115 Meaningful Swallow Tattoos That Bring Hope

Swallow tattoos are cute designs that have some meaning to them. They are a beautiful tattoo that can be designed in so many different ways. Not only that but there is a lot of history and symbolism to a swallow tattoo. It might just seem like a cute little bird but that’s where the surprise comes in. The swallow is linked to long health, wealth, loyalty and even long-distance travel. It’s a tattoo that actually stands for something and if that’s what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

These types of bird tattoos are always trendy and there’s no denying it would be a cute addition to tattoos you already have. You can also add other elements to the tattoo to make it your own. You can add things like stars, cherries, arrows, quotes, or banners to the design to fit your own personality. The great thing about a swallow tattoo is that you can place it anywhere on the body. A lot of people get this tattoo on the lower back, chest, hips, or shoulders.

Sailors have loved this type of tattoo for a long time because it is symbolic to them. When sailors were out at sea, the swallow would appear to let them know that land was near. If they were in danger that was certainly a welcoming sight. These days they don’t need birds because they have navigation technology but of course, that wasn’t always the case. These birds were always a welcome sight when sailors were at sea. Sailors have often gotten these tattoos because it was a reminder of the hope that they felt when they wanted to get home safely.

Another special part of these birds is that swallows are known to mate for life. So a lot of people will choose them as a tattoo because of this romantic affiliation. This symbol of love can be used for friends, family or your partner for life.

There are a few other meanings when it comes to the swallow:

Returning home after a struggle at sea

A victory gained

Surviving hardship

Check out these meaningful swallow tattoos for your next tattoo design:

Sweet Swallows

Your tattoo design can come in many different sizes and in this case we have tiny swallows that fit around the ankle of the foot. It’s a great location for a tattoo however the foot is known to be one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.


Power Tattoos

This is clearly a tattoo about strength, you see that just in the way that she is posing. We love the combination of the swallows with the feather.

Bright Colors

These bright, cartoon-like tattoos are very traditional and the style has been around for a long time. It reminds us of Popeye’s tattoo and wasn’t he also a sailor?

Sleeve Designs

If you are looking for a larger tattoo, you can’t go wrong with the sleeve design. You can add other elements to the design aside from swallows to make up an entire sleeve design that will truly be epic.

Silhouette Designs

These are small designs that are one of a kind. You can put these little swallows anywhere.

Neck Styles

This is an amazing style that fits perfectly on the back of the neck. it’s elegant and peaceful. We love these styles that are unique and let’s be honest, free.

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Bold Birds

This is a gorgeous portrait type picture of a bird and we love the colors. It’s another style that is on the back of the neck.

Shoulder Tattoos

A simple swallow tattoo that sits nicely on the shoulder.

Colorful Cartoon

A cute bird that is sure to put a smile on your face. These designs are simple that’s why you can place them anywhere. In this case, your tattoo is a great design with plenty of colors.

Swallow on the Ribcage

A great tattoo design for someone that is looking for a larger tattoo. If this is what you are looking for, then try it out for your ribcage.

What Not To Do Before You Get A Tattoo

Sometimes it takes liquid courage to get into that tattoo chair but you must refrain yourself. You don’t want to have any alcohol before you get your tattoo. Even if you think that it will help with the pain, you have to stop yourself from drinking at all. The rumors of people getting drunk and getting tattoos accidentally in Vegas is not the story you want for yourself. It’s a bad idea to drink before your tattoo because it thins out your blood. That can make things risky for your tattoo as well as put your tattoo itself in jeopardy. If your blood is thinned out, you could actually bleed more during your tattoo which is not a good thing. The blood might mix with the ink and thin the ink out as well which will really not be good for the look of your tattoo.

We have to recommend that you not do any sun-worshipping before you get the tattoo. You might love being out in the sun but it’s important that you refrain from that before your appointment. Whether you mean to or not, you could end up with a sunburn. If you think a tattoo is painful to begin with, try getting one with a sunburn and that’s if your artist is willing to do the tattoo at all. Most won’t even go there. If you spend too much time in the sun, you might end up with peeling and dry skin which just isn’t good for your tattoo in any way. Even if the tattoo did happen you might not like the look of it after. You should take care of your skin at all times, but especially right before your tattoo.

