunting factors associated with it. After investing money and energy, you don’t want to lose its color permanently. Therefore, use right cleaning products to prevent the discoloration.

How to Clean a Stone Fireplace?

You can maintain your stone fireplace via cleaning weekly and deep cleaning monthly. For a thorough cleaning, you will need following items such as:

  • Small shovel
  • Plastic Tarp
  • Metal container
  • Drop Cloths
  • Dust Mask
  • Gloves
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Plain Water

Cleaning Procedure

  • You need to allow a stone fireplace to cool down for at least 12 hours after extinguishing the last fire. Place drop cloths on the floor and plastic tarp over the furniture. This step is necessary to protect your floor and furniture from the cleaning fluids and airborne dust. Hence, do not skip it.
  • Use a small shovel to scoop up ashes left in the fireplace but don’t forget to wear a dust mask and gloves. Use a metal container to place ashes. You should fill the container with cold water and store it outside the house. Be sure to keep it away from the flammable material to avoid any incident until you discard it.
  • To remove remaining dust from the fireplace and its surrounding use vacuum cleaner. You can speed up this step via opting for a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.
  • During the season when you need to use fireplace on a daily basis, you should clean it weekly. This routine cleaning will eliminate light to moderate accumulations of grit, soot, or dirt.
  • You will need a few tools and materials like dish soap, small bucket, stiff-scrub brush, clean rags (2), and water for routine cleaning
  • Scrub the fireplace with a mixture made with dish soap and water (use warm water to get the best results). Continue scrubbing until it cleans completely.
  • Next step is to clean soap suds with clean water using a rag. Repeat the process until all soap is removed.
  • Lastly, dab the fireplace with a dry rug and let it air-dry. Do not ignite the next fire until your fireplace dries completely.


Bottom Line

Installing a stone fireplace provides comfort and elegance to your space. You can find plenty of ideas to construct an incredible fireplace. A stone fireplace with versatile color contrast, stylish furniture, and jaw-dropping art pieces can eventually enhance the visual appeal of your space.