Shaving is also something you need to be careful of because if you end up with razor burn that won’t be a great experience for your tattoo either. Depending on where you are getting your tattoo, you might need to shave and if that’s the case, you might want to get the artist to help you. It won’t be good for your tattoo experience if you end up with razor burn.

Is There A Way To Deal With The Tattoo Pain?

To put it plainly, there isn’t a way out of the pain. It’s just there. Suck it up buttercup, as they say. Yes, there is such thing as numbing agents that your artist can use but to be honest, they don’t work very well and they aren’t really recommended because they affect the texture of the skin and it may even affect how the ink is deposited in the skin. So the best thing that you can do for your tattoo us just grin and bear it so that your tattoo comes out looking the best that it can. If you must use the numbing agent, please talk to your artist about it first.

The best thing that you can do for your tattoo is to make sure you get lots of sleep the night before, eat a wonderfully full breakfast, stay hydrated and don’t go to the appointment drunk or even hungover. All these things will depend on how sensitive your body will be when you get your tattoo. You are allowed to bring some distractions with you like a book, a friend, Netflix and even snacks. This will help you to focus on something other than the pain.

What Should You Know Before you Get A Tattoo

Of course, you have decided on the swallow tattoo but knowing where it is going is important. You will also have to choose the artist that you get to do the tattoo. When it comes to choosing a cool place, you want to make sure that its clean, that there is professional artwork on the wall and you get a good vibe from your artist. Once you find a great place, it’s just about booking a consultation to discuss what it is you want. At that point you can figure out the pricing as well as ask any questions that you might have.  It’s okay to ask the artist to see the state license that they have and whether they are certified. If you notice that the artists aren’t using gloves, single-use needles etc., then you are going to need to get out of their fast.

What Are Some Risks With Tattooing?

Sometimes when people get a tattoo, reactions can occur but that’s rare but when they do, they can be difficult to treat. Red dye is something that is used commonly when it comes to allergies. If you do find that you have a reaction to the tattoo, then you want to go and see your dermatologist right away. If you already know that you have had reactions to costume jewelry, cheap fragrances or hair dye, then let your tattoo artist know this during your consultation.

What Should Be Done After You Get A Tattoo?

There are certain precautions to take after you get a tattoo that you might not have considered. Firstly, you need to stay away from all bodies of water for a whole two weeks after your tattoo. It’s best to stick with showers and even avoid baths during this time. That also includes pools, lakes, saunas, ponds and hot tubs, literally anything. You can get your tattoo infected by immersing it in anything. Working out is also frowned upon after the tattoo because of the sweating that is involved.

Even though you must stay out of the water, you have to also keep the tattoo clean. Clean and dry is the order of the day. You can wash it twice a day as long as it’s in the shower. It’s best that you use a gentle cleanser, and after the shower make sure you pat it dry instead of rubbing the area. Let the tattoo air out as much as you can. After a couple of days, you are going to notice that your skin actually feels tighter as it dries out. The tattoo is going to get itchy but it’s important that you don’t scratch the tattoo at all. Using lotion will help to make the area less itchy so feel free to use it as much as you can especially if you feel the skin is dry.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Tattoo to Heal?

It doesn’t really take that long for your tattoo to heal. It should only take about two weeks for the tattoo to completely heal. Of course, if you get an infection, it’s going to take a lot longer to heal. But if you keep the tattoo properly cleaned, moisturized and even fragrance-free, you should be good. It’s really important that you continue to lotion the tattoo as well.

If you find that the tattoo doesn’t heal correctly or even that you find there is fading happening after, you need to make a visit to the tattoo artist. If there are imperfections or fading right after healing, the artist is usually willing to fix things for free especially if it was their fault.

Getting a swallow tattoo is an exciting adventure because the tattoo has a lot of meaning to it. It’s the kind of tattoo that will put a smile on your face because it’s personal to you.

These tattoos are popular for a reason and you are sure to love them. Pick out a style that speaks to you. Make sure you follow the tips that we gave you to prepare yourself for your tattoo. Aftercare is really important, so make sure that you listen to whatever your artist tells you to do in regards to the healing process. You want to be able to enjoy your tattoo for as long as you live and that means you have to take care of it.

We hope you enjoyed the article, please leave comments about your favorite style